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Generation of miracles with a S/O who’s better than them at basketball but is shy about it/doesn’t show off too much headcanons plz! 🙌🏼😁🤩😁🙌🏼

A/N: Heyy anon,,these were fun to write so we hope you like them hehe ~Bliss & Lily


Originally posted by stuff-y


  • You knew your boyfriend, Aomine, was a really really good basketball player
  • He was also really intimidating on the court
  • Which was why you never told him you could play
  • Of course he found out eventually when he invited you to play 2v2 with him against Kagami and Kuroko
  • He honestly didn’t think you’d be able to play well and just thought you’d look cute playing
  • He was right about one thing
  • You were extremely cute when playing
  • But you were also extremely good
  • Like he barely gets to touch the ball and you guys were winning??
  • Let’s just say Aomine was confused and just stood there with a dazed look on his face
  • “Oi Y/n, why didn’t you ever tell me you were good at basketball?”
  • “Ummm…”
  • “Nevermind, I know now,” he said with a smirk
  • He proceeded to practically kick Kagami and Kuroko out of the court and challenged you to one-on-one
  • In which you beat him
  • When the game ended, he just stared at you with the same dazed face except this time you could see his eyes were brimming with happiness and love
  • Having an s/o who not only plays basketball but can beat him in it was the best thing he could ever ask for
  • “Guess I’m not the only one who can beat me now”
  • You blushed at his words
  • From then on, you guys would spend lots of time playing basketball
  • You’d teach each other different skills and challenge the heck out of each other
  • The scariest thing is when you two team up
  • Once you played together a bit and got used to each other, you two became unstoppable
  • At the end of every game you play and win together, Aomine would now say “The only one that can beat us is us.”

Originally posted by kunikidaz


  • Akashi didn’t you were good at basketball
  • He didn’t even know you could play
  • So it came as a shock to him when you told him you were on the school team and that you were playing a game the next day
  • He got over his initial shock pretty quickly and decided to support you fully at the game
  • The game was about to start and he saw you lead your team onto the court and go to shake hands with a person from the other team
  • So you were captain, just like him
  • Your team got into position and Akashi noted that you were in the point guard’s position
  • When he actually saw you play though, he was beyond impressed
  • Your skills were on par with his, maybe even better
  • You dribbled fast and confused all your opponents
  • They couldn’t steal the ball from you either no matter how hard they tried
  • Pretty soon, the gap between the scores started increasing
  • Akashi smirked as the first half ended
  • I’m gonna need to challenge y/n sometime…
  • The second half started and the opponent seemed to play better, quickly equalizing
  • Akashi started to worry a little until he saw a glint in your eye
  • Suddenly, your movements became faster and more refined
  • Akashi looked closely and saw you were in the zone
  • Not only that, you managed to put your entire team in zone too
  • Just like he did
  • He was bursting with pride and admiration at this point
  • When the game ended, you met him outside the gym where he congratulated you on your win
  • He then went into an in-depth analysis of your skills and the game
  • Basically he was just complimenting you fancily
  • He really was impressed tho
  • And he looked forward to playing with, as well as against, you in the future

Originally posted by strifeshart


  • It was when he told you he would teach you how to play basketball as his partner
  • For him, it was a date for how romantic it is
  • At first he teaches you the basics, he dribbles the ball from left to right and a crossover
  • And so the game begins
  • Standing at the center of the court, pressure is all you could feel
  • With the stance that can have your reflexes actioned well, Kise is dribbling the ball slowly enough for you to follow its steps
  • You as the defender, follows his footsteps as fast as lightning
  • You are about to catch him and you did- it’s because he retrieved his last step, placing his right forwarded foot earlier backward and so he enters the shooting position, lifts the ball in the air and shoot
  • You are amazed for he did Midorima’s high projectile three
  • The game continued with the ball in his possession again but with faster dribbling
  • You are no prodigy, well, you are no basketball player either
  • But the second you stole the ball from Kise’s fast dribbling results him stunned by your surprising entry
  • Now, thanks to him earlier, you are able to shoot from the center line, just by seeing it 
  • “Woah Y/N-cchi! You didn’t tell me you can play!”
  • You performed it just exactly as him, not an inch of difference was distinguished
  • And Kise is amazed, for he already knows that your specialty is also the same as his, COPYING.
  • And so the battle of the cats begins!
  • Both with the talent who can copy the other’s movements 
  • You don’t expect a good game but who can copy the most?

