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Turns out the next level is pretty much like the last. After a year of normal life Spencer misses being the huge and confident Dr. Bravestone so he fixes Jumanji jumps right into a new adventure. Upon realizing this his friends go back into the game as well, but in the process pull in Spencer’s grandpa and old friend, Milo. What ensures is hilarity in the old folks trying to survive in an adventure game and I’ll admit it works very well. Even though not every joke lands, the gag never got stale and some good life lessons were provided while simultaneously putting us in some great action set pieces. Since the game has been broken since the last time they played there’s new levels and characters to meet and the characters switch from different avatars giving the actors a chance to stretch their acting skills. Every element that worked from the last film was brought back along with some great additions in Danny Devito, Danny Glover and Awkwafina. There is a lot of familiarity sometimes though and I wish even more new elements were brought in than just a couple of new characters as it all feels familiar and safe rather than new and exciting. At times scenes from the previous film are added just with a different coat of paint like the rhino stampede is now an ostrich one and Dwayne Johnson gets yet another fight scene for no reason. While the film reminds you why you loved the last Jumanji, you still can’t help but feel you’ve played this game before. Thankfully the chemistry the entire cast has, some new thrilling action pieces and hilarious jokes help put this film above most failed sequels that just regurgitate what came before. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ½

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