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#katsuki bakugo

every so often when im in Head Empty No Thoughts mode, my brain remembers that at a con late last year, the “Who Do You Ship™” question came up at Yet Another MHA English VA Cast Panel™ like fuggin clockwork, and J Michael Tatum gave his usual “i cant see them as ships coz they’re teenagers and also i dont think Iida is really ready for that” until he and/or Caitlin Glass said it would have to be with someone who either found his stiffness endearing or someone completely left field, which is when an absolute madlad genius in the audience yelled out “BAKUGO!!!” which got Tatum thinking about how that confession would go between the two of them, with flustered Iida saying “i dont know how to say this so im just gonna come right out with this, but i like you as more than a friend” which then led to Tatum’s perfect impression of Clifford Chapin!Bakugo yelling “ME TOO!” and then that’s all im thinking about for the rest of the day

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So like… I’m in school for cosmetology and we learn how go use straight razors. So im imagining fluff with like either kiri or Katsuki.

They wake you up all gentle and sweet and are like “Hey baby, can you help me out?” And you just like jump on the opportunity to show off what you’ve learned. You take him to sit somewhere in the house while you gather your necessities for the activity and while he’s waiting for you to come back he’s just sitting scratching the stubble trying to wake up a little more, until you step in front of him and tell him to look at you. Then you lather up his face and start the shaving process and he closes his eyes cause he’s all relaxed and stuff. He peeks through one of his eyes and sees you so concentrated and focused on doing it correctly that you dont even flinch when his hands hold your hips as he starts pulling you closer to him. Soon enough you’re sitting on his lap still trying to focus on not nicking the skin as well as getting a clean shave. He just starts running his hands up and down your back until you heavily breathe out a “Done!” And leap off of his lap as he tries to smack your ass as you go to put your things away.

“You looked too cute while you were concentrating.” As he would stand behind you and wrap his arms around your waist as you finished putting everything away. “I mean I only woke up less than an hour ago but look how awake i am.” And he starts kissing down your chin to your neck and collar bones.

“Let me put this away first.” You say slipping away from his touch just to hurriedly shove your things away. As you run back to your awaiting boyfriend he lovingly holds you in his arms before tugging at your shorts as a sign for you to jump. “Nuh-uh” you say as you’d wiggle your ass against his big hands.

He rolls his eyes “Fine, remember princess you challenged me first.” As he crouched down and grabbed you by your waist and started walking to the bathroom.

Placing you on the countertop by the sink he places his hands on either side of your face and started by laying soft pecks that turned into deep searing kisses until he pulled away smiling smugly as he reached to turn the shower on.

“We’re gonna shower?” You question curious as to why he didnt just take you to the bed.

“I don’t have time to fuck some sense into you right now.” He says walking toward you. Trapping you with his arms on either side of your hips and leaning his forehead against yours he continues. “So, we’re gonna kill two birds with one stone and I’m gonna get ready for work and leave you a whimpering mess that can’t even walk.”

“Sounds good.” You absentmindedly responded as you were too focused on reaching your hands up his shirt before he took the hint and took it off, pulling your chin up to meet his lips as he played with the strap of your bra that was showing from your messy ‘just out of bed’ look.


Originally posted by thehappysunflower88

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Bakugo x Reader (sorta?)

Humor, Arguing, Shenanigans and stupidity (a window may or may not be involved)

Words: 1K

Warnings: Swearing

For probably the only time in your life, you can safely say you weren’t the cause of… well, any of it. At least, you don’t think you were.

You were minding your own business really, crowded around the classroom window with a few other students, gawking at the network of mesh-like netting that’d been strung up between the buildings seemingly overnight. 

“…second years are taking midterms. Heard some teachers talking about it after school yesterday.” Asui says, standing on her toes so she can get a better peek over the edge of the window frame.

“They’re jumping!?” Hagakure all but shouts. “From where? Is that even safe?”

