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#katsuki bakugō

hiiiiiiiiiiii i forgot how hard it was to use a tablet so here i am w crack sketches hah :-D you can tell how much i wanted to sleep when i draw uraraka… anyways im back from the deadddd schools been crap and yeah! here’s me trying to familiarize myself w my tablet ft class 1A

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Kirishima: When will Bae come back from the war?

Bakugo: …




Kirishima: Bakubae! ♡

Bakugo: Rather fight a war than be here

Kirishima: But I am the war, your war

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Just watched Episode 80 because the dub came out

The fan service is just =͟͟͞͞(X⌓X*)

But the low quality shots were great lol


Katsuki looks like a pissed pomeranian and Todoroki just looks so innocent and confused


And then there’s this. With that face I want to ask “Are you Aoyama’s secret love child?”

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Hi! I just realised u did a valentines day special and i missed my golden opportunity to ask for fluffy as heck fluff... 🤦🏻‍♀️ But if possible can you do some Valentine's date stuff with Shouto and Katsuki? ^^ Happy (super late) valentines! *Sends a chocolate gift * I hope you're doing well!

Yessss!!! I would love to write something for ya :). And thanks you for the chocolates ❤️❤️ I hope you enjoy!!

@seiiblue thank you for requesting!! And sorry it’s a little long!❤️❤️



“Shouto Todoroki?” Called putting the waiter. You and shouto stood from the waiting area and followed the man. It was Valentines Day and shouto decided to spoil you today. Did he like his father? No

Did his money come in handy? Maybe…..

Not only was it Valentines Day but it was also your one year anniversary.

You both met in your last year of junior high. You were the first person he had met that didn’t see him as himself and not “Endevor’s son”. And that was when your friendship bloomed. It was after summer break and the first day of UA did he notice how you also bloomed.

Of course you were pretty before but not he could barley look away from hen you came into sight. After the sports festival he asked you to join him for a small dinner date. Let’s just say by the end of the night he had a girlfriend, and a someone new to protect.

After sitting down in a more secluded area you spoke

“Awh Shouto you didn’t have to go through so much I feel bad..” sure the money had good advantages but you felt bad about so much money going towards you.

“Don’t feel bad. It’s our anniversary and I want us to celebrate” he said taking a hold of your hand. For the first few minutes you both had a good conversation over basic things. Internships and everyday slice of life events.

The food came and good lord was it great! You noticed he seemed a bit zoned out.

“Shouto are you okay?” You asked concerned about his mental and emotional state. He put his chopsticks down and said

“…you know Y/N, you’re eveyrhing to me..” he started “I used to shut everyone out even my own family. I will admit it was difficult to make any friends especially with my father as a hero, you were the first to see me as a person and not just who I was related to. Point it, I’m happy you’re in my life. I love you and thank you for….everything ” he gave you a soft rare smile. you were the only one who saw it most of the anyway.

“Awh Shouto, you know you do the same for me as well. Even with a good quirk like mine I always feel like I’m falling behind but you always motivate me and make me feel like I was as powerful as you. So thank you too I love you so much” suddenly you your surprise music starts to play. It was your song. Yes you both had a couple song.

You started to grin from ear to ear and lip sync to the music. You playfully narrow your eyes at him

“Well excuse me Mr.Romanic what are you planning?”

“Oh just something small, I’ve heard you’ve always wanted to slow dance so” he stood up and offered his hand to you “shall we?”

The only thing that came to mind was

He is beyond perfect

You take his hand and he moves a bit away from the table. You wrap your arms around his neck and his hands found your hips. He pulls you closer as you both sway to the sound. You sigh and relax a bit letting your head fall in his chest. You rocked to the music and he began to speak once more

“Love, I promise that I’ll never hurt you, always support you and love you endlessly” the vibrations of his voice echoing in his chest “I will protect you from anything that wants to harm you” you look up to him with a raised eyebrow

“Babe, these sound like wedding vows I hope you know we’re still a little young for marriage”

“Well I know I want to marry you one day but for now I think this would be suitable for now?” He stopped you both and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small box and opened it.

On the inside the box said “I love you” with a beautiful delicate ring inside.

“I heard about promise rings and thought it would be something you liked” he said pulling it out “so I promise everything I told you and I promise to one day change this for an engagement ring” he took your hand and slid it on you finger.

He then brought it up to his lips and kissed your hand. At this point you just let the tears come out. You threw yourself into his arms and shared a love filled embrace. Only pulling away to share a passionate kiss

“I love you..” you smiled

“But I love you more”

Let’s just say that tonight was a whole lot busier after that ;)

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*





Getting to school you expected at least something. But nope, nothing. You thought having a boyfriend would mean today would be extra special. But there you sat in class basically glaring at your boyfriend, Katsuki Bakugou.

You knew that he wasn’t exactly the PDA type but you still felt a little let down. At least some of your friends brought you a small something that made you smile. When the bell rang you decided to question him on the low. He waited for you outside as you both walk together to lunch

“Hey Katsuki, so hows today going?”

“Same as always i guess” he said stoically. You poured and continued with your interrogation.

“There’s a lot of gifts going around huh?” You try to push attention to his body language to see if you ca pick up on something

“Mmm” he just hummed one acknowledgedment

You got desperate and asked “so any plans for Valentines Day?” You aske with your hopes waaayy too high.

“Besides be in this damn school? Nothing really it’s just a stupid holiday we’re couples hook up ‘cause one bought the other chocolates, big fucking whoop”

You usually don’t break easy but soemththing about his statement cause a small twang in your heart.

“O-oh okay” you said quieter than usual “I-I gotta go I’ll see you later.” You rush off in the other direction.

He looked at you with a raised eyebrow since you usually were clingy (in a good way) with him. he usually got a kiss or hug goodbye.

He knew he messed up with you. You always act tough but he knew you were sensitive.