Originally posted by zechs


  • Surprisingly for Midorima, you two went on a date
  • It’s your way home, when a ball hit your boyfriend’s head from behind
  • “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?!” You redirect your sight to the lively public court nearby, being played with a bunch of 5 old-looking highschoolers
  • You could only tell it was on purpose for they are laughing at your boyfriend
  • You are about to tell them off but Midorima stops you by grasping your hand
  • “It’s okay Y/N. Don’t mind them-nanodayo.”
  •  “But-”
  • “Hey tall megane! Come join us for fun!”
  • You look at Midorima, only to hear a “no”, he tells you he didn’t want to ruin the day but it was ruined beforehand
  • You sigh, and raise your right hand to seize attention
  • “I’ll play. 5 vs 2, how about that?”
  • “Y/N, when did you start learning how to play basket-”
  • The game starts with perseverance in both teams
  • It’s this moment that pride comes first
  • The ball is on the other side’s possession, he’s about to shoot it when Midorima blocks it
  • The ball bounces off within your reach, you dribble it and make your way to shoot it from a nearer distance
  • You surpass every opponent’s defense, and as a high jumper, you jump as high as you could and dunk it in
  • They are surprised, but Midorima’s reaction is the one you want to see the most
  • The day ended with you and your boyfriend winning, while walking towards your home he complimented you many times as if diamonds and jewels

Originally posted by zechs


  • You and your boyfriend were on a date
  • Where your date turned out to be watching an official basketball game
  • You were sitting together at the front seats while eating chips and sweets he bought 
  • You were thrilled watching the game, but not as thrilled when the host called you unexpectedly
  • It was a one time event where the hosts get to pick from the crowd randomly, and fortunately it landed on you
  • The chosen one then must shoot from the center line, with the prize of a 100,000 dollars if they succeed 
  • You glanced at Murasakibara to gain confidence, thinking whether you could do it or not 
  • But hesitations diminished when he cheered for you, “Y/N-chin, I know you can do it.” 
  • You took a deep breath and positioned yourself at the center line of the court
  • You could hear every roar from the crowd, but your boyfriend’s cute cheering overshadowed all of it
  • Yes.. everything is going to be fine because Atsushi is here, you thought.
  • Now the challenge had started, the host gave you the ball and the crowd got quiet, waiting for your venture
  • Some thought, “There is no way a girl could shoot that,” but some was just waiting for you to strive
  • You bent your knees for a better balance, extended your arms to the air and threw!
  • Your instincts took over you, without any calculations nor logic 
  • And yet you succeeded, winning over thousands of dollars
  • “WOAAAAAAAAH!” The crowd yelled in great surprise and amazement, deafening but you were satisfied with their cheer
  • The challenge ended with you winning as well as the basketball game, the two of you decided to go home
  • It ended already, but your boyfriend couldn’t shut up about what you did earlier
  • “Y/N-chin, how did you do that? I could never.”
  • “Now don’t be such a pretender, you’re pro!”
  • “Well, I’ve never expected you know how to play.”
  • “Hahaha you just never asked,”
  • “Then let’s play tomorrow. You were really good, Y/N-chin.”
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It’s happening! I finally created the server I was talking about and I truly hope people will join and rant with me about knb

I made the rules very simple but essential, and I hope everyone will have a great time <33


