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#katsuki bakugou

short filler

inky pens - katsuki bakugou x (american) fem reader!

warnings; swear words

soulmate au part 3


the sounds of a buzzing alarm woke up katsuki from his slumber. his eyes slowly opened as he let out a low and tired yawn. he rubbed his eyes and let out a sigh, hands then falling back down on the soft bed. 

another saturday, another free day. he never really had anything planned for the weekends, he’d just stay in bed and eat the whole day. he didn’t talk to anyone since he’d never leave his dorm, though, today was a tad bit different. 

katsuki didn’t forget about someone. ever since ashido had told him about soulmates and how he had one. how could he forget? they were his after all. 

he knew he had to look down at his arm, he wanted to, oh, so urgently. but, he was afraid. they didn’t answer him last time, they left him waiting. this caused him to have a deep despondency and made him wonder. could it be that..they didn’t want anything to do with someone like him? 

he let out another but frustrated sigh. he didn’t want to feel disappointed. 

but, of course how would he find out if they answered him if he didn’t check. he prepared himself for disappointment and leisurely looked down at his wrist. 

at first, katsuki didn’t know what to do or how to react. he only chuckled as his fingers traced the written words. the ends of his eyes creasing slightly as a beaming smile spread across his lips. “..finally.”

he sat up from his bed and looked over towards his nightstand, eyes scanning around the small table for a pen. once he saw the same writing utensil he used to write to his soulmate last time, he reached over and grabbed it, feeling some sort of excitement and desperation to reach and speak to that other person.

he looked back down at the words and noticed the lettering, wait, “english?”

katsuki furrowed his eyebrows as he tried putting everything into thought. did this mean he was paired up with someone with a different language? how the hell was that supposed to work? it would just make everything so complicated!

he couldn’t lie to himself, he was extremely glad and relieved that his special other had spoken up to him, at last. though, just thinking about the language barrier between them made him feel unnerved. he wondered if they’d be okay with him being japanese, he hoped they wouldn’t make fun of him. 

the english language wasn’t anything new to him since he would have classes with yamada, also known as present mic. yes, he understood the english dialect but it didn’t mean he was perfect when it came to writing it. he puzzled, looking attentively at his wrist. what was he gonna do now? he couldn’t just leave them hanging.

he bit his lip nervously as he stared down at his wrist. “come on katsuki..think.”

a knock on his door interrupted him from his short trance, he knitted his eyebrows in confusion, wondering who had the nerve to come and annoy him when he was obviously busy. they knocked again, followed by a couple of familiar voices, he could recognize their laughter in an instant. “bakugou? you in there?” 

katsuki exhaled before telling them to come in. the door slowly opened, revealing kirishima and mina smiling as they held a couple of small plastic bags in their hands. “good morning, sleepyhead.”

“whats so good about it?” he retorted, crossing his arms against his chest to try and hide his wrist. he didn’t want his friends to tease him about how he answered his soulmate even though he said he didn’t want anything to do with them. he was pretty stupid to jump into conclusions, now here he was, all worrisome over someone who he hasn’t met yet. 

“we brought you some donuts! we were going to invite you to come with us but you were asleep.”mina ignored his remark and walked behind the red spiky-haired boy. they placed the bags on his bed, his scowl slowly molding into a softer expression. “oh..well thanks.” 

“no problem bro, i also got you some onigiri just in case you got bored of sweets.” kirishima grinned, handing another bag towards him, “be careful though, you don’t want them to get all mushy.”

katsuki grabbed the bag and stared at his friends, confusedly. he didn’t know what this was all for, it wasn’t his birthday nor was it a special day. it was a normal saturday, “alright, alright whats all of this for? don’t tell me you want a favor from me.” 

“its not that.” kirishima tittered, looking over to mina. “it was a gift from all of us. you’ve been all quiet on us and we thought you felt ill. also, denki and sero said they were sorry about teasing you last time. the donuts are from them.” mina finished speaking for eijiro, chuckling nervously.

katsuki looked down at the food they got him and felt his face heat up, he didn’t deserve his friends. “you’re all so stupid.” he laughed as he placed the bag of rice balls beside him. “i’m not sick. i just feel very anxious..? i don’t know if that’s the word but..” his eyes fell down towards his arm, feeling uneasy at the thought of losing someone who’d become important to him.

the two friends followed his gaze, and gasped. “no way! don’t tell us you finally stopped being a coward and told them something.” “good job bakugou!”

“what?! i was never a coward! i just..seemed to feel bad for that person..”

ashido rolled her eyes “pfft- come one bakugou, you know it was impossible not to talk to them..we don’t judge you, if i was in your shoes then i’d do whatever you’re doing. it’s okay.” 

katsuki frowned, his chest beginning to feel tight. “’s gonna be really hard.”

kirishima furrowed his eyebrows at his response, feeling concerned for his friend. he sat beside him, putting the snacks to the side. “what do you mean by that?”

