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Bakugou: Where’s your boyfriend, Round Face?
Ochaco: S-sorry?
Bakugou:  The stupid nerd
Ochaco:  What?
Bakugou: Has freckles!! With bush hair! Wants to be a hero. 
Ochaco: I’m going out with Kaminari. And Deku’s gay. 
Bakugou: *storms out of the room*
*Distant screaming*: DEKU!!

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Remember that dekukatsu doujin about kacchan’s nipple? the author of that doujinshi has a bunch of other doujins in the same vein (about kacchan’s nipple).

Do I buy them???? The total should add up to about 2000 yen, and i already have 3000 yen worth of kiribaku in my cart right now.

please hurry before they sold out

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I’ve hinted at this quite a few times, but in Shiori’s universe, Ground Zero is known for having the hairstyle that Bakugou had during his internship with Best Jeanist. I figured it was about time that I test out that design, so here are some sketches of Bakugou sweating out that hairstyle lol.

Also, Shiori (OC) is there, because why the heck not?  

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Overview: Your boyfriend and your cat don’t get along. Bakugou keeps trying to come up with different ways to get your cat to finally warm up to him.

Word Count: 2,171

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

Author’s Note: I never knew that fact about cats! That’s so cute, omg! I’ve actually never been a cat person, but once I entered the BNHA fandom… It’s like I can’t escape them now. Those little furry tsunderes are growing on me. :P

“That thing hates me.”

“Maybe he wouldn’t hate you if you stopped calling him that thing.”


Bakugou stared at the cat in front of him, eyes narrowing as it seemed to hiss at him when you weren’t looking. He didn’t know what you saw in that cat. It was rude and arrogant and walked around like it owned the place.

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Welcome back! Here’s part 2. once again, as per the request, fem!reader. This one is hopefully longer to make up for how long I was MIA. part 1 here

Y/N places the foamy hot chocolate down in front of Kirishima along with his omurice with a smile.

“I’ll be right back with yours,” she says to Bakugou without making eye contact.

Kirishima looks down at the cup and almost chokes. In the foam is a chibi of Bakugou with fire coming out of his mouth and yelling sfx floating around him.

He sees that there’s writing on the napkin,

Sorry for making your friend mad, enjoy this artist’s rendition of him.

“What did she end up drawing?” Bakugou asks, trying to not sound interested and not looking up from his phone.

“Ah, uh,” Kirishima doesn’t know what to do so he just picks the drink up and sips at the foam even though it is scalding hot. “She drew a cat for me but I drank it up already.”

Bakugou makes a noncommittal noise as Y/N makes her way back with Bakugou’s coffee and bread.

In his coffee foam is a drawing of Kirishima.

“Huh?” Bakugou says as he looks at it. “Why did you give me a drawing of him if he got a cat?”

Y/N raises an eyebrow at him, “he did get a drawing of you.” Kirishima just lifts the drink back to his lips as Bakugou shoots him a quizzical look. 

Ueno crouches down behind the counter and screams silently into the corner of his apron. Why are you like this?

He pops back up and calls to Y/N, “it’s time to clean the machine. A manager has to do it.” 

Y/N looks at the watch on her wrist, which she wears only at work so she doesn’t get caught on her phone. She’s about to tell him that it’s not time but sees him making wild gestures towards the back. She gives the two a quick bow and scurries away, tossing “enjoy” over her shoulder. 

“You look like you’re trying to land a plane,” she muses to Ueno who is now rubbing his temples. 

“well, I have the blood pressure of someone trying to land a plane that’s for sure.” Ueno presses his hands together and touches the fingertips to his lips, taking a deep breath. “You are an idiot. You are an idiot who is willingly messing with not just a customer but with a customer with the shortest fuse I have ever encountered.”

“Well, how did Nishida handle him when she was on this shift?”

“She didn’t! She ignored him and acted like a professional,” Ueno says, his eyes darting between Y/N and the register in case customers come in. 

She did what?” The two of them both jump as a shout is heard from the direction of the U.A. students' table. 

“We’re dead. We’re absolutely dead. If he doesn’t kill us, upper management will.” Ueno sinks to the ground, “I did my best.”

“Shut up, I’ll handle it.” Y/N trudges to the other side of the counter just within reach of the table they’re at. She glances around to see who is in the cafe and only sees one or two other regulars. 

She puts on a smile and heads over to the table, resting her palms on the very edge of it. “Is there a problem sir?”

“Yeah, you shitting on me with his foam drawing!” Bakugou says loudly. He hates being made fun of or looked down on. 

