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That Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu last episode wrecked me………… aaaaaa T-T……………………… bois……………………….. Hijikata-samaaa……………………..aaaaaaaaaaa…………….. my heart physically literally hurts rn….. save meeee

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 Katsugeki Touken Ranbu - episode 10

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Can we just talk about how Mutsunokami, Tsurumaru, Yagen and Horikawa must be feeling with this situation?
I mean, they obviously failed the mission, and two of them got cracked (I’m really praying for Tonbokiri to be just cracked instead of broken). Now, 5/6 TouDan’s have been in the battlefield before, they know what loose is, they know that there will be times when you just can’t win, when you just can’t save people not even your own partners, your own friends, your own family… They know that, I’m not saying this make it easy for them cause it’s obviously not, but they have learned to accept it. But what about Horikawa Kunihiro? He is literally the newest TouDan (in Katsugeki, at least), it’s one of his first missions, everything is going to hell, he saw Tonbokiri getting cracked and now Kane-san (that is like his brother, or at least that’s what I like to think) has injuries too, and knowing that he couldn’t do anything, thinking that all that happened could fairly be his fault… Shit, that must be a fucking living hell

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Started 7/17/17
Finished 7/31/17

(Sorry for such a long wait for chapter 5!!!)


Rating: T~ mature
Fandom: Touken Ranbu
Relationships: Izuminokami Kanesada x Fem! Horikawa Kunihiro, Yamatonokami Yasusada x Fem! Hachisuka Kotetsu


Summary: Four Kingdoms, three princes and one princess. The fate of the kingdoms relied upon the marriage of the princess marrying the chosen prince of her father’s choice, but will she fall in love with his choice or will she end up hating him instead?


As we walked up the staircase to the main floor I noticed Kashuu was fiddling with the necklace around his neck with a face full of worry. It made me wonder what he was thinking in his mind as we walked.

“Hey, are you OK? You seem worried about something.” I asked him as he kept staring at the necklace just giving me a head shake as an answer.

“Princess, its best not to ask him about it. He’s, how should I put it, hard to handle, when it comes to his past.” Yamato stated as he put an arm around Kashuu’s shoulders and looked me straight in my eyes with the deadliest look I had ever seen.

“I was only trying to help however. I know how he gets as well since I’ve known him practically my whole life. I’ve helped him more than you ever have despite you being the adoptive brother. That’s why he lives in the cottage just outside of the castle’s walls. He always told me his problems and I helped him solve them. So giving me a deadly stare like that isn’t going to scare me. You can try your hardest to protect whatever power it is that he has but it’s certainly not going to work too well. I’ll do everything I can to get it out of him so he doesn’t sulk and become a hermit over the issue.” I strongly replied as everyone continued to walk in front of us and just me, Yamato, and Kashuu stood there, alone, in the cool yellow lighted stairway.

“Look……its nothing to be worried about this time Hori. I know you mean well but it’s nothing really. The design on this necklace is just too pretty that I can’t help but stare at it with worry since I fear it will rust out one day.” Kashuu finally looked up at me with a dead look in his eyes and no smile or emotion for that matter. That made me remember what the potential threat could be.

“Vampires……….the power is vampires? Isn’t it? The Kiyomitsu name has been in countless vampire story after story so it only makes sense that the Kotetsu’s would be scared of them and get on their bad side easily. Vampires, according to legend can get very bored of their so called friends after a while and kill them once they aren’t needed for their specific purpose anymore. That might be how their grandma died……not by the impact of being bitten but being bitten when she was young. She might’ve fell in love with a Kiyomitsu in her teen years and that said partner could’ve bit her for her blood one day and caused her death many many years later. However that’s just a hunch. I could be talking about a completely different family for all I know.” I stated as Kashuu and Yamato both looked at me with two different expressions, one of fear and one a death glare.

“Have you ever noticed that Kashuu’s eyes glow when he’s around you when it’s dark or the weird sparkles he gets in his eyes every so often?” Yamato asked me as his face looked a little less scared than the previous moment.

“Y-yeah?? Why??” I questioned now thinking back on what I had said.

“What if I told yo……..” That’s when all the torches that were lit in the hallway went out randomly and all that was seen was a pair of ruby red eyes glowing where Kashuu stood.

That’s when I scrambled to my clutch and find my miniature flashlight inside. That’s when I realized that that might have been a bad idea and decided to look up at Kashuu instead.

“RUN!!!!!!!!!” Yamato screamed as I could barely make out Kashuu turning around and grabbing him by his shoulders. I then bolted up the stairs not thinking what might be happening to Yamato and quickly met up with the others.


“So you’re saying the power is that the bloodline is made up solely of vampires? But Kashuu’s mother is a human. I know that for a fact.” Hachisuka stated as she handed me a glass of cold water after I had ran up the stairs in fear of whatever Kashuu might have done to me if I stayed any longer.

“I always knew something was up with them when they were allowed out of their cells……” The blonde haired boy stated as I remembered he never introduced himself or was called by his name yet.

