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#jiang cheng

Jiang Cheng: If anyone touches me, I’ll destroy them without hesitation.

Wei Wuxian: Zewu-Jun is literally hugging you.

Lan Xichen: *Hugging Jiang Cheng’s waist*

Jiang Cheng: And?

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@this-solaris-life So, I decided to write your other prompt for the Yunmeng Pride twins.  Hope you enjoy it!

#40: Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?

It was a quiet day at Lotus Pier as Jiang Cheng sat in his room, working on a massive amount of reports, when he suddenly heard the soft sound of a flute being played.  He frowned and looked up from his reports, looking around.  

‘Strange…Huan didn’t say he was coming to visit…and he normally plays his flute in my room…’ he thought to himself when his eyes widened and he shot to his feet.

“Wei Wuxian” he hissed before he stormed out of his room, looking around for the black-clad man.  It didn’t take him very long to find him; Wei Wuxian stuck out like a sore thumb in his black robes amongst the purple sea of Yunmeng Jiang and he also seemed to like to play his flute while either standing or sitting on a rooftop.  So, Jiang Cheng stormed over to the quarters where Wei Wuxian has made himself comfortable on the roof and stood before it, hands on his hips.

“WEI WUXIAN!” he shouted, his voice so loud it startled Wei Wuxian out of playing, causing him to almost go tumbling off the roof.  As he clutched at his chest, where his heart was hammering quiet badly, Wei Wuxian glared at Jiang Cheng.

“A-Cheng!  What the fuck was that for?!” he exclaimed.  Jiang Cheng huffed.

“What the hell are you doing?” he demanded, not answering Wei Wuxian’s question.  Wei Wuxian huffed this time and stood up, floating down from the roof to stand before his younger brother.

“Playing my flute.  What does it look like I’m doing?” he replied, hands on his hips as well.  Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I can see that, but why?  Why are you here?  Shouldn’t you be at Cloud Recesses with Lan Wangji?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian smiled and shrugged.

“Yeah, but I wanted to be here” he answered.  Jiang Cheng frowned.

“Why?” he asked.  Wei Wuxian huffed.

“Maybe because I want to hang out with my brother?  Ever think about that?” he replied.  Jiang Cheng stared at him before his eyes hardened.

“I have.  Many times.  I still remember your promise from all those years ago.  When we were still young” he stated.  Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened before his face fell and he sighed.

“A-Cheng, like I told you in the temple…that was in the past.  We’re older now; different people.  You should let it go” he murmured.  Jiang Cheng growled.

“How can I?!  You promised me that you would be by my side and then you went and deserted your path, choosing demonic cultivation!” he roared.  

“You forget I chose demonic cultivation because I gave YOU my golden core!” Wei Wuxian shouted back.  Jiang Cheng took a step back as if he was slapped; he hated being reminded that his golden core was actually Wei Wuxian’s.  It made him feel like a shitty brother.  Wei Wuxian saw the look on his face and let out a groan.

“Oh, no.  Get out of that head of yours, A-Cheng” he ordered, reaching out and shaking Jiang Cheng’s shoulder, snapping him out of his thoughts.  Jiang Cheng panted softly before he looked at Wei Wuxian with wide eyes, shaking his head to clear his head.

“Thanks” he murmured.  Wei Wuxian smirked.

“You’re welcome.  Now, why don’t you show me around?  The last time I was here, I was told to sit outside like a dog, so I never really got a proper tour” he stated.  Jiang Cheng looked at him for a moment before he sighed and motioned for him to follow him.

“I guess I can take a break from work for a little while” he murmured.  Wei Wuxian groaned as he followed after his brother, immediately at his side.

“You sound just like Lan Zhan and Zewu-Jun; always working” he grumbled.  Jiang Cheng huffed.

“Well, when you’re a sect leader, you have a lot of responsibilities.  Not like you know anything about that” he teased.  Wei Wuxian looked at him with wide eyes, offended.

“Excuse you, I’ll have you know that while I was taking care of the Wens in the Burial Grounds, I had responsibilities.  I had to make sure that everyone was healthy and fed, that A-Yuan was loved, that Wen Ning didn’t accidentally lose control, and that no one would try and hurt us, because let me remind you, brother, that the people I was looking after were women, elders, and children.  So don’t you lecture me about responsibilities.  I had my fair share” he snapped.  Jiang Cheng stared at him for a moment before he sighed and nodded slightly; he did forget that while Wei Wuxian had a playful side, he also had a responsible side when he decided to take in the Wen refugees and look after them.  He also remembered how apeshit Wei Wuxian went when they were slaughtered, which when he thought back on it, was kind of fucked up.  

