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The Batcave is the iconic Base of Batman, the Bats and the Batfamily but multiple members of the Batfamily also have their own bases and HQ’s:

Oracle’s Clock Tower: This one is probably the most iconic after the Batcave, the Gotham Clock Tower is where Barbara based herself as Oracle and the building acted as a headquarters for Barbara’s own team of agents the Birds of Prey.

The Batgirl Cave: Bruce gave and specifically outfitted a miniature version of the Batcave for Cassandra Cain’s own use which first appeared in Batgirl issue 14. The cave acted as both Cass’s home and base of operations in Gotham City, having not only computer and training rooms but also living rooms and bedroom. The cave is linked to Gotham’s underground tunnel system, with at least five tunnels directly linked to the cave’s central room.

The Bat Bunker: An Underground base under Wayne Tower that was the home base for Dick and Damian back when Dick was Batman. It was Dick’s own version of the Batcave and was meant to represent Dick’s style of fighting crime in Gotham such as it being based in the heart of Gotham City.

Firewall: Firewall was originally a second base for Oracle that Barbara created underneath her own apartment building, later on Barbara gifted the base to Stephanie Brown for her own operations as Batgirl and the base was later upgraded by Bruce and Batman Incorporated to be even more technologically advanced as well as fit Steph and her own style of crimefighting such as a Baterang building table. She also got a car which she dubbed ‘the Compact’ 

Red Robin’s Nest: The Nest is Tim Drake’s own Batcave located under his apartment which is the remodelled movie theatre where Batman was created. In Tim’s apartment there is a panel behind a fish tank that allows Tim to gain access to The Nest along with the words ‘open sesame’. The fish tank Tim uses to gain access to his headquarters is a callback to the movie Batman Returns (1992) where Bruce Wayne activates a similar fish tank switch to access the Batcave. The Nest’s operations centre extends three floors from the ground with an additional sub-basement with underground vehicular access, aerial egress, training level, communications array and crime lab. Tim also has a popcorn machine.

The Belfry: Built by Tim Drake out of one of an Old Wayne Tower, The Belfry acted as Batwoman’s base as well as the team she led The Gotham Knights. The Belfry had multiple living quarters, rec rooms, training rooms, computer rooms and containment chambers. The base was also connected to the Gotham subway system for the teams various vehicles. Most notable about the base was the Mud Room- training area containing advanced artificial intelligence and materials of similar composition to that of Clayface. This can be used to run training simulations or even create constructs of people that are capable of learning and adapting. The Mud Room was used by all members of the Batfamily even those outside the Gotham Knights.

The Hatch: Duke Thomas’s own secret base located underneath the Lucius Fox Community Centre in West Gotham gifted to him by Bruce for Duke’s operations as The Signal. Connected to various secret openings as well as the Gotham underground The Hatch has a multitude of vehicles as well as computer and training rooms. The Hatch is said to have multiple levels however we have only seen two.

Satellite Batcave’s: There are several Satellite Batcave’s located throughout Gotham should the primary Batcave either be compromised or destroyed and these locations have notably acted as safe houses. Notable locations of vaious Satellite Batcave’s include the docks, underneath Robinson Park, under Arkham Asylum itself, under Old Gotham, under Gotham Freight Yards and underneath an old Wayne Enterprises oil refinery.

Jason Todd’s Batcave: Though not much is known about it due to his estrangement from the family at the time Jason Todd was said to have his own version of the Batcave located within the subway tunnels of Gotham. 

The BatCove: Only recently appeared and not much is known about it but Batwoman has a secret underwater base which she calls the Batcove which has a well equiped lab and medical station

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I mean, the man did make sure to insert himself between Kate and Sophie when Sophie was going to throw it all away for Kate, and then sent Kate as far as possible on top of that. But yeah, I brought up Beth because it's more of a proxy thing and Catherine was actually the one that caused that. I just don't think he's this season's particular antagonist. It's weird. Like, I know the Crows were bad guys in the comics but I think it's a s2 or 3 thing.

