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You guys! I got a raise!!!

I am so happy. I was on pause for like two month on my side job (I am a full-time student) and today they asked me to show them that I could carry three plates at once (Something I can’t do, due to the bones in my hand). But I did it! And they said that it was good enough! They said that it would be fine if I wouldn’t be able to do it in service! Now I am getting payed 13€/hour and this is great! It means that I only have to work 34 hours to reach my monthly goal and I can focus more on my studies! I am so happy!!!


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Anxiety about working

I’m 21yo student in university. I have around 2 years left of my studies. After that I should start working, a real job. Not a summer job or low-wage-no-experience-needed kinda jobs, and I’m terrified. I can’t explane why I don’t want to do it but applying to jobs and thinking about working in some office and going to meetings, sounds like something I don’t wanna go towards to.

I can’t find anything about this issue of mine from the internet, and that’s the most terrifying thing, that no one experiences this aswell. I feel like a laziest person who just doesn’t like working so doesn’t apply. When that’s not the case.

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First of all, my Chadlite boss had his birthday yesterday and tons of people came over and disturbed me during work. Plus dealing with so many people (including people I didn’t like) in one room was extremely stressful for me. Then one of the female apprentices came over and asked for his Instagram account, then took his phone and sent herself a friend request to her Instagram account. Today that same person came over and gave him a cake for his birthday. I left the office for an hour and came back a couple of minutes ago. Some colleagues were sitting in our office and they were discussing sexual things. I was close to a breakdown and wanted to mention how such things should not be discussed at work but I kept quiet until they left.

I don’t care about birthdays or cakes and gifts and stuff but this here shows once again that attravtive-looking men lead incredibly easy lives while getting tons of attention (especially from women) and validation. What a horrible last day at my current place of employment!! I just want to die; I hate being that awkward male virgin who does all the work but does not get anything in return!! Let it be known that I will be gone if I don’t get into a long-term relationship in the next couple of years!

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2nd restaurant of the day is yet another pizza parlor, except in addition to pizza, subs, Greek salad, and the other standbys, they also sell frozen yogurt. I’m eating one that I photographed while I wait for the kitchen to cook the other things I’m to photograph, and it is, at least for a moment, restoring the wellspring of life deep in my heart

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Sometimes it’s fun working at a warehouse because it’s a usually casual environment and when shit gets hectic we all complain, like last night we had a terrible night almost everything went wrong but at the end of the night when we finished literally everyone who was left yelled and I mean legitimately yelled I need a drink and just started yelling types of alcohol and swept and left

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Does anyone here sew? Like you’re really good at it?

If I mailed you a pattern and the fabric I wanted to use for the doll outfit, would you be willing to just sew it for me? Of course I’d pay the shipping, for the material and a service fee for your sewing as long as it’s not too much.

Every time I try to sew I always mess up and get upset. I’m too critical of myself and I know it but I just have to admit that I’m not the best at certain things.

Message me if you’re interested and please reboot this cuz maybe someone you know can help. I can only afford USA shipping.

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I’m in the bathroom there rn. Pop music is blasting. The floor is marbled resin over concrete in black and neon green, the franchise’s main colors. The logo is a kangaroo. I have diarrhea. I have another restaurant shoot like 35 miles in the opposite direction at 2 today. Overall this is a TIME.

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Update: the shoot IS happening. The place is closed to the public rn but I got a call to come anyway. There is one employee here, I think for the sole purpose of being here to unlock the door and make pizzas for me to take pictures of. Poor guy.

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