You sat on one of the benches in an area where not too many people came to sit. You let the tears roll down your cheeks. You felt frustrated. Both with him and yourself for being so upset. Why did you expect anything from him? It Bakugou for crying out loud!

But, you still loved him.

“Hey you alright?” A gentle voice called. You turn to see Midoriya.

“O-oh hey Midoriya, y-yeah I’m fine” you said in a low tone not trusting your voice from cracking. He sat beside you.

“I don’t mean to push or anything but I can tell your upset about something big. You wanna talk about it?”

You sniffed “w-well it just that, Katsuki thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid a-and I was kind of expecting even something small” you took a breather to relax “I know how he is b-but I love him Midoriya, I really do and I feel like maybe he doesn’t love me as m-much” and here come the tears again.

He wasn’t sure what to do so he stroked your back “Well did you try taking to him?” You nodded “oh…well maybe we need to get his attention” you look up at him ready to listen to his plan. He sent out a group message to your friends about it and they all agreed to help

Now usually he came up with some great ideas so you put faith into the system. You walked back into the cafeteria where you sat with the other girls. You were across from Bakugou enough for him to see and hear. Now all that was left was for it to begin

“Morning Y/N! Hey I got you a little something, happy V-Day” Kaminari have you a box of candy. This definitely got his attention quickly. His eye twitched at the idea of another guy giving you something today especially his classmates.

You thanked him and smiled.

And then he next person spoke “you look very put together today Y/N, your hair has a beautiful shine and looks healthy” this time it was Tokoyami who complimented you. Without even noticing his glare was now directly at your table.

The gifts started to pile from both the guys and girls. But what happens next is what really made him blow up.

“I hope you have a wonderful day” Todoroki handed you a beautifully opened rose.

“Alright that’s it” he abruptly stood from his chair. And stormed over to you and grabbed your wrist. He dragged you out of the room and to the elevator.

“Katsuki where are we going?” You asked a big angry

“You’ll see when we get there” the elevator stopped and he pulled you again into the hall. You noticed it was towards your dorm room. As you approached it he asked you to open it. You were a bit confused by his request but did it

When you turn in the lights you were blown away.

You room had rose petals on the bed, a huge teddy bear on it, two vases filled with your favorite flowers, balloons, and a shopping bag.

You didn’t know what to say you were speechless

“Listen, I know I was an ass before, but I had to keep this a secreg alright? I couldn’t stand seeing those damn extras all up on you like that” he said looking over to the side. You turn to him with tears in your eyes

“Hey, come on what’s with the tears” he asked thinking he did something wrong. He wiped them away and cupped your face in his large hands.

“I j-just thought you forgot about today and didn’t care. It’s stupid I know but I just…I just wanted to spend today which you because I love you” you sniffed. He let out a breath through nose and pulled you close to him

“I didn’t forget I just wanted it to be more social then everyone else. You know I love you” he kissed your crown and rested his forehead on yours

“Now come on I think you’ll want to open those gifts, we’ll be here a while” he smirked locking the door and drawing the blinds.

Oh boy will it be a long day ;)

Btw if anyone else is interested my inbox is open!

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Chapter 3 - Sleepless Nights

Kirishimas POV

I roll over for what feels to be the hundredth time already. I couldn’t get a grip on what Kaminari had said. I bite my lip anxiously as I take my phone off the dresser and message Bakugou.

K: Hey, you awake?
B: What do you need Shitty Hair?
K: Not really anything, I just can’t sleep, I have too much on my mind right now…
B: And how am I supposed to help with that?
K: I’m not sure, you were the first person I could think of.
B: Wow I’m flattered
K: Really?-

I feel my face get red as I cover it with a pillow, lowering it when I hear my phone buzz.

B: No dumbass, it was sarcasm.
K: I knew that!!!! Anyways, are you ready for the test tomorrow?

I smirk and just as I’m about to respond, I get another message, from Midoriya ironically.

M: Kirishima I’m sorry to message you this late but I thought I should let you know that Kacchan is blowing his room up again, and normally in these situations you’re the only one who can talk him down,

I laugh again before getting up and responding.

K: Yeah I don’t mind, I’ll be there in a sec.
M: Thank you!! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

I slip my shoes on and open the door. I heard loud banging as I did so. ’Ah he is blowing his room up.’ I shake my head and head to his room. There’s another explosion as I knock on the door. “GO AWAY DEKU YOU NERD!” I flinch slightly as his sudden shouting. “Dude it’s me open the door..” I try and keep my voice low as possible. After a second the door opens, and in front of me stands Bakugou. I look around him at his room, he destroyed his dresser and his work out dummy.

“What do you want Shitty Hair?” I roll my eyes and walk into his room. “Don’t you have any other nicknames for me?” Bakugou shifts his feet and closes the door. “I think ‘Shitty Hair’ gets the point across.” I shrug and sit on his bed, crossing my legs. “So why were you blowing up your room?” He comes and sits on the floor, keeping his head down and ignoring the question. I poke his head several times. “STOP IT SHITTY HAIR!” I laugh and put my hand down.

My phone buzzes a moment later and I check to see who it is. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Bakugou look at me before glancing away. The message was from Midoriya again.

M: Thanks again Kirishima, I just didn’t want Mr. Aizawa to have to get involved.

I chuckle. 'sounds about right for Midoriya.’ I’m quick to respond, not seeing how Bakugou shifted a bit farther away from me.

K: Not an issue dude, try and get some sleep before the test tomorrow.
M: The test!! I completely forgot!!!
K: Yeah I did too until I looked at the notes.
M: Man I have to get up early and study, night Kirishima!
K: Night Midoriya

I look over to Bakugou, his head is on his knees. “Hey what’s wrong?-” as I’m about to reach out to touch his shoulder he looks at me, I can’t understand the expression on his face. “Who was that..?” I look back at my phone before slipping it in my pocket. “It was just Midoriya.” I noticed that he relaxed just slightly at my answer. “What did that nerd want?” I slip off the bed and sit myself next to him on the floor. “He messaged me and told me that you were blowing stuff up, he was just thanking me.”

