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Author’s notes:

  1. I’m having way too much fun with this fic, lol.
  2. Be aware of: my terrible attempts at puns. It supposed to be funny, but as a non-english speaker I don’t know what I’m doing.
  3. The next chapter will be probably the last one :) PROBABLY, lol.

Chapter I | Chapter IIChapter III (You are here) |

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When you returned to home you shared with Zen, of course you got into a quarrel with him. You were very close to telling him what had happened between you and Jumin. But you were afraid of how much this information would hurt him. You still cared for him, and you didn’t want him to suffer.

However, you two managed to reconcile. You showed Zen the comments and explained the whole situation. Zen started apologizing for not being with you when you needed him. You spent the night cuddling with each other but you felt bad about it - both  towards Jumin and Zen.

The next day, after you worked for several hours, you entered the chat room.

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There's this phrase from the Big Bang Theory that I really like: "The only logical conclusion was love" can you write something for Jumin and MC using this please? Thanks! 😉

Firstly, thank you so much for being my first request! It really means a lot, and I hope that you enjoy the story!!

Jumin had finished his trip much sooner than expected. Much to his surprise, all his meetings were unproblematic, and he breezed through his work. Jumin was back at his company an entire day early than scheduled, meaning he could spend the day off.

Knowing the MC was currently in his home, Jumin decided that he would pick up something and spend the rest of the day with her. Before he had left for his business trip, MC had volunteered to watch Elizabeth 3rd while he was away. Jumin happily agreed, not knowing another person who loves her as much as MC did. But he also agreed because the first things he wanted to see when he got home was the two that mattered most to him.  

He arrived in front of his penthouse soon after, only stopping to buy a new dress for MC, as well as a bouquet of primrose, her favorite flower. Unlocking the door, he quietly stepped in only to find MC on the floor, playing with one of the cat toys she brought for Elizabeth 3rd.  

She glanced back at the sound of rustling, concerned. However, her concern quickly was replaced by excitement as she got up, leaving the toy and Elizabeth 3rd behind her. “Jumin! You’re early!” She exclaimed as she gave him a quick peck to the lips, followed by a long, sincere hug.  

Jumin found the tension he didn’t even know he had left him as he wrapped his arms around her, placing soft kisses on the top of her head. “We finished earlier than anticipated and I wanted to see you. I figured we could spend the day together?”

“I would love to! And I guess that was what the present and flowers are for then?” She shifted slightly in his arms, turning her face to look at him

“It is. I wanted to go out this evening if you were alright with that?” He asked, giving her the dress box.  

“Hmmhm,” Mc agreed, sighing slightly as she released her grip on him. “I’ll have to clean up a bit. There are quite a few cat toys around. I had to get Elizabeth used to each of them for any other time I come and visit her.”

Turning around, she gave Jumin a dazzling smile. Mc returned to her previous spot, a spring her step as she forgot what she originally came over for. She picked up on of the cat toys as she almost danced around Elizabeth, taunting her with what seemed to be a boa of some sort.  

He chuckled softly. It warmed his heart to see the most important women in his life getting along so well. He couldn’t help but watch MC, spinning as she giggled at Elizabeth’s attempts to catch the toy. Jumin almost lost himself in her. She was the most beautiful person he had ever met, and his heart swelled at the sight of her  

“I love you.” the words slipped from his mouth before he a moment to register what he had truly said.  

MC stilled, much to Elizabeth 3rd displeasure. She couldn’t help but widen her eyes as she turned to face Jumin, “Did you just say-”

“I love you.” he restated, trying to keep his calm composure while a subtle pink tinged his cheeks. “You’ve become my associate, to my friend, to my lover. Through every step, I find myself more and more infatuated with you. MC, you’ve managed to have me open up before you, bare my true self.”

He was slow to approach, but she didn’t back away. Jumin placed his hand on her cheek, drawing small circles over her cheek. “You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and I find myself wanting more of your time, of your attention. It may be selfish of me, but I don’t want anyone else to have you. I struggled to figure out why I am so captivated by you. But I just realized it, the only logical conclusion was love.”

Quick to touch the hand on her cheek, MC smiled unlike ever before, like pure sunlight emitted from her. “I love you too, Jumin. I think that I always have.” Gently picking up his hand, she placed a kiss on his palm, deepening the blush upon Jumin’s cheeks, before gazing back into his eyes.  

Jumin leaned in, ghosting his lips over hers. “I really love you.” MC closed her eyes as she quickly closed the distance between them, savoring the taste of him as they held a passionate kiss. Neither of them could stop, falling deeper into each other, until the need for air separated their lips.  

“It really is like the primrose.” MC sighed.  

Jumin curiously glanced down at her, still trying to catch his breath, “How so”

“The whole reason why I love them, its meaning… I can’t live without you.”