Y/N leans in a little closer, “you are disturbing the other customers. If you don’t stop, I will break both your kneecaps.” She says this quietly and in the most polite voice Kirishima has ever heard. He looks over for Bakugou’s reaction, wondering why he hasn’t exploded immediately. 

Bakugou just stares at her, his lips parted slightly and his expression blank. Slowly the corners of his lips turn up, “Yeah? Really?” He begins nodding. “Ok, fucking fight me then.” 

Ueno, who had been listening from the counter, nearly faints. 

“Sorry, no can do. I can’t fight a customer, it’s against policy.“ She says politely. Ueno nods proudly from the counter.

Bakugou slumps back in his chair, “Well what’s the fucking point then.”

“I said I wouldn’t fight you,” she smiles again. “but I won’t hesitate to eat you alive if you continue to disturb the customers.” Ueno is ready to vault himself over the counter and never come back.

“Yeah, whatever.” Bakugou goes back to drinking his coffee in silence.

Y/N makes her way back to the counter and leans against the customer side.

“He’s kinda cute.”

“I’m going to murder you in your sleep,” Ueno says monotonously.

“So we’re going back even though you said you hate the new manager?” Kirishima says as he struggles to keep up with Bakugou’s quick pace. 

“I didn’t exactly say I hate her. Plus she works the entire after-school shift and it’s my favorite place. I’m not gonna let her keep me away from it,” Bakugou grumbles. 

“I mean you said those exact words, ‘i hate her’, but ok,” Kirishima says with an eye roll. he slows a bit seeing the line out the door of the cafe. “Looks pretty busy today.”

“that’s just the after-school rush. it’s usually over by the time I get here though.” Bakugou pushes past people to get inside.

“Sorry,” Kirishima apologizes for him. “We just wanna look at the menu.”

The two watch as Y/N mans the register and does the drinks alone, seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal. She seems to take care of more than half of the line within minutes, going faster than should be possible. Bakugou chalks it up to experience. 

But then someone trips up her rhythm by coming back up to the counter to complain. (this next scene legit happened to me at the coffee shop i work at. like a month ago. as you may be able to tell, i’m still salty. this will be the interaction almost word for word)

“i think there must be a mistake these drinks are too strong.”

“Oh I’m sorry, what did you order? i’ll see if we can get this all fixed.” Y/N says, trying to get it over with to be able to get to the customer in line behind the woman.

“well my husband ordered them but they’re too strong, it must not be what I ordered,” she says while gesturing to her husband at the seats. Y/N recognizes the man and then looks at the drinks.

“Oh i see, he ordered two vanilla iced coffees with creamer. those are black iced coffees, i’ll come around and show you to the coffee station where we keep our creamer and sugar.” Y/N wipes her hands on her apron.

“You mean I have to put the creamer in myself? are you kidding me?” 

Y/N is taken aback, so much so that she flinches a bit.

“Ah, yes. We put them out by the drip coffees for people to be able to choose how much they want,” Y/N says meekly. 

“I’ll put some in but I don’t think it will do anything. These are too strong, I can’t drink this, it must be wrong.” the woman disappears to the coffee station for a few minutes while Y/N returns to her quick and efficient pace with the rest of the customers.

it’s not long before the woman returns, actually coming straight to the counter rather than waiting in line. 

“This is still too strong and my husband ordered whip cream on top that was not given to us,” the woman says. 

“I’m sorry. I do remember that i did double check with your husband before i handed them off to him. I put them in his hands personally, ma’am. He asked me if they were his order and i asked him did you order two vanilla iced coffees with room for creamer and he said yes. I’d be happy to ring you up for something different if you don’t like it. our grounds are a lot stronger than other brands and i know it can be really offputting for some who don’t like it like that.”

(i legit did ask her husband. i mean someone else took his order but i was there the whole time, that’s what he ordered, he actually asked specifically for half and half, and my coworker even told him, our creamers are over there and he said ok thanks. and i called out the order and he came over, pointed to the drinks and said “is this one my order?” and i said “oh, did you order two vanilla iced coffees with room for creamer?” and he said “yeah that’s what i ordered” so i said “then yup these are them, have a nice day” and then all this bullshit happened and she asked to speak to the manager and i was like hello yes that me).

“No i cannot drink these, it’s still too strong. I want something else. I want to speak to the manager, you’re making me cause a scene. everyone is staring at me now” 

(she actually said that. like yah they’re all staring at you?? you’re being so rude? i also work at one at/near a school so people my age are like way more chill about stuff. also it’s considered like absolute no no to be rude or cause scenes in public in japan so they would be staring even more if this actually happened in japan)

Bakugou has had enough, he just wants some fuckin coffee.