Originally posted by kawaiinohime

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OMG I can’t believe I’ve already finished with this event and I am so happy to be able to participate in this event. Pardon the late post, I am in deep with The Untamed Fandom, I am quite distracted and it actually takes me quite a while to decide on which pairing I am going to use. For this, I’ve decided to use the LDR theme just because I certainly know how it feels to be in this type of relationship. Been there, done that and never again lol But this one comes with a happy ending. So without further ado, here’s the last installment. This event isn’t possible with @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby, many thanks to you guys <3

Day 6 Prompt: Free (MuraMido side AoKi Future Fic, College Students AU)

Title: Valentines’ Promise

Summary: College students Midorima and Kise ponder about their long-distance relationship with their respective partners, the struggles of being in a long-distance relationship. 


Also on Ao3

Shintaro stirs from his sleep induced self. The sun rays are peeking through his window as his alarm clock starts to ring. Slowly, he tries to sit up and snooze the alarm, grabs his glasses with his right hand as well as putting it back on his face, also with his right hand. He removes his nightcap and stretches his arms for a bit before standing up and unveils the curtains. It is a nice and sunny day but Shintaro can’t help but feel that this is gonna be a good day for Cancers. Carefully, he goes downstairs and fixes himself some breakfast. 

He is living alone in a condominium now for two years after he has graduated high school. Ever since he is a child, he always knows that he has wanted to be a doctor although he has to give up playing basketball. During his last year in high school, he has been offered to go pro to America. However, his father is against it and tells him that he should go to medical school instead of playing on the big stage. He has been heartbroken by that time. The other members of the Generation of Miracles get an offer too. Aomine and Akashi are currently in America playing on the big stage as well as Murasakibara. In Kise’s case, he has decided not to go because it is his lifetime dream to be a pilot so he has persuaded it instead. 

Keep reading

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AU, where Aomine, Kise, and Murasakibara (separately) would be part of the Kirisaki Daichi team. Please.

team w/ kise: 

  • y’all think kaijo bullies kise? wait till y’all see kiridai
  • hanamiya’s a cunt when it comes to mocking kise’s more childish side, even the more mature seto can’t spare a joke at kise’s expense, and yamazaki dips very quickly being joking about kise to condemning the others’ comments
  • anyhow, kise gets along best with hara probably (gets him a modelling job) and has probably helped hara dye his hair on more than one occasion (by help, i mean he tries to touch hara, and hara looks pointedly at how much grease is on kise’s hair)
  • in general though, kise’s abilities in basketball are respected by the team though, but they refuse to big up his ego about it - they treat him very much like he’s just a usual dude, “generation of miracles” who, and it’ll do him good in the long run
  • or i mean, it would do him good if not for the fact that hanamiya most definitely unlocks a more sadistic side in kise: a side that takes to mocking his opponents a lot more (but a side that would never dare mock his teammates)
  • (oh yeah and, just in case you wanted to get a lil emotional, imagine how fucking heartbroken kise would be when his senpai’s graduated)

team w/ murasakibara:

  • tbh, though he’s bound to get in arguments with the rest of the team, he’d probably fit in quite well
  • now being on the kiridai team definitely isn’t gonna be good for his development as a human being - he’s gonna be encouraged to be sadistic, rather than be encouraged to not be a shit - but hey it’d be great for the team
  • it works for seto that they’re got a talented centre who can cover for him when he’s lazy, but, then again, considering both seto and murasakibara are hella lazy, matsumoto’s still gonna be regularly called in to play for them
  • realistically, i can’t see murasakibara being really good friends with any of the team, but hanamiya’s good at controlling him and yamazaki doesn’t mind gaming with him (unless mura throws a hissy fit)
  • (on a side note though, hanamiya has made it a point to show mr “you can’t win against absolute height” that height means nothing if you reduce someone to begging on their knees for forgiveness)
  • if anything, hara probably pisses mura off the most: the second year has no qualms about stealing food from mura, and he knows exactly what jokes to make to rile up the first year
  • and then there’s furu who refuses to acknowledge that murasakibara is part of the team. 

team w/ aomine:

