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The truth untold. 💜😍

This is the most beautiful heartfelt teamwork.

Jungkook helping Jimin with his part by harmonizing with him, in a low, not overtaking his voice at all but at the same time, not allowing him to strain his voice.

Jimin hitting that hit note so beautifully despite being sick.

I’m proud Bts have each other because this just so beautiful.

Ps: ships and personal feelings aside; Kookmin really are so beautiful together professionally (their dance and vocal), their professional aura is so astonishing and beautiful, no wonder they leave jaws on the floor whenever they are singing or dancing together.

Their subunit would be on flame. They compliment each other so well, its mindblowing.

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Guys this vid is just ooof right in the feels 😩👌💕

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Jimin-sshi is really this cute, sexy, lovely one he’s talking about himself. Do you know this fondness that makes you see that someone is beautiful human being and you want to protect him and hide in your pocket? When he cried, it made me want to hug him. This is this nice and the purest feeling that you feel for the best friend or family member. But because he’s hot af and has cute smile, he’s also a real snacccc…

Originally posted by nj

I wanna hug him and feed him with pancakes 😂 This little shit is so adorable that you can’t deny. As if he was a cute little baby or puppy. And everybody including members, fans, celebs and interviewers is fucking aware of this.

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You know when you spend so much time with someone, or you adore someone so much, that you subconciously start sharing the same sense of humour, start talking like them, start laughing the same way they do, laugh at the same things that they do and look at them when you make a joke coz you know they’ll get it? You know like when two peolple have been together for so long that they become so in tune with each other and match each other so perfectly that its honestly annoying and cute at the same time? Like even when they’re surrounded by so many people, it always feels like everyone is intruding on something? And then everyone else in the room just collectively feels like they should disappear or cringe themselves to dust because its adorable but wow talk about Mass Thirdwheeling?

… yeah Jikook really out there being like that huh 😔✊

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Golden Flower: Chapter 9 Preview 

Update will be on May 27

鈥淲hat about Goryeo?鈥 Namjoon asked.

鈥淚 am a prince of Goryeo,鈥 Jimin said, 鈥淚 will do right by my country. But I won鈥檛 stop there. No one will win after this, but we will achieve peace.鈥

鈥淎nd your golden prince?鈥

Jimin smiled thinking of Jungkook鈥檚 face.

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