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Hi! idk if you’re accepting hc’s but like i wanna know what your interpretation of stoned bakugou and kirishima with their s/o (if you’re comfortable with that!) ❤️❤️❤️

Hello anon! Here are the headcannons you requested. I hope you enjoy them and please be gentle as I’ve never been stoned before. Hopefully this seems authentic 😂 oh and enjoy the art.

First up. Blasty boi


Bakugou Katsuki

🥦 He is extremely agaisnt it at first. He’s a closeted nerd and doesn’t want it to go on his “record.”

🥦 After some convincing you finally get him to agree, he was tired of you sounding like a broken record by saying “It will help you mellow out.” And his least favorite “But you were born on 4/20 LIVE A LITTLE.” The first time yall smoke is actually on his birthday.

🥦 You were half right, he mellowed out a bit, however it made him hungrier than usual

🥦 Hungrier for you. His sense of touch becomes enhanced and with that amplifying how touch starved he makes himself.

🥦 The whole time all he wants to do is go down on you until you’re putty in his hands.

🥦 Then he’ll want to fuck, get pizza and play video games before the cycle started again

🥦 And weird topping pizza too. Like BBQ sauce, olives, and pineapple ON THE SAME DAMN SLICE. Denki is fucking for it when yall leave left overs.

🥦 oh and it’s a good thing it makes him so horny. He doesn’t like to smoke and get high often. But one day edibles were offered by Kirishima. Bakugou only agreed because you’d been asking if he would be willing to get high as a group instead of the two of you. You didn’t mind being alone with him in fact you lived for the once a month high he did that had you on cloud nine always. You were just waiting to have that mind blowing conversation where you and your friend group turned into Plato and the like.

🥦 What you forgot to do was pre warn Bakugou that edibles took a minute. Ya know with having to digest and all. But he’s an impatient ass

🥦 “This ain’t doing shit.” He scowls and you reassure him, “Give it time babe.” Well he doesn’t he eats half the pan and then it hits him all at once.

🥦 He went so limp you began to worry. Especially since the nitroglycerin in his body already lowers his blood pressure a significant amount, helping to explain why he is almost always high strung.

🥦 Cause shit its keeping him alive!

🥦 Kirishima tries to calm your nerves as they are amplified and for the first time ever you’re getting the paranoia type of high. Mind going a mile a minute, questioning if there has ever been a death caused by weed (you were pretty sure there wasn’t) While Denki, also high as fuck, comes back from the kitchen with garde A snacks and snacks to be mixed, he stops in his tracks cheetos in one hand and chocolate in the other “Oh shit Bakugou is dead? Alexia play depsicito.”

🥦 Kirishima, who has had the least, almost rings Denki’s neck especially now that you’re borderline in tears. Meanwhile Alexia blasts Depisito obnoxiously.

🥦 When Bakugou comes out of his semi coma the first thing he says is “Damn guess it does mellow me out.”

🥦 You both vow avoid edibles from then on out and smoke privately. Which you really couldn’t complain too much. Especially since you loved the attention he gave you.


Kirishima Ejirou

🥦 Shark boi, as you call him. Loves to smoke similar to that 70’s show.

🥦 Friends in a circle passing a blunt or bong although he occasionally enjoys and edible.

🥦 Really enjoys the setting that you introduced him to. It makes him feel closer to his friends, and yall always get a good laugh.

🥦 Especially when you record your smoke sessions and listen to them later.

🥦 Says mindblowing shit like “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been but the youngest you’ll ever be again.” Meanwhile Denki is often caught saying shit like “Dog food lid is dildo of God backwards.”

🥦 Asks if his eyes are red twenty times as yall walk to the McDonalds for nuggies after yall have eaten the whole house.

🥦 You laugh hysterically EVERYTIME and say “Your eyes are always red silly.”

🥦 Demands you all play smash bros near the middle of the session everytime.

🥦 Occasionally but not often gets horny af. Especially when you’re wearing something short or that has easy access.

🥦 Will beg you to cockwarm him for a bit even if you’re in a group setting. You almost always do.

