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What’s wrong with this picture!?

I know it’s Jin and Kookie.. like I know !

But if someone told me, it’s not them, I don’t think I’ll not believe them…

What’s happening 🤪

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Teeth and mouth shape are the first things I notice about a person (JK is my bias but I love each member for their unique smiles). It doesn't matter the gender for me. I'm attracted to the mouth (teefers and lips combo) first then the eyes second....Then I hope they're nice and funny after they get my attention with the first two lol. 🐰 Has an amazing smile.

Jungkook’s teeth are my favorite thing about him, along with his everything else. Idk if it’s me having a thing for bunny teeth or just Jungkook’s bunny teeth being unusually adorable, but when he smiles widely without abandon, it just melts my heart 💕😫


(gif credits to owners)

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My kink is when the vocal line comes with their heavenly vocals after the rappers set me on fire with their raps in songs, like one minute someone’s going heavy, breathlessly, and then angels descend straight after,, the transition,,, the vibe, love it

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Chapter 16


Jungkook x Reader (Actor a.u.)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Social Media a.u., Texting a.u., Some Writing

Word Count: 5.37k

Warnings: Flufff, Jungkook just being like cute and great or whatever

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Round One

You slowly flickered your eyes open, you were laying on the couch and not sure where you were. What time was it even? You didn’t quite remember falling asleep. It was one of those times where you wake up and you completely forget where you are, and you expect to see your own room when you wake up. You had one of those moments and slowly rows up from your place, hearing your back crack about a thousand times, and you rubbed your eyes looking around the room. You were in the hotel, it was dark, but it wasn’t your room.

Guess you had fallen asleep in Jungkook and Taehyung’s room.

You try to get up as quietly as you can, you look to the beds and both were vacant. You wondered for a moment where everyone was You crossed the room to enter the conjoining door into yours and Jimin’s rooms. The room was also completely dark. You look around. You see a passed out Jimin laying horizontally over Taehyung who was a full starfish on the bed. You had to slap your hand over your mouth to keep you from bursting out and laughing at their position. Jimin’s mouth was wide open and it took everything in you not to put something in his mouth for him to wake up too.

You try to tip toe to your bed but suddenly you hear Jungkook’s contagious laugh echo and come from an undisclosed location. You look around to see a small light from behind the curtains leading out to the small balcony off the room. You walk over to the door and slide it open and see Jungkook sat in one of the patio chairs faced away from you. He was watching some stuff on YouTube. It looked like he was watching some gaming videos and you smiled to yourself a bit. You never though he would be the type to like gaming at all, you also loved gaming videos. You walk up behind him and you tap him on the shoulder. Jungkook in his own world was ripped out of it and in that moment; he almost completely jumped out of his skin facing you ready to chop you in the neck with his hand. You gasp and get thrown back a bit.

“Hiyah!” he yells before he realizes it’s you. He almost immediately retracts, and he backs up to the balcony bars behind him, hand on his heart.

“Shhhhhh.” You throw a finger over your mouth to him so he wouldn’t wake the other two. You finally closed the sliding door behind you.

“Geez, Y/N, I nearly kicked your ass thinking you were Tae trying to scare me or something.” He pulled the headphones out of his ears. Pausing the video he was watching. He was glad to see you but was shocked you were awake.

“One, you wouldn’t even get a finger on me before you’d be on the ground crying, two, no Tae and Jimin are practically dead asleep in there.” You fold your arms over yourself because of the slight breeze.

“I don’t doubt that,” He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, “want to sit?”

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Do you know any fics where Jimin is an Incubus?

I do! :)

falling in lust again, dreaming you into my bed by crushedmadhatter

Rating: M

Pairings: Jungkook/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 3,066

Summary: jungkook always thought that jimin was exaggerating it when he would complain about how other people would hit on him all the time. and jimin was the same, finding it ridiculous when jungkook wouldnt spare him any time, always using the same excuse of practising. then one morning, with a little bit of help, two uni-students learnt the struggles the other went through a day.

or an au jikook ff in which the boys wake up in each other’s bodies one morning and not only realize how the other is struggling, but also some feelings which had been buried inside their chests long ago.

Heaven Belongs To You by nyungii

Rating: E

Pairings: Taehyung/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 7,821

Summary: Demon and human offspring weren’t that much of a rare occurrence. Known as the cambions, they are naturally born being a part of the underworld. Demon and demon relationships, romantic or even sexual, on the other hand, were unheard of. That is, until the two rare cases of Jimin and Taehyung.

Jimin and Taehyung are the only known pureblood incubi to ever exist. Chaos ensues.

the demon plays with me by synecius

Rating: E

Pairings: Taehyung/Jimin

Status: Complete

Word count: 10,427

Summary:  Taehyung’s magic begins to misbehave… so, of course, he summons a demon to help him control it.