Definitely not this season.  I suspect we’ll probably see Safiyah as the Season 2 villain, and them Jacob and the Crows as the season 3 villain.

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I mean, it definitely feels like the vibe they're going for with them is one where you question the entire premise. After all, if the Crows were meant to be a force for good instead of one man's private army, then the city wouldn't want Batman or Batwoman. Not to mention the way Mary and Kate contrast against Catherine and Jacob in terms of how they try to affect the city, what with Mary and her clinic and Kate learning to follow Bruce's philanthropy slowly. /1

Which is a thing I do hope they go for. I know Kate’s supposed to be doing her own thing, but one of the things modern Batman comics gets right every time is that Bruce uses his power and wealth to try to do good by the city in ways that he can’t do as Batman.

I do think there’s an inevitable conflict between Batwoman and the Crows.  The Crows are propping up an inherently unjust system, and Batwoman is trying to bring justice back to Gotham.  Part of that is going to involve cleaning up the corruption that makes the Crows possible in the first place.

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Anyway, Gotham with the Danvers would leave nothing for the Crows to do. I can't imagine Jacob would be thrilled hut then again, he was off ruining his kid's life anyway.

I kind of hate the entire idea of the Crows, TBH.  The idea that safety and security is only available to the rich, and the people in power in Gotham are okay with that.

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I love the idea of Kara moving to Gotham, and her, Kate, Alex, Nia, Brainy, J’onn and Luke just ripping the corruption out of the city like a cancer.

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You’re new, you’re black (or insert any relevant race, culture, and sexuality here), we see that you can sell high, there’s a writer that wants to promote you, we’ll promote you.

Once there’s a different writer with a new idea though, we’ll promote that one, controversy doesn’t matter coz controversy brings people attention and curious people will make money for us.

You, former attention grabber, can go over there with whichever writer you like. If you can bring attention again we’ll bring you back but for now bye. We don’t care

Mainly DC Comics but Marvel can apply as well

Damian Wayne was created to be Son of Batman and divorce metaphor

He was killed by his creator but was not to be revived because Star Writer Snyder introduces the idea of Black Robin in his AU

But WB wants to still Son of Batman so he’s resurrected

Then Jurgens was reviving Superman by introducing Jon and Super Dad concept

DC decides to sell both as Super Sons

Watch out here comes Star Writer Bendis

Super Sons are out, Young Justice is in

Jurgens is dumped to Nightwing and Tomasi to Detective Comics, those  titles that can sell middle-high simply because of the characters alone but don’t need much effort

What is Damian now that WB’s done with Son of Batman promotion? Back to Demon Child status quo

HEY! 5G’s starting! Look at this new Black Batman and Grown Up Superman Super Son!

…Previously, on, DC Idol Culture:

(Re) Introducing Batwoman! Bat Lesbian! What? The series doesn’t sell and canceled? Dump her with Gotham Monsters

…Going back further.

Introducing Jason Todd! New Robin! What? Too Similar to Dick?

Introducing Jason Todd! Street Alley Robin! What? Too different than Dick and Dark solitary Batman is popular because of TDKR, Year One, TKJ and Batman 1989? Kill him.

What? WB still wants to promote Robin? Introducing Tim Drake! The perfect Robin!

Don’t get too close to Batman though. He needs to be broody. Broody Batman comic and movie sell. Broody Batman is our Idol.

All is well

Hey, there are these new guys called Didio, Johns, and Morrison…

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22 with Kate and Kara?

22: a kiss…in a rush of adrenaline.

“Hello and good morning, Gotham City. It’s your favorite voice, Vesper Fairchild, reporting on our favorite superheroine and the by now iconic picture all over social media. The very catchy hastag LesSuperbat is the number one trending everywhere.”