🥦 He cant help himself and gently thrusts into you until you announce that the two of you are going to bed.

🥦 Yall fuck til the sun comes up. Sleep off your high and then go to your favorite diner for a date where he orders all of the bacon and steak he can get still a little hungry from the night before.

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Yo ok so I freaking loved the reformed villain thing you wrote and im finding myself coming back and re-reading it like crazy!and out of all of them im really loving dekus part, so if you would like and only if you want, maybe more of reformed villain with deku? Like either hc or a scenario. If you want angst maybe the reader tells deku of her past (full of abuse,she had ran away and joined the league from there)or for fluff maybe he takes her out to a date and sees her trying new things


and now onto the headcannons ayy

Izuku Midoriya x reformed villain! reader headcannons

  • so basically context time!
  • you were in the LoV, but you got ‘rescued’ by the heroes when they went to rescue Bakugo
  • you were actually a vigilante but got classed as a villain
  • your 'punishment’ was to be the kindest hero of all time
  • but also exchange info about the LoV and protect Class 1A until they leave UA
  • obviously you were over the top happy bc at least you aint goin jail ya feel me
  • anyway
  • entering class 1a as a reformed villain really wasn’t great
  • but you expected it
  • no one spoke to you
  • you never spoke to anyone
  • you’d get the occasional 'UGLY VILLAIN’ shouted at across the corridor but again
  • you expected it
  • but you didnt expect it when Deku came up to you all fidgety and anxious
  • “oh um - [Y/N] - i wanted to uh, ask you something”
  • ofc u were like “nANi tHe fUCk?????”
  • in ur head ofc
  • but after a few seconds
  • sure deku what can i help you with?”
  • cue deku almost dying of shock
  • you gave the most sweetest smile at him and you definitely did not have the rough voice he was expecting
  • instead you had such a soft kind voice
  • izuku wondered in his head how the hell you were ever a villain
  • oops sorry vigilante
  • he had asked about your Quirk and how it had worked
  • cue all his friends glaring at you in the background warming up their Quirks just in case they had to fuck you up
  • hell even Iida was about to square up!
  • you and Midoriya stepped outside so you could show him your Quirk
  • cue dekusquad hiding behind a tree
  • midoriya asked all sorts of questions
  • “when did you get it” “what type is it” “does it have a name” “whats your special move” “how many people have you killed”
  • wait what????
  • aNyWaY
  • dekusquad still be out there for the whole time you guys were outside
  • which was 4-5 hours
  • todoroki bought snacks
  • they decided that they didnt care if they could be seen or not tbh
  • please enter todoroki’s ice AND fire (dont ask me how it works okay i just work here dAmN), iida’s recipro burst, ochaco’s gravity full of stones in the air and froppy’s… whatever she does
  • izuku sweat drops
  • but fun and games end when they actually HURT you
  • and the thing is you could have easily, i repeat, very very fucking easily, stopped them
  • emphasising the fact that you probably could have stopped all of class 1a with your hands and legs tied and blindfolded
  • ngl
  • and everyone knew that
  • so wen you just closed ur eyes and took it
  • damn
  • that kinda hurted everyone tho
  • so fast forward to you in hospital
  • i really dont know where im going with this please dont hate
  • you’re in bed when you can very faintly hear shouting
  • “What the hell is wrong with you guys! It doesn’t matter if she’s strong and that your attacks didn’t really hurt her IT DOESNT MEAN SHE DESERVES IT”
  • you fluttered your eyes open very weakly stating its okay, i did deserve it
  • and thats when i really mean everyone
  • everyone felt so so guilty
  • and dekusquad kinda left you and deku together
  • u were somewhat baffled when you heard the green boi sniffling and sobbing quietly
  • why are you crying deku
  • “bc u got hurt”
  • and then you started crying
  • no one has ever felt sad for me before. i - i said i deserved it but i really meant to say im used to it. i got hurt quite a lot when i was a kid
  • “by who?”
  • “my parents and my older brother. they always took their anger out on me. but its okay now”
  • “remember when you asked me how many people i killed?”
  • “i killed three”
  • you could probably hear the cogs turning in izuku’s head and the little bing when he finally got it
  • if y'all don’t get it, reader kills her family - 3 people - parents and brother
  • izuku doesnt blame you
  • after you explained your whole past on detail, he understood that you did what u had to do
  • you and todoroki got closer after that ngl
  • in a sibling typa way
  • since y'all really be livin the same life and all
  • deku observes that you havent truly experienced childhood
  • so he makes that his mission to make you relive your life again
  • he understands that you became a vigilante villain for a reason and forgives you
  • little did y'all know your lil outings were actually dates
  • cue intense blushing from both of y'all when you become a thing but not an official thing
  • izuku midoriya swears to protect you from then on and love you sm to make up for the love that was lost in your life