“yeah, whats wrong? we’re here to help.” mina added, walking over to the boys and taking a seat on the opposite side of kirishima. 

“i’m still really confused with all of this shit. i don’t know how i’ll be able to talk to my so called soulmate when they speak a whole other language..i would try writing japanese to them but they’d probably get confused or make fun of me or something i- just-fuck! who even thought it was a good idea to pair us both?! what if they live on the other side of earth while i’m fucking stuck here?! how am i going to be able to see them!? i feel desperate! i am desperate, dammit! i-i don’t know what i’m gonna do..i don’t even know why i care so much..maybe if i just let them go..?” katsuki ranted as he stared at the small innocent good morning written on his wrist, his carmine eyes becoming glossy.

his emotions were all over the place. he felt eager, angry, and bewildered. none of those feelings were towards anyone though, no one was to blame for this and he knew that. he felt trapped, he never in a million years pictured having someone that would mean something to him. this was all new to him, and having all these weird feelings made him sick to the stomach. he wished that time somehow passed by fast so he could have the chance to laugh at all of this at the end. as for now, he was stuck.

mina however, was the first to react, standing up from the bed to scold him.”what the hell do you think you’re doing doubting you and your partner?! you were both paired up together for a reason! don’t forget that! the ‘great’ bakugou wouldn’t be giving up! don’t tell me that you’re just going let this bring you down because of some stupid obstacles! the bakugou i know wouldn’t let things go without putting up a fight! come on! show them you have what it takes to be a real soulmate! show them you’re putting effort into this! and i bet they’ll do the same!”

kirishima then joined in, suddenly feeling inspired to cheer his best friend up.”yeah! c’mon man, this isn’t you! don’t go all weak on us! not on them! there is still so much time to get the chance to know one another so don’t pressure yourself. and i know you’ll get all frustrated with this, but, the best you can do is have patience. i promise everything is going to fall perfectly into place!”

katsuki was astonished, he couldn’t believe that his idiot friends actually rebuked him like some sort of child. he was at a loss of words. they were right, he wouldn’t give up, he would never doubt himself like that, he wasn’t weak, he was strong! and he was going to defeat whatever drawback or difficulty that was in his way. 

in order to do that, he had to study twice as hard. and, learning a new language didn’t seem so hard when there was people willing to help and support, like the two teens in front of him.

he stood up and shared a devilish grin that began to creep ashido out, she looked over at kirishima who looked terrified, they almost regretted preaching to him. “dude, what is going on with your face? you’re starting to look scary.”

katsuki rolled his eyes and looked under his bed for some shoes, planning on heading out to buy some stuff he knew he would need. 

“what are you doing?” mina tilted her head sideways, watching as bakugou grabbed his belongings. 

“im heading out.” 

“oh! oh! can we go! we promise we wont bother! we can come back and eat the food with you.” eijiro spoke exuberantly, sharing a large, sharp and beaming smile.

“yeah i guess..but don’t bother me, y’all got that? you’re all gonna have to stay quiet.” katsuki demanded, walking towards the door to walk out. the other two walked behind him, curious on what he was about to buy.

mina watched as he opened the door, hands on her chin as she thought. “what do you plan on wasting your money on anyways?”

“why do you care? be glad i’m letting you come with me.”

“c’mon man, don’t be lame! what’s so bad about letting us know..? don’t tell me you’re embarrassed.” kirishima teased, holding back a laugh.

“ shut up, shitty hair. tch…..i’m gonna go buy a couple of english books, okay? if i’m gonna talk to them then i must put some effort into this situation, right?” katsuki scratched the back of his neck, feeling heat rush to his face as his friends tried taunting him.

on this day forward, he promised himself that he wouldn’t give up on this soulmate thing. he was going to do whatever it takes to build a friendship with his partner, he was going to prove that he wasn’t frail, or boneheaded. he was going to show his soulmate what kind of man they got.

he tucked his hands in his pockets and breathed in deeply, the sounds of his friends blabbering becoming muffled. he wondered, would they appreciate what he was doing for them? he had so many questions he couldn’t wait to ask. he couldn’t wait to have a real conversation with them, and see how they’d be like. all of these thoughts were making katsuki feel so pumped up, it was all a mystery.

what did they like? what where they like? did they have a thing for heroes? would they still like him even though he’d be rude at times? would they be okay with being with him? what if they were just like him? would they wait till they grew up to meet?

he glanced at his wrist, feeling another small smile spread across his lips. he sure hoped so.

taglist; @chims-kookies

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BNHA Anti-Hero AU

Has anyone thought of this AU yet for My Hero Academia? Cuz here’s my thoughts

So it’s the usual bnha plot and setting but along with the Hero Association and league of villains/yakuza/whateverthefuck those guys are in the latest arc there’s the Anti-Hero Syndicate.

