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An Actual conversation that went down on my house today:

Me: listening to Queen happily ignoring the madness of the house

My 4 year old brother: Mea-Mea!! What are you listening to?!

Me: Doesn’t hear him and pulls out one headphone.

Sister (11): she’s listening to those dead people she loves!

Brother (13): Like Abraham Lincoln?!

Sister (11): No stupid! Like George Hamilton!

My Mom from the Kitchen: She’s probably listening to Queen and crying over Freddie Mercury again!

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Devils Roll The Dice [Roger Taylor Series]


Things can be quite stressful when you’re dating the younger sister of your best friend and bandmate. (Y/N) and Roger knew that they couldn’t tell anything about they’re relationship status to anyone. Freddie would lose his shit just for imagining that his sister and Roger were sleeping together.

Roger didn’t mean to fall for her and she didn’t mean to fall for him either, but life got in the way and each day that passed things got harder.

If you want to be on the taglist just let me know

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Summary: You and John talk and make a big decision.

Note: One more chapter after this! As always, the italicized part is the reader’s thoughts. The photo is one that I found on google. I do not own any rights to it. If you want to be added to the taglist send me a message or an ask and I’ll add you!  

Warnings: Language, fluff

Pairing: Roger Taylor x Reader, John Deacon x Reader

Words: 3.3k+


November 25, 1974

“Oh, hi,” you spoke softly as your eyes landed on John in the doorway. Your body filled with both nerves of worry and love just from the sight of him. He slowly walked in, stripping his jacket from his shirt before hanging it on the coat rack. Freddie stood between the two of you as John got closer to you.

“Well,” Freddie clapped his hands together, trying to alleviate some of the tension in the room. “I think that’s my cue to leave,” Freddie gestured towards the door and made his way over next to it. He glanced over his shoulder at you and John as the two of you stood a few feet apart. He then turned back to the door, noticing how neither of you could seem to tear your eyes from one another. Freddie left quietly before running down the hallway to the stairs, and out the door back to Brian’s car. 

“It’s nice to see you,” your voice was timid, finding itself lost of all confidence you had tried to convey. John nodded, his eyes never straying from yours. You gestured for him to sit as you gently crouched down onto the couch. John followed, sitting next to you but still leaving a good amount of space between you. He turned to face you and his expression was unreadable. 

“I thought about you a lot,” John began to talk slowly, making sure that his eyes never left yours. “Especially after Brian told me that you left. It made me think about us. Everything we’ve been through,” his voice was quiet and calculated, not bubbly like it normally was when he talked to you. 

“I know, I’m so sorry. I should have told you how I felt from the beginning instead of going off to Roger. I made a mistake and I can’t apologize enough for it,” John only looked at you, not giving any sign of a response. 

“I know, but our issue isn’t one sided, Y/n. I made mistakes too,” John looked away from you now, his gaze pointed towards the floor. You felt confused by the fact that John seemed to carry a similar guilt as you. “When you were gone, I started thinking about my life and what it would be like without you. And it may sound silly, but I don’t think I’d be able to survive without you. You’re my rock, love. And I never should have taken this from you,” his hand reached inside his pocket, pulling out the same box that held your engagement ring. He opened it, revealing the ring inside and you felt tears spring to your eyes. 

“John,” you whispered, unable to really say anything else. You were overcome by emotion, feeling pure joy flow through you. 

“It was stupid of me to push you away like that. I shouldn’t have left like that. I should have talked this through with you. And as much as you may have hurt me, I think I ended up hurting you more. But it’s true, I don’t think I can go on without you anymore. So, whatever you’ve decided, whether you just want to be friends or if you decided to take me back, I’m fine with it,” John stopped talking, glancing back up at you through the waves of his long hair. 

“Did you really think I could just be friends with you?” you blurted out, a mix of humor and confusion laced in your tone. John’s eyebrows arched, showing the shock that he felt. “John, I love you so much and I don’t think ever imagine us just being friends,” you spoke gently, placing your hand onto his knee. He placed his own hand over top of yours, gently encompassing it.

“Really?” he asked sweetly, his voice higher than normal as his face changed to convey love and adoration. You nodded in response and a smile broke out over John’s lips.

“Hell, I flew all the way back from Jersey for you and I’m pretty sure I’m never going back,” a gentle and reassuring smile appeared on our face, matching the one that John displayed.

“But that’s where you grew up, that’s where you were born. What about those beautiful sandy beaches you used to go on about? London doesn’t have those,” John was a bit baffled by your words, pushing him to ramble on.