im so sorry this was kinda shit ngl its kinda all over the plays but u know what we move xjjsjsjs


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they’re sitting in the library when something trully phenomenal happens. Bakugou’s trying to solve an integral for under a curve, but his eyes keep running to Kirishima, like moth drawn to flame.

Bakugou keeps on finding himself blinking at Kirishima, he catches himself about three times in the same math problem. he finds himself staring at Kirishima’s furrowed brows, the way that his razor-sharp teeth press into his lips, the way that his eyes are faraway as he tries to solve his question with focus.

Bakugou counts three seconds, absorbs Kirishima’s tanned slopes of skin, and then returns to his math. after a total of four minutes—they are done with the math sum. they compare answers, and, and. something phenomenal happens. their answers are different and with one skim through Kirishima’s answer, Bakugou realises that, fuck, fuck, fuck Bakugou made a plus-minus mistake. he made a mistake.

Bakugou returns to his notebook and scratches out his answer, swearing, redoing the math.

“uh, what happened?” Kirishima starts, blinking. “did you get… a wrong answer?”

“shut the fuck up,” Bakugou spits, never ready to admit his errors, cheeks burning. “it was your fault anyway.”

“hey, how was it my fault?”

“what? uh, shut the fuck up.”

Bakugou fights red ears and butter fingers for the rest of the study session.

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Originally posted by dailybnha

For the purpose of this story all characters are 18+. This means that U.A. is like a college and everyone is of legal age. I do not own any characters nor references to the original BNHA. Purely fan fiction. 

Part Three: Feelings? UGH

Word Count: 2.4K

Warnings: MAJOR LEMON/Smut! light angst? 

That night you’d hoped to be able to have a decent nights sleep after hanging out with the girls. However, your subconscious had other things in mind. Lately you had been able to handle the memories that flooded you in a form of dreams. Able to sort through the pains and happiness from the past. You were not prepared for this so called “memory” to come to light. You’d laid your head onto your plush pillows, falling quick to drift away. Blissfully unaware of what was to resurface. 

“Y/n some might say I’m a bad guy, but never when it comes to you. You have no idea how hard it has been trying not to devour you whole. When I saw those thugs tearing at your clothes on your precious body, I couldn’t stop myself from sending them off to their fiery graves.” The husky voice was in your ear, as hands held your own over your head. A sweet swift movement of his tongue across your jaw. The heat was beginning to rise in your stomach. “Tonight devour me whole. I-I want you. I want to feel your warmth” the words came out in a soft mew. His thigh pressed between your legs on the plush mattress. He growled ripping the buttons of your shirt open to reveal the black and blue lace covering your supple soft breasts. Dabi stopped, looking up at you with a shit eating grin plastered on his face. “What’s this doll- I thought you only had the clothes I found you with?” He loosened the grip on your hands, switching to only using one to hold both of your own. Using his other, he trailed his fingers over the delicate blue flowers that covered your sweet hardening buds. “I asked T-Toga to H-help me pick something that would look good on me for you” you panted, wanting his fingers to further their discovery of your body. “I’m not experienced like you Dabi. I just wanted to be appetizing enough to keep you coming back”. He was stunned. He hadn’t even been with anyone since the night he brought you back to the LoV hideout. Dabi couldn’t take his eyes off you. How had he-the piece of shit he was- get this angelic girl under him with lingerie chosen specifically for him. His hardening bulge poked into your thigh. “Doll, with your lustful eyes staring up at me I couldn’t ever leave. I’m gonna show you exactly the type of night you deserve.” He said smiling down at your body. At this point Dabi had taken his shirt off, exposing an unscarred mid drift. Your hands trailing down the red hair that disappeared under his jeans. “I’m determined to keep pace” biting your lip as Dabi fumbled with his belt. As he yanked off his jeans, you threw your own shorts to the ground, exposing a tiny slit of fabric barely covering your steaming sex. You could hear his breathing catch at the sight before him. A delicate dessert you were, and boy was he going to savor every last morsel you could offer. 