Kara winced and tried to bury herself under Kate’s pillow. Kate sighed where she sat next to Kara, phone in hand and looking at said iconic picture. Supergirl was holding Batwoman, carrying her as the two of them had teamed up on a villain and had to quickly get up onto a skyscraper. Flying was just faster. And maybe, just maybe, Kate had gotten carried away as the two of them had fought back to back for the very first time like this – just a regular villain, not the end of the multiverse burdening them. So in that brief moment as Kara pulled her this close, strong arms wrapped around Kate and adrenaline rushing through her system, Kate couldn’t keep her hands or her lips to herself. On impulse, she had leaned in and kissed her girlfriend deeply.

Naturally, bystanders had filmed and taken pictures of it. And this morning, it was everywhere, even in Vesper Fairchild’s mouth. Kate turned to glare at her radio as Vesper laughed.

“No, not because Batwoman and Supergirl came out as French. Many years ago, when Superman and Batman first teamed up, rumors and gossip about a Superbat couple spread far and wide. Never had there been any hint or confirmation. Guess our ladies are more for the… loving.”

“This is embarrassing”, groaned Kara, throwing a pillow at the radio.

“I’m more hung-up on how in this new reality, our cousins teamed up with each other years ago”, noted Kate as she put her phone away and leaned over Kara. “Gotta dig into that.”

“…Mh, you may be right with that”, mused Kara as she peeked out, grinning at Kate. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself, Supergirlfriend.” Kate smiled and leaned down more, until their lips touched.

She had to think of yesterday’s kiss, fueled by adrenaline and the rush of the moment. It was like ecstasy, kissing Kara like that. A high that Kate couldn’t describe – she had always thought the adrenaline of the fight was the greatest high possible, but sharing that with her girlfriend and then getting to kiss Kara? It had been nearly too much yet not enough at the same time.

Kara’s phone buzzed and interrupted the moment and Kara reached for it, huffing. “…Nia is suggesting an interview with CatCo. Before any gossip sites can put a fake history to us. She… may be right. And we interviewed Dreamer before too. What do you think, Kate?”

Kate tilted her head and hummed in agreement before stealing another kiss. By the end of the day, a newspaper cutout of the photo hung framed in Kate’s club and an interview date was set.

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Kara/Kate for the kissing prompt 32. to wake up. (it was really hard to choose lol)

*laughs* You’re free to send more than one! ;)

Kate had gotten to meet Alex Danvers, properly this time – without the worlds ending around them. She had smiled kindly at Kate, even though there was a lot of surprise when Kara told her that the two were dating, had been dating for months now. At the Vanishing Point. Suddenly, Kate found herself pulled into a tight, trademarked Danvers Hug (despite the lack of super-strength on Alex’ part, she still hugged as tightly and fiercely as Kara). Alex thanked her, for being there for Kara for months when Alex herself couldn’t be. All Kate could do was return the hug before being chided by her girlfriend for not being dressed properly – apparently, she was supposed to wear ‘something comfy’ and apparently, Kate’s definition of comfy wasn’t 'valid’. Kate wasn’t going to complain about wearing Kara’s soft, comfortable clothes that smelt like Kara.

She curled together on the couch with Alex and Kara, watching the news as the president thanked Oliver Queen for all he had done. It was solemn and… hurt. And Kate had barely known Oliver; Kara, she had a long history with Oliver, he was a close and dear friend to her. That Kara had invited Kate, and only Kate, to be there with the Danvers sisters during this, it meant a lot. Also because Kate had no one to share this with at all; Luke didn’t know them, Mary didn’t know anything (but looking at Kara and Alex, she found herself craving the comfort of a sister who knew). It got late, because after the news report, the three opened a bottle of something strong and then another one, talking for hours about Oliver. Kara shared how she had first met Barry, then Oliver, the adventures they had shared and even the casual times they had met, when they used their portals to visit each other just for the sake of friendship. It got so late and they were so drunk that Kate must have fallen asleep. That was the only explanation Kate could come up with for why she woke up to the way too bright room, to the sound of cheerful music and laughter.