Bakugou grunted and looked away before yawning. I had been in his room for almost an hour and a half now. I checked the time '1:48 AM’ I sighed and stood up. “I should get going.” Bakugou nodded, he looked like he was wanting to say something. I patted his shoulder and walked out of the room, back to my dorm.

Once back I kicked my shoes off and threw myself on the bed and immediately fell asleep. Dreams of him filled my brain and I woke up the next morning tired and confused.

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Chapter 2 - Study Hall

Kirishimas POV


I shake my head and look around the common room. ‘Where is he?’ I hear the other kids from 1-A laughing and playing video games. Finally I see Bakugou walking out of the kitchen holding a tray and walking towards me. “Hey Bakugou!” I place my school bag on the table and pull out the work I needed. “Hurry up Shitty Hair.” Bakugou says, placing the tray on the table. On the tray is an assortment of snacks he made. I blush and realize he did all this for our study session. He takes one of my graded papers and sees the grade. “D-?! In Japanese?- HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE THAT?!” Bakugou yells and slams it on the table, a few other students turn to look at us and I wave slightly. “Hey man.. keep it down..” I whisper across to him and shake my head.

We spend a good 2 hours at that table, Bakugou is going through great lengths to stay patient, but he snapped a few times while helping me in Math. “I JUST EXPLAINED THAT ONE SHITTY HAIR HOW DID YOU FORGET ALREADY?!” He throws his head back in frustration and a few sparks fly out of his hands. “Hey.. calm down, it just takes me a few times to figure it out okay?” I try and stay cam, but I was getting mad at myself as well. 'At this point I wont have any chance..he thinks I’m a complete idiot..’ Bakugou sighs and explains the problem to me again. I focus harder than I probably needed to on this one, but I was finally able to do the next question without his help.

It was finally getting dark, most of the kids have gone to their rooms. Only me, Bakugou, Mina, Kaminari and Sero were left. “What?! How did you get in first?!” Kaminari yells at Sero as they were playing a video game. Mina is sitting on the back of the couch watching them. “Are we done yet?” I whine as I lay my head on the table. “Not until you can get an A on this practice test Shitty Hair!” Bakugou says handing me another paper. “You’re harsher than Mr. Aizawa with grading!” I complain as I pick my pen up again. “Yeah?! WELL GET USED TO IT!” I groan as I do the test for the 4th time. Once I’ve finished, I hand it to Bakugou and he sighs. “It’s about fucking time.” He hands me the paper back with an 'A’ written in red pen.

I laugh and slam the paper down. “YES!” Bakugou tries to hold a smirk back as he get up and clear off the tray, carrying it to the kitchen. “Soooo~ Kiri~” I hear Mina say from across the room and loudly whisper. “Did you tell him yet?!” I rush over and cover her mouth. “No I didn’t! And I probably never will!” She looks disappointed. “Why not? You two are already best friends!” I look away and sit on the arm of the couch. “Exactly, friends, nothing more” Kaminari looks over. “I can tell you right now that isn’t true Dude.” I look over at him and raise an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” He glances over at me quickly then back at his game. “He told me the other day he likes you Man.” I blush and shake my head. “You must have heard wrong!” Sero shakes his head. “No Bro I was there” I almost choke and get up. “I need to go to bed!-” I quickly rush upstairs and get into my room.

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Hi, my name is Houdini. This is my first post to Tumblr after a long time of being here. I used to write fanfiction on Wattpad, but got tired of it and decided after a long hiatus of writing to continue my little hobby. I used to write quite a bit of fluff pieces, but I want to expand and go for something wilder. After all, this is Tumblr, go big or go home~
I would really love to hear some feedback on this first chapter on my story. I have already written Chapter 2 to this, but I want to see if there is anything I need to change. Also, I do take requests, but be warned I am slow:,)


The sunlight shined harshly into the dark, dingy bedroom right through the closed curtain windows, but no matter how hard I closed them, the light traveled through them to my tiny bed. My mop of midnight black hair escaped the thin blanket, moving a few strands to reveal my face, tired eyes slowly opening as I scooted the sheets off my body. I rolled off the bed, rolling my ankles to make sure they were stretched a little. I trudged through the room and opening my closet, grabbing my UA uniform and heading to the bathroom with my school hoodie to change.

I was a student that was once part of the general studies course. However, due to my sheer talent, I had recently been recognized and was moved up to Class 1-A, a dream for anyone in General classes, but to me, I felt so nervous.

I headed out of my room, my hair mostly pulled back into a messy ponytail, with my bangs out a bit to cover my face. Making my way to the kitchen,  I rummaged through to look for food but ended up realizing the younger kids must’ve already eaten up. I sighed.

“Guess I’ll have to forget about breakfast and lunch today,” I mumbled and went to go slip on my shoes and head to school, leaving a note on the caretaker’s door saying that I’ve left for class.

It was a quiet walk from the orphanage to school; the only noises I could hear was the music blasting in my headphones as I slowly made my way inside. When I got to the school gates, I took off my headphones and slowly walked to my new class.

“Hey, hey! Did you hear? There’s a new student in class 1-A?”


“Yeah! I heard they were in General studies and got moved up!”

“Who is it?”

“Probably, Shinsou, you know how he’s always talking about it.”

I quietly observed what everyone was saying.

Shinsou, huh? Well, in their defense, he did have a good quirk, but the disadvantage to his quirk was that he wouldn’t be able to use it after his trick was exposed, she thought to herself.

