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BLACK LIGHTNING 3x14: The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming

WAR — As the battle continues, old alliances are revisited and new alliances forged. Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, Christine Adams, James Remar, Damon Gupton, Marvin Jones III and Jordan Calloway also star. Benny Boom directed the episode written by Brusta Brown & John Mitchell Todd (#314). Original airdate 2/24/2020.

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England’s she believes squad by club:

  • Manchester city (8): Lauren Hemp, Steph Houghton, Ellie Roebuck, Jill Scott, Georgia Stanway, Demi Stokes, Keira Walsh, Ellen white
  • Chelsea (3): Millie Bright, Beth England, Carly Telford
  • Lyon (3): Lucy Bronze, Alex Greenwood, Nikita Parris
  • Everton (2): Chloe Kelly, Sandy MacIver
  • Arsenal (2): Jordan Nobbs, Leah Williamson
  • Manchester United (1): Abbie McManus
  • West Ham (1): Grace Fisk
  • Houston Dash (1): Rachel Daly
  • Birmingham City (1): Lucy Staniforth
  • Atlético Madrid (1): Toni Duggan
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“I felt so inspired and afraid at the same time, I don’t know whether to sing or to rhyme”

— Jill scott

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D Smoke’s album is so black. I love it. The perfect album for Black History Month. ✊🏽

I must say this musical art is just what I needed in my mood of feening for new music.

If you haven’t already go stream “Black Habits” by D Smoke. (Rythem & Flow) 🔥🔥🔥

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Can we get a team gb quote? I know that squad still hasn't been released yet but I just thought I'd ask 馃ズ

Team GB attempt to bond:

Neville: OK, so this is just a little exercise I like to kick off with.

Kim muttering: Ah, give me strength.

Neville: I want you guys to give me examples of things that English people and Scottish people have in common and things that they don’t have in common. Let’s start with similarities. Lucy, why don’t you get the ball rolling?

Lucy: OK. So, we both …. Right ….. So, we all …. God, this is actually quite hard.

Neville: Anything at all, a small thing even.

Lucy: OK, so right. God, I’m, actually, drawing a blank here, to be honest.

Neville: Not to worry, someone else? A similarity? *Notices that Ellen has her hand up* Yes.

Ellen: Scottish politics leans more to the left and English politics leans more to the right.

Neville: So that’s actually a difference. Quite a big difference. But that’s OK, we can write that down. Now, back to similarities. *Notices that Lisa has her hand up* Yes?

Lisa: The English are richer.

Neville: OK, so that’s another difference. And I’m not sure that’s actually…. I mean, is that true?

Kim: I would say so.

Steph: Yeah, I suppose that’s fair enough.

Neville: *Notices that Jordan has her hand up* Yes, great. Off you go.

Jordan: Scots really buzz off Kilts and we don’t so much.

Kim: I do appreciate a nice Kilt, it has to be said.

Neville: So again, what we have there is a difference.

Jill: Ooh! Scots like unicorns and we like lions.

Neville: OK, can we just? Ellie, could you just? Oh, you’ve already written it down, have you? Great, thank you, Ellie.

Neville: I want to just pause and think about what’s in here. What about the fact that we all feel and love and hope and, *turns to Ellie* write this down. We all cry. We all laugh. We all dream. I just want to think along those lines, for a moment.

The team: ……

Mary: Scots watch STV!

Caroline: The English are taller!

Rachel: Scots love frying stuff!

Leah: Scots have more freckles!

Little Erin: The English hate ABBA!!!!

Neville: OK, thank you. Let me just rephrase slightly. Can you think of anything that unites every single person in this room? Is there anything that we all want?

Kim: For this to be over.

Neville: And we’ll wrap it up there. Unless, Sophie would you like to add anything from a Welsh point of view?

Sophie: Ydw. Un, does neb yn gwerthfawrogi dreigiau yma. Dau, rydych yn ddi-os, yr hyfforddwr gwaethaf a gefais erioed. Rydyn ni i gyd yn cael cyfarfod yn nes ymlaen i blotio sut i'ch dymchwel!

Neville having not understood a word: What a beautiful language so poetic!


Hope the Welsh was ok @danieljamesmufc

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