“The roof probably,” you chime in, trying not to laugh at the squeaky sound Hagakure makes. She should be used to this by now.

Ojiro scratches at the back of his neck. “Really, it isn’t the craziest thing U.A. could make them do. We fought robots as middle schoolers.”

“Jumping off a roof sounds pretty insane to me.” She shoots back. 

You roll your eyes and lean forward, face so close to the glass that you can see the haze your breath leaves as it hits the pane. You’re still not satisfied with the view though, so you undo the latch, lifting. With some persistence (and muscle), you get past the initial drag and the window slides up like it’s just been greased. You duck beneath it. The cold sends a shiver down your spine, but you lean out and peer up all the same. 

“Yup. There are platforms all over the edge of the building.”

“See any cords or anything?” Asui asks, going in for a closer look, but seeming less keen on the idea of sticking her whole head out the window.

“Nope. I think they’re free-falling.” You squint and look down at the netting. “I mean, it’s not that far of a leap when you think about it.  Only a few sto—“

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

You pull yourself back in, nudging Asui to the side so you can make eye contact with the irate blonde glaring daggers into your skull. 

“I don’t recall asking for your input on anything, Bakugo.” You hiss without an ounce of concern for the acidic edge to your tone. “Why don’t you mind your own business—study for your licensing class so you don’t end up failing a second time.”

It’s a low blow you know, but with the amount of time Bakugo devotes to treating you like a complete moron, he doesn’t deserve something as simple as decency. Not from you, to be sure.

He grits his teeth, and you can see a muscle in his neck strain against his skin. 

“Close the window and get your ass in a chair already.” To his credit, he doesn’t yell, and his voice only sort of reminds you of a goblin with strep throat.

You scoff, balling your hand into a tight fist. You would not be starting your Friday by punching Katsuki Bakugo’s lights out. Even if he deserved it. Even if you really wanted to. Even if not taking the opportunity to knock him down a peg is practically a sin. 

“I’m sorry, are you my mom? Where do you get off telling me what to do?”

Ojiro rushes away from your side, shuffling to the furthest corner of the room, somewhere that he can be as uninvolved as humanly possible. At her desk, Mina pretends to notice something super interesting about her nails, but you see the sly look she shoots Aoyama. You imagine he’s waggling his eyebrows at the prospect of drama. Not that there’s ever a quiet day in 1-A. 

“We’re on the third floor,” Bakugo says. 

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“Last time I checked, you’re not a second year.”

 You’re sure the confusion shows plainly across your face. Second year? Of course you weren’t a second year, but you’re not sure why that’s—

Oh. That’s why. 

You let your jaw hang low. “You saw me looking out the window and immediately assumed I was planning on yeeting myself out of it?” 

Bakugo’s shoulders rise just a bit, not quick enough to hide the color creeping up his neck, the tinges of pink starting to seep into his face. It’s all the proof you need. 

“It wouldn’t be the dumbest thing you’ve done—snapping both legs on a dare.” He huffs, jamming his hands deeper into his pockets. 

Heat pools at the base of your skull. A throbbing, thudding sound echoes in your ears. 

“Last time I checked, nobody was daring me to do anything.” You lift an eyebrow and lean back against the sill. “Unless you are?”

“No. Now close the window; it’s cold as hell in here.”

If he hadn’t said anything, that’s what you might’ve done. A breeze wafts over your shoulders, icy air tickling your ears and making your skin prickle. You’d never been good with the cold. Still, you’d be damned if you were gonna listen to him now. Even if you ended up catching your death because of it. Even if the whole classroom turned into one big popsicle. The day you let Bakugo boss you around would be the day you actually dropped dead. 

“I don’t think I wanna.”

You think you hear Asui mutter your name under her breath, but you can be sure. It all happens in slow motion, after all. 