I made my way slowly, and as the bell rang, I arrived at the door to the classroom. I made it to one of the desks in the back, and slowly the class began to file in. Right off the bat, I was observing. I saw a frog girl enter the classroom, a guy who had a dark side and a bird for a face, a quiet guy with half red and half ice-white hair. I sat there in the class as people looked at me with confused gazes.

“We have a new student in the class?” the frog girl asked. Students that entered by this point were now taking notice of me, which made me tense up a bit.

“Oh yeah! I heard from  Class 1-B that a student from their  class managed to get into the Hero course!” A girl with short brown hair and a bubbly personality stated.

“Eh? Wasn’t Shinsou trying to get into the hero course? ” A guy with odd purple hair said.

Suddenly a tall boy with blue hair and glasses walked over to my desk, bowing and holding a hand out.“ Allow me to introduce myself!” he said in a confident voice. I looked at him with a comical gaze, though, no one could see it because my face was hidden.

“My name is Tenya Iida, the class rep for Class 1A. And you might be?”

Before I could open my mouth to quietly protest, Mr. Aizawa walked in, and everyone was in their seat. Aizawa looked over, seeing me and gave me a quaint nod. Most of the teachers are aware of me. It wasn’t hard to recognize the girl that had been trying to hide from this world for so long.

“Alright, class, we’ll begin our lesson for today. Before that, would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” Aizawa asked and looked at me. I looked around, seeing all eyes on me

Guess I’m already on the spotlight, so might as well. I sighed softly and got up and looked at everyone, hoodie still up and looking down to hide my face more into the hoodie.

“H-Hi, my name…” I trailed a bit, my voice quiet, but still loud enough to make out some words.“ I go by Sakura; hero name: YellowJacket…I was in class 1B, General Studies, and now I’m in Class 1A,” I said and bowed my head a bit and quickly sat down. Aizawa nodded and turned back to the class and looked at the rest of the class, who seemed curious and excited to see a new classmate.

“Cool, a new student! Her quirk must be that amazing that she got in!” she overheard  a guy with spikey red hair said to a guy with big elbows.

“I wonder how though? Normally the only way she would get in is if she won the Sport’s festival, and I didn’t even know she was there.”

“Shh! Pay attention, extras!” A familiar blonde boy barked out at the two, who shut up and Aizawa continued.

“Today will be field practice, like usual. Now head out to the training building and start working on training. Your goal is to improve your quirks, and if you want to spar, you may” he said as everyone got up, grabbing their uniform and heading off to change. I grabbed my uniform, and as I went straight to the changing room, making a beeline to the bathroom and changing from there, not wanting to talk  to anyone yet.

I came out, wearing my hair in a bun, hiding it away. I had a skin-tight suit and what seemed to be ballet shoes that had support systems on the ankles. It was a black suit with a yellow accent to it, and it had a hood on it. My face covered by a mask and my eyes covered by yellow shade goggles. My wrists had support systems on them to keep balance, her fingers exposed. I exited the changing room, heading to a small area where they had a dartboard like contraption that tested for accuracy and precision. I was stretching my legs and arms for a bit, deep in thought when I heard someone call my name, opening my eyes to see it was a couple of my new classmates standing next to me: green-haired boy, blonde-haired boy,, yellow-shock boy, brown-haired girl and red-spikey haired boy

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to startle you there!” the spiky red-headed boy said, flashing a smile with his pointy teeth .“ Names’ Kirishima Eijiro!” he said and smiled. “We were all wondering if we could train with you. We don’t get to see a lot of the class 1B talent and are really curious to learn about your power. He said, and the guys behind him seemed to agree with him. I looked at them, thinking for a minute before nodding and stood on one end and waited for them to get ready.

Without batting an eye, I was on my toes. My feet extending to two sharp crystals as I jumped up, spinning in the air and swing by feet out as if I was kicking the air. The crystal in the shape of a point flying and whizzing past them, scrapping a green-haired boy’s cheek and pinned the brown-haired girl’s outfit to the ground.

"WOAH! How-!” they started, but before they could say anything, I was shooting more, my movements fluid, like I was dancing or something. From an outsider perspective, it would look like I wasn’t even touching the ground. It looked like I was jumping mid-air. The guys that had already started to practice had stopped by this point and were observing the fight, as it definitely threw people off and were curious to see the outcome of the fight. It was a five against one fight, but it seemed to be a losing fight for the opposing team. Suddenly, I saw a burst of explosion and saw the angry blonde pop up to punch her and fight, but she dodged his attacks and observed his quirk.

Ah, I know him, she thought for a moment, He’s Katsuki Bakugou, the UA Sports Festival winner. I know how to take you down.

“How the hell is she able to dodge his attacks?” Kirishima asked. I soon created a ‘U’ shape crystal, finding an opening and pinning one of his hands down, and before he could more the second hand, pinned that one down too.  I looked at them all, their eyes filled with disbelief that a kid from class 1-B managed to do that.
Not a minute later, the crystal reappeared on both my legs and I flattened my feet and ,I was back to normal. I walked over, quietly helping out Kirishima and the other, catching their names as I unpinned them, tossing the crystals aside into a small pile.

“So…what exactly is your quirk? Like what are the crystals made of? Are they biodegradable? How did you get it so sharp ?” Izuku asked, looking at it.

“Yeah, it was so cool! The way you moved was so swift! It was like watching a dance” Uraraka exclaimed, happy.

“Yeah, it managed to stop Bakugo, and that’s a feat on its own!” Kirishima joked.

“Damn extras!! Get me out of here!!!!” Bakugo yelled, growling like an animal trapped in a cage. I looked over, getting him out of the crystals and held I hand out to help him up, which he swatted away, grumbling angry like an angry old man and looked at her, not happy that the #1 at the sports festival was taken down so fast.