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Hi! Would you mind writing headcanons of the rfa finding out mc is a really famous DJ?

Thank you for the request! I don’t really know how a real DJ’s work looks like, so it may be a bit unrealistic, but I did my best…!

◄ Zen ►

  • He’d probably be told about it by someone from his own field, because he’d be out with you and they’d ask him about it later on, and he’d be so confused because he had no clue.
  • He’d instantly ask you about it just to confirm it, and he’d be just so curious about what you do, how you learned it, how you became famous, and what music you do. Even if it wasn’t his style to begin with, he’d totally fall for your music, because it’s yours. He wouldn’t just tell you he likes it to please you, he’d legit love it because he knows it’s you who made it!
  • He’d try to give you advises about being famous until he’d figure out you’re just as professional as he is and you don’t really need them at this point! He’d understand all your struggles so well though, and if anything, he’d always know how to help you, because these are things he goes through at times as well. The same goes for him though, he won’t be afraid to ask you for help if he feels too burdened with his own fame.

◄ 707 ►

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Author’s notes:

  1. This chapter came out quite long. But it’s mainly because of chatrooms.
  2. Be aware of: my strange sense of humor, angst, yandere-ish Jumin (I couldn’t resist).
  3. There will probably be another chapter. But we will see.
  4. I used these stickers to create gifs.  I know they are not perfect :(

Chapter I | Chapter II (You are here) | Chapter III |

Have a nice reading!


You did not expect that after what happened last night, things will become so awkward. After yesterday’s drinking, your head ached and you didn’t feel well. Fortunately, you worked mainly at home - as a blogger and marketer. So you could take a day off whenever you wanted. And today you needed it. But when you had nothing to do - and without taking care of guests, as the RFA has not planned yet another party - you quickly got bored. So you decided to enter the chat room.

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Can I request MC gets stabbed by Rika and wakes up from coma after the RFA + V and Saeran told her they love her? Fighting!!! You know I will always suport you. 😉

Jumin’s Version

This is something that stands in my Masterlist for…ages? My friend, who made me into a Mysme fan requested this loooong time ago and finally i found enough motivation to write it. The other characters will come by and by…. enjoy! 

,,My love, which dress would you like to have?’’ Jumin asked you while both of you were walking hand in hand, enjoying the spring day. 
The warm breeze tickled your arm. 
,,Are you cold, my love?’’ your protectve husband asked you, looking at you with a concerned face. 
You smiled and shook your head, meaning that it was okay. 
,,I don’t need a dress, Jumin. I already own so many….’’ you mumbled.  
Jumin nodded. 
,,So, should I buy you all?’’ he asked more himself than you. 
You began to laugh, your cheerful laughter was like a melody for his ears. 
You knew that you couldn’t hold him back to buy you all dresses and so you stopped to convince him to not buy them. 

,,So many, Jumin…Don’t spend so much on me…’’ you giggled. 
,,Sorry for being so inconsiderate, it must be heavy for you, right?’’ with that he carried the bag. 
You stayed shocked, asking yourself if Jumin and you were perhaps talking in a different language. 
,,Jumin Han, my lovely husband, are you trying to mock me
?’’ you laughed trying to take his hand. 
Instead he hugged your waist, pulling you to him. 
,,I would never dare to mock this beauiful woman….’’ 
Both of you spend the day together not knowing that there was a person behind you who didn’t enjoy this view…..

Just the next day, when you followed Jumin to work, like always, the person turned her plan into action. 

Everything went so quickly. 
Jaehee’s hands were trembling as she followed the scene, the blonde woman who was supposed to be death just attacked you with a knife. 
,,She’s not good enough, Jumin…I was the one who understood you the best…I was the one who made you smile back then…It isn’t fair to be like that now, Jumin. I wanted you to become happy from the bottom of my heart, but not that way. Follow me, Jumin. You have nothing else here now, come with me…’’ Rika begged, her tears and her mean smile made the young CEO shiver. 
He was like in trance, this was a nightmare, wasn’t it…? 
Only your whimper from the ground made him snap. 
He looked down at you, his wife was holding her stomach, groaning and crying while blood was soaking her clothes. 
The white dress he bought yesterday wasn’t white anymore but deep red. 
,,Assistant Kang! Call immediately the ambulance! And you!’’ he looked at the guard, ,,What are you doing? Take this woman and make her disappear from my eyes before I make her disappear from this world!’’ he snapped. 
Everyone acted like he said, the former leader of the RFA struggled a bit, but was taken away eventually.  
,,Jumin! I saved you! She wasn’t good enough for you, thanks to me you’re now free!’’ she yelled before the door closed. 