“Well,” you began, turning your head up to look over at John a little more clearly. “London may not have beautiful sandy beaches, but it does have you. I think that’s enough for me,” a small tear crept from the corner of John’s eye as you spoke. He was flooded with his love for you, feeling the way he always imagined he would when with his soulmate. John truly cared for you and now he was assured that you felt the same way about him. He leaned his head in, admiring the smile that was plastered across your face. John touched his lips to yours gently as his hands came up to cup your cheeks. The kiss was different, it felt unlike anything that neither of you had ever experienced before. It was a kiss of passion, of love, of assurance. A kiss that demonstrated every feeling that the two of you felt for each other and would feel for each other for the rest of your lives.

John pulled away eventually, reaching out to grab for your hand as he did. His free hand opened the box containing the ring before he slipped it out and on to your finger. John’s eyes met yours once more before he placed a delicate kiss to your forehead. After another few moments, John got up heading back downstairs to get Freddie and Brian. While he was gone you leaned back into the couch, feeling the pressure that had been building for months in your chest dissipate completely. It all worked out. Things are good.

January 4, 1975

“Brian, please be careful with that. It has all of my old photo albums,” you shouted across the yard as Brian threw a large cardboard box over his shoulder. 

“I’m being perfectly careful,” he called back sassily before nearly dropping the box entirely. “I’m being careful starting now,” Brian said, lowering the box so that it rested in front of his chest. You smiled at him, grabbing a box for yourself from the large truck in front of you. With a strong pull away from the truck, you headed up the lawn to the small house. It wasn’t huge but it was big enough for you and John. For now, at least. You walked in the front door, trailing up the small set of stairs until you reached the master bedroom. Placing the box on the carpeted floor, you backed up, admiring the room with a grin on your lips. 

“What are you doing in here?” you heard a voice say from behind you. You turned around, slightly startled by the presence of someone else. It was Roger, his shoulder leaning against the doorframe as his hair stuck up wildly in a few places.

“Just admiring my new room,” you said simply, turn back around once more. The sunlight came in through the windows at the perfect angle, illuminating the floor in a downward cast. Roger walked up beside you, slinging his arm over your shoulders. 

“I think I always kind of pictured you ending up in a little cottage type house,” he spoke, his gaze fixated on the light gray wallpaper and how the sun brightened it. 

“Really?” you asked, looking up to face Roger. Your hand came up to rest over his one that was hanging down from your shoulder.

“Yeah, of course. I mean you didn’t grow up in the city. I always figured that you’d move out somewhere that you could have a nice lawn of your own like you did back in the states. Some place small at first, until you have a few kids. Then you’d move into some place with six or so bedrooms and a few nice neighbors. But you’d always complain about it being too big because you just adored that tiny little cottage you used to live in,” he finished, painting a beautiful picture in your head.

“You really thought about all of that?” you asked, pulling Roger’s arm off your shoulder so you could turn to face him. Your hand remained pressed against his.

“Well, yeah,” Roger’s cheeks flushed, which was a rare sight to see. “Only thing is I kind of pictured you doing all that stuff with me,” a silence fell between the two of you and a small frown grew on your face. 

“Rog,” you reached up, placing your free hand sadly on his shoulder and he smiled down at you as you did.

“But that’s ok. I’m glad to see how happy the two of you are,” his smile was wider, and you could tell that his words were genuine. “And I met a girl,” he said quietly.

“You met a girl? Have you taken her out yet?” you asked, feeling excited that Roger was moving on and seemed happy. He nodded and a smile broke out on your face. “I’m so glad, Rog. Now don’t screw things up. I’d like to meet her someday,” you said playfully, moving back out of the room and down the stairs with Roger close on your heels. You hopped off the last step, nearly running into Freddie who was carrying a box full of cookware.

“You better watch out or else you’ll a box full of broken dishes,” Freddie taunted, still walking down the front hall to the kitchen. You followed behind him as Roger slipped out the front door to get some more boxes. Freddie placed the box down on the kitchen counter, huffing as he did. “You and John are so lucky that I love you two because I’m certainly not doing this for my own good,” Freddie spoke sassily, and you laughed before he sauntered back out of the kitchen. You stood there for another moment, analyzing the room as you tried to figure out where everything should go. It was then that you felt a thin set of arms wrap around your waist. John nuzzled his face into your neck and hummed quietly as your hand came up to rest on top of his head.

“It’s all ours, love,” he noted, looking around the kitchen in the same way you had. The two of you stood like that for a moment, admiring the look of your future home and thinking of all the memories that could be made here. You were so caught up in your moment with John that you didn’t notice Roger standing in the hallway. He stood, peering over at the two of you with a sad smile on his face. He understood why you chose John; it made more sense than you being with him. And Roger was perfectly comfortable with being around you two and just being your friend. But through it all, no matter how much time had passed or who he was dating now, Roger knew that he would always love you, no matter what. 

“Very cute, but you can’t invite people to help you move and not do any of the moving yourself,” Brian spoke up, startling Roger along with you and John. 

“Blah, blah, blah. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time you need help moving,” you sassed, pulling away from John and moving back out to get more boxes.