Tiny crackles pop across Bakugo’s palms. Kirishima loops both arms beneath his friend’s shoulders, but the blonde manages to surge forward before he can secure his grip. There’s a struggle. Uraraka shouts and you’re pretty sure you can hear Aizawa in the hallways, his conversation with Vlad King coming to an abrupt stop. There’s a heaviness to every moment, every movement. Like everyone else is stuck wading through maple syrup while you’re watching from the surface, full of adrenaline you’re eager to take advantage of. 

“Don’t tell me what to do.” You say, smile sickly sweet as you swing one leg over the windowsill. 

Iida lets out some garbled nonsense—“hwah” and “stop” and “delinquents” all mixed into one word, but it’s Bakugo’s animalistic roar that really makes you cackle as you hurl yourself out into the open air. 

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Nooooo. Someone I rly like just told me she genuinely thinks E deserved a redemption and that’s he’s changing. Unnnnnnggg. She’s also of the opinion that Bakugou doesn’t deserve a redemption and I just- rly. YOULL GIVE THE GROWN MAN WHO WAS FULLY AWARE OF HIS ACTIONS AND WILLINGLY CHOSE TO TAKE THEM INE BUT NOT THE REALLY DUMB ASSHOLE CHILD ONE

Wait wait wait wtfffffff?????? I’m sorry but HOW?! I dont get this? How can you believe a man that mistreated his family for twenty fucking years is able to change but a sixteen year old boy with anger problems can’t????? How is that possible?! How????

Okay so Bakugo was a bully, still can be, and said some terrible things and did some terrible things, but hes a fucking CHILD people!! He’s also shown more change and growth than Endeavor has in my opinion. Katsuki doesn’t even need redemption really, he just needs to learn to properly control his anger and aggression and treat his peers better. He’s a teenaged boy, most teenaged boys struggle with anger, violent behavior, and bullying, plus Katsuki comes from an abusive household, we have seen his mother smack him on screen and belittle and verbally abuse him. Katsuki needs support and to learn violence isn’t how you handle situations and hurting people isn’t right. He’s not a bad kid, and like I said this kid has had more growth and change in maturity then Endeavor has, who is a grownass man. How the FUCK can you claim Endeavor deserves redemption and is changing but in the same breath say a sixteen year old boy with anger problems is irredeemable. I’m sorry, but that pisses me off so much and I’m not even a big fan of Bakugo myself but I see he’s a kid with some issues who is trying to change, and as a person who was also a violent kid with some issues when I was his age I cheer for Katsuki and I’m proud of the effort he’s shown.

Just…. what the actual FUCK?????

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Hi! Could I possibly get some headcanons of Bakugo helping his female S/O quit vaping? She was a transfer from the US (and you know how it is) and she’s having withdrawals and keeps trying to get some sort of high? If not that’s ok!! I know it’s a weird ask~

Hello! Sure thing!! This is an interesting one, so thanks for sending it in! cx

💥 He’ll first notice something is up when her sparring becomes way more reckless and dangerous! He’d start worrying immediately that something may be up so he’d have to tug her to the side to ask!

💥 Once he figures out she’s having withdrawls, he may scold you for not taking better care of yourself, but, he’d also say that he’s here for you and wants to help you succeed!

💥 He won’t be afraid to put your back in your place if you start doing more dangerous things like trying to drink or smoke or put yourself in danger, and for the next month he’s gonna be glued to your hip to make sure you don’t do anything!

💥 He won’t just tell you to quit cold turkey though, and looks up ways to try and help with your withdraws, like gum, snapping a rubber band on your wrist, doing more excercise to get out your access energy!

💥 Bakugo may be tough on you, but once you’re done he won’t stop saying how proud he is that you kicked that nasty stuff! He may tease you about it later, but he genuinely is glad that you were able to stop vaping!

💥 If you ever try to vape or smoke again, get ready for this boy to beat ya ass cause he refuses to let you fall back again!

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While that may be true, that’s not what I was going to say. I bet you think about me just as much🤷🏼‍♀️(Bakugou)

You’ll never know. *grins* - Bakugo 💥

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The one thing I told you not to do — Katsuki Bakugo x GN!Reader

Dedicated to the beautiful @lady-bakuhoe, for showing me how to love this gorgeous boy, because I’ve never thought I’ll be soooo entrance by him.

