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#jumping spider

I’ve had an idea for this character for a very long time. Jenny Widows here is a waitress and barista at her family’s own coffee shop and cafe/bakery hybrid. It’s a busy job, so six arms can be a real help, but even then, sometimes she wishes there was two of her around.

I’m not sure what fandom to put her in, if she’ll even be a fan OC. When I came up with her, she was placed in an original setting I’m sure she could work in the Cuphead world, I would just need to change her wardrobe to reflect the setting. She looks too friendly and sweet to be a Hazbin OC though, so I won’t consider her for that one.

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Help, I live in Vegas where there aren't many pretty bugs :( I have to rely on you for babeys

Pretty/cool bugs that are native to Las Vegas/Nevada:

The white-lined sphinx moth:


Photo by greglasley

Variegated meadowhawk:


Photo by stubirdnb

Vivid dancer damselfly:


Photo by andreacala

Hunt’s Bumblebee:


Photo by mlodinow

Western sheep moth:


Photo by yetikat

European mantis:


Photo by benoitnabholz

Pipefine swallowtail:


Photo by seaheart88

Ornate checkered beetle:


Photo by dlbowls

Habronattus americanus jumping spider:


Photo by thomasbarbin

Common desert centipede:


Photo by niz

That is just a small selection of the thousands of cool bugs that live in your area :)

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I missed the date for my blog’s anniversary (JAN 11), but like idud3 says “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!”

Happy 2 years to this spidey blog!! It’s been very fun these last two years with lost of changes! Hopefully more fun things will come!!!!

Thank you everyone for your constant support!!! I send you spidey hugs!!!

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Goblin week happened to coincide with the start of the semester, but thankfully lots of boring syllabus days left me with some precious free time. At this point my definition of goblin might as well be “do a creature design but it has to stand up and maybe wear clothes”… which isn’t necessarily a problem, but I think some of these don’t fully scream ‘goblin’ ya know?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, I had a blast and I want to draw more spiders :>

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A small lad or lady we found inside the house. I’m so happy the spiders are coming back for Spring ☺️

Yesss spider time! One of my favorite times. And I love this tiny jumper. Thank you so much for sharing this pal and can’t wait to see more as they come out with the warmer weather! Thanks for sharing and as always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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