(By anti-Hero I mean good guys who lacks conventional heroic qualities not people against the hero association/hero society)

These would be scouted vigilantes or civilians with potential but couldn’t make the cut to be heroes, reformed villains or villains/criminals going through rehabilitation (either join the syndicate or go to jail type of deal and it’s only villains caught by the Syndicate not villains caught by the police or heroes)

They’d be a group that’s unknown/unaware by the public so that society doesn’t go trying to find them so they can be a hero and what not or think “oh if these nonheroes can use their quirk to fight bad guys so can I”

Because they’re not known by the public they don’t get fame, acknowledgement or credit for what they do. They don’t get paid as well as most heroes either

They work with heroes and villains to fulfill their own agenda though villains think they’re just other villains.

They work primarily by night to avoid witnesses and on crimes committed by villains and criminals like heroes but they work on more domestic crimes like the police would.

45% have lisences to kill and have their own form of punishment depending on the criminal.

Anti-hero members consist of very different people with different morales, ideologies, views on heroes.

I have more thoughts on this AU too like who how it was created, the leader, what they do, why they do it and I’ve already come up with a few OCs. But I don’t know if somebody else already thought of this or if horikoshi has something like this going on already.


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Made some BNHA chibis!! This is as far as I’m going to get tonight on making them, but I will consider trying to do some more of the BNHA crew.

Two questions before I go. First, whose your favorite BNHA character? Second, should I consider digitalizing these and selling them as stickers? I hope you all have a good night!! 🤗

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Blind-Deaf Bakugo

Chapter 1

That Day

It’s a beautiful day outside in Japan..warm and windy but just the right amount of windy,the sky is clear without any clouds covering the burning star they call the sun..a crystal blue day. While the day from outside continues there is another wonderful day happening inside of one particular high school..its not just your ordinary highschool of course! Since most of Japan’s population is filled with citizens who have quirks..most people are fighting to become a pro hero at the…U.A Highschool for students who want to become pro heros. Only the finest of Japan’s heros attend the school to teach students how to strengthen their quirks and possibly learn how to save others with them! Class 1-A a very special class some would say..they do quiet get into alot of trouble,but who are they to blame? Villains are always on that class and on others as well.

In 1-As classroom has a…very special student..he’s been there for most of the year and he doesn’t know much of his class mates..who is this student you ask?

Bakugo Katsuki

Katsuki was around 5 at the time when he suddenly hit with the flu in January, as days and days passed with being in day,the boy couldn’t hear a thing..just ringing. During that moment in bed his mother came in placing a tray down that had a small bowl of warm broth and glass of water “Katsuki,get up honey you have to eat something” his mother walked over to katsuki’s dresser grabbing a few clothes to change out the ones he had on that were probably sweaty and yucky. “Katsuki get up..” she said a bit louder to see if he would wake up, when she turned around katsuki still had his eyes closed looked like he was looking around “katsuki honey..get up you have to eat your soup” she walked over placing his clothes on his bed “katsuki are you ignoring me?” His mother raised a brow looking down at the boy who layed in bed confused.

That was when he finally sat up rubbing his eyes trying to open them, gross..some weird crust was on them preventing katsuki to even open them at all,he whined a bit trying to rub the crust off more but it didn’t make anything better,it just made it worse “what’s the matter katsuki?..” katsuki’s mother bent down placing her hands on her sons cheeks “tell me what’s wrong katsuki, you’ve been ingoring me this whole time and you finally decided to listen?” She chuckled with a smile waiting for a response from her son but he stayed silent “katsuki?..” she raised a brow “KATSUKI!!” she yelled in his face to even see if he was awake “BAKUGO KATSUKI!!” she then let go of her sons cheeks in shock, katsuki just looked around then placed his hands on his cheeks mimicking his mother a bit,she then took her two hands and snapped twice in both of her sons ears,out of panick she snaps more not getting a reaction from katsuki.

That day Bakugo Katsuki was taken to a doctor who explained everything to his parents about his condition.

His parents had to hire a teacher of katsuki’s own..teaching him how to speak with his hands,basically learning the alphabet for the deaf and blind,His parents soon learned and now it’s less difficult to speak with their son but difficult for him to go to places.

So on this wonderful day in Japan its amazing how Katsuki made it this far,all the way from kindergarden,elementary school..middle school and now high school.He sits at his desk with his hands together staring blankly at nothing he thinks..“if I wasn’t like would things be?..” he asked himself “easier maybe..for my parents mostly” he thought,he had another thought in mind when he suddenly felt the small vibration of someone coming to him..this vibration felt friendly and comforting.