“Ah, don’t pay too much care for him, he’s always an ass. "Kaminari said and waved. ”'Sup, the name’s Denki Kaminari"

I nodded and looked at the others as all of them spoke at once, getting a bit overwhelmed with the amount of talking. She ended up quietly excusing herself, walking away as she wanted to be alone to practice, going to stretch and relax for a bit and keep her feet more pointy. As she walked off, she overheard what others were saying, trying to act like she was oblivious to what they were saying.

“What’s up with her?”

“Don’t say it like that, short circuit! Besides, she’s probably a little shy today. After all, I moved classes, so I’m trying to adjust now, so cut I some slack.”

“Though, I do have to wonder, If she so skilled and her quirk is so strong, why didn’t she get into the hero course from the beginning?”

“Perhaps its because the first test was robots,”

“But if she could take down Bakugou down so easily, why didn’t she end up not winning the Sport’s festival?”


I sighed, finding myself in a small pocket of the training field, pulling my headphones on and playing calming music. I held onto the wall, extending my leg out and all the way up, creating a perfect 180 and used my quirk to stretch more and give myself more fluidity. I  relaxed after a minute of holding it, letting out a small cough.
Damn it, I must be running low on energy after making those U locks for Bakugou.she thought, I should’ve thought about it before making those, I don’t want to pass out in school.

I practiced firing shots off at a specific point until it was time to go, changing back into her normal clothes before heading to class for the next lesson, arriving to class before the others.

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request: Hiiiiii can I make a request? i was wondering if you could do a HC of Bakugou who invites his s/o, who isnt pursuing a hero career, to the dorms for the day. When he thinks that no one is around he forgets about not liking PDA and doesn’t care because it’s them but little does he know, except his s/o who pays no mind because….hey theyre getting a free photoshoot XD, that the class is round the corner snapping pics or something? I hope this made sense 🙏🏻💞

a/n: i hope you like these! i made them as fast as possible because i just wanted to put out something today, so it’s probably not perfect

warnings: none



Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

  • let’s be honest
  • no matter how much he pretends to be this stone cold shell
  • he’s a softie with you
  • such a softie
  • but he would never show that to anyone else
  • which was the opposite of you, since you liked to show him off
  • anyways, you had been bugging him about meeting his friends
  • and though he said he didn’t have any he eventually gave in
  • because you’re just too cute compelling
  • so when you walked into the dorm main area you were immidiately bombarded
  • “i thought he was lying about you!”
  • “oh my god you’re adoreable! how’d you get someone like that?”
  • “what’s you’re quirk!?”
  • etc, etc.
  • they all had questions
  • from what your quirk could do, to how you met katsuki in the first place
  • eventually katsuki got really annoyed though
  • “oi! shut up and let them breathe a bit, okay!?”
  • a few of them teased katsuki a bit for being so protective
  • and others just shut up
  • once you calmly answered peoples question at a normal pace
  • and got to know everyone a bit
  • katsuki decided to show you around the dorm
  • he actually just wanted to get you alone
  • and when you were out in the garden you snuck your hand into his
  • he, of course, took it 
  • since he thought you guys were alone
  • some of class 1A had followed you around, taking very cute pictures
  • when you were back in the common room no one was there
  • because they had been following you around
  • so you cuddled up next to katsuki on the couch
  • and he let you, since he didn’t see anyone else around
  • you were scrolling through your phone
  • when suddenly someone wanted to airdrop something to you
  • and the picture made your face light up
  • it was of you and katsuki walking around outside
  • without him seeing, you saved the picture
  • and once you did that more pictures started coming in
  • of you
  • right now
  • and you realized what was going on
  • katsuki looked over at your phone and saw one of the pictures
  • he looked around and quickly found the rest of the class
  • “stop taking fucking pictures of me!”
  • he sprung up, sparks flying from his hands
  • laughter and screams filled the common room
  • and the pictures were deleted on everone’s phones
  • at least you still had your own copies…
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Word count: 4001

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of depression and over all sad angst. 

Alpha Bakugo Katsuki x Omega Reader His Warmth

Summary: Your Alpha forgets your birthday and you don’t take it well. 

(Gif not mine) 


Originally posted by katetcake

💥-Your birthday was tomorrow and you were so excited. Your Omega was bouncing around. 

💥-You had been with your Alpha for about a year already but you had yet to celebrate your birthday with him. You thought up a million way tomorrow was gonna turn out.

💥-Your Omega was excited to find out what her Alpha had planned.

💥-You even went out and got a cute new outfit that made you feel ten feet tall. You couldn’t wait to show him it. You had made his favorite curry tonight since you were in such a bright mood.

💥-He should be on his way home, the thought of seeing him soon brought a smile to your face as you stirred the curry. You had made it spicy as he liked it. Just before the rice cooker dinged you heard the door open.

💥-“Alpha?” You called, lifting your head excitedly. 

💥-“Omega.” You heard him sigh, taking off his jacket and coat. 

💥-You were just about to turn off the stove and go meet him at the front door when you felt his weight on your back. He slumped his head deep into your neck and inhaled.

💥-“Alpha? Is everything okay?” You asked, worried about him.

💥-“Mmm. Let’s just stay like this for a while.” He mumbled, not lifting his head up.  

💥-You silently nodded and got back to stirring the pot. Today must have been a rough day at the agency. Sometimes he came home and wanted nothing more than to quietly melt away in your embrace.

💥-To give him extra comfort you let out gentle purrs, hoping to soothe him.

💥-“I made curry.” You hummed, a small smile crawling on your face because his small puff of air tickled your neck. 

💥-“Smell good.” He mumbled, snaking his arms around your waist and tightening them around you. 

💥-“Do you want to eat on the couch instead of the table?” You asked, knowing he was probably in a cuddly mood. 

💥-“Yeah, that sounds good.” He nodded, still taking in your sweet scent and warm embrace. 

💥-His Alpha was finally settling down after a hard day. He felt the weight of today slowly lift off his shoulders. All he needed was his Omega and he was set for life. He didn’t know what he would do without you.

