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You’re Quite Decieving

Part 16

Actor/Idol!Yoongi x Actress!OC

Min Yoongi of BTS is staring the new K-Drama, “Love in a Tear” with actress y/l/n y/n. In a romance drama like this they have to get to know each other and be around each other constantly. But surly it can’t lead to anything more. Right?

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A/N: I’m so jealous of k-army’s who get to experience Home live🤧 anyway I hope you enjoy!!


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Jikook Hand Placements

For research purposes I looked up hand/arm placement with couples and here’s what I found. There’s a lot of other hand placement, but I just love when Jikook puts their arm or hand behind their backs. It just feels so protective and safe. 🐥👀🐰

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This is purely based on Juno signs! Thank you for this request & I hope you like it

Warning: Long post!

Juno is the an asteroid that represents serious relationships and soul mates. Venus is the planet that tells us what we’re attracted too, but Juno tells us the about the people who would be good for us! It’s all about what we look for in a serious partner

Seokjin - Cancer Juno

Originally posted by softjeon

  • Cancers are the moms & dads of the zodiac
  • this placement just,, makes me so so soft
  • probably looks for a very mature partner
  • cancer also is the placement of the home
  • so he needs someone who will make him feel comfortable & at home no matter where he may be!
  • Hi Capricorn Venus kinda furthers this need to be with someone mature & important
  • I read a couple times this placement might mean he prefers someone younger but not all that sure
  • definitely wants their shit together thats for sure
  • can also be emotionally dependent on their partners
  • so they value loyalty & compassion above all else! 
  • just wants to care for his family tbh 
  • give him a hug pls

Yoongi- Cancer Juno

Originally posted by breadgenie

  • this functions very similarly to Jin’s!
  • however, i think his has a lot stronger emphasis on the mother/father figure
  • his Cancer Mars, Cancer Juno, and this all being in the fourth house, he craves not only a family but an authority figure
  • he just wants some kind of stability in his wild life
  • god he makes me cry
  • pls protect your local cancers
  • he’s clingy af and you can’t tell me NUTHIN
  • His Aries Venus would make more upfront tho
  • will literally walk up & sit next to you & say
  • “I’m staying here until you give me attention.”
  • treat him with care or i’ll fight you

Hoseok- Scorpio Juno

Originally posted by mimibtsghost

  • This is a very interesting placement
  • this mans whole chart is an enigma tbh
  • Scorpios crave intensity & loyalty in their partners
  • basically, he’s looking for that ride or die chick
  • probably looking for someone whos energetic and fun, considering his aspects to juno
  • His Taurus moon combined with this just screams Jealous type
  • he appears to have many harmonious aspects with Juno so I think he’ll find someone he really likes!
  • wants someone to accept him for him, scars, wound, and all!
  • because of this, he’s probably pretty picky with his partners
  • huuugely attracted to confidence

Namjoon - Scorpio Juno

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • The same as Hobi’s pretty much!
  • though all that possessive behavior?
  • times it by at least a thousand
  • This man has a Scorpio Venus and a Scorpio Juno
  • like,,, listen 
  • i can’t scream into the void enough how important sex is to this man
  • and the intense love he hold for his partners
  • he’s picky for a good reason
  • he can see through all the bullshit of most people
  • loves people who are mysterious and seductive
  • according to his aspects, he’s probably into artsy Libras & Leos or some more put together Capricorns!

Jimin - Sagittarius Juno

Originally posted by jimiyoong

  • this was actually a surprising placement for me to look at!
  • Sagittarius is the adventurer & wanderer of the zodiac
  • so all you international armys out there, hold onto your drinks because you got a big storm coming
  • okay i’m just being dramatic but he’s probably into someone whos non-traditional in some way!
  • he may meet his soulmate in a foreign country
  • this could very likely be a long distance relationship
  • hes overall very open-minded and accepting of others!
  • definitely needs their “space” in relationships i’ll tell ya that
  • His Scorpio Venus coupled with this means he’s attracted to someone intense & bright
  • might like an Aquarius type or Scorpio type, someone with a lot of intensity and brainpower 