Katsuki felt someone’s presence next to him..that soon went to his hands as this person took them holding them slowly spelling out


Tch..he knew it was kirishima the moment he felt the steps coming towards him,kirishima is the only one who really knows how to talk to bakugo and the only one who bakugo trusts. He can’t trust any of the other students in his classroom..for God sake he doesn’t even know how they look or sound like,but with kirishima it’s different..very different,kirishima speaks with bakugo a few more mins spelling things out in the palms of his hands. After a few more words kirishima walked around bakugo’s desk grabbing one of his wrists, katsuki used his desk for support as he brought himself up “alright..” kirishima whispered to himself leading bakugo out of the classroom still holding his wrist. Making sure he wouldn’t fall katsuki placed his free hand on the wall while walking, it was difficult but bakugo managed to walk down the steps of the building “christ all mighty, they should add a elevator if they don’t want him to fall..” kirishima mumbled under his breathe watching bakugo take the last step.


Kirishima continued to hold katsuki’s wrist as they walked out of the building heading to the dormitory and as they walked bakugo softly smiled at the feeling of fresh wind hit is face, it’s funny really..sometimes bakugo forgot that others can see him but he’ll soon realized he’s been caught from a small tap on the shoulder by kirishima, his smile faded away but a small Tch came out from his mouth as kirishima softly chuckled at katuski. It seemed like for ever but they made it to the dormitory and just by the looks of it everyone else was already there in their casual clothes, did they really take that long? “We’re here!” Kirishima yelled out taking off his shoes while also being support for bakugo as he took off his “Kirishima!” a pink haired alien ran over making loud thuds behind her causing harsh vibrations beneath katsuki’s feet,startling him making him tightly grip kirishima’s arm “We got some soba and onigiri, want some?” She asked full of energy “yeah yeah just–..careful how you guys come over! Scaring him like that..” he furrowed his brows obviously upset about his classmate running over like that “oh..s-sorry! My bad..” she broke a small sweat scratching the back of her head with a nervous smile.

Kirishima sighed and grabbed bakugo’s hand spelling out in his palm “F-R-I-E-N-D-S” katsuki didn’t have much friends other than kirishima but if they were kirishima friends..then…they were his too, in response bakugo nodded and let out a breathe of relief “Oi! Kirishima can I test something really quick with bakugo?” Sero asked as he CALMLY walked to him and bakugo “he isn’t a toy sero..”, “no no! Not like that I promise..” he reassured kirishima well cause usually sero and denki are the ones to trick bakugo or play around with him and its sometimes not in a friendly way. Sero took bakugo’s hands and took a deep breathe before spelling out “H-I” in bakugo’s palm, kirishima lit up as he watch bakugo do the same to sero “S-Sero! You..” he was surprised “Yeah I’ve been learning a bit” he smiled brightly “I’ve been wanting to talk with bakugo for a while so I finally decided to take some classes!” Kirishima was delighted that sero started taking classes,he smiled more as he watch sero spell a few more things to bakugo “I-M-S-E-R-O” he spelled. When Katsuki felt these pair of hands hold his

he questioned as they didn’t feel like kirishima’s,his hands were always so soft and warm but these..were rough and sweaty…..that’s nasty,But with sero talking to him it was also a surprise..he was happy but didn’t show it…maybe he’ll actually get to know his classmates.


To be Continued…

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1 week!

1 week until Future Heroes’ first chapter releases!

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, I’ve been struggling with my health and I’m excited to announce the comic is almost done!

You may notice a new face amongst the group…

Meet Sumire Mineta!

I wanted to include Ibara, Neito, and Minoru, but I wasn’t sure how. So, @itsmadrey gave me the idea to have the three of them together! Thus, Sumire is born.

Sumire drinks his respect women juice everyday (thanks to Ibara) and he mostly takes after Neito. His favorite activities include pissing off Kazuo, drawing dojinshis, and screaming into the void.

I’ll be posting countdown drawings everyday, so stay tuned!

My asks are open if you have questions about my characters or anything!

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Admin Kari better be getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep😤

Originally posted by alonelykaz

Katsuki Bakugou: “That’s what i keep telling that idiot.” 

Admin Kari: “Why are you doing squats in my office?”

Katsuki Bakugou: “Im stretching, you made me run all over to get you coffee.”

Admin Kari: “No i didn’t.”

Katsuki Bakugou: “No you didn’t.” “But i fucking thought you could use it, ok?” “Damn…show some gratitude for fuck sake.” 

Admin Kari: “Thank you for getting me gross coffee, i know you’re looking out for me, so i will drink it.” “And i will get some sleep later, i promise.”

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