Jumin looked down at you and took his jacket to stop the bleeding. He failed. 
,,Jumin…Jumin it hurts….I’m scared…’’ you groaned, trying to take his trembling hands. 
,,My love, please don’t talk, someone will come, just stay with me and bear with the pain, okay?’’ he asked you, trying to smile for you. 
You smiled back but closed your eyes afterwards. 
Jumin looked at you, his hands never stopped to put pressure on your wound. 
His hands slowly turned red too, sticky by now by his wife’s blood. 
He was slowly loosing his cool, his hands began to tremble and his heart felt as if it was about to explode. 
Cold sweat was dripping down as his breathing got heavier and heavier. 
The young woman with he short brown hair began to tear up, she didn’t know. It was her very first time in her job line where she didn’t know what to say. 
The door got open with a big momentum, three men appeared in front of Jumin, pushing him away and performing first aid. 

,,Why did this happen…?’’’ Jumin asked Jaehee who was next to him. 
Jumin was still covered in blood but his fears to lose you were way too big to make him go and wash his hands. 
,,I-i thought she was dead, Sir….Why did V lie at us…?’’ she asked her boss. 
,,V……Jihyun, where is he?’’ Jumin asked his Assistant. 
,,Sir, I notificated the RFA, they should be here at any moment.’’ and indeed, the other members came just a few seconds later. 
But one blue haired man was missing. 
,,Man! What the hell happened?!’’ Zen yelled, ready to fight the black haired man. 
,,Zen, please…’’ Jaehee begged. 
,,RIKA IS ALIVE AND STABBED MC?!’’ Yoosung yelled. 
Seven looked troubled and Zen was unable to say anything, these were too many news at once. 

The red haired man’s thought were making him go crazy. 
But also Yoosung was troubled. 
,,Why….why would she do somethng like that? And V, he said that Rika……I can’t trust hm anymore….’’ he mumbled. 
,,I think our top priority is now to hope for MC’s health and afterwards we will look into this story. I think there’s something we still don’t know…’’ Jaehee mumbled. 

The surgery took two hours. Afterwards a doctor approached Jumin who was your guardian.  
,,Mr Han, your wife has fallen into coma. We did the best we could. All you can do now is to wait for the best.’’ the doctor mumbled after he talked to him in privacy. 
,,What did he say?!’’ Zen immediately asked Jumin after he went out of the room. 
His eyes looked as if he was dead from the inside. 
,,Assistant Kang, try to contact Jihuyn and tell him that I wish to talk to him immediately. And please look into the story with Rika, I wish to know why she’s alive and why she attempted to kill my wife. Also, make sure that she get’s a sentence which makes her unable to see the daylight.’’ he ordered, ignoring Zen. 

But even through he didn’t say anything the members around him understood. What ever it was, it wasn’t something good. 
This went on for three weeks. 
Jihyun didn’t try to meet Jumin once and this was enough for the CEO to understand that the friendship between him and his childhood friend died. 
Rika was taken into a psychiatry for prisoners. 
Your husband made sure that she would never go out there again. 
After this Mint Eye was discovered, some members disappeared successfully, one of them was a white haired boy who was always around the savior. 
Jumin Han wasn’t the only one who tried to call to Jihuyn. A red haired man was also was furious. 
One question trouled him a lot: If Rika ended up like that, what happened to his twin brother? 
,,She won’t hurt you ever again…’’ Jumin told you while your body was still connected to the machines. 
,,Mr Han, we need to talk about our future steps….’’ a nurse approached him. 
But Jumin ignored her. 
He had no intentions to kill you. 
It was a sign, you just needed your time to wake up, right? 
,,My love, I love you so much, my love for you got even stronger so please, wake up…please…I love you…don’t leave me…’’ he begged. 
It was his first time crying, it was the first time his tears touched your pale skin. 
But this first time helped you. 
It helped you to move your hand, to make you open your mouth and tell him to not cry. 
,,Or else I will get sad too..’’ you groaned. 

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Author’s notes:

  1. I’m not sure why I wrote this. I just needed some angst, I guess.
  2. It is happening after Zen’s good ending. You were happy together at the begging, but now it seems like something is off…
  3. And you start to grown very fond of Jumin.
  4. If you get triggered by such topics, do not read it.
  5. Will it continue? For now, I do not know. For now, let’s say it’s a one-shot.
  6. Sorry for my English. If you see any mistakes, tell me about them.

Chapter I (You are here) | Chapter II | Chapter III |

Have a nice reading!


It’s been quite late and Zen still hasn’t come back from his rehearsal. It’s been like this for some time - you waiting for him till late, worrying and just feeling sad and lonely. You’ve been in relationship with him for 3 months now and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t happy with him…. But now it’s started to be so hard for you. And it wasn’t only about his late till night rehearsals. You understood that it was his work and passion.

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