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#kirishima eijirou

Kirishima has no idea how he landed such a cool bird boyfriend but he’s not complaining.
Tokoyami has a better poker face about it but he’s also very thrilled by his buff boyfriend.

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WHat are kiris fav things, he loves hugs but like, anything else?

I could literally fuckin go on for hours about what Kiri loves

I also have an ask buried in my lil box about what kinda dates Kiri likes, so I’m gonna answer it here too!!

Kirishima loves hugs, but in reality he loves it so much because he literally just loves touching you. He’s an affectionate guy, and it’s really manly to express how much he loves you!!! Something as small as just holding pinkies with you is enough for him, so long as he’s touching you.

Bonus, doing this proves to anyone who sees that he’s yours, and you’re his! So basically he’s winning at life rn

Taking you out for dates is another thing that he absolutely adores. Anything from cute little movie theater dates, going hiking, shopping at the market or the mall… even just going to the post office can be considered a date with how much he just loves being with you. When you offered to go to the gym as a date, he swore right then and there he was going to marry you.

Honestly, anything to do with you is going to be his favorite thing. Because his favorite thing is you!

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A Midoriya and Kirishima rewrite of Ovid’s battle between Achilles and Cygnus (Met. XII.64-145)

WARNING: Character Death and Myth-typical Gore


Rumor was that the Greek fleet would arrive any minute, so when it breached the horizon and then slid up on land, thousands of brave warriors filling the shore, Kirishima and Bakugou were not surprised. Tenya was the first to fall beneath Kirishima’s spear, making the Greeks pay dearly for daring the battle because of his might. They learnt at no small loss of blood the power behind those hands. Now the Dagobah shores ran red: now Kirishima had killed a thousand men.

Midoriya pursued him on chariot, laying whole columns of men low with blows from his mighty spear. His eyes searched the battle lines frantically, looking for Kirishima or Bakugou, and first he came upon Kirishima.

Midoriya urged on his horses, their snowy necks straining against the harness as he drove his chariot straight at the enemy, using every ounce of his strength to strike out with quivering spear. “Young warrior, whoever you are, take comfort that you will be killed by Midoriya, strongest of warriors!” His heavy spear followed his words, but although there was certainly no error in his spear’s flight, still the blade’s sharp point had no effect, only bruising Kirishima’s chest, like a blunted weapon.

“You are the epitome of man!” Kirishima laughed, “I’ve heard of your fame! But why are you so amazed that I’m not hurt? I don’t need either this helmet you see with my yellow horsehair crest, nor the hollow shield on my arm to protect me; I wear them just for show. After all, Mars wears armor as ornament, as well! But even if I throw away my helmet and shield, I will still leave every battle unharmed. For all the ocean’s gods have blessed me.”

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Originally posted by vickyzzeix

A three-part series in which Bakugou must admit to himself that you don’t mean nothing. Hero!Bakugou x Sidekick! Reader. Part II, Part III

Song 1 and 2.

 Reader’s quirk: Perfect accuracy, anything the user throws or hits with another object will strike the target in the intended spot. Hero name: Bullseye. 

This takes place 7-9 years in the future, giving a chance for Katsuki to cool his head.


   One: “Damn! I’ve grown accustomed to your face.

You are a nobody. An inexperienced young hero with a bit too much enthusiasm and gumption. He didn’t take you on because you’re the best, no, he did it as a favor to Kirishima—Red Riot didn’t have space for you at his agency, but he’s the hero you did your internship and work-study with. Here at the Ground Zero Agency, he’s always in need of fresh meat. He hasn’t had a single sidekick last more than two years. His turnover rate was astronomical—but he accepts nothing but the best. He demands excellence.

So why the hell are you making a nuisance of yourself on the second day?

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authors note: cause i’ll be there for all of them with open arms, open legs, and an open mouth OOP

warning: masturbation, oral (f recieving), dirty talk, teasing, bondage , choking, and degrading



Originally posted by osakaxkobe

• Bakugo had been gone all day on a mission, it made you miss him so much.

• He hadn’t touched you in awhile and it didn’t come to your head until you were on the phone with your best friend Uraraka talking about her sex life

• You didn’t realize how long it had been since Bakugo pounded your pussy

• “Hey Uraraka, I have to go something came up.”