“She is the manager,” he says in a firm voice from his end of the counter. “and you’re holding up the whole line. She took care of everyone by herself and you’re making this hard for everyone.” 

The woman backs off after that and the pace returns to normal. Y/N finally gets to Bakugou and Kirishima.

“The usual, boys?” Y/N says with a smile. “Thanks for that, I was caught off-guard, really tripped me up.”

“Whatever, she was holding everyone up,” Bakugou says putting down the money for his coffee and scone. 

“I’ll actually have one of the sodas you offered the other day, but same food.” Kirishima says. “You were taking all those orders and making drinks so fast. you must have a lot of experience here. How long have you worked here before you took this shift?”

“Ah, i’ve actually only worked here for about a year. It was really my quirk at work. I can slow time around me just a little bit, really not by much but enough to get the job done.” Y/N says as she rings them up. 

“you have a quirk? and it’s actually kinda useful?” Bakugou says.

“yes, you dunderhead, I have a useful quirk. Just because I don’t go to a hero school doesn’t mean i don’t have a quirk. I’m just not interested in hero work.”

And the nice moment is gone, Kirishima thinks to himself. 

“What are you interested in?” Kirishima asks quickly to get the conversation off of quirks.

“Ah I want to be a biomedical engineer with a minor in computer science or similar.” Y/N says with a wide smile. “My mom lost her arm when I was little and it was my dream to be able to create a prosthetic that has actual movement so that’s probably where i’ll end up after college. Or i might have to do more schooling outside of a four year but I’ll burn that bridge when i get to it.”

“Wow, that’s so manly!” Kirishima beams. Y/N laughs a bit before heading to get their drinks and food. 

“Go ahead and sit. now that the rush is over, I’ll bring them to the table.”

Y/N quickly begins the espresso for the latte Bakugou ordered. Ueno told her that he always orders with an extra shot and less milk. She likes that, the less milk makes it easier to foam without having to do it manually so much. 

She runs to the back for a melon soda for Kirishima and tells the cook about the omurice. it’s too bad that he has to stay in the kitchen. she could’ve used the help earlier. 

she brings the soda back to the front and begins pouring the foam into the latte to get the leafy pattern in the foam but holds it a little too far towards the center and doesn’t swing the pitcher back and forth in her rushing so, without realizing, she makes something that looks more like a heart instead of a leaf. 

“Omurice!” the cook calls from the back and Y/N quickly grabs the order and puts it on a tray with the latte and melon soda. She puts Bakugou’s scone through the warming oven and grabs a cinnamon roll from the baker’s rack. 

She scurries over to their table and places the food down first, “I brought over a fresh cinnamon roll as thanks for earlier.” She smiles and then puts down the drinks. “Enjoy!” Y/N quickly heads back to the counter in case anyone comes in. 

Bakugou begins cutting into the cinnamon roll but is interrupted by Kirishima putting a hand on his wrist.

“bro,” Kirishima says looking at the coffee cup in front of Bakugou. 

“What,” Bakugou looks down. Down at a little heart in his latte foam.     

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Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, may trigger insecurities, fluff if you squint a little I guess

Summary: A nod of pity for the plain girl

A/n: Inspired by Dodie’s song and another softy Blasty imagine.

Originally posted by allenzwalker

You know those days when its just not your day? Well it hasn’t been your week. You are stressing out about the upcoming midterms, struggling to master your new move, your quirk is acting up and causing you to mess up during training and to top it all off, you haven’t been exactly feeling beautiful because of the breakouts you’ve been having and people telling you you’ve gained weight. It doesn’t help as well that you’re homesick.

Looking around, everyone seems like they’re doing fine or excelling.

It was like you’re the only one drowning.

Why do you have to be so weak?

Why can’t you keep up with your friends no matter how hard you try?

You skipped lunch and stayed in the classroom to be alone with your own thoughts. Little did you know, someone had been eyeing you.

Bakugo hated himself for being too aware sometimes. He instantly knew something was wrong when he looked at you. Your smiles don’t quite reach your eyes when you talk to your friends, your voice and laugh just don’t sound right and it annoys him that you try so hard to put up a front in front of everyone. To appear collected when he can clearly see the panic bright as day behind those e/c eyes.

So when he saw you weren’t in your usual place beside Momo at lunch, he found himself searching for you. Then he saw you. Head down on your desk on top of your arms, shoulders trembling as your quiet sobs and sniffles echo in the empty class room.

