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Omg you're doing matchups *screams internally*! I hope I'm not late! I'm a heterosexual female, who's main trait is her kindness! Other than that, I'm very loyal, family oriented, a bit of a perfectionnist and SO anxious about everything. Ah, it also takes me a lot of time to open up to people so I usually come up as a cold person :( ! I love to learn new languages, psychology, mangas, humor and animals! If that can help, I'm an INFJ? Tho I'm too scared to speak up lol... Congrats on the 1k!

 i match you with nakamura shinya

  • ‘not too late’ says anon, knowing it’ll be years before i reply to their match up ;)
  • right so languages are the things that start y’all’s first conversation: nakamura knows sign language, and you love learning new languages so the conversation comes (surprisingly, knowing the two of you) pretty easily
  • bit by bit, the two of you become closer and closer friends and eventually being in a romantic relationship is just natural
  • (but this definitely isn’t a fast development; as an infj, you probably take finding a romantic partner pretty seriously, and nakamura is the same) 
  • the two of you also end up getting involved in the other person’s interests
  • nakamura will start reading some of your favourite mangas, and you watch the occassional ghost movie with him (though your nerves only just stand up to it)
  • also, he’s that companion that supports you and pushes you forward when you’re afraid of something; his motto is ‘seize the day’ after all, and he’s pretty good at cheering people on
  • i feel like, the first time he gets invited over to your house, you get very stressed out, giving him the instruction “please don’t start talking about the occult” over and over again
  • your instruction ends up failing because your parents ask what he’s interested in, and nakamura can’t resist discussing the tarot cards and witchcraft and all things good
  • (at least he talks about the more normal parts of that hobby, and doesn’t start talking about the time he tried to summon a demon and it almost worked) 
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Hi! Match up please? 5’3, long dark hair, brown eyes. Introverted, shy and polite especially around new people. I love traveling, cooking - experiencing new cultures/lifestyles, Disney fan, dog lover, reading/writing. Very goal-oriented, hardworking, diligent! Always need to be doing something productive. Thank you :)

Your match-up: Kise Ryouta

  • His easy-going and cheerful personality would instantly make travelling a lot funnier. (Not to mention the amount of photos you two would take. Memories will be kept for sure.)
  • You two are very goal-oriented, just in different fields, but that would not bar this relationship. You could be reading an academic book to enhance your knowledge while he’s on the court to get better and better.
  • His love for anime and manga sure as hell extends to Disney. Imagine those Friday nights when you’d just chill on the couch and watch Disney movies.

Originally posted by fykagakise

Other possible match-up: Takao Kazunari

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aight, so i’ve decided to do an xmas special for knb instead of bsd, but i’ll do a new years’ special for bsd :3 i’ve done all the major schools and players in the anime, just like my father’s day special. enjoy!

- pocky

ps. i omitted Hayakawa+Nakamura (from Kaijo) Otsubo+Miayji+Kimura (from Shuutoku) and Hyuuga (from Seirin) simply because i didn’t want it to get repetitive and i couldn’t come up with anything :/

pss. these aren’t necessarily reader specific, but i’ll add a little fluff for each of them ;)


under the cut for length :)

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Kise : *GASP* senpai… Why you never tell me? We can dating~!

Moriyama : I’ve serching for best girl for me. But i don’t know a girl actually really near with me. *blinks. Don’t know what to say*

Kobori : *smile innocently* is this one of april fool’s joke?

Hayakawa : Why you nev(er) te(ll) me, captain?! *approach excited*

Nakamura : *glasses cracked*

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Well, in my country, it’s not October 2nd anymore. It’s already October 3rd in morning XD

But i still need to do this!




Let’s celebrate his birthday and make him as a center of attention ♡♡

All Kaijo members even celebrate it on gym~


Just forget Moriyama with his attempt to get a free food. XD


Extra : I make some with MoriKobo’s family. Looks at how excited their son is :“v


I’m sorry i just make them with Gacha Studio app :”

I can’t draw :“

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Hello Guys. I was planned to post another what if scenario a few days ago. But an idea popped in my mind “maybe i’ll make Kaijou members with Gacha Studio”

And i did it~!

I make Kaijou members after the nabe party and gathering around at Kasamatsu’s room ^^“


(I tried my best for make them… QAQ)

Oho? You think i just make this? Nope, nope. I make a lot of it.