💥-He wanted this feeling to last forever. Being wrapped in your comfort was his safe place. His small slice of heaven.


💥-You had woken up the morning of your birthday to a cold bed.

💥-As soon as your eyes opened you felt something was off but you just figured Katsuki was in the kitchen cooking up a birthday breakfast for you. You crawled out of bed with a big smile and dashed to the kitchen.

💥-Only it was empty.

💥-Your mood dropped a little but you still had hope. Maybe he had gone out to get you breakfast? He knew how much you enjoyed the french toast down the road that your favorite bakery made.

💥-You knew once it hit eight o clock, the time he was supposed to be at the agency, he wasn’t surprising you with breakfast.  

💥-Your Omega was sad she didn’t get to see him this morning but maybe he was just getting an early start at his hero agency so he could come home early and celebrate with you.

💥-Your Omega bounced back, excitedly thinking of all the fun things he could have planned for today.

💥-You cooked yourself some breakfast and took a nice long bath to treat yourself. You might have added a bath bomb just for the heck of it. Katsuki hated it when you used them, he said you sent was completely overpowered by the essential oils.

💥-After your bath you put on a face mask and laid in your nest until your hair was dry.

💥-You had a lot of time until Katsuki got home for the evening so you spent the day scrolling on your phone and reading comics to help pass the time. You Omega was jumping around as the clock ticked closer to him getting home.

💥-You assumed he was gonna take you out to dinner so you skipped lunch in anticipation. You didn’t want to ruin your appetite if he took you out to a fancy and expensive place after all.

💥-You were sitting on the couch dressed in your new outfit under a blanket. You wanted to see his reaction when you yanked off the blanket and revealed your killer outfit.

💥-You heard the front door open and excitedly burrowed down into the blanket. He had gotten home around the same time he usually does but you understand that his hero work must have stopped him from coming home early and celebrating with you.

💥-“Alpha!” You happily chirped, your Omega excitedly wiggling at his arrival. 

💥-“Omega.” He called, walking into the living room, eyeing your snuggled up figure. 

💥-“How was work?” You babbled, wanting to get the pleasantries out of the way so he could wish you a happy birthday and take you out as soon as possible. 

💥-“It was okay, better than yesterday but you know how it is. You didn’t make dinner? That’s fine, I was feeling take out anyway. I was thinking about that Italian place. I know you like their shrimp Alfredo.” He rambled, pushing his fingers through his spiky hair. 

💥-Your Omega paused for a second, not quite sure why he wasn’t mentioning your birthday.

💥-Your heart had fallen when he mentioned take out but you guessed you could still enjoy your birthday inside your apartment. You didn’t have to go out to have a good time. Right?

💥-You were slowly trying to convince yourself to believe those words while your heart was breaking by the second. It wasn’t like you wanted a party and frills but he could have at least warned you he planned to spend your birthday inside.

💥-You wouldn’t feel so ridiculous in your new outfit if you had known.  

💥-You were lucky he had gone to the kitchen to get the take out menu. It gave you time to sneak out of the living room and undress in your bathroom.

💥-Seeing your new outfit drop to the bathroom floor made your heart chip away even more. Maybe he planned something for the weekend when he had time off?

💥-You could wear it then! You thought, cheering up slightly at the idea.

💥-With a new boost of energy, you went to the bedroom and changed into some sweatpants and a loose shirt. Spending the day cuddled up with him would be just as fun.

💥-You walked out of the bedroom with a small smile on your face. Your Alpha was on the phone with the restaurant and waved you to sit on the couch while he was talking to them.

💥-You snuggled under the blanket and waited for him to join you.

💥-Soon he joined you and you two snuggled together on the couch watching Game of Thrones. You had gotten Suki into it, you knew once he saw the gore he would enjoy it and you were right.

💥-His favorite character was The Hound. He said he liked his no fucks attitude.

💥-When the food got here he came back and sat everything on the coffee table. He brought out your meal and handed it to you. He gave you a fork before taking out his meal.

💥-You were about halfway done with your shrimp Alfredo when he shattered you and your Omegas heart completely.

💥-“I’m glad today is almost over. It has been a long one.” He sighed taking a bite of his food. “I am glad to have you to keep me sane though.” He softly smiled, looking at the screen. 

💥-I’m glad this day is almost over. It rang in your head like a broken record.

💥-It wasn’t that he was waiting till the weekend to surprise you and celebrate your birthday, it was the fact that he didn’t even know it was your birthday at all. The day his precious mate was born and he didn’t even care to remember it, let alone celebrate it.

💥-You wanted to feel anger but all that filled your chest was utter sadness. Luckily, the bath bomb you used earlier had masked your sorrowful scent. You tried to eat more food but it was like sawdust in your mouth.

💥-He noticed your plate was still half full and your fork halted its movement.  

💥-“What’s the matter, Omega? Is it not how you like it?” He asked, taking his eyes away from the TV and pausing his eating. 

💥-“No it is fine, I just had a big lunch is all.” You said, plastering a small smile on your face. 

💥-“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll eat what you have leftover when I am done with my plate. I actually skipped lunch today, the villain’s never seem to rest.” He sighed, flicking his eyes back to the TV. 

💥-“Okay.” You mumbled, looking down in your lap. 

💥-You felt something shift in your chest but you ignored it. You didn’t want to bring up him forgetting your birthday. It must have not been important enough for him to remember.

💥-You were forgotten.


💥-Kirishima came by the next day, he had a huge bundle of flowers and a shark plushy under his arm. You had opened the door with a heavy heart but you were glad to see the shark-toothed Alpha.

💥-“Hey, Y/N! How’s it going? Did you have a fun time yesterday with Bakugo? I was out on an undercover mission so I’m sorry I didn’t text you or anything. I got you this plushy! I hope you like the flowers. I just picked what I thought complimented you best.” He happily held out the bright bundle of flowers. 