After most of the afternoon had past, you and the boys had finally moved everything into the house. The four boys plopped themselves down onto the couch as soon as they could while you started to move some boxes around. There was a knock on the door after a little while and you went to answer. You pulled the door open to find Sally standing there with a small plant in her hands.

“I know I couldn’t make it to help with the actual moving, but I brought a housewarming gift,” she said, holding out the plant for you to take it. You brought her in for a warm hug, taking the plant from her hands and setting by the door as you pulled apart. 

“So, how’s the new roommate,” you asked leading her down the hallway to where the kitchen met with the living room.

“Well she just moved in yesterday but she’s nothing compared to you,” Sally smiled brightly, forming creased by the corners of her eyes. 

“Good. We don’t need anyone replacing my role as your best friend,” you joked, slinging your arm over her shoulder as the two of you walked into the living room. Sally was greeted by a chorus of hellos and welcomes before the two of you sat on the floor across from the couch. 

“So, getting engaged, moving into a cute little house together, what’s next for you two?” Freddie asked, his eyes trailing from you to John.

“Next step is getting married of course,” John said simply, his eyes falling onto yours. “We’ve already got a date in mind,” his words were calm, but you feel the nerves and excitement that laid underneath them. 

“Really? You didn’t tell me that. When are you planning it for?” Sally asked, her tone dripping with excitement as she turned her head towards you. 

“July 31st of this year,” you added, feeling goosebumps grow on your skin just at the thought of marrying John. John smiled at you from his spot on the couch, clearly feeling the same way as you.

“That’s so soon, how are you going to plan it all between performing and writing for the new album?” Brian asked and you could tell he was trying to sort everything out in his head. 

“Well, we made sure to plan it for right before you’re all scheduled to record, so it won’t interfere with that. And I’ll be doing most of the wedding planning anyway. With a little help from my maid of honor, I think I could do it,” you spoke, turning to face Sally as you said the last part. Her eyebrows raised as if questioning you.

“You want me to be your maid of honor?” she asked, a small smile forming on her lips.

“It would either be you or Brian and I’m not so sure that Brian would enjoy wearing a dress all day,” you giggled, looking at the frown that appeared on Brian’s face. “See?” everyone looked over to see Brian’s expression before bursting out in laughter. “So, will you do it?” you asked, folding your hands together in a pleading motion.

“Of course,” Sally exclaimed, wrapping her arms around you in a tight hug. The two of you embraced while the other boys sat and giggled from the couch. After a while, everyone went home, leaving just you and John alone in your new house. The sun began to go down and you felt the cold air blowing in from one of the windows as you went through boxes and started to put things away. Your fingers fumbled from box to box until almost everything in the kitchen was put away. It wasn’t until a little while later that you broke down all of the now empty boxes and took them to the garbage.

When you walked by the staircase, you heard the faint noise of music playing from somewhere upstairs. You brushed it off, going into the living room now to begin unpacking in there. As time went on, the music got louder and louder to the point where it was no longer muffled. You could hear exactly what song was playing at one point. It was then that you abandoned your effort to continue unpacking, too distracted by the loud music from above. A part of you was worried that your neighbors would end up complaining about it. Oh yeah, first night in our new house and the neighbors already have a reason to hate us. 

Your feet padded across the wooden floorboards reaching the bottom of the stairs. Your hand hung loosely on the wooden railing as you stood at the foot of the staircase, yours eyes peering up to see the faint trickle of light that came from the master bedroom. With a small huff, you went up, the creak of each step drowned out by the music playing from your bedroom. When you reached the top and turned the corner your eyes caught with John’s. 

He had been dancing along to the music as he unpacked. Flailing his arms and doing silly jumps as he pulled shirt after shirt from the boxes lining the floor. A giggle escaped your lips at the sight before you. You just couldn’t help but let the laugh slip. John stopped dancing as soon as he saw you appear in the doorway. His cheeks had grown red and his breathing was a little labored from all the movement. He reached over towards the record player that he had set up on the ground. Next to it was a small stack of records that he had been working his way through. John twisted the knob on the record player, turning it down so that he could talk.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare,” he said, his grin growing larger. The music from the record player flowed softly through the background as the two of you stood a good distance away from each other. You shook your head jokingly and John put the shirt he was holding back into the box. He cleared a small space on the floor, pushing clothes and boxes away. Then, with a little help from the music that still played, John began dancing his way towards you. His shoulders shimmied as his waist twisted and he came closer to you. 

“What are you doing?” you laughed out as John steadily approached you. He was still dancing when he came up right in front of you. His feet hopped wildly in place as you threw your head back in laughter. “We’re going to get complaints from the neighbors about your music being so loud,” you said through your giggles, not stopping John’s dancing in the slightest. 

