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#kensuke kurosaki

*group call*

Kai: *rummaging loudly in his kitchen*

Kai: *begins to eat fries obnoxiously loudly*

Kurosaki: I never thought waffle fries would make my ears hurt…

Kizami: World’s loudest fries.

Kurosaki: *quietly giggling*

Kizami: What if there was a restaurant that had a tourist attraction for the world’s loudest fries?

Kai: Sh-Shut up!! I’m in the kitchen. I can’t be loud in here…

Kurosaki: Would they be like Pokémon where they would just scream “fry”?

Kizami: *intense wheezing*

Kai: *continues to make more noise*

Kizami: He’s actually just opening a bag of potatoes…

Kurosaki: W H E E Z E

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