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I drew this like a week ago on windows ink workplace again to procrastinate on doing my maths hw and I must say I actually quite like it for once

im soft for these manly idiots

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Just when you thought you had been through hell and back. 

A blessing finally came.

It was like god was giving you another chance, listening to your pleas and prayers and decided that you could use one more blessing. And surely it came.

Two pink lines.

Your hand cupped over your mouth, your eyes welled up with tears and you could feel your whole body tremble. It seemed too good to be true, but you didn’t want to completely freak out just yet. Sometimes these convenience store pregnancy tests could be a little wonky so you didn’t want to get your hopes up a little too soon. Immediately, you dialed the number for the clinic and setup an appointment. You were going to make sure before you were going to break the news to your husband. 

You didn’t want to get shot down again. You’ve been through too much of that already.

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Fandom: Bnha / mha
Warnings: Angst with a happy ending
Words: 2,981
Requested by: @hains-j@encryptedheartz , @nitricflame and an Anon who made me cry from being too nice, I love you all! Thank you so much for liking my crappy writing! Also, I’m so sorry this one’s so bad!!! But I hope you tolerate it!!!
Request / prompt / summary: Part three to Doesn’t Hurt, where Y/n finally understands hat a relationship is, and birds don’t belong to be locked in a pretty silver cage

!Please Read!:   Part One   Part Two   


They say that the heart was made to be broken. It was stuffed down her throat in every bad poem she had read, in every story that never knew when enough was enough, it was a bitter pill that was overused. And yet, it had slowly started to make sense to her.

As she laid down in her bed with her cold boyfriend by her side, she could feel ice start to form over her heart. It was like frost over a window, and it took less than an hour for the cold to be all she could think of. Why was she frozen, when they used to be burning?

Y/n had spoken her mind to Fumikage again the night prior, and it was almost like her mouth was a faucet, and the droplets of words turned to a steady stream she couldn’t shut off.

He had her inside one of his largely oversized sweatshirts, and she couldn’t have stopped herself from leaning deeply into his heat.

“You’re so warm,” she whispered, leaning into his shirt-covered chest. She felt it vibrate as he chuckled. They had gotten used to each other’s presence, and, while it had taken a long time, they were on a comfortable first name basis. After all, how long can you stay acquaintances with someone you’ve shared a bed with? 

“You know Y/n, you’d be a lot warmer if you dressed for the weather,” it hadn’t taken long for Tokoyami to figure out that his new midnight friend was shocked by loud noises. He had many theories as to why, but he never had enough evidence to feel comfortable asking her about them.

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bakugou taking his s/o out and proposing to her and the end? 🥺

Bakugo Proposing

Pairing: Bakugo x Reader

Warning(s): Swearing, extreme fluff due to Bakugo being all soft 🥺

Genre: Fluff!!

Word Count: 1049

A/N: Sup anon! Thanks for requesting! This was such a soft request!! I hope you enjoy!

Art belongs to @psycho.saikou or



Ah, the weekend. It was finally here, after a long week of work it was nice to finally relax and let your tense muscles loosen up.

Your day started out with a pillow thrown to the face.

“Oi, wake up. I’m taking you out,” a gruff voice interrupted soothing slumber.

It was none other than your lovely boyfriend, Katsuki Bakugo.

“Hey dumbass, what’d I just tell you?” He grunts after seeing you not move. Yes, very romantic.

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