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#katsuki bakugou

they’re sitting in the library when something trully phenomenonal happens. Bakugou’s trying to solve an integral for under a curve, but his eyes keep running to Kirishima, like moth drawn to flame.

Bakugou keeps on finding himself blinking at Kirishima, he catches himself about three times in the same math problem. he finds himself staring at Kirishima’s furrowed brows, the way that his razor-sharp teeth press into his lips, the way that his eyes are faraway as he tries to solve his question with focus.

Bakugou counts three seconds, absorbs Kirishima’s tanned slopes of skin, and then returns to his math. after a total of four minutes—they are done with the math sum. they compare answers, and, and. something phenomenal happens. their answers are different and with one skim through Kirishima’s answer, Bakugou realises that, fuck, fuck, fuck Bakugou made a plus-minus mistake. he made a mistake.

Bakugou returns to his notebook and scratches out his answer, swearing, redoing the math.

“uh, what happened?” Kirishima starts, blinking. “did you get… a wrong answer?”

“shut the fuck up,” Bakugou spits, never ready to admit his errors, cheeks burning. “it was your fault anyway.”

“hey, how was it my fault?”

“what? uh, shut the fuck up.”

Bakugou fights red ears and butter fingers for the rest of the study session.

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Out of all the yanderes that you write for, which ones would be the most possessive/protective of their darling?


  • Bakugou might not be the type to compliment you often, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think highly of you. For someone with as high standards for people as Bakugou, that doesn’t come without some weight to it. He holds you in high regards so he figures that other people feel the same about you. If he thinks you’re amazing, everyone else most likely does right?
  • This adds with it a sense of competitiveness and concern that someone might try to take you from him. He doesn’t think he’s unworthy of you or anything, far from it. Just that you being so likable means others might try. He doesn’t think you’d ever betray him in that way, but his trust doesn’t extend to others. 
  • This all creates a perfect storm for his possessive nature. Under the guise of wanting to be a caring boyfriend, he’s deluded himself into thinking cutting others off from you is for the best. That they’d only try to poison you with their thinking, and he’s fending them off for your own good. 
  • It also goes without saying that he keeps an eye out for you at every given opportunity. If you were in class together, he’d try to protect you during training exercises and the like. It’ll be accompanied by him chastising you, but he secretly feels content when he keeps you safe. It makes him feel like he’s the only person that could do this for you, and really validates him. 


  • Todoroki feels a sense of unworthiness when he’s with you. He adores you and puts you in such high regard, that he can’t help but notice how everyone else looks at you as well. Of course you’d be desirable to others, look at what you’re able to do to him! It makes him sick to his stomach, just the mere thought of someone else taking an interest in you.
  • He is protective over you to an overbearing extent. Always looking out for you, constantly going out of his way to ensure your safety. What he lacks in words he makes up for in action. Unfortunately for you this makes him desire to kidnap you as soon as possible. He views it as the ultimate form of protection, since no one else could interact with you.
  • He can be suffocating in subtle ways, not wanting to clue you in to just how delusional he is. Texting you almost too often but just stopping shy of being creepy, stuff like that. There’s a line that he comes close to crossing but before you’ve been kidnapped he stops himself from crossing it. Just for now anyways. 


  • Shigaraki wouldn’t have an issue with the immoral side of being possessive as much as most would. He doesn’t rush to try and justify his actions to himself, he simply just doesn’t see the point in that. He feels that he wants you, and he should have you. This means there’s no limit to his possessiveness over you.
  • On the off chance that he hasn’t kidnapped you yet, he would stalk you whenever he had free time. This means anyone you’re often in contact with would be observed as well. Anyone that acted a little too friendly for Shigaraki’s liking would be disposed off without any issue, their deaths ranging in intensity depending on how upset he felt about their relationship with you.
  • He’s not the textbook definition of protective, but he wouldn’t let you get into any situations where you’d be hurt. If he were to ever be watching you and saw someone trying to hurt you, they’d be suffering an awful fate for even making an attempt. It wouldn’t be a “knight in shining armor” situation either since he’s mostly upset about someone approaching you more than your actual safety being in jeopardy. 
  • He doesn’t know what to do with all the feelings you inflict upon him. It can be overwhelming at times, since he doesn’t have a good outlet for all the extreme emotions. Shigaraki doesn’t want to lash out on you, however, but that means someone else will get it instead. Most likely someone you were just talking to, or giving more attention to instead of him. 