“That’s because they are kept in a dark and damp place for most of their days and nights. I don’t think I’d feel to well if I was them either Urashima.” Nagasone said to the blonde boy as the question of asking him his name was erased from my mind.

“Kane, did you know about this or are you clueless?” I looked over to him as he gave me an uninterested look.

“Yeah. It’s not like Kashuu has red eyes for a reason. He’s a half as far as I know. His dad was supposedly a vampire where as his mom wasn’t. He’s not only just a screw up to the normal royal bloodline, he’s a screwup to the whole Kiyomitsu family blood line. The first half human I believe. I’ve heard half human vampires are even worse than the real deal. I had a huge vampire phase when I was a kid. It’s all my mom read to me as a kid and I’m thanking her for keeping me awake at night for countless nights at a time now.” Kane replied to me as I walked over to him as close as I could so that our noses were almost touching.

“Are YOU part of that bloodline??” I asked him as I put emphasis on the you.

“Through marriage. Other than that no. I mean I am related by blood, but only from Kashuu’s mother, who isn’t a vampire.” He replied to me as he backed me up slightly and flicked me in my forehead after he had finished explaining shortly how he was related to Kashuu.

Shortly after that the whole room then fell quiet and all eyes were either on the floor or looking at the various paintings on the walls. That is until a soft feminine voice spoke up that startled us all.

“By the ways…….where is my husband??” We then heard Hachisuka question as loud and fast footsteps could be heard coming from the staircase below.

No sooner the steps were heard a figure appeared and fell to its knees. It just so happened to be Yamato.

“So…..I kinda made Kashuu mad by triggering the princess……” Yamato slightly looked up as a scratch mark was visible on his left cheek.


“So……if your dad has brown eyes and your mom has red eyes, wouldn’t she be the vampire and your dad not?” I asked Kashuu as he sat down on a couch in the tea room Hachisuka and her brothers has directed us to.

“No, my mom’s human. She just has red eyes I guess. My dad was different all throughout his childhood. Being the only vampire in the village with normal colored eyes made it hard for him as a young prince to grow up. He wasn’t born with his powers similarly to myself. He had to find them and he didn’t find them before his time. His eyes would’ve been red or another color assimilated with vampires but he didn’t experience a life changing event until two years after his deadline. I just happened to experience my life changing event when I was a year old so I ended up growing up with red eyes. As for my mom, I have no clue why she has red eyes. Maybe my dad changed her. It’s possible for a human of pure blood to change to a vampire. If that was the case then it is a huge taboo that could end up in execution of both the vampire and the human involved in the accident.” Kashuu messily explained as he looked at me with a determined look rather than the emotionless look he had shown earlier.

“Why is it taboo though. Is it really that bad when a human is changed to a vampire?” I asked him as Yamato faceplamed and Hachisuka looked at him with a concerned look.

“In normal cases it’s not considered taboo, but since my dad comes from a royal family and my mom from a poor and human family it is basically a huge crime. I wouldn’t think he just changed her because he couldn’t live without her, something had to happen, other than that I think she’d still be human. Mom and dad come from two different backgrounds and lives. I just can’t put it together with why he chose her and why he himself never got his red eyes even after his time. It’s possible to get them after your time if the event is really that bad. Besides we are the only three left to the original royal southern family. The rest have either been killed or fled the country in fear of the Kotetsu’s. Maybe he changed her during the war, I’ll never know I unless I ask. Mom didn’t have red eyes last I knew when I was with her last. I remember that, no I remember her being human last I was in her care. Everyone might say I was just a baby but I can remember being in the castle when I was older……but then again I could just be making things up and they could’ve all been dreams……..” Kashuu messily spoke once more as Yamato looked at him with a knowing look, the Kotetsu’s with a slightly freaked out look, and me and Kane with a confused but interested look.

“So you do remember more than you say you do. You remember it all then I take it? How much do you truly know and what are your ties with the Northern country?” Yamato asked him as Kashuu looked at him and his red eyes showed yet another glisten that I had never seen before.

“Not here and not now. Let’s just find an inn where we can stay. We can’t stay at the castle, well you could, but we can’t. They might kill me if we do stay here tonight. I’ll reveal more tomorrow if I’m willing to.” Kashuu stated as he gave a Yamato a glare that showed he wasn’t very willing to talk about his past or really any of his life before he became my servant and bodyguard.


Ah how was this?!? Once again I’m very sorry its so late and the writing is so spaced out. I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t really had any time to write the story. Please send me a message letting me know how I did! Chapter 6 might be out in the next few days or the next few weeks, it all depends on how busy I am. Until then please check out my Twitter, 14arilynn14 , for more KaneHori, Anmitsu, and other TKRB content while the new chapter is under construction!! Also check my watttpad, EvartsArielLynn14 , for more of my fanfanfictions if you like my work! Hope you enjoyed!! ^°^

Please remember to check @touken-danshi ’s original au idea on their tumblr also!!


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