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i think id be more motivated to do art if I had a tablet and once I can afford one its over for you hoes

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mad at uchikoshi cause i keep kinning from his games

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other men: i must avenge this woman’s honor for her because i am a chivalrous gentleman and she is obviously not capable of defending herself

hozier, an intellectual: when i die i want to be reborn as the tree whose wood you use to light the funeral pyre of your enemies baby :)

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what are some of your favorite romantic tropes?

oohooHOO *rubs my romantic little homosexual hands together*

  • rivals to lovers (obviously)
  • childhood best friends to lovers
  • mutual pining
  • mutual pining but not because they’re repressed or tragically divided by their duties or allegiances or anything, they’re just too stupid to realize that they’re both being flirted with the entire goddamn time
  • extremely powerful and intimidating non-human being falls for the first Dumbass McNobody to call them a bitch to their face
  • a variation of that trope where the powerful being falls for the idiot too dumb of ass to be scared of them but pure of heart and full of love enough to admire their raw strength and power and find them attractive despite any monstrous features they may have
  • yet ANOTHER variation of the trope where the powerful being is the chill one who is extremely impressed by their fragile but fiery human S.O.
  • gentle tall x feral small
  • overprotective worrywart x reckless showoff (aka “what kind of idiot - oh shit that’s MY idiot)
  • the battle couple
  • “screw love triangles, we all have TWO hands”
  • normally stoic secretly pining character gets hurt/sick and shock or delirium has them confessing all their secret feelings
  • character gets hurt/sick and their normally stoic secret admirer confesses all their feelings because they’re terrified they’re about to lose them and/or don’t think they’ll remember what they said or realize that they’re awake and can hear them
  • the “i don’t know much… but i do know i love you” moronic duo
  • partners in crime (often combined with the moronic duo)
  • sun/moon; red/blue; devil/angel… just the complementary opposites dynamic in general
  • “you’re the only person on this entire planet i can vibe with (so how about let’s ditch these clowns and make out)”
  • reformed villain trying to do the right thing which is strongly motivated by their desire to impress the one person who sees the potential for good in them so that they might eventually be worthy of their love and can confess their true feelings (but they’re not above fucking shit up if said crush gets injured or threatened)
  • the thing where one person scoops up the other and carries them to safety (sometimes with them still shouting/shooting at their opponents)
  • fake dating for an undercover mission gets a little too real (and then they both have to work even harder to convince the other person that it’s not an act after the mission is completed)
  • everyone just assumes they’re dating, resulting in some hilariously confusing interactions and panicked realizations of feelings when the truth finally comes out that that isn’t the case
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seducing them, marrying them and then murdering them and covering it up as a tragic accident in order to claim their wealth and titles, or as i like to call it, the fuck, marry, kill speedrun

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top 5 dbz characters 👀

WELL since u specified z:

1. vegito (yes the potara fusion lmao)

2. geets (feral manlet rage is big mood)

3.BULMA (i love her)

4. honestly ngl i love trunks. hes my booooy

5. weirdly jeice holds a special place in my heart idk why

yamcha doesnt make this list bc he was a bastard in the beginning of z. fine in super (where he stays in his lane) and db (when he was embarassed and cute)

also like how this list is 70% bulmas fam lmfao

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me actually writing stories for my ocs and ideas


me telling everyone on social media about them for instant validation gratification knowing full well that i won’t have any motivation to write the story i was planning to after i do because i’ve tricked my brain into thinking i’ve already written something

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hey demons before i go to sleep i just want to let you know that i’m leaving my arm hanging off the edge of the bed… just in case you ever get lonely and wanna… idk… hold hands or something… okay goodnight love you

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