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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I literally cried out of joy during the animal crossing direct this morning because I’m so excited. Everything looks so HQ and beautiful I’m ready to be whisked away y'all aaaa

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It’s so frustrating to be able to see, but not be able to see. Like, I technically have 20/20 vision, but my comprehension is half shit, I constantly have headaches and readings hurts. I’m getting glasses, but they can’t come soon enough.

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This is just a list of projects I want to make/finish. I’m going to use this as a reference point. Don’t really pay attention to this, but I will start posting about these soon. If you want to know about any of these, don’t be afraid to ask.  A lot of these are Temp names or just general descriptions.


Reincarnated Hearts


Comics/Graphic Novels

Goldi’s Plague 

Ghost Camp


Logs from the Survivors

The Starhandler

Monster School Radio Show

Short Stories

The Rose Stalker

Grandma Who Was In A Cult


Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions

Bright Child Sprouting Up!

A villain Deku and villain Bakugou AU

Is it obvious I have way too many ideas…

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Are ⁉️you 👉🏻🤭 a Gold 🥇🏆👑 Star 🌟💥💫 lesbian👯‍♀️👩‍❤️‍👩? (Just in case 💁‍♀️😌 you don’t know 🙅‍♀️⁉️🤷‍♀️❌ what it means 🧏‍♀️🤔🙉, a Gold 🎗🏅 Star ✨ lesbian 🏳️‍🌈👭 is a lesbian 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💞 that has never 😡🤦‍♀️ had sex 🔞👀💋 with a guy 🚷👨🏻😯 and would never ‼️👎🏻 have any intentions 😏🤭 of ever doing so 🥴🤡👐🏻)

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I figured if I’m going to get back into this website, might as well promote where I’m more active.

As nobody probably knows, I like to write, and b/c of that I’ve started writing fanfic. My only current fic (if you ignore the two hetalia fics) is called Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions. Long title I know.

If you like :

- Dadmic

- Quirk! Izuku

- Kid Antics

It might be the fic for you! Do heed the warnings as their are some sensitive topics.

I hope if you read it, you enjoy! If you want, comment that you came from tumblr, I’d love to talk to people about it.

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So friends I’m gonna work to try and get my queue back up, but it might take me a couple of days, please be patient with me while I do. As of 5pm PST we did get our power. Between work slowly killing me, fighting off *something* and being depressed, it’s going to take me a hot minute.

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So i’m soooo bad at responding to asks that i’ve had sitting there for years, should I try to post up my responses and finish em? >_> 

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The bingo memes are so fun! But the dentist visit is catching up to me. (As can be seen by the decreasing amount of commentary on the bingo cards) soooo sorry if I missed someone!

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