  • For someone that likes humans and observing them in various situations, Izaya would not be keen on sharing you with the outside world. He wants all your new experiences to be related only to him, and no one else. He’s definitely the type to isolate you due to his own possessive nature, slowly making it so you rely only on him. 
  • He would take measures to prevent you from harming yourself. He isn’t protective in the traditional sense, since he doesn’t have any qualms to exposing you to extreme situations. But he wouldn’t ever want you to be mortally hurt or anything, his life wouldn’t be the same without you after all. 
  • Izaya definitely threatens those close to you into backing off before he kidnaps you. The range of subtly and severity of the threats depends on their relationship with you, but it’s enough to be effective. This is his way of isolating you and having you more open to him, but also satisfies his desire for you to only be with him.


  • Giorno tries not to be extreme with his methods, opting on escalating things only if it’s necessary. He tries the traditional methods of getting you to fall for him before moving to anything else. But if you’re apprehensive about getting into a relationship with him, that’s when he starts to use less desirable methods. 
  • He often has someone watching over you, reporting back to him about what you’ve been doing and who you’ve been talking to. Every aspect of your life is fully exposed to him, as he starts to pull strings behind the scenes. 
  • Things such as your job suddenly firing you, a random eviction notice at your apartment… all so that you have to rely solely on him. It isn’t done with any ill will towards you, rather, he wants to set himself up to be a hero in your eyes. He would even say that your past rejection is already forgiven, and that he’d do anything that you needed. 
  • This set up would put you exactly where he wants. He’ll kindly offer you a place at his villa, as if he wasn’t the source of all your troubles. He’d be able to look after you better this way, and ensure your safety. 
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Bakugou x Reader


Valentine’s Special #3

#1: Midoriya

#2: Todoroki

a/n: Last mini-drabble special and I’m most proud of this one, I think this is my favorite.  I hope you guys enjoyed these past 3 specials and had a great Valentine’s weekend with your s/o’s or yourselves because the most important person you should love is YOU my precious babies.

Now that all 3 are up, the first person to match all 3 verses to each of the 3 posts gets a free request of their choice.  Good luck~

Look forward to a few more fluffs since I took up this undertaking in the middle of writing a couple others in the next week before we finally get around to some more angst!


Bakugou confessed to me the night before Valentine’s Day. He kissed me as the light of the full moon illuminated his features and his faintly pink cheeks. After that, he promised to celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day in one big special day enough for both.

Having gained a key to my apartment, he would sneak in and close my bedroom door, letting me sleep late into the morning as he toiled in my kitchen. At around 11, he would finally knock on the door and wake me softly. “Baby, time to get up. Your teddy bear made brunch.” He’d place a full tray of food on the bed and gently stir me awake.

The first time I’d tasted his cooking, I was astonished how amazing it tasted.

“Hmph, just because I’m a little rough at the edges doesn’t mean I don’t have other hobbies,” he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Calm down, teddy bear.” I touched his arm gently. “Thank you, it’s really delicious.”

The proud smirk on his face didn’t leave until I was finished eating.  I occasionally fed him bites of the brunch in bed he obviously made with all the love in his heart.  Even years after our first anniversary, this was a custom he never forgot.

After finishing our little meal in bed, he’d cast the tray aside and smoothly slide in a pickup line before pining me down to the bed and drown me in kisses, ranging from steamy to chaste, as he whispered sweet nothings against my skin.

“I should probably leave my clothes here more often, my giant shirt looks sexy on you,” he smirked as he hovered over me one year before devouring my lips, lifting his shirt up to caress the warm skin of my waist.  Later that summer, he decided we should move in together.

And this would be the first of many times he would kiss me that day.  Afterwards, he would take me by the hand and practically drag me out of bed to the bathroom to get ready for an all-day outing.  The first year he did this, I complained like a child and shut the door on him when he teased me about getting me ready himself.  The second year, he said made the same threat, and I returned his smirk with my own.  "Go right ahead.“

Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out as suggestive as either of us thought.  Katsuki sat me down in a chair in front of the mirror and styled my hair for me.  He needed some help in the beginning, but got better as the years progressed.  It was therapeutic, the way his fingers ran through my strands as he worked.  Ever the fashionista, he would even pick out an outfit for me to wear from my closet only to have it match with an outfit from his own.  We’d always take a picture together and it would be his phone background for the rest of the year, until our next Valentine’s Day.

We’d leave the house into the light of day to soak up the Sun together, hand in hand.  Our day of fun would continue in a variety of directions.  Sometimes we would go to an arcade, movie, bowling, pool hall, the list was endless and nothing was really off the table.  One year, we had to stay home because I was sicker than a dog and we had a movie marathon at home.  Katsuki got dinner delivered to our house and we snacked on junk food all day.