Kaijo Pairs’ Children

I make another scene with childrens from pairs at Kaijo. (KiKasa, MoriKobo (Moriyama x Kobori), HayaNaka (Hayakawa x Nakamura) )

Let’s check first pair’s children~!


This is KiKasa’s childrens~!

They’re kawaii, right~?

When they were born, Kise was very happy. Because their first kid is a girl. Their daughter have Kise’s honey or chocolate (?) Eyes. Her hair is from Kasamatsu~. Kise always dress her up with some cute outfits. He really make their daughter like a queen of the world. But, that not make her cocky. She have Kasamatsu’s calm mind and… err… his temper. So when her brother make a fuss, she will be like : "Hoi. What are you doing-?!”

But don’t worry. She loves her brother a lot. Of course her parents too ^^

Their second kids is a boy. Like the previous, the one who dress him up is Kise. He’s excited because now he have daughter and son. The second kids resemble Kise a lot. Personality, appearence, and favourite thing. He adores Kise a lot (awww). What he get from Kasamatsu, his mommy, is messy hair and eye color. Oh, did i forget to tell you? This kid… is very clingy to his big sister (AWW adorable~)



Moriyama x Kobori (MoriKobo)’s childrens~

Err… how i should say it? It’s kinda complicated.

Their first children is a boy. And heck, his personality sometimes similar with Moriyama. If girls gathered around him, a lot of pick up lines will slipped easily from his mouth. Why he know a lot of pick up lines although he’s just a kid? Because Moriyama teach him. And he regret it. Because his son more popular than him now. His son is calm, but around girls, he’s flirty.

For the second children, it’s a girl. Both of them happy. (Because they don’t have big sister/little sister. Moriyama have a big brother. Kobori have a little brother. They’re happy because now they can take care of a daughter. Beside that, Moriyama relieved because it’s a girl. So his charm won’t taken twice XD). Moriyama really want to dress her up. However, Kobori not let him to dress her up. Because, after knows how Moriyama dress up their son, Kobori think it would be a bad idea if their daughter dressed up by Moriyama as well. So, Kobori taken care of it. See? It’s really natural, right~?

Oh, their daughter’s personality is calm. Like… she’s more quiet than her brother. Because that, she always be the one who stop his pick up lines to girls. ^^“



It’s Hayakawa x Nakamura (HayaNaka) childrens~!

Seeing this couple, i think "why not?” :“)

Both of them need more love :"D

Okay, their first children is a girl. She has Hayakawa’s brown+messy hair and Nakamura’s grey eyes. Her personality similar a lot with Hayakawa. Always jump. Jump a lot. HYPERACTIVE. Nakamura was shocked when know their daughter share the same personality with her daddy.

But what’s dangerous about her is her curiousity. On Sunday, she come out from who knows where it is and grab a pistol (one of Hayakawa’s model gun collection). Nakamura, who see it, almost choked when drink his coffee. After that incident, Nakamura give a looong lecture to Hayakawa. And he just sits and look at floor. Like he’s blaming himself :”)

You must save your model gun on a save place from kids, Hayakawa :“)

The second kids is boy. He’s more calm, like Nakamura. His hair and eyes are from his mommy. I think hair styles too. But his skin tone is from Hayakawa. People always misunderstood, thinking he’s a people who lost his temper easily. Reality, he’s not like that. Actually, his mission if he with his big sister is just one. CHASE HER.

And here is what i mean a mission :”)


(Aww.. that’s must be hard to be you. Your sister is hyperactive ^^“)

That’s all of it. Hope you like it ^^

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Hey!! Can i get headcanons for Kise Aomine Midorima Kagami and Himuro(if i'm exceeding the character limit please remove anyone of your liking i couldn't find the rules) with a fem s!o who is asking for a lap dance. Their reactions and whether they would comply or not and if they are good at it? Thanks!!

I Hope you like the headcanon scenario thing ^^, and sorry if I only did three characters because, the request you asked me to do was a little something out of my comfort zone. But I did enjoy writing it and will have fun responding to your other requests in the future :D. 

