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El primer día de Brasil, yo estaba viéndote por la computadora y cuando fue tu turno de saludar a las B-army supuse que te pasaba algo .El verte llorar cuando cantabas y en el final, lo primero que hice fue llorar… si sintieras como mi Alma y mi corazón se partieron…

Eres un angelito hermoso y quiero verte disfrutar cada concierto con la sonrisa de oreja a oreja siempre… y yo del otro lado de la pantalla sonreiré contigo amor

Te amo tanto!Y tus palabras de disculpas son siempre tan perfectas como tu, sos demasiado dulce♡

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as much as I am going through a baby obsession with BTS, I find BTS ARMY to be so endearing, there is such an outpour of inclusivity, kindness, tolerance and support and I love observing it from the sidelines. 

buUuUUt it would be really sweet to befriend some of you. I’m a total newbie. so if you are a BTS related blog, or stan in general pls message me or like/reblog this if you don’t mind me messaging you. I want to share all the sweetness with you, and we can swoon over them together, maybe share memes as a coping mechanism to get me through exams ? 

I hope you’re having a beautiful day so far! x

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Innocent (3)

Originally posted by dreamyugyeom

Pairings: (Reader x Yugyeom) ft. Jimin as Y/N’s brother.

Warnings: None:)

Words: 728

You are sneaking behind your brothers back is it to keep a secret or is it one his best friends through your bedroom window. 

Only Irene and Yeri meet you at your locker with their jerseys already on. “Hold this please,” you say handing Yeri your book bag. You wore a hoodie with your skirt, and had a tank top underneath. That means you were able to change right in the hallway.

As you guys walk down to the baseball field, you run into Yugyeom running to get there on time. He runs up to you, and you give him a look of what are you doing here? “You’re late,” you say as he stops to give you a kiss on the forehead.

“Hey I’m still there before you,” he says continuing the run to his game.

“You guys are the cutest thing on this earth,” Yeri says under her breathe. You just laugh it’s a nice compliment considering no one knows at all.

You guys get outside, and walk down to the bleachers. Obviously you guys got front row in the red crew. The game didn’t start yet and the reason you got front row spots is because Seulgi and Joy are already down there. Wendy is running late of course, but that is usual.

The game is like the usual. Baseball is one of the biggest sports in your school, and the players are treated like royalty. You scream the loudest for Jimin and you scream almost as loud for Yugyeom.

It’s odd, being Jimin’s adopted sister. If you were anyone else in this school no one would know you. You and Jimin been through a traumatic experience this year, and you would have never been able to go through that without him.

You’re taken out your trance as Jimin hits a home run. This marks the end of the game as the remaining players on bases run off marking Jin, Jungkook, Yugyeom, and Jimin the winning runs.

You run onto the field and each person should go to the person who’s Jersey they have. When you run to Yugyeom he picks you up and spins you around just because it’s acceptable in this situation. “You’re amazing,” you say as he sits you down.

“Well I had to put on a show for my girlfriend,” he responds smiling arms around you.

The yearbook was walking around and ask you and Yugyeom to pose for a photo. “Okay Yugyeom if you don’t date her I will,” Jisoo says showing us the picture.

“You’re glowing, hun” Yugyeom says gawking at the picture.

You get flustered and slap his chest. “Stop,” you say.

“She’s a humble one,” Yugyeom says grabbing your waist pulling you closer.

“There’s my sister,” you hear Jimin yell as Yugyeom removes his arm from your waist.

“You did so good, especially your last hit,” you say giving your brother a side hug.

“I know, no offense Yugyeom I’m the best player. Also, as your big brother we’re having a party tonight. I’m gonna let you attend, but I will have my eye on you,” He says.

It makes you laugh, because you know he wouldn’t have allowed you to attend. It doesn’t matter if it was your house or not.

“Wow you have a heart,” you say as you walk with him back to the car.

It’s a silent walk and you realize there is tension in the air. Something is off with him, and you’re sure he wants to say something to you. “Jimin is there something wrong?” You ask him.

“Is there something going on with and Yugyeom?” He asks. You’re stomach drops, but you make your expression change in a millisecond.

“No, why do you ask?” You say trying not to come off as too suspicious. You’re glad that he didn’t ask Yugyeom this question, because he would have automatically caved.

“Okay, just making sure. One, Yugyeom hasn’t talked to any girls for months and that isn’t like him. Two, you guys just seem really close. Lastly three, I wouldn’t approve.” He states.

“Yeah well you have nothing to worry about anyways,” you say trying to say in the most lighthearted mood. However, your heart sinks at the don’t approve part.

“Good, Yugyeom just isn’t the guy for you. He just isn’t the guy for a committed relationship,” he says. That was the first time that made you think, maybe he had a reason on why he didn’t approve. Maybe it’s wasn’t him just being protective.

A/N: she’s back. Finally, and also some things in this part are gonna come back up in the next part.

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Jimin-sshi is really this cute, sexy, lovely one he’s talking about himself. Do you know this fondness that makes you see that someone is beautiful human being and you want to protect him and hide in your pocket? When he cried, it made me want to hug him. This is this nice and the purest feeling that you feel for the best friend or family member. But because he’s hot af and has cute smile, he’s also a real snacccc…

Originally posted by nj

I wanna hug him and feed him with pancakes 😂 This little shit is so adorable that you can’t deny. As if he was a cute little baby or puppy. And everybody including members, fans, celebs and interviewers is fucking aware of this.

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Guys, can the Jeonlous thing die? did we even give this ugly emotion a name? And engrave it into our culture concerning these beautiful boys? I admit, I have watched the videos- I was wrong. And maybe the boys do occasionally feel jealous but we’ve over sensationalized it…its not even funny any more.

I was watching these boys recently and tried to put myself in their shoes. I couldn’t even imagine the kind of bond it would take to be where they are today; the sense of such a unified success, the feeling of making it as a unit. Think of Tae and Jimin as kids going to school together and then to practice and imagine how they feel to be together now.

I’m rambling but my point is, if we step back and put all this in mind, “Jeonlous” seems too cruel a label to attach to Jikook. Especially when we do it to the other members.

Guys, jealousy isn’t funny. It’s not romantic and it is emotionally dangerous. It’s not a measure to prove love or devotion or even possessiveness. Its quite possible for someone to be jealous of your interactions or relationships with other people…of the love and attention you receive- and it wouldn’t mean that that person loves you.

I think we made a mistake, Jikookies. If we truly believe that Km is real, maybe Jk wasn’t jealous all along. Think about it. Maybe he was frustrated maybe even a little angry that everyone who interacted with Jimin could do it so freely but he couldn’t or wasn’t allowed to.

Jealousy sucks. People murder their spouses or lovers over it and it is not because they don’t love them…its that irrational of an emotion.

And I highly doubt Jk’s planning body bags every time Hobi swats Jm’s butt or Tae pinches his cheeks or Namjoon puts his hand on his shoulder.

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