“Sorry” he apologized, voice soft as they continued through Lotus Pier, walking through the open market.  Everyone stared at them as they past and Jiang Cheng knew they were staring at Wei Wuxian, whom they still saw as the dreaded Yiling Louzu.  However, Wei Wuxian just shouldered their stares and offered kind smiles back to everyone he passed.  Many of the people were shocked but they weren’t rude and offered small smiles back.  Little children looked up at him in awe as he walked past and one little girl even stopped before them and held up a lotus blossom to him.  Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened and he smiled as he knelt down, graciously accepting the flower from her before carefully placing it in her hair.

“There.  Don’t you look pretty” he declared.  The little girl blushed before she rushed off, giggling softly.  Wei Wuxian chuckled and pushed himself to his feet, looking over at Jiang Cheng only to pause.  There was a soft smile on his face, something that he hadn’t seen in years.

“A-Cheng…are you…are you smiling?” he asked, shocked.  Jiang Cheng blinked, not realizing that he had unconsciously smiled at the scene of Wei Wuxian with the child.

“W-what?  No, I’m not” he grumbled.  Wei Wuxian giggled and Jiang Cheng softened; it was nice to hear his older brother laugh.  It reminded him of when they were younger…when everything was different.

“You are!  You totally are!” he teased.  Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes and gave him a shove, not realizing that he had shoved a bit too far and accidentally sent him stumbling backwards into the water.  Jiang Cheng’s eyes widened and he rushed over to the edge of the pier, looking down at the water.

“Wei Wuxian?” he called out.  Suddenly Wei Wuxian appeared from underneath the water, gasping for air as he sputtered.

“Jiang Cheng!  You fucking pushed me!” he exclaimed.  Jiang Cheng looked at him for a moment before he began to laugh, causing everyone at the market to stop and stare.  They had never seen or even heard Jiang Cheng laugh, so to hear it was quite a miracle since they thought that Jiang Cheng would never be able to laugh or smile again, due to what happened to his family.  Now, of course he had Jin Ling, but all the times the villagers saw Jin Ling and Jiang Cheng together, Jiang Cheng was usually lecturing Jin Ling while the young man argued back.  So to see him now, laughing at the fact that Wei Wuxian, dreaded Yiling Laozu, was sputtering around in the lake, was just something that they all decided to store into their memories, since they knew it would be a rare occurrence to see him like this again.  Meanwhile, while Jiang Cheng was still laughing, Wei Wuxian smirked and lifted one of his arms out of the water, quickly drawing a talisman that he sent towards Jiang Cheng.  The talisman created a little string on Jiang Cheng’s wrist and the minute Jiang Cheng realized what happening, Wei Wuxian had tugged, yanking Jiang Cheng into the water.  Everyone gasped and ran over to the edge of the pier to see what would happen, since they all knew about Jiang Cheng’s temper.  When Jiang Cheng’s head broke the surface of the water, everyone expected him to shout at Wei Wuxian, but instead, to their surprise, he just laughed.  

“Ah-ha!  I knew there was some happiness beneath that grumpy exterior!” Wei Wuxian crowed.  Jiang Cheng looked over at him and huffed before he splashed water at him, causing him to sputter.

“Jiang Cheng!” he exclaimed before he splashed water back, hitting Jiang Cheng in the face.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Chen shouted playfully before they both started to splash water at one another.  The rest of the villagers looked at one another before they all smile and went about their business again; everything was going to be just fine.


After splashing each other for a little bit, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng pulled themselves out of the lake and headed back towards Lotus Pier, both men absolutely dripping.

“Ugh, my clothes are all wet and clammy” Jiang Cheng grumbled.  Wei Wuxian looked over at him and huffed.

“Well that what you get for pushing me into the fucking lake!  Payback’s a bitch” he replied.  Jiang Cheng glanced over at him before he hummed, a small smile on his face.  Wei Wuxian saw the smile and a soft smile of his own graced his face.

“You should smile more often” he suggested.  Jiang Cheng looked over at him and frowned.

“I do smile” he argued.  Wei Wuxian rolled his eyes and reached out, poking the frown lines on Jiang Cheng’s forehead.

“Not enough.  Besides, you look younger when you smile.  And Xichen-ge thinks you look prettier when you smile” he continued.  Jiang Cheng blinked at him in shock.

“He…thinks I look pretty when I smile?” he asked softly.  Wei Wuxian smiled brightly.

“Yup!  He does” he replied.  Jiang Cheng was quiet before a soft smile graced his face.  

