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❄️ Untamed Winter Fest 2019 ❄️

Day 11 - Believe - 1.4k

This is the same AU as my Day 1 - Shiver fic.

Jin Ling stalked around behind the other juniors sat at the table, his voice full of suspense as he wove the (completely made up) tale of the Azure Consort who tricked easily tempted young males to follow her to her rooms and, after asking them if they believed in ghosts, ate their souls.

Zizhen, Sizhui and the others listened intently, their expressions ones of entertainment and only mild discomfort. But Lan Jingyi looked genuinely terrified and that spurred Jin Ling on to be more creative, weaving the tale of the young disciple who fell into her grasp one night, on a night much like this where the wind howled outside and the rain lashed down.

“So she took him back to her haunted room-” he kept pacing around behind them, using the cadence of his voice to hold them in his sway, “-wrapped her snowy arms around his neck, and then moved in close to him to ask-” he paused behind Jingyi, leaning down close to his ear, “-do you believe in ghosts” he whispered and drove his fingers into Jingyi’s ribs.

A thrill of terror shuddered down Jingyi’s spine as he jumped up from the seat and screeched all in one combined, chaotic reaction.

Jin Ling bent over laughing, “Jingyi, how can you still be so frightened of ghosts after we’ve dealt with so many?” he asked as the others showed their amusement.

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Wei Wuxian: *reading while laying down on a long night hunt*

Jin Ling: *suddenly wakes up and realizes he’s half on WWX’s chest, is calm for a moment before he realizes who he’s clinging to, sits up real fast* Oh my god when did I get here?

Wei Wuxian: *completely unfazed* Jiang Cheng said he had to go back to Lotus Pier until this afternoon, dumped you asleep in my lap, and left.

Jin Ling: *looking super embarrassed* Oh, well, um, I’m just a really heavy sleeper, is all.

Wei Wuxian: I’ll say, you slept through Lan Jingyi laughing and A-Yuan telling him that he wasn’t being nice.

Jin Ling: *so very red now* Oh my god, he did that in front of everyone?

Wei Wuxian: Yup.

Jin Ling: You all are terrible to me.

Wei Wuxian: That’s true. It’s still early, no one expects me and you to be up for a while. Want a nap before we go out to bother them?

Jin Ling: *reluctantly cuddling back into WWX’s side* Fine. But, only because Uncle isn’t here. It’s not like I like you or anything.

Wei Wuxian: That’s what they all say.

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Jingyi: Attention crew, this is your captain speaking. We're about to be experiencing some heavy turbulence shortly so please strap in.
Jingyi: Co-pilot Jin Ling just bet that I couldn't do a 360 barrel roll in this thing and let's just say I'm about to be 200 bucks richer real soon.
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Wuxian: It’s Christmas time, you know what that means!
Jiang Cheng: The happiness that I haven’t felt for 50 years?
Jin Ling: Everyone trying to kill each other at the dinner table?
Ouyang: The sweet release of death?
Jingyi: The fact that I will only get coal from Santa?
Wuxian: I was gonna say “ugly sweaters competition” but you know what? We’re all going to therapy.
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❄️ Untamed Winter Fest 2019 ❄️

Day 10 - Glow - 0.9k

Jin Ling woke to what he thought might have been the sound of something rattling the shutters of his inn rooms. He lay there, wondering if he’d imagined the noise, and wondering if he even cared if he hadn’t. He could feel the cold air of the room against his face and determined to snuggle down deeper into his blankets.

Then the noise happened again, and Fairy padded towards the window, whining to draw his attention.

“Fine” he groused, climbing from underneath the tempting warmth of thick winter covers to stand shivering as he pulled on his outer robes and boots.

He threw open the shutters.

And was promptly hit in the face by a projectile made of packed snow.

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Wei Wuxian: The most feral a feral character can get. Would trade anyone but his husband and son for a cookie. Hasn’t slept in five days and doesn’t plan to. Would suck dick to get out of trouble. Will wander off with a shady stranger if they promise him a chili pepper. LWJ is constantly on the lookout for strangers with bad intentions.

Lan Wangji: Pretty fuckin feral tbh. Sugar daddy who will do anything to see husband and son happy. He don’t care he’ll cut a bitch. This is feralxferal representation. Eats like a white person tho. Be careful, he bites.