At the close of the day, we’d come home and stand in front of the door, the darkness enveloping us together.  From some strange hiding spot - either near the building or on his person - he would produce a bouquet of roses and a box, sometimes of chocolates and sometimes of jewelry.  Taking his place right in front of me, Katsuki’s crimson eyes boring into mine with endless love that I can tell grows deeper every year.

He’d take my hand in his and whisper the same 3 words as the dim light, his cheeks still sometimes turning a slight flush of pink.

"I love you, teddy bear.”

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It’s near impossible to ignore the way Bakugou’s words affect Uraraka so intensely; what with his word choice, his pick of intonation, and his already smooth way of acting so nonchalant while saying whatever he wants to say- it’s how he was all throughout their years in highschool, and it’s how he is now.

Take right now for example: a collapsed building, Uraraka and Bakugou the first two responders, they opted to wear headsets for communication, and she’s exhausted out of her mind, but the voice (Bakugou) inside her head is pushing her to keep going, “We’ll meet outside, you can still move.”

Her breathing is quick, but she nods as if he can see her and grunts as she pushes the last piece of rubble to freedom, greeted by the sight of him just feet away, and shivers when she hears, “That’s my girl,” come right out of his mouth.

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Bakugou: HEY, pay attention, you half and half bastard! In the finals I’m going to absolutely crush yo—

Todoroki: Did you see my match with Midoriya? He was pretty incredible wasn’t he? I’ve never seen anybody able to directly deflect my attacks like that, I can’t believe he managed to last so long…and he broke his bones for me. You two are childhood friends, right? He never did that for you, did he? I think I’m the only person Midoriya has ever broken his bones for. Like, directly. He looked pretty amazing right before the match ended…Recovery Girl said he had to get surgery, I hope he’s okay…I really should go talk to him after this. I’m worried about him. I’m a bit jealous of you, Bakugou, you got to have Midoriya as a childhood friend. He’s amazing. He’s really really—

Bakugou: What the fuck seriously what the FUCK

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Yall send some bnha drawin requests and ill try to draw em 😖😳😳!!👍

I have art block and am bored so go ahead and send some asks for art 😳👍

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Reader: Gender Neutral
Character: Katsuki Bakugou
Rating: M
Summary:  Your boyfriend got grouchy when he was hungry. You being the lovely girlfriend you were, let him feed from you. And in return Bakugou went down on you. 
Warning: Vampire AU, Blood
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Bakugou's love language is words of affirmation. BUT not the typical "ilysm". Its more like, "Babe. You kicked ass. I'm so fucking proud of you." Then smooches.

hard smooches too~ like especially if he’s really proud and gets the adrenaline pumping a bit~ he wants to make sure you know how he feels but (especially in public) can’t bring himself to be a mushy gushy guy~ “you kicked ass” is basically his “I love you” or his “that was fucking hot” ~ I can see that too ~ he absolutely will also say things like “go get em” and “beat their ass” not just as words of encouragement but also his way of saying “you’re gonna do great” ~ it might be a process to navigate his words and translate what he means, but it’s pretty simple once you’ve got it~ plus his physical affections speak volumes~

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So, i have awful gag reflexes (gag at my pinkie kinda bad) and my friends make fun of me for it so, how do you think Bakugo would react to a s/o with bad gag reflexes?

he wouldn’t push for anything that would make his s/o uncomfortable~ he would be understanding of something like that and wouldn’t mind it~ blowjobs are great but not necessary~ after all there are other things he can fuck to have a good time~ if he were to fuck his s/o’s throat and they gag and become uncomfy, he would stop ~ especially at their request~ he isn’t the best at communication but sex is something very intimate to him and he wouldn’t want to fuck that up for his s/o~ really wouldn’t make a big deal out of it~ he can do other things that can suffice~ and make both him and his s/o satisfied~ 

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Naga Bakugo would 110% use his snake tail to coil around you, almost like a bed. Since I have held snakes before, I can confidently tell you it's both soft and firm, and you can feel their muscles moving under their scales, so it's really cool. Considering the fun fact that snakes have two cocks, you're gonna be tired and sore no matter what route you take. Even better, snakes will intertwine during mating, so you can expect to be restrained by his coils while he holds you close to his chest.

Originally posted by abasketofgifs

here’s the rest of that naga Bakugo from a lil while back~~~ I wouldn’t mind being restrained and made sore by his two cocks~ what a time~ what a time~ 

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Okay, so a while back a dear friend of mine made an INSANE Bakugou x Reader fic. There are male, female and N/B versions. Do yourself a favor and read this. It’s a panty ruiner, and this comes from someone who borderline hates Katsuki.


Please stretch and hydrate first.


Originally posted by kurapika-r

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