Kagami Taiga


Originally posted by attury

  • The moment when you asked him for a lap dance. Kagami’s face was red as his hair and slurring with his sentence on how he should respond to you.
  • “Kagami-kun you really don’t have to do it and I was just asking you a simple question.” You said with a smile.
  • “How is that a simple question!?”
  • “Fine it’s not I was just asking besides I didn’t expect you to be like this when I asked you this”
  • “Well, then what you accepted!”, Kagami said a bit frustrated look because you have never asked him those type of questions before.
  • “Fine it’s nothing”, You said with an irritated expression.
  • “L-Look I am sorry it’s just that your question caught me off guard because I never expected you to say that to me”, Kagami said with an apologetic look trying his best to change your mood.
  • “It fine and to be honest I thought you will be fine with it”
  • “Wait, what! made you think I will be okay with that!”, Kagami said with a shocked tone.
  • “Well, Alex told me you would be okay with this since you know most American couples act like that”, You said with a straight face making 6,3 boyfriend blush into a million shades which could be depicted if he was mad or frustrated at his blonde coach.

Kise Ryouta


Originally posted by fykagakise

  • Kise was a bit shocked when you asked him for a lap dance because he never expected, that you would say something like that.
  • “So is that a no”, you said with a confused look trying to figure out your boyfriend’s expression if his answer was a yes or no.
  • “Well sure if you’re comfortable with it”, Kise said with a smile.
  • “I guess we can try it out”, You said with a small smile.
  • “Okay then”, Kise said with a smile as he guided you to sit down on a chair before he can give you a lap dance.
  • While you were sitting and Kise was about to give you a lap dance the door flung open to reveal a slightly confused and awkward captain.
  • “U-Um this isn’t what it looks like”, Kise said a bit traumatize because Kasamatsu has caught him in some weird act.
  • “I don’t care what the hell it looks like if you don’t come and get ready to practice in the next few minutes that’s 20 laps across the entire gym”, Kasamatsu said angrily trying his best not to scold Kise because he was with you.
  • And given the fact he is nervous around girls he didn’t wanna harm you, but he did wanna harm Kise.
  • “R-Right I will be there in a sec Senpai”, Kise said with a weak smile because if he didn’t hurry up he will have to run 20 laps across the gym.

Aomine Daiki


Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

  • “Wait did you just said you wanted me to give you a lap dance”, Aomine smirked at you making you regret your choice of asking him that question.
  • “N-NO I didn’t”, you said with a blush trying to back away from your boyfriend who supposedly pinned you against the wall.
  • “Well next time you better watch what you’re saying (Y/N) Chan”, Aomine said with a smirked as he pressed his lips against yours making you blush into shades of red that you never imagine yourself in.
  • “L-Let go Daika”
  • “Oh come on don’t you wanna dance beside isn’t it that something you asked me to do~”
  • “F-Fine”, you said trying to cover up your red face as he guided you to sit down, but end up taking your arms and placing it on his waist.
  • “Aw don’t, look away you look so cute when you’re embarrassed~”, he said with a smirk as he took off his shirt and started to grind against you as if he wanted to turn you on or torture you with his sexy hot body.
  • “D-Daika..”, You said shyly as he looked into your eyes and so how flushed you where becoming in this situation.
  • “Well, you know what would make this dance better?”
  • “What”
  • “Taking off those clothes so I can see those big boobs and hot body~”
  • “Wait, what!?”, You said with a shriek as you quickly pushed him off you making him hit his head on the wall.
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and you know why?

because Yosen definitely could’ve beat Seirin in the Winter Cup quarterfinals if one of Mura’s teammates would’ve gone and helped Mura. also Mura not being able to throw it in because his “body has reached its limit”?? come on. i’ve played basketball, both club and high school, for over 8 years. thAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. 

i realize it’s just a show but that pisses me off soooo much. yosen definitely would’ve beaten seirin. 

same goes for most of the teams with the GOM on them actually, but the show just wanted to emphasize the importance of temwork, which i get, but still. what the hell ??

[ fin. ]

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Chitose Madarame

Chitose es una chica energetica, del tipo deportista. A jugado basketball desde pequeña, en su escuela media (middle school) estuvo en el equipo de basketball, llevandolo a las finales del campeonato femenino, lesionandose en la final, no queriendo dejar el basketball por completo Chitose se convirtio en la manager del equipo de basketball masculino de Kaijou.

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