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#kids in cages

Anne with an E S3 is breaking my heart with the Ka’kwet story line. Because we’re doing it again. Taking brown children away from their parents, locking them up, and torturing them. We did it to Native people and now we are doing it to Hispanic people. And so like Anne I am grieving.

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The more I learn about the conditions of the kids in cages here in the States, the more parallels I draw with the Holocaust.

A group that has been historically demonized and vilified is now being used as a scapegoat (more intensely than prior times) and is being imprisoned in atrocious and inhumane conditions and/or deported for no reason whatsoever.

The only difference is the government - Nazi Germany was controlled by Nazis and had no government since Hitler dismantled it in 1932 or 33, and the military subsumed the police force and proceeded to run rampant, effectively making it a military dictatorship. Also NG expanded into neighboring countries and continued it’s genocide. The US still has a three-branch government and a democracy, and still has 2 distinct political parties. The American military is still separate from the police force and the military is also restricted and hasn’t been unleashed on the populace, nor has America invaded and expanded into neighboring countries like Canada or Mexico.

But otherwise the conditions are nearly identical, the only difference among the similarity being that some people have been released.

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