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Reaction ┆ Sexo no estúdio/Sala de reuniões

  • Jungkook

Kookie estava em uma temporada de ensaios que pareciam não acabar mais. É claro que junto com os ensaios em excesso, vinham as ausências. E para ele, estava sendo difícil ficar longe de você.

Quando você fosse o visitar na empresa, ele se aproveitaria de uma de suas fantasias sexuais apenas para poder se satisfazer. Mas mesmo sabendo disso, você não reclamaria, afinal, acabaria seria ótimo para os dois.

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Dressing room fun😉

Jungkook x reader

Warnings: smut,fingering,blowjob,thighriding ,rough sex

You woke up in a hotel room with your boyfriend of two years Jeon jungkook you look over at him he’s asleep naked from the night before you look at the time and panic as you guys need to be getting ready for the award show so you decide to wake him up in a fun way

Y/n POV.

I pull the covers off of jungkook and look down at his member I grab him softly and his breathing hiches in his sleep I lower my mouth to him and begin to suck slowly as he moans lightly in his sleep he begins to harden in my mouth as I suck harder then I hear him moan again followed by him speaking “Goodmorning to you to baby” he says before moaning again I keep going down until he is fully in my mouth and I gag as he hits the back of my throat and he moans again and grab my hair pulling lightly “yes baby just like that fuck” he says with a moan escaping again after a few more minutes he cums all in my mouth “fuck oh fuck yes” he moans and I pull off and swallow every drop “we need to get ready handsome” I wink wiping my mouth and get off the bed heading to the bathroom to shower

*time skip to the limo ride*


We get in the limo with the other boys and they’re all talking and laughing I sit next to kookie while he has a hand on my thigh I can’t help but think about this morning and be turned on by how amazing he looks in the suit but I had to control myself I talk with the boys but slide my hand over jungkooks bulge in his pants his breathing hitches and he grabs my hand and whispers in my ear “not now baby” I pout and sit back in my chair being extremely wet just needing him about an hour passes and we finally get there we all get out and they take us backstage where the boys will be getting ready I stay by jungkook the whole time though I do mess around with hobi cause I’m really close with him I look over at jungkook and he’s changing his shirt I bite my lip looking at his abs god I want him I think to myself so I walk over to him and hug to him while I whisper in his ear “I need you baby I’m so wet for you” I bite his earlobe lightly and he moans softly and I see him harder in his pants “get your ass in the dressing room now” he growls lowly in my ear making me want him even more I almost run to the dressing room and he follows as he enters and closes the door behind him he backs me against the wall and kisses my neck roughly earning a moan from me “you’re such a bad girl makiing me hard before I have to perform now what are we gunna do about it” he says in a deep voice making me shiver “I think I need to be punished daddy” I say while bitting my lip he smirks and slaps my ass hard “as you wish” and with that he pulls his pants and boxers down reviling his beyond hard member so big and dripping pre cum I bite my lip at the sight of it my core dripping and throbbing needing him inside me he gets on his knees and pulls my thong off “damn so wet for me baby” he says while smirking and rubs his fingers on my folds making me whimper at his touch I’m beyond wet and so sensitive to his touch he stands up and lifts me I wrap my legs around his waist and he slams inside me making me scream out in pleasure before he covers my mouth “shh baby don’t want to let everyone know what we’re doing” he thrusts hard and fast hitting my gspot over and over I bite my lip trying to stay quite but I moan and grab his hair pulling it trying to stay quite his moans against my ear we’re just making everything so much more intense I fill the knot in my stomach I know I’m close “kookie I’m gunna cum” I moan out “do baby cum all over my cock” I scream out in pleasure as he rubs my clit and I cum so hard I see stars shortly after that jungkook moans loud and cums deep inside me and he pulls out sitting me down we try to catch our breaths and get fixed up my legs are still weak feeling like jello he kisses me so softly “I wasn’t to rough right baby” he asks and fixes my hair “no baby it was perfect “ I smile and kiss him as we walk out together “wow guys didn’t have to be so loud” jimin says before all the boys start laughing I feel my checks turn bright red I look at jungkook and giggle as he laughs it off .

Thank you for reading I am new to this but I hope you enjoy !💜

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What are shadow spirits?

Yoongi: They are a type of spirits, made from darkness or “shadow matter”! The polar opposites of light spirits, basically. Their purpose is to create darkness, some of them do it literaly, some figuratively…

Yoongi: Fun fact, I have shadow matter in my head and I can’t get it out! It’s one of the reasons behind my mental problems.

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