“Oh” he murmured.  Wei Wuxian smirked before he nudged Jiang Cheng with his shoulder.  

“Come on, let’s get dried off and changed.  My robe’s getting itchy” he grumbled.  Jiang Cheng chuckled and nodded.

“Alright, let’s go” he agreed, dragging Wei Wuxian towards their quarters, both men smiling and joking with each other, something they thought would never happen after the Sunshot Campaign.  

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The Zombies get in. The tension is building up. Huaisang is almost eaten because he’s too slow to move away. Hopefully for him, Lan Zhan and Wuxian are pretty competent and both set up a shield between them and the undead. However, they cannot just barge in and kill them because they are still alive. The only way left is to run away. Huaisang isn’t really happy with this idea, but they won’t listen to him, anyways he’s more or less a burden. As they get ready to leave, the sound of a flute starts affecting them and they begin to retreat: seems like somebody is controlling them and that somebody is Wen Qing. But most likely, she will get punished for doing so…

Right then, back in the cave, Jiang Cheng plays a little prank on the trio, but only Huaisang gets fooled. It’s cute, he was worried about his friend but uses his sister as an excuse. As his usual self, he rants a little bit, talks about all the dangers and everything. He points how dangerous their journey is, that if it wasn’t from Wen Qing, in how much danger would they be. That’s then they realize the flute stopped playing and they run outside in case Wen Qing is in trouble.

And she really is. Wen Chao used Xiaoniao (his smoky bird) to control the people around there and Wen Qing was spotted helping Lan Zhan and Wuxian. She says the only way to save these people is to kill Xiaoniao. Wuxian cast a protection shield spell around Wen Qing, Jiang Cheng and Huaisang so he can go with Lan Zhan to kill that annoying of a bird. They get caught in sort of an illusion and are attacked by chains. The only they manage out of it, is when Wuxian pretends to let his guard down and get caught. Lan Zhan runs to him to save him, like a chivalrous knight, and they kill the bird. Yay! Wen Chao is unhappy about his useless pawn and goes complain to daddy. But daddy doesn’t care, he should have helped Xie Yang instead of hurting the people from Wen Qing’s clan. He doesn’t even blame her for going against his son haha.

Wen Qing tells about how her clan was almost destroyed. We now understand why Wen Ning is a little special. It isn’t really a disease that he has, more that some part of his soul was eaten by the dancing lady statue. Poor little guy.

Wuxian tricks Huaisang and Jiang Cheng to catch a rooster so he and Lan Zhan can asks questions to Wen Qing about the dancing lady. She says she knows nothing, but Wuxian’s smart. A piece of the Stygian Iron used to be in the statue’s heart and Wen Ruohan took it out, which why the statue changed in nature. And because they have a fragment, that’s why Wen Chao is following them so tightly. However, Wen Qing insists she doesn’t know and leaves. Jiang Cheng tries to convince to travel with them at least the time they leave the mountain, but she doesn’t want to and goes by herself.

While they wait in a guesthouse for Meng Yao coming to collect Huaisang, Wuxian spends a lot of money to buy alcohol. The others are at first annoyed at him, thinking he only wants to drink, but actually if you spend a little more money, people are willing to talk. They asked the waiter questions about the surroundings and discover there is something weird going on with the Chang clan at night. When they get to their mansion, they all are dead and their bodies shows marks of having been transformed into puppets before…

So through this episode, we got to learn a little bit more about the Wen Clan and how they got their first Stygian Iron fragment in the first place. Pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming around together. A pretty smooth episode, ending yet again on another mystery.

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Wei Wuxian post-Burial Mounds (the first time) for the Untamed Winter Fest day 10 prompt, “glow.”

When Wei Wuxian leaves the Burial Mounds, he’s fairly certain he’s dead. He certainly should be dead. Perhaps he became a fierce corpse after all. Perhaps this is just what being a fierce corpse feels like: fire behind his eyes and blood on his teeth; rage boiling under his skin and screams where his heartbeat used to be. He’s certainly cold enough to be dead. Cold and thin and pale and hungry. He takes life like it can fill him up. Like revenge alone can keep him warm, like the deaths of others can put color in his cheeks.

It doesn’t work.

He travels on. To the next village. The next supervisory post.

There are rumors.

The villagers say: There is something that stalks in the dark. Something built of shadows and hate that moves like a ghost and leaves ruin in its path.

If it has a name, they dare not speak it.

They say: There is a cultivator that walks the night whose sword is as bright and cold as the stars. He glows like the moon and carries justice like light into the darkest places, and when he leaves, the light stays.

They call him Hanguang-jun.