Drabble, (+300 words).

Warnings: Bakugo being a softy, mention of fire and my bad english.

I think this is gender neutral, if not please tell me so I can change it.

Your boyfriend told you NOT to do something, but you do it anyways.

Keys to read this:

Y/N: Your Name

E/C: Eye Color

H/C: Hair Color

This is Bakugo’s face the moment he sees what happened.


Originally posted by tooruyama

The ambulance was there, the fire fighters were also there, the fire was almost over and luckily no one was harm.

And then he found you on the side, right in front of and ambulance, with a blanket; he ran to you, your face cover in a black dust, hiding your freckles behind it, the e/c orbs scared, just like his.

‘Are you alright, baby?’

‘I think so…’ You sighted, ‘But the apartment not so much’.

‘Y/N, what is the one thing I told you not to do now that you were gonna be living alone?’ He was hard in his words, but soft in his eyes.

Yours averted his, looking for the right words to come out.

‘Mmm… burn the apartment down?’

Fear, pure fear when Katsuki grab your shoulder a little bit too hard.

‘And what EXACTLY did you do?’ He had a vein popping on his forehead.

‘Made you some food….’ you laughted at your own words.



More silence.

‘And burnt the apartment down’. You poutted. ‘You know, you never let me do any meal, so I wanted to surprise you with your favorite tomorrow after work by practicing all I could without anyone bothering me’.

The tears strike down your cheeks and he cleaned them all with his thumb, ‘this was the exact same reason I never let you do it’.

‘I’m sorry…’ You locked gaze with gaze, red with e/c, and stopped crying.

‘But thank you’. A soft smile formed in his own lips, his hand reached to you messy h/c hair and brushed it off your face.

And then you started worrying again.

‘Katsu, what am I gonna do now? My mom will kill me if I ask for more money!’ The anxiety crawling up your skin.

‘You should just come and live with me already’. This was weird, cute but weird. You were speechless so the tears started rolling down again without a word. ‘Say something, you idiot’.

Bashful, red, flustered. 

‘Are you serious?’ You blinked while looking at him.

‘It’s okay if you don’t want’.

‘Nonono’. You shake your head, ‘I mean, YES, I will love to live with you, Katsu’.

‘Yeah, you better do’.

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Bakugo 100% nailed one of these to his dorm door after Kirishima wore crocs into his room one too many times and he got bored of blowing them up

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look is it too much to ask that i want deku and kacchan to have a stable friendship? even just?? a friendship??? all i want is some good ol fashioned character development. i want bakugou to still be loud and brash, but she could use that to protect his friends. or even??? just be? a little bit? nice? to deku (and bakusquad)?

but ya know kacchan’s basically comic relief in the anime right now. in the manga he’s had a lot more growth

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so idk if you're doing requests but if you are 👀 can I get some HCs or a scenario of bakugo x fem!reader who's in class 1-B and is an "idgaf" and a "cool as a cucumber" type tsundere???? thank you so muuuuuch~

a/n: i’m back from the dead so i am taking requests lmao. i like this request a lot, i feel like if bakugou met like a female counterpart of himself, he’d definitely catch some sort of feels.