Taehyung - Capricorn Juno

Originally posted by ariescults-moved

  • this is literally so unsurprising from the king of Capricorn i swear
  • very into the business aspects of relationships, he’d very very serious
  • he’s attracted to very mature, responsible people
  • he prefers to be the authoritative one
  • these people often end up with someone younger, or maybe just more a little more immature than him
  • could meet his partner at work, but mostly because Caps are always working
  • reputation is pretty important to him, but some of his aspects point to caring for someone who has less than him a whole sugar daddy i’m sorry
  • his Juno makes some aspects with Mars & Uranus so I can see him liking fiery & quirky Aries or Aquarius types 
  • his Aquarius Venus kinda furthers that too

Jungkook - Leo Juno

Originally posted by jjeons

  • I literally have no words
  • actually I have a lot of words
  • Leo’s are known to be flashy & confident, so he really looks for that in a partner
  • wants some who’s loud, proud, and grabs everyone’s attention when they walk in the room
  • wants his lover to be grand and showy
  • loves big and bold displays of love, like poems or songs
  • This coupled with his Libra Venus is attracted to someone romantic and bold
  • those that are cold and aloof are generally a turnoff
  • Overall, I think he’d love someone who’s a fire or air sign! 
  • his Juno makes an aspect with Saturn, which could indicate a large age gap or someone much older! 
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• Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Park Chaeyoung
• Genre: Fluff
• Warning: rosekook / chaekook
• Words: 2.2K Words

Taehyung shrugs, “Don’t know, all I know…she is my fan.”

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“So you are saying the girl who helped you at Busan is now your maid because she has some financial problem?” Kim Seokjin a.k.a Jin a.k.a Worldwide Handsome Face a.k.a naturally born with handsome face a.k.a Korean model asks Jungkook with wide eyes. He works as a model in the same company as Jungkook, but Jungkook is a film/video director while Jin is…please refer to his intro above.

From knowing Jeon Jungkook years ago, Jin knows the man is not someone who likes to help people. He is the real definition of a snotty brat, and mostly…he hates getting close to woman. Because woman always comes to him for his money and his name. Jungkook’s friends are 99.9% from the male population, and most of them working in the same industry, entertainment. No wonder media so quick to judge him as a gay because it’s hard to see Jungkook with a female. Even his crew mostly men and few married women.

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KM at Busan Muster D1

What I admire about KM’s relationshipn is their bond. They are always together 95% of the time (on and off cam), and somehow will always be in conversations or a staring contest. Even when there are times where they are just aloof of each other’s presence or are not talking then, they will find ways to make eye contact. Even when they are supposedly ‘ignoring’ each other (based from an observer’s pov), they just tend to gravitate towards each other. This is my 7th year in KPOP and I have never seen anything like this before. Nonetheless, whatever the status of their relationship is, I just hope they will always be each other pillars of strength for life and actual soulmates. 💛💙💛💙💛

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Taemin will continue to produce bops and will release his third full album - Want album release

NCT China will debut - Wayv

YG will continue to decline - lmao do I have to

Ikon will stagnate - Hanbin, their writer/producer left and YG pretty much killed any of their potential success by  being a piece of shit

Half of EXO and BTS will release solos - Promise by Jimin (technically last year but whatever), Scenery by Taehyung, Jin’s OST song, etc.

Another MAJOR idol relationship will come out - Jenkai

NCT 127 will make another Regular - We Are Superhuman mini, which was more successful in its first week than any other NCT album

American artists will collab with more idols IN KOREA, but not in America - Monsta X & French Montana, BTS & avocadis and bananis white popstars, NCT 127/Lay & Jason Derulo, etc.

Key will tell us something very controversial about the idol industry - Don’t remember what he said but he did say something before military

NCT Ten will release a special - Ten X WinWin dance collab

Seventeen will release a project that receives much critical acclaim but the commercial success won’t match it - You Made Me My Dawn EP (Home was particularly great IMO)

Jeongguk will reach his final physical form and will finally have the face of a grown man - Well…

Haechan will continue to rise and the lessers will hate :) - My multilingual, superior vocalist sun is better than you :)

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is wrong with obsessive shippers in kpop fandoms?????!!!!!!

I’m sick and tired of shippers being rude to another member of a group, bc that member ‘threathen’ their ship !!!






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