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#killing stalking

Hey yall x3

If your a killing stalking blog that posts art, aes, and ships without hating other ships in the fandom, can you rb this? I wanna get to see some new art and stuff but theres a ton of discourse and violence’s in the tags and my mental health cant handle that ;n;

Anti’s DNI

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So I started reading this manhwa “Painter Of The Night” because I’m attracted to the pretty art style, but then I realized…..

Oh great. It’s another story that features a violently abusive seme and a submissive uke who’s scared out of his fucking mind and most likely will develop Stockholm syndrome for his abuser. And the fujoshi fans are obviously going to romanticize this and become apologists for said seme. Gee, wonder where I heard of that before. 😒 (glares at Killing Stalking)

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