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Just bits of Malu & how she “died”

Deku & Ground Zero were running on fumes and Dabi had one big blast left in him.

Malu had followed Dabi’s every order since they ran away together when they were kids.

He had her infiltrate the Academy & befriend the students….

Malu finally had the last of it and tried to run away but Dabi used her family’s safety against her.

Enough was enough and Malu jumped in between the boys and Dabi’s final attack.

She saved the heroes and shocked Dabi into fleeing in heartbreak and terror.

He had Kurogiri teleport him to the Todoroki household in order to steal Malu’s baby (claiming her to be his).

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deku, who just got his wisdom teeth pulled and is still very high on laughing gas: hey… you’re purrty, who’s the lucky one that snagged you, wanna tell them they have gud taste~

bakugou, trying hard not to laugh: uh, that’d be you nerd

deku: rEALLY?! awesome! this is the best day ever, i got an angel for a boyfriend!

bakugou: deku, i’m your husband

deku: ….. oh my god, oh man! I HIT THE JACKPOT!!

bakugou: (is wheezing)

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I’m maybe working

On a thing where Proto Bakugou ( Kaito)and Canon Bakugou (Katsuki) are brothers, and lowkey engaged in a battle over omega Izuku, against a back drop of omegas being allowed into UA for the first time ever, a militant fundamentalist group that opposes this movement (violently and loudly), and some bits and pieces of canon thrown in, and a undercurrent of “Kaito is a brocon who thinks his baby brother is the absolute best, which Deku finds incredibly relatable.” Plus typical omegaverse tropes and cultural world building/issues (omegas aren’t allowed to be pro heroes, and only just had the law amended to be ‘non combat sidekicks, permitting they’re under the advisement and control of a pro hero alpha) and this very controversial UA program is fraught with not even subtle “grooming to be an ideal omega” bullshit

Side todoiida, monoshin, and. Such.

Maybe. If I can ever distract myself from the Bakugou/Izuku/Bakugou porn that is the basis and reason for this idea to even exist.

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For the writing prompts: 28 for BakuDeku, pls? Thank you <3

“That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

“Do you do this on purpose?” Izuku demanded, throwing his hands up. “Of course that’s not what I’m saying! Do you just want an excuse to be mad at me?”

“I don’t need an excuse, you’re fucking infuriating,” Kacchan snapped right back.

“I’m not looking down on you!” Izuku shouted. “I’ve never looked down on you! I think you’re amazing!”

“That’s bullshit.”

“It’s true!” he insisted, and then forced himself to take a breath. To not get angry even though he already was, because Kacchan was angry and because they did this over and over again and got nowhere. Saying I didn’t mean it that way wasn’t going to suddenly make him understand.

“Kacchan,” he said.

“What, Deku.”

“I don’t try to help you because I think you can’t do things by yourself,” Izuku began, slowly. “I know you can. You can do anything–I really mean that,” he added hastily when he saw Kacchan begin to glare. “But I–I need you.”

“Don’t pull that bullshit,” Katsuki shot back. “You’re just as strong as I am. You’re not even that stupid. You could do any of this shit on your own.”

“I don’t want to,” Izuku said. “I don’t need you because I’m incapable, I need you because–because I think I’m better with you. Because I want to be with you. And so when I say I’ll help you with something, when I said I’d come with you to investigate, it’s not because I think you can’t but because I want to be there! If you want me there. And…and I’d like you to want me there.”

He chanced a look up. Kacchan was still looking at him but he didn’t look furious anymore. “Okay,” he said.

“Okay,” Izuku said. “So, um. Let’s try again. Do you want me to come with you?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki said, after a moment. “That’d be nice.”

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Bakugou: Where’s your boyfriend, Round Face?
Ochaco: S-sorry?
Bakugou:  The stupid nerd
Ochaco:  What?
Bakugou: Has freckles!! With bush hair! Wants to be a hero. 
Ochaco: I’m going out with Kaminari. And Deku’s gay. 
Bakugou: *storms out of the room*
*Distant screaming*: DEKU!!

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