“Good morning. I’m sorry, did we wake you, Kate?”, asked Kara softly.

Before Kate could answer, gentle lips were pressed against hers. They were so soft, tasting a little like strawberries. The touch was tender and innocent and when Kara straightened, she smiled down at Kate. Kate was going to miss this, now that they were back in the 'real world’. Waking up to Kara’s kisses every morning. She had gotten so used to it over the past months. The sound of the fire alarm going off in the kitchen interrupted the moment and both heroes quickly made their way to Alex, standing next to a burning pan with what looked like it was supposed to be pancakes.

“Good morning and welcome to the Danvers family. Wanna go out to a diner?”, asked Alex.

Kate laughed a little and shook her head. She could… get used to this.

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Kiss 44. SuperCorp! Lol I was joking obviously a 44 kiss with SUPERBAT^2

*laughs* For a second I thought you were from a strange parallel Earth ;D

Kanvers + a kiss out of lust

There wasn’t much to do at the Vanishing Point. It wasn’t very big, it was missing a home entertainment system and there were only the seven – well, the six – of them stuck together.

Barry had disappeared into the speed force early into their stay. Kara spent a lot of her time with J'onn, both solemnly mourning the loss of the people they loved, the world they loved. They had survived losing everyone they cared for once before, but the second time around didn’t make it much easier. Ryan was… Kara still didn’t quite know what to make of him, but he spent a lot of time with Lex, trying to build… something. And Lex, well, Lex just made her blood boil.

And then there were Kate and Sara. Kara bit her lip as she watched the two. Both were the most physically fit, the most strictly trained of the paragons. The two of them spent most of their time sparring with each other, training to utter exhaustion. It kept both body and mind distracted.

It also distracted Kara. A lot. Especially when they dressed down from their uniforms. Kate, just in the tank-top and shorts she wore underneath the suit, sweat glistering on her tattooed skin, taunt around the bulging muscles as Kate moved and placed her hits on Sara. The two of them were more than just competent. They were incredibly agile and strong and the show was a delight that made Kara’s weak lesbian heart flutter hard.

She had felt drawn toward Kate from the day they had met, after all she had cheated and used her x-ray vision to check Kate out the day they met. Then, so many things had happened that had kept her too busy to really get in touch with Kate again. This… Crisis however, it threw them together once more, made them connect and now they had been stuck here for months.

There was not much to do at the Vanishing Point. But there was one thing here that Kara had never gotten to enjoy before. Seeing Kate like this, straddling Sara, panting, her hair clinging to her face, it made Kara hungry. Her lip caught between her teeth, Kara got up from her spot where she had been watching them and walked over. Sara raised an eyebrow before huffing.

“Once, only once, Danvers”, sighed Sara. “Just once I want to actually finish a sparring session.”

Kara smiled sheepishly as she cupped Kate’s face tilting it up while leaning down herself. The look on Kate’s face was still wild as she had been in the midst of sparring. Easily, Kara maneuvered Kate away from Sara, pushing her back until Kara could sit down on her lap, their lips meeting.

The kiss was pure need. Need for Kate, need for this unique comfort only her girlfriend could give her. Greedy fingers dug into tattooed skin, tracing firm muscles. There wasn’t much to do at the Vanishing Point, but making out with her girlfriend was definitely the best way to waste time.

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Batfam Height - core members and batfam height - everyone else by Fade31415

This has been in my WIPs for months, but I’m finally done! Technically I’m not sure if everyone here is “officially” batfam, since I view Renee as more of an independent agent but I’ve heard her be listed as Batfam and I wanted to draw her. so :P

okay so this is going to be a super long post, so the decisions for why I drew who with what is just going to double as an image description, since I’m not sure it makes sense to write [image: barbara gordon wearing her armored new 52 batgirl costume end image] and then follow it with “I decided to draw the Batgirl version of babs in her new 52 costume because I liked it better because of the armoring.

anyway: everyone’s heights and outfit decisions under the cut!

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