• “Ok! Bye [Y/N].”

• You quickly hung up the phone and threw it to the side of the bed

• You quickly made quick work of your pants and slid you hand into your panties

• You slid your other hand up into your shirt and started playing with your nipples getting yourself riled up

• You began to rub your clit thinking about Bakugo and how you wish his head was in between your legs

• You began to pick up the pace and moaned loud through your shared bedroom with Bakugo, “Fuck!”

• You screamed out as you stopped rubbing your clit and slid your middle finger into your pussy keeping a decent pace

• It wasn’t enough, It wasn’t as great as it could he with Bakugo

• “Fuck; Bakugo just like-.”

• You heard a dark chuckle cut you off as you stopped touching yourself and looked at the blonde man smirking at you and leaning against the door frame

• “Who said you could stop?”

• You couldn’t believe that he was right there and you started taking your hand out from your undies as he was on the bed already

• He took your hand out and slid it into his mouth

• He tasted you and it was making you wetter by the second

• He growled and licked his lips, “Your pussy always taste so fucking good.”

• He started taking your panties down your legs and spread your legs

• “Since you seem to love to cum so much, im going to eat that pussy until you can’t scream my name anymore.”

• You gulped as you he began to kiss around your thighs, you were in for a long night



Originally posted by unfamiliarworld

• He was tied to the chair as you sat on him in your satin lingere

• “Fuck kitten, green is really your color.”

• You slowly crawled off of him and sat on the bed as you brought your one leg up

• You pulled your panties to the side as you heard Izuku deeply growl and try to contain himself

• “You pussy is dripping for me. Untie me. Now.”

• Your response to that was you rubbing your clit, you began to moan his name as you watched the boner in his pants grow

• “This isn’t a game y/n , untie me now.”

• You picked up the pace rubbing your clit, your back arch into nothing as you felt so good touching yourself

• all of a sudden you felt a hand around your throat as you let go of your hand

• you looked up at izuku and saw the lust in his eyes and you moaned around his hand

• “god you are such a whore, go lean against the headboard.”

• you crawled over and laid against the headboard

• As Izuku started stripping himself he smirked thinking about what he was going to do to you

• As he began to crawl towards you, you’ll never forget what he said

• “Babygirl, there are two things im breaking tonight this headboard and you.”

• You definitely didn’t forget that night



Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

• You leaned against the shower, your tits pressed the wall as your hand was in between your legs.

• You were rubbing your clit as fast as you could, you were so turned on watching kiri on the news and saving people

• Watching him in his hero costume was so fucking hot, you wanted him to fuck you with that head piece

• Or you just wanted to cum on his face with that headpiece either way

• The headpiece made you feel some type of way

• “Oh my god kirishima,” you quietly moaned out

• a hand was sliding down your arm in between your arms and you felt something hard pressing against you

• “you called for me?”

• Kirishima moved your hand as he began taking over for you

• You leaned your head back against his shoulder and moaned louder

• You slightly oped your eyes and looked at Kirishima who had his headgear on but was focusing on your clit

• He slightly pinched at your clit and and began softly biting your shoulder

• “God you are such a horny slut, I can’t wait to make your legs go weak.”

• That’s exactly what he did



Originally posted by ryuuqamine

  • Todoroki had texted you very specific instructions as you were getting turned on by what he asked you to do
  • You decided to shower and put on some red & white lingere
  • You put you brushed your hair and tried to make an effort to make it nice
  • Knowing it wasn’t going to look like that since he likes to pull on your hair
  • You got on the bed and put the blindfold on around your eyes as you waited for your boyfriend to come home
  • As you were waiting, you were getting more horny
  • He was taking long and there was already a wet spot on your panties
  • You kept shifting in your spot as you just shrugged your shoulders and slid your hand into your panties
  • Moaning louder and louder you didnt hear Todoroki coming into the room
  • The bed dipped as you gasped and stopped what you were doing
  • “Why’d you stop? It looked like you were doing fine without me.”
  • You whimpered, “Please Todoroki, please fuck me.”
  • Todoroki grinned as he began to strip, “you don’t cum until I tell you too, understand?”
  • “Yes, sir.”
  • You nodded your head as you just wanted him inside you
  • You were in for a hella of a ride home 


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