Lan Sizhui: Not very feral at all. One time he caused A Ruckus and got in trouble for it, and he still feels bad about it to this day. Could pour soup in his lap and he’d apologize. Climbs into his dads’ bed after an icky dream. Just wants cuddles. You know what? That’s pretty feral actually, way too trusting of anyone giving him affection. Keep an eye on that.

Lan Xichen: Can’t cook, can’t clean, absolute pampered princess, way too trusting of strangers, once let a man sell him magic beans because ‘he just looked like such a nice guy tbh’. Not feral, but sort of a dumbass but not a bad bone in his body.

Lan Jingyi: Watch out!!! What for? Just watch out!! Drama queen and feral bitch in one.

Jin Ling: There are multiple people who can identify him by the teeth marks he left in their arms. But also spoiled boy who climbs into uncle’s bed when he’s cranky and lonely and wants a hug. But if you mention it!!! He will cut you!!!! With his teeth!!!!!!!

Jiang Cheng: If Wei Wuxian comes within three feet of him while they’re on any sort of elevated ground, it’s immediate reason for him to push WWX off. WWX learned to swim because it was that or drown. Also he has a whip so like, watch the fuck out.

Jin Zixuan: ‘How much could one dumpling cost? Fifteen gold pieces?’

Jiang Yanli: She’s not quite feral but she’s not spoiled either. But she does love her dumb feral children.

Jin Guangyao: Pretends he’s a good little spoiled pet to lure you into a false sense of security, then poisons you in your sleep. If you almost catch him doing something bad, he quickly finds a way to make sure you think he’s a good boy. Do not feed after midnight.

Nie Huaisang: Literally the second most feral character ever, but sneky, so, convinced people he’s a dumb spoiled rich boy. It helps that he also kinda is that too.

Nie Mingjue: Shockingly not feral?????? Like he ferocious, but calm, unless he sees A-Yao, then he has to resist the urge to murder, because he knows it’ll make ZeWu-Jun cry. Not feral, but big brother instincts out the wazoo.

Lan Qiren: He used to think he wasn’t feral. Then he met Wei Wuxian.

Wen Ning: Not feral tbh. Competent, but not feral. Likes taking care of the feral idiots tho. He likes how stupid they are. It makes him feel smart.

Wen Qing: Tries to play it cool n all that shit, but shockingly feral. ‘I’m not gonna help you- SIKE IVE DECIDED TO SAVE YOUR LIFE’, she’s feral in the opposite direction, she’s all ‘imma be bad!’ And then she does good. WLW icon.

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Jin ling being the product of a drunken one night stand between O!Jin zixuan and A!Jiang cheng, but A!Jiang yanli thinks Jin ling is her son. Jin zixuan and Jiang yanli both die like in the canon so now Jiang cheng has to raise the boy who he loves more than life itself but also be reminded everyday of how he betrayed his big sister.

The novel did mention that Jin Ling looked exactly like Jiang Cheng didn’t it?

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the untamed, but wei wuxian loses all of his memories when he’s resurrected by mo xuanyu

some random villager idk: the yiling patriarch was a scourge on society, the enemy of the cultivation clans! he killed three thousand cultivators in nightless city, including his own shijie, a new mother, right after killing her husband, leaving her infant son an orphan! even before that, he murdered jin sect members and allied with members of the wen clan whom he’d once called enemies, raising them up into an army within the insidious burial grounds! but in the end, he got his just desserts when the backstabbing traitor was killed by his own shidi

wwx, an amnesiac: yeah sounds like he was a dick haha, even as a fellow demonic cultivator i can’t condone his actions. cheers bro, i’ll drink to his death

jiang cheng: so you’ve returned at last … wei wuxian!!!!

wwx: i literally have no idea who that is

wwx: *wakes up in cloud recesses*

lan wangji: wei ying

wwx: …………? who?

lwj: *plays wangxian*

wwx: hey that’s the song i was playing on the flute on that mountain, really badly!! how are you playing it now? did you memorize it just then?

lwj: … i am its original composer. how do YOU know that song?

wwx: it was just in my head idk what to tell you

wwx: *unsheathes suibian*

jin guangyao: !!! it’s wei wuxian!

wwx: yeah i get that a lot

jin ling: are you really wei wuxian?

wwx: fuck if i know lol!!!

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