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#just a thought

doctor doom has GOT to keep better track of his doombots or the next thing he’ll know hes gonna find himself facing off against an army of bots HE MADE who have aligned themselves with superheroes. doombot in runaways. moon girl’s doom head. next time he tries some evil scheme he’s going to get taken down by his own creation like caesar got stabbed in the back

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Do you ever think about how in probably like 500 years (if we even survive that long), all the names we think are normal are gonna sound old?

Gertrude actually used to be kind of a popular name! Now when you hear it you think of an old lady or something. (Not a bad thing!)

Just saying that maybe popular names like James or Emma are going to sound old to people one day.

Makes me a little sad :’/

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Friend: hey, whatcha thinkin about

Me, internally: what if we actually elect good officials and bring back the roaring 20s with electro swing music and our “parties” are all just us volunteering to help save the earth

Me, externally: nothing really

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okay SO

we all know marvin had some great character development, sure. BUT we haven’t talked abt jason’s!!

see in ‘miracle of judaism’ jason is talking abt exactly how he wants his bar mitzvah and the girls he wants to invite yada yada

but then in ‘cancelling the bar mitzvah’ jason gets mad and asks if they can postpone or wait until whizzer gets better. he used to be uncomfortable when it came to whizzer but then he really cared abt him and his health 🥺🥺

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Y’know for someone who get’s full and sick simply by drinking a cup of coffee I sure as hell can eat a lot of fucking food

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part of me wonders that given the scale of the lawsuit, there will be media coverage, possibly featuring Buck… and parents, good or bad, react a certain way to shit like that so maybe we’ll see the Buckley parents in the near future depending on where they take the lawsuit?

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teddy rambles #2

i want someone to play the original gamecube version of the nook’s cranny theme everytime i walk out of my room. just like:

me, trying to sneak out of my room to get a snack at 2 in the morning: i havent eaten anything in 3 hours and im going to die


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Best way to pop your back!: have a demon carry you up a phone pole and drop you down directly onto a boulder, you’ll feel good as new!

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The media gives Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the cast of Friends waaaaay too much.

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ok i’m only saying this bc i’m three quarters of the way to an actual mental breakdown but i’m in a tatami room in a japanese coffehouse and there’s thunder and lightning outside and i’m wrapped in a bunch of sweaters and drinking a toasty almond milk latte and i’m kinda thinkin……………………maybe i could handle living in a cold state again………..

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