💥-You wanted to cry on the spot.

💥-So you did.

💥-Kiri was quick to pull you into a hug and lead you to the couch.

💥-“What’s wrong? Is it the flowers? They might look a little dead but that is because they were in my car for twenty-four hours. I forgot to take them out before my mission so they kept me company.” He informed, rubbing a warm hand down your back. 

💥-“No, it’s not the flowers. They are wonderful. I love the plushy too. Its gonna go straight in my nest.” You sobbed, taking the plush from him and clutch it to your chest.

💥-“Then what is it, Cupcake?” He asked, wanting to dry your tears. 

💥-He had given you that nickname in high school. He walked up to you and said your scent reminded him of his favorite strawberry cupcakes. The nickname was born.

💥-Kiri had always been like a brother to you. Your Omega was really fond of the Alpha. She was constantly trying to get you to make a meal and take it to the redheaded Alpha at the agency.

💥-Once an Omega loved you they tended to show it with food.

💥-“Katsuki forgot my birthday.” You whimpered, holding the plush tighter. 

💥-“What?!” He exclaimed, shocked at the news. 

💥-“I didn’t want to bring it up. He must be stressed at work and forgot.” You looked away, trying to convince yourself that you were fine with it. 

💥-“Even if he is stressed he should still make time for your birthday. Heck, even celebrate it on the weekend if he is busy with work. Not completely forget about it!” He raged, he was glad he wasn’t holding the plushy anymore because he would have torn it when his quirk activated and he clenched his fists. 

💥-He had half a mind punch his blonde friend in the face.

💥-“It’s fine. It isn’t that important.” You convinced, noticing his clenched hands. You let out a soft purr and placed a soft hand over his rough one. 

💥-“It is, Y/N.” He said, relaxing his tense shoulders, you had worked your Omega magic to calm him down.  

💥-“Don’t worry. Once his birthday comes around I’ll give him the same treatment. Let’s see if he remembers my birthday next year.” You leaned forward and gave him a small smile, your tears drying up a bit.  

💥-Kirishima snorted and rolled his eyes.

💥-“I can see his grumpy pouting from here.” He smirked, enjoying the idea of his friend getting the same treatment. 

💥-You told him to keep it to himself since you didn’t want Katsuki finding out and stressing even more. 

💥-After a while of visiting, you pushed Kiri out the door with a soft kiss on the cheek as a thank you for the flowers and plushy. You sent him one last smile before closing the door. As soon as the click was heard your facade dropped.

💥-Your best friend could remember your birthday but your own mate couldn’t. Something twisted in your chest again but you once again ignored it.


💥-Katsuki had noticed a change in his mate as the week went by. He would usually come home to a warm apartment but now it felt ice-cold like you had been turning down the thermostat. He also noticed you stopped building nests on the couch too.

💥-He would normally come home to you pulling yourself out of your comfy fort to give him a kiss and a welcome home. Now the only blanket that rested on the couch was a throw you had folded up and left hanging on the couch.

💥-It was unusual but he just figured you moved your nest somewhere else.

💥-The only thing that hadn’t changed was your cooking. You still made him a meal every night but when you ate together he noticed you just shoved your food around instead of eating it.

💥-Every time he brought it up you said you ate a big lunch and avoided his questioning eyes.

💥-He thought maybe your heat was coming and that was why you were eating less. He knew some Omegas tended to not eat at all or eat a lot when their heats came.

💥-He convinced himself that was it.

💥-Something unusual was going on at the agency as well. Kirishima would glare at him anytime he walked into the room. He would ignore his sharp ruby eyes but he was baffled on what caused his smiley friend to turn on him.

💥-It wasn’t until he came home one day and everything felt way more off than normal.

💥-A sharp burning smell invaded his nose. At first, he thought you had burnt dinner and he was about to throw teasing words over his shoulder as he took off his jacket but he saw that the kitchen light was off.

💥-His Alpha was instantly pushing forward.

💥-Instantly a million thoughts rushed through his mind. Did you leave on a candle? What if that stupid heated blanket caught on fire? What if a wire in the wall started sparking?

💥-He didn’t even take off his shoes as he rushed into the apartment.

💥-“Omega! Are you okay?” He pushed into the bedroom. He saw your figure lying on the bed. 

💥-The strong scent hit him in the face as soon as he opened the bedroom door. His eyes dashed around the room hoping to find a flickering candle but he came up empty. 

💥-His Alpha was frantic, he knew what the strong smell meant. 

💥-Katsuki was still left in the dark about what was going on. He walked up to his Omega and shook your shoulder. 

💥-“Hey, get up. Something smells like it is burning in here.” He said, turning you over. 

💥-His heart dropped when you didn’t respond to him at all.

💥-“Omega, get up. We need to get out of here until we figure out what is causing that smell.” He urged, reaching up and tapping you on the cheek. 

💥-His hand felt like it was burning with how hot your cheek was. His Omega was burning up! He felt his heart stutter in his chest. You didn’t even tell him you were feeling unwell! 

💥-“Omega, this isn’t funny. Wake up!” He worried, tapping you more urgently on the cheek you still didn’t respond to him. 



💥-“She seems to have had a very high fever, luckily we were able to bring it down but if her Omega depression doesn’t go away she might slip into another one.” The small brunette doctor informed, clutching her clipboard tight. 

💥-The words rang through his head. Omega depression. He couldn’t make sense of the words. His brain was scrambled while trying to piece the words together. 

💥-His mate couldn’t be in an Omega depression. Omega depressions only happened when a mate cheated or something traumatic happened. He certainly wasn’t unfaithful to his mate and you hadn’t mentioned anything that would lead him to the cause of your condition. 

💥-You were a happy Omega. He would always come home to your bright smile and warm hugs. 

