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“Johnny and Dora” really pains me because like…..Amy rejected him. again. he told her he was planning on asking her out and she sort of brushed past it and wanted to get back to normal. which is fine I totally get it but wow our poor boy that episode he was really in love and resigned himself to never having a real chance with her but he was ok with it because he just wanted her in his life. luckily they never had to delve too far into that because surprise!! she liked him back but that could have been a very bittersweet unrequited love story

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Amy in “Johnny and Dora” is so great because she says “I don’t want to date cops” even though she OBVIOUSLY likes Jake so then she spends the rest of the episode being super affectionate and cuddly supposedly as a cover but my personal headcanon is that she’s still processing that Jake wanted to ask her out and is using the cover story as an excuse to see what it might be like to date Jake and I love it.

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i want a musical episode of brooklyn nine-nine, yknow? similar to crazy ex-girlfriend, where the characters break into song related to whatever they’re doing and everyone is dancing and then life resumes as normal.

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Squad, if I could have your attention please… I want to say it has been a pleasure to have worked alongside all of you for the past twenty one and a half months. I’m sorry for getting so emotional. These have been the best — the best years of my career and I know that every one of you gave me everything you had, and I will never forget it. [Go back to being robot captain] Meep morp, zeet. Dismissed.

Captain Holt, B99 Season 2 “Johnny and Dora”

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