This was so unlike you, he realized. You were always the optimistic one, sometimes too much even that’s why you often got on his nerves. Seeing you like this now just feels so wrong to him. He frowns, should he say something to you? Hell, the only other time he talks to you was whenever you’re teamed up with him.

He looked around and scowls, thinking how this should be your close friends’ responsibility and not his. But then when he looked back at you, his heart clenches. Because he knew exactly how that felt once. To be trying so hard to land back on your feet only to realize you’re getting left behind. He sighs and cursed to himself as he swings the door wider.

“Oi, Y/L/N. What are you doing in here?” he asks, causing you to scramble in your seat. Wiping your face with the sleeves of your uniform.

“Oh sorry. I-I know I’m not supposed to be here.” you apologized, wincing at the sound of your own hoarse voice. You clear your throat and start to make your way to the door.

He caught your wrist as you pass him. You look up at him in shock when he suddenly pulls you to the side and closed the classroom door behind him.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, though his face has that usual annoyed expression, his voice had never sounded gentler. “Come on, spit it out.” he rolls his eyes at you and sighs.

“Huh? Nothing’s wrong.” you say, averting your gaze and trying to pull away from his hold. Bakugo refused to let you go though, making you wince when he held your wrist tighter. “Then why the fuck were you crying?” he asks. You shake your head vehemently, muttering, “I wasn’t.”

“Stop lying.” he hisses, eyeing your red puffy e/c eyes. “I’m fine.” you lied again, voice breaking at the end. What Bakugo did next caught you completely off guard. He pulls you to him and held the back of your head against his chest. “You’re not.” he says then sighs. “And that’s okay.”

Your eyes start welling up with tears again. You didn’t think anyone noticed, Bakugo of all people specially. You shake your head and whisper, “I’m not.” Your face crumpling as the stupid tears come flooding in again causing you to tremble in silent pained sobs. He held you and let you soak his uniform with frustrated, sad, tired and angry tears. “I know.” he whispers back, awkwardly yet gently patting your back.

You didn’t realize how much you needed this. Your cries become unbearable that you had to muffle your sobs in his chest. Your hands coming up around his slim waist as you let your frustrations out. Bakugo looks down in surprise at the gesture. His brows raising for a moment before putting the hand he has shoved in his pocket on your back as well. He gingerly held you, his large calloused hands going on your hair and back, rubbing soothingly.

“Better?” he asks when you pulled away and wiped your face. You nod shyly, hiding your face in your hands. “Thank you.” you murmur. Bakugo sighs and patted your arm before he turns to go.

“8pm tonight, bring your reviewers and meet me in the common area.” he says, making you look up at him in confusion. “We’ll start with the subject you’re having the hard time the most. If we finish early, we’ll try that new move your working on.” Bakugo shoves his hand back in his pocket and turns the knob with the other, swinging the door open.

“Don’t make me wait.” he says before stepping into the hallway.

You can only smile as you watch him walkaway. No longer feeling like your world is coming to an end all thanks to one Bakugo Katsuki. Who the hell would have ever thought?

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I’ve recently been dipping my toes into the digital art world and I’m real happy with what I’ve made so far, it’s hecka reference and took me a long ass time cuz I’m a slow drawer but I love what I’ve done so far. I applaud all digital artist cuz this isn’t the easiest and getting the hang of it takes a hot minute. The first I finished a few minutes ago and the other was a gift I drew for my friend. I’m super happy with them and wanted to share.

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Sorry to rant but one thing I hate is when people disregard Baku’s development and go like “hE hASN’T chANgED iN 20o ChApTERs” like it’s been like more than half a year since they’ve started school in canon, he’s not gonna do a 180 character change in that period. Specially if the manga is going to go the long route and give us an insight on school life till they graduate. (Also he has had development haters just can’t read)

random anti: “bakugou hasnt changed uwu”

me, an intellectual with reading capabilities:

and, like you said, this is JUST IN THE AMOUNT OF TIME SINCE HE ENTERED UA (there was very minor development before that, like how he stopped picking on deku after the sludge villain incident)

hori has also said that he will be doing a time skip (mild sobs from me but omg the canon-compliant fanfic potential) AND the series isn’t even halfway over yet.

all in all checkmate antis get yeeted on

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those lil mangacaps of bakugou that you posted where he has that shooketh expression from deku beating him.. is that real? or an edit

THEY’RE REAL!! they’re really real and canon babey anon!

he’s absolutely devistated! he literally cannot fathom losing to izuku! this is why reading the manga is important if you really wanna feel the entirety of the emotions as hori intended! ❤️

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