💥-Surely the doctor was wrong and your sour scent was just caused by a cold. The same cold that caused your high fever. 

💥-It was all revealed to him when a certain red-headed Alpha barreled down the hallway at him. 

💥-“You freaking bastard!” He tried not to yell, he knew a hospital was no place for dramatic confrontations.   

💥-Before Katsuki could even ask him what he was so angry about he was pulled down the hall to an empty waiting room. 

💥-“This is all your fault! If you hadn’t forgotten her birthday none of this would have happened!” He snarled, pulling his friend forward by his shirt. 

💥-“Her birthday? But that isn’t for another month!” He was confused and taken aback by his friend’s resentful glare. 

💥-“It was a week ago! You freaking forgot! Your own mate’s birthday! And now she is here because of you!” He growled, shoving his friend away. He couldn’t even stand the thought of looking at him. 

💥-Kiri’s Alpha was whining in his chest, the news about his Omega friend was too much for the poor Alpha. No, his Omega sister. You were like a sweet and adorable sister he never had. And now your life was hanging in the balance because of his best friend. 

💥-He felt like clawing apart the whole room. The thought of not seeing your sweet smile as you handed him a cloth wrapped lunch box was heart-shattering. 

💥-“I must have written the date down wrong. Why would she fall into a depression because of it? She should have told me. I would have taken the day off.” Katsuki shook his head not fully understanding what his actions caused. 

💥-He had made his Omega feel unwanted and forgotten.

💥-“She told me not to tell you, she said something about you already being stressed with hero work.” Kiri fumed, still not fully done venting his anger. 

💥-“I mean there have been a few hard cases but I am never too busy for her! Why didn’t she come to me?” He tugged at his hair. 

💥-“Listen, all I know it that your Omega is not getting any better when you are over here pulling out your hair instead of fixing things with her,” Kiri said, taking a deep breath to calm himself down. “You need to find a way to pull her out of this.” 

💥-“You’re right. I need to fix this.” He said determined to pull his Omega out of her depression. 

💥-He wasn’t gonna lose you. 


💥-He walked into your hospital room holding a big plastic container containing Oreo ice cream cake. He knew you had a soft spot for the cake so he hoped you liked it. 

💥-He had the bakery write your name on the cake. He wasn’t allowed to light them but he made sure to bring a few candles. 

💥-Your sunken frame was propped up against some pillows. Your emotionless stare causing shivers to run down his back. He continued in and set the cake on the table in front of you. 

💥-“I am sorry I missed your birthday Omega.” He said, popping off the clear lid and showcasing the cake. 

💥-Your gaze didn’t shift after the reveal. Your eyes danced across the letters of your name written on the cake with disinterest. There was no happy shine in your eyes. Your eyes were void of darkness.

💥-“I got you your favorite. I even had them put your name on it Omega. The worker spelled it wrong the first time and I nearly blasted him into a tray of cookies.” He said, waving his hand at the cake to showcase the letters on the cake. 

💥-“I’m not hungry.” Your weak voice stated, your eyes looking away from the cake and out at the window by your bed. 

💥-The fact that you refused your favorite cake was one of the final nails in the coffin. The last was when his scarlet eyes caught sight of a pile of pillows and blankets you had yet to put into a nest your situation finally sunk in. 

His Omega doesn’t even want to nest anymore. That was why the couch was bare when he came home. 

💥-“Fine, don’t eat the cake, at least make a nest instead.” He stumbled over and took every blanket and pillow and dropped them on your legs. 

💥-“I don’t feel like it, Suki.” You whispered, trying to shove the huge mound off the side of the bed. 

💥-Katsuki was quick to stop everything from falling and picked up a blanket, without hesitating he covered you in it. He started stacking pillow around you in a rush. Before he could place a third pillow around you his knees finally gave out. 

💥-“You have to make a nest. You have to! I can’t live without you, Omega! Please don’t leave me! I’m so sorry! It’s my fault you are here. I should have double-checked to see what day your birthday was! Kiri even remembered and I didn’t! I’m such a terrible Alpha!” He sobbed, his hands reaching out and clutching your arm tightly. 

💥-“I’m a stupid Alpha who doesn’t even remember their own Omega’s birthday but even so, I can’t lose you! I won’t let you waste away and leave me behind! I swear when you get better I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you Omega! Just please don’t leave me!” He cried, not caring about the fat tears dripping down his face or his cheeks flushing a bright pink.

💥-Your Omega, who had been silent these past few days lifted her head. Her Alpha never cried, why was he crying? She pushed forward and let out a small purr, hoping to calm her Alpha. 

💥-You grabbed a corner of the blanket he had wrapped around you and wiped at his face. He let you do, sniffing a few times, trying to stop his tears. The thought of actually not leaving the hospital without you made his bundled up emotions break free. 

💥-“Don’t cry.” You mumbled, dabbing the last of his tears away. 

💥-“I won’t if you promise not to leave me.” He sniffed, his red eyes peering up into yours. 

💥-“How about you stop crying and I will show you how you are supposed to build a nest. You kinda just smothered me with blankets and pillows.” You didn’t  have a smile on your face but your eyes had a small flicker of light in them.  

💥-His Alpha howled in joy at the sight. 

💥-No matter how long it took he would pull you out of this depression and take you home with him. The apartment was ice cold without you and you were the only thing that could make it warm again. 

💥-You were his warmth and he wasn’t gonna let go of you anytime soon.

A lot of angst! I liked the way it turned out though. What are you thoughts? My cat finally did it and deleted the whole thing so I almost tore my hair out writing this. 

Please reblog if you enjoyed my work. Each reblog motivates me to keep writing for you all! Leave a note as well. 🧡🧡

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Bakugo X Reader

Runaway reader finds a home with Bakugo. But will trouble follow?

Words: 4550


Originally posted by osakaxkobe


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