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: swearing, fluff

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • You had a bit of a running gag in your class. You were 1-B’s Bakugou.
  • You were definitely bold and loud it seemed, but given a rare scenario, you’d open up to someone.
  • You never once imagine it would be your male counterpart, and one you’d been nicknamed after.
  • Katsuki Bakugou was a hardass, to say the least.
  • He was blunt, and aggressive, and came off as rude, but in the end, it was just his way of being honest and straightforward.
  • Still, you were unsure of how to feel.
  • The day dragged on like usual, kids staying out of your way in fear of you giving them a hard time over something as small as not moving out of the way.
  • You tried not to seem so mean, but you couldn’t help it. You were there for one reason, and one reason only. To become a pro. You didn’t have time for friends, or relationships.
  • But recently, you’d noticed you’d been slacking. And you were beating yourself up about it.
  • So that’s why you went to him.
  • “Hey, dipshit.” You pushed the door open to Class 1-A. Everyone stared at you as you made your way over to Bakugou’s desk.
  • “What the hell do you want?” Bakugou stood up, looking at you.
  • “We’re going head to head later today. Don’t be fucking late.” You cursed. Bakugou’s eye twitched.
  • “Oh, I’ll fucking kill you.” Bakugou taunted. He smirked and watched as you nodded.
  • “Gym Gamma after school.” You spoke, before leaving. Everyone was confused.
  • And so, until school let out, you wondered if you’d done the right thing. You knew no-one else would come watch, they’d be too scared. You and Bakugou had fought head to head before, and the teachers had to get involved before you both ended up in the ER.
  • Monoma noticed you looked uneasy in class.
  • “Thinking on how your date with Katsuki is gonna go?” He teased. You glared at him. He let out a chuckle and smiled.
  • “Not now, shithead.” You groaned. You’d gotten a C on your last test, and you weren’t happy about it. Even more, you’d slipped into fourth in your class. You were still doing good, but you knew you could do better.
  • “You didn’t deny it!” He cheered.
  • You slammed your head down onto your desk and awaited the final school bell.
  • You burst into Gym Gamma, your head held high. Bakugou was already there, in the school’s training uniform.
  • “Ready to die, princess?” He mocked you. You threw your stuff down on the floor and sighed. You’d changed before coming here in hopes to save time, but you were in fact, late.
  •  “Don’t call me that, dickhead.” You groaned. He charged at you, not giving you any time to prepare, which was fine.
  • You dodged and struck him when he switched to come at you again.
  • It was easy fighting Bakugou, or at least it seemed easy.
  • You knew he would always be able to counter if you dodged, and it was only ever figuring out which way he would come from.
  • You’d fought him before, and were a little familiar with his fighting style.
  • “Is that all you got?” He yelled, sending a blast your way. You jumped out of the way, but the tail end of the explosion hit you.
  • You fell onto the floor and groaned.
  • It was the third time he’d knocked you down so far. Your body was aching, begging for you to take a break.
  • “You giving up already?” Bakugou taunted, running at you to hit with another explosive punch.
  • “No.” You struggled to stand.
  • Bakugou landed another hit in your abdomen, sending you back. You hit the ground and coughed. Bakugou glanced at you.
  • Bakugou felt worried. Like he’d hurt you, badly.
  • You weren’t moving.
  • You weren’t moving.
  • “Hey! Get up! We’re not done.” Bakugou grunted, making his way over to you. That’s when he heard it.
  • Were you, crying?
  • “Fuck.” You sniffled. You moved your arms, using them to push you up, but you only stumbled.
  • “Keep going, don’t stop.” You said, finally standing back up.
  • “Are you fucking insane?” Bakugou questioned.
  • “I said keep going!” You ran at him.
  • You lost your footing, and fell into, his arms?
  • “You’re a real dumbass.” He groaned.
  • “Put me down!” You yelled. He pinned you against a wall and pressed his lips to yours. Your eyes widened before you melted into the kiss.
  • Why did this feel so right to you?
  • Bakugou pulled away and smirked.
  • “Why’d you asked for a fight?”
  • “I wanted to fight you.”
  • “I heard you dropped down a few spots in class.”
  • “Are you gonna help me or be an asshole about it?” You asked.
  • “I’ll help you, but I’m not going to repeat myself.” Bakugou snaked his arm around your waist and held you up.
  • “I can walk on my own.” You tried pushing him away.
  • “You’re my girlfriend now.” Bakugou grabbed your bag and slung it over his shoulder.
  • “Fine. I guess that makes you my boyfriend.” You mumbled.

»»————- ★ ————-«« 


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