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#kagami taiga

It’s happening! I finally created the server I was talking about and I truly hope people will join and rant with me about knb

I made the rules very simple but essential, and I hope everyone will have a great time <33


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Day 7: For You (Kuroko and Kagami)

short but🥺



Originally posted by kagamiz

Cheering for Seirin’s ace, aka your boyfriend Kagami Taiga was hard. Most of the cheers were from the other team due to the wide score gap but you believed that he could catch up and win this game so you cheered for him louder until your voice gets to him.

Unbeknownst to you, He heard every single one of your cheers. He was disappointed every time his shots missed or gets blocked yet he didn’t lose determination, He wanted to win for the team and you.

“You might lose your voice.” The girl sitting next to you warned you.

“It’s worth it though.” You smiled,“It’ll be worth it. I believe in him.” You continued to watch the game and you saw that the score gap was only at four points. It used to be a nine point gap but it’s now closed down to four.

“Go Kagami!” You screamed,“I love you!” You saw his ears turned red which was cute. Your seat wasn’t far away from the court so you were sure that he heard what you said.

Your cheers got louder when he stole the ball from his opponent. His movements were faster and much more complex which could only mean one thing.

He’s in the Zone.

And the reason? You.

You were shocked to see Kagami shooting from the three point line. He wasn’t use to shooting over there but you believed in him and he didn’t miss the shot!

He looked over at your direction and gave you a lazy smile,“For you, my love!” He screamed.

You laughed and with a blush on your face you said,“I really love you.”



Originally posted by tetsuro

Ah, Fieldtrip. Everything was going as planned until your friend caught a flu, She was supposed to be your seatmate but no, Kuroko offered to seat right next to you. Kuroko sitting next to you is definitely amazing, You like him! He’s amazing!

“Are you comfortable [Name]-san?” He asked.

“I am, Don’t worry!” You wanted to applaud yourself for not stuttering. Although you had a huge blush on your face which made Kuroko wonder if you had a fever or not.

“[Name]-san.” He handed you a sweater,“For you. The weather today is very cold, I don’t want you to get sick.” You took the sweater from him and decided to wear it.

I can smell his perfume! It wasn’t too strong or too light, It was perfect!

Since the trip to your destination was long you fell asleep. While you were asleep, Kuroko was observing you. He wanted to know how god created a masterpiece like you and he wanted to know what he did to deserve you sitting right next to him.

“Oi, Kuroko.” Kagami gave his friend a thumbs up,“Good luck!”

Today was also the day he was planning on confessing to you, Whatever answer he was going to get he’ll definitely accept it.

After all, nobody makes him happier than you.

If you want a part two, i’ll do it!

I was supposed to post more for the #knbvdaychallenge2020 but my schedule really sucks😭

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I am sorry for posting late just because I am quite distracted and I can’t seem to finish this fic lol. But without further ado, I present to you the fan fave pairing, KagaKuro <3

Many thanks to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for the prompt ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Originally posted by atsu-san

Day 6 Prompt: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. (KagaKuro side MuraHimu)

Title: Valentines’ Wish

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3

The sky is glowing hues of red and orange as the sun is beautifully setting off and Tetsuya, of all his sixteen years of existence, has never felt so content. He might not show is on his facade but he knows his feelings better than anyone. Well, maybe, except for Kagami-kun. After all, he is his shadow and he is his light. 

The truth is, they have been going out for more than two months after they play Yosen in the quarter-finals. For the most part, they don’t actually make it obvious that they are together, save for those few friends that actually know. In the Seirin team, only Furihata-kun knows because he accidentally walks in on them in the locker room after practice when Kagami-kun is about to kiss him on the lips. He feels a little bit guilty because the poor guy couldn’t look at them in the eyes for two weeks straight. When asked if they’re together, Tetsuya just gives him his usual poker face but he neither deny nor admit. But it is so evidently obvious though.

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The very next day, I decided to try something new to see if I could get him to open up a bit more. Midway through the class lecture I slip out my phone, typing away: [TEXT]: hey there auburn eyes :) [TEXT]: meeting today, meet in the video studio? arts building? I found myself getting a bit nervous seeing the first message I sent. A blush rose to my cheeks as I realized I had made it a bit flirty for the first message to ever send. Was that bad? Was he gonna be weirded out? -Jay

He‘s dozing off when his phone vibrates and it jolts him awake, making him hit his knee against his desk. The teacher reprimands him for sleeping in class before continuing on with the lesson. He pulls out his phone when the teacher wasn’t looking to read the messages you sent. He’s blushing a little when he reads the first text you sent. He hopes no one will notice as he responds.

[TEXT]: don’t think i have practice this afternoon, so sure.

[TEXT]: see you in the video studio.

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Kagami: I know adults do multiple loads of laundry for different colored clothes, but I've been putting all my clothes in at the same time and I'm just saying, nothing bad has happened.
Izuki: Modern laundry sauce doesn't cause color leaching like old laundry sauce did.
Hyuuga: ...Call it something else.
Kuroko: Clothes marinade.
Izuki: Fabric juice.
Koganei: Outfit soup.
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