Once, after he’s done with his night’s work, Wei Wuxian stands at the edge of the forest and watches a supervisory office. He watches a familiar white-robed figure arrive on a familiar blade. Watches him raise light to read the talismans stuck to the gates, and pull them down. Watches another figure descend, even more familiar than the first, flying quick as the wind with lightning sparking in his fist.

They stand together, the both of them whole and resolute. They open the gates. They step inside.

Wei Wuxian backs away. He turns. He runs. Something rises in his throat like a flood, spilling over the confines of skin and bone. He coughs. He falls to his knees and retches into rocky soil until his heartbeat echos in his ears. He cries until heat returns to his cheeks, his arms wrapped tightly around his middle.

He breathes.

Perhaps he is still alive after all.

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man but wei wuxian must have been so surreal from the perspective of the wen remnant clan members he saved

like, imagine the sunshot campaign has begun, and your surname is wen but you’re a farmer or a merchant or a servant or an innkeeper, you’re a commoner, and the last thing you want to do is get involved in a war. you suspect or perhaps know that your family is in the wrong - that the wens attacked the other sects first out of arrogance and greed and conceit, so you know that the other sects are right, and maybe you feel sorry for them when you think about the fall of cloud recesses or lotus pier or the numerous other slights against them both major and minor. but at the same time, such things feel far away and abstract, with the initial victims of this conflict being people you’ve never seen before living in places you’ve only heard stories of. you’re scared and you selfishly, fiercely want the wens to win, because even if wen ruohan and his sons hold branch civilian members like you in cruelty in disdain, at least under them you and your family might survive, and continue to eke out a quiet existence away from political eyes.

but three months in, wei wuxian enters the conflict like a ghost rising, and you’re not a cultivator but even you’ve heard of him - powerful, talented, beloved by the Jiang sect that took him in and esteemed across the cultivation world. rumour has it that wen chao tossed him into the burial mounds to die, but he’s here, and he’s pissed and he’s terrifying. you do your best to stay away from the conflict so of course you never see him, but you hear about the things that he does to the wens that he comes across. he leaves behind him a trail of blood and torture. whatever hell he came back from, he’s determined to drag it with him. you stay out of the war but you have some friends and family - wens - that aren’t so lucky, and they die or disappear and what little is left behind of them whispers the name of wei wuxian.

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ahhhh sorry it took me so long, but here you go! this is for the lovely @eternalserenity and their prompt “Do your parents even realize that you’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?” thank you for this because i’ve been wanting to write yunmeng bros fic for so long… so without further ado: the fic!

Do you parents even realize that you’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?” snaps the disciple, stepping forward toward Jiang Cheng. He’s only taller by about three inches but it feels like so much more than that.

Jiang Cheng snarls. “Shut the fuck up!”

He steps forward, feeling his temper flare as he grabs the other boy’s collar and spins, shoving him up against a wall. The boy looks oddly smug, despite Jiang Cheng’s trembling fist at his side and the one balled in the front of his robes.

“Well, if YunmengJiang ‘s prized disciple beats up one of the guest disciples, I’m fairly sure you won’t look so good in the eyes of the cultivation world.” His eyes narrow as he smirks, confident in his safety.

“Ah, ah, ah, It’s rude to insult people’s parents. Weren’t you ever taught that?” comes a taunting voice to Juang Cheng’s right. He jerks his head that direction, and his eyes land on Wei Wuxian, propped casually against a pillar.

The disciple pinned to the wall laughs. “Well, I guess that applies to you as well, but you’re not even a real YunmengJiang heir.”

Wei Wuxian smiles. “That part, at least, is true. That means that I can do this,” he says, meandering up to the disciple. He leans over, close enough that he can whisper in the disciple’s ear. “I’ll fucking kill you if you even go near me or my brother ever again. And don’t even think about my sister.” When he leans back, the smile is still there. “Oh, and this little exchange? it never happened. You will never speak of this again.”

The disciple shakes in Jiang Cheng’s grip. “Y-yes,” he manages to stutter out. He’s trying to keep up some semblance of dignity, but Jiang Cheng can tell he’s terrified. He moves to let go of the disciple, then quickly snaps his fist up, punching the disciple in the face.

“That’s for insulting my brother, you fucking asshole.”

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A Jiang Sect disciple brings Wei Wuxian’s leaving card to Jiang Cheng to sign. He stares at it blankly for a while.

Disciple, thinking Jiang Cheng is emotional: Sect Leader, are you struggling with what message to write?

Jiang Cheng: Yes, I can’t decide between “I’ve worked with many people over the years and can honestly say you were one of them” or “Leaving? I didn’t even know you’d started”

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