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#just a thought

yknow america is a lot like certain fandoms because there are two types of people: those who are loud and obnoxious and annoying about everything involving their country/fandom, and those who are just kind of chill and annoyed. but the obnoxious part is so loud that it makes up the entire representation and ruins it for everyone else and makes all the chill people somewhat embarrassed to show that they’re part of it

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I feel very unappreciated lately. Probably just my pregnancy hormones or whatever, but I don’t feel the same amount of love. Im the one doing all the hard work and yet I feel like no one understands what Im going through. I feel fat and ugly and sad.

So overwhelming and I just feel like I deserve more credit and more support. Idk

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With all these Area 51 memes, I’d like to think that amidst the new NCT Dream comeback, Renjun is secretly planning his Area 51 raiding scheme and trying to get the rest of the dreamies to be on board with him

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I get that people having daddy issues is a cultural joke nowadays but…theres daddy issues and then there are daddy issues. There’s a difference between “my dad set me curfews to keep me safe and took away my phone when I acted out and now I live to spite him” and “my dad was emotionally/physically abusive and now I don’t know how to get anything I want without feeling like a burden or hurting someone else in the process.”

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just thinking out loud here but if i hosted a word sprinting Event™ saaayy friday maybe in the afternoon ( est ) …. would anyone be interested in joining? probably on discord? maybe about two hours or so? poetry / prose / plotting — idc, it’s all good and less focused on word counts but more just enjoying and talking about writing and then actually writing? 

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I feel like people are jumping to conclusions to quickly! We don’t know anything about their relationship and shouldn’t assume anything from a couple of pictures. Tbfh friends are allowed to be flirty, boys and girls are totally allowed to be friends too. I have guy friends and i can be a flirty person but that doesn’t mean i wanna be with any of them like that. I think everyone should have the decency to wait if/when Tom speaks up on this. Idk why people think they have the right to label them.

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yeah??? tbh i keep looking back to when i was like 12-15 and i would just binge read tabloid magazines All The Time. and they just had the most sensational titles and then you open and read the story and it’s like “they were walking to a beach together…. WOW.” and yo?? WHO CARES. you invade THEIR privacy and fucking POSTED it! that’s mad!!!! and it IS super crazy that every time people see A Man and A Woman together it’s automatically, “ARE THEY DATING? OR NOT? AND WHY NOT?” god, it’s super lame and… sorely immature. sometimes, i don’t even blame people for “falling for the trap,”because it’s every-fucking-where, but it’s what you decide to do with the info afterwards. don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

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Some People change opinions like their Pants. Where are The solid Mother Fucker in this World?

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