“Oh, boo hoo. Let them complain. You know what I want to do?” John asked playfully, retreating back over to the record player and stopping the record. He pulled it off, searching through his pile for a different record to replace it with. After a few seconds, John made a muffled, yet triumphant, noise signaling that he found the right record. He placed it on the player and soon the sound of Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind filled the air. John leaned down to turn it up a little louder before walking over to you and sticking his hand out. “May I have this dance?” he asked, a cute smile spread across his cheeks.

“Of course,” you said, taking his hand into yours. He spun you around before pulling you closer to his own body. You smiled up at him and he looked truly happy. The kind of happy that many people strive to feel all their lives. The song played on as the two of you slowly swayed back and forth to the beat. Your head came down to rest against John’s right shoulder and chest. You listened to his heart beating steadily in time with the song and your smile grew wider.

“I love you Mrs. Deacon,” he spoke softly, his voice barely louder than the music. You might not have heard him if you couldn’t feel the vibrations of his voice in his chest. In a slow movement, you pushed your head back, looking up at John once more.

“I love you too,” you said, eyes lingering on John’s before his lips came down to kiss yours. Your lips parted and you placed your head back on John’s chest before speaking sweetly under your breath “And I always will.”

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First New Year's Eve after John joined Queen?

John was a bit worried with spending the New Year’s Eve with his new bandmates. They’re very friendly and tried their best to make him feel welcomed, but as a shy lad as John was feeling welcomed was hard for him.

“Have a glass of wine, dear.” Freddie handed a drink, the younger man greeting him with a nod.

“Everything’s alright, mate?” Brian asked, clapping softly his back.

“I’m quite fine. And thank you again for have me tonight.” John said in a low tone. “With my mom and little sister out of town…”

“It’s okay, Deaky!” exclaimed Roger, with a shameless grin. The drummer just invented the nickname some weeks ago.

John needed to have an eye on the blond. He looked almost drunk, and he already noted how touchy the man become after some drinks. Too affectionate, if he could say.

Around them they could hear starting the countdown, yelling excited to 1972. John really hoped that this year could be good, he had some expectations with college and Queen and-

“Deaky” Roger leaned on John and whispered on his ear “I just heard that at America they have a tradition to kiss someone they fancy at New Years’ Eve. We could stick with it.”

John looked to the blond, who winked at him, and started to wonder if he should add that to his expectations to the year that’s about to begin.

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So i have a question, in an audio interview Joe talked about the Live Aid outfit saying that the original print of the shirt (John’s one) had the lyrics of AOBTD on it…

Listen, if this is true…

I mean someone has some HD details? Can’t really find some decent detailed pictures

(also John wore 2 shirts thay day, one onstage and one for the photoshoot, i think, they seem different to me)

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A/N: Hi guys! So here it is, some smut for y’all featuring our favorite drummer turned Santa, the one and only Roger Taylor. This is smut with plot, more or less, so I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you guys think! Also, a friendly reminder, if you don’t the topic/concept/whatever, don’t read it! Also, minors, don’t read this! 10 bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference (although at this point, who doesn’t?)! I’ll stop rambling now so you can read, so get a snack and enjoy!

Pairing: Roger Taylor x Reader (intended to be present day Roger but can be read as 90s Roger!)

Word Count: 8.5k

Warnings: smut, this is like 65% smut, so you know, no minors (or I’ll be forced to block you, them’s the rules). Standard smut warnings – practice safe sex kids!

»»————- ♡ ————-««

You let out a small squeal of surprise as your foot stepped on yet another stray drumstick, and almost slipped onto the concrete floor. Luckily you caught yourself and grabbed onto a spare speaker nearby to steady your stance and not make contact with the hard ground.

“Spencer! I will absolutely kill you if you keep leaving your stupid dumb sticks everywhere!” you shouted out in exasperation as you bent over picked up the single, lonely drumstick. Spencer was notorious for accidentally leaving his spare drumsticks everywhere, and all of you had tripped and slipped on one at someone point; he himself had almost broken a wrist slipping on one but he never learned. Every time there was a near accident, he swore he’d change his ways, but you all knew he’d never actually change, and this was just more proof of that.

You leaned against the speaker and examined it, quickly coming to the conclusion that it actually didn’t belong to Spencer at all…not unless he’d changed to his name to-

“I think that belongs to me,” the delicate but gruff voice cut through your inner monologue, causing you to jump slightly. You ran your finger over the engraved name, letting it sit silently on your tongue as you looked up and locked eyes with none other than Roger Taylor.

There was a bemused little smirk playing on his features, his ocean eyes twinkling. You tried to come up with some sort of smart witty response, much as you tended to do, but instead you found yourself wordlessly staring at him. Roger seemed to notice your hesitation, and held out his hand expectantly, and you somehow managed to muster up the courage to hand it over to him, hand shaking slightly.

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