  • out of these three, i feel like aomine would fit in the worst in kiridai
  • sure, he can have some fun flicking through magazines with hara, and he gets along with yamazaki decently enough, but ultimately he’s very different to them
  • the kiridai squad doesn’t really respect/love basketball like aomine does, which ends up pulling them apart (especially due to hanamiya - he and aomine are constantly in arguments, ones that threaten to get physical, which really isn’t ideal considering that the rest of the team is obviously gonna support hanamiya)
  • i mean, in theory, aomine could survive in the kiridai team, but the result would be a very cynical and bitter daiki, pretty much haizaki 2.0, who’s grown to hate basketball
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– Day 7 of KNB Valentine’s Week hosted by @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby

A/N: Aaa this is the last day of the challenge. I hope everyone had fun with this cuz I know I definitely did. On a slightly different note…


I know I gave you a gift already but here’s another one cuz why not hehe. ~Lily

Summary: You and Kise were the best of friends, but you had a secret crush on him for the longest time. However, with so many of his fans around him on Valentine’s Day, you start to get even more discouraged…


Your alarm clock just had to be broken today, the day you had a test during the first period no less. 

You quickly grabbed your bag and ran out the door. 

What’s even worse was that you burned a hole in your uniform too. 

Dammit, mom’s gonna kill me.

Groaning, you hurriedly made your way to the train station and thanked the heavens when you saw the train hadn’t left yet. 

You boarded and moved to the back of the train, where there weren’t as many people. The train doors closed behind you and you shivered slightly. 

You reached into your bag for your jacket but didn’t find it there. Then you remembered that you left them in your room this morning when you hurried out.

You groaned inwardly. 

Guess today’s gonna be a bad day for me. Should’ve expected it. I never have much luck on Valentine’s Day anyway.

You looked out of one of the train windows and couldn’t help but smile. The view may not be beautiful to everyone but it was to you. It was a view that just filled you with a calming sense of nostalgia.

Even today, with everything going wrong so far, it still somehow managed to calm you down, to some extent at least. 

“You’re always being such a worrywart y/n-chi”

His words suddenly came to mind. 

Just like the view from the train window, he’s one of the few things, or rather people, that could actually get you to smile and relax. 

It’s not that you weren’t a relaxed person. It’s just that a lot of the people you were with, your friends and classmates at school, somehow brought out a tenser side to you. 

That all changed when you met with Kise Ryouta though. Since the moment you two first talked, something just clicked. The two of you became really close and stuck together through thick and thin. He was what you deemed a really good friend, a best friend even. 

Suddenly, your phone started ringing. You picked it up and to no surprise was greeted by Kise’s panicked voice.

“Y/n-chiii, where are you? Assembly just finished and class is about to start. Sensei also seems like he’s in a bad mood today. You better hurryyy.”

“Oh great… sorry Ryouta. My alarm clock broke and my uniform got burned and ughh I’m not really having the best start for today. But I’m on the train to school and I think I can make it in like 10 minutes max.”

“Ok. Just hurry though, I don’t wanna have to do this test myself.”

“Ryouta, you’re gonna have to do it on your own anyway.”

“I know,” he whined. “It’s just that I feel more confident when you’re around.”

Your heart swooned at this. Yes, yes, here you were in the classic “in love with best friend but can’t tell him for fear of losing him” situation.

“Oh crap. Class started. Gotta go. Hurry. Please. Byeee.”

“Right. Almost the—”

He suddenly hung up on you. You understood though. Your first class teacher was pretty strict and is almost always in a bad mood.

A few seconds later, you felt the train slow to a stop. You sighed in relief as you realized this was your stop. Quickly gathering your things, you made a beeline for the exit and ran the rest of the way to school.


“How’d you think you did?” Kise asked you after class ended. 

You had made it with just enough time to quickly finish the test. you didn’t have time to double-check the answers but at least you were able to complete the test. 

“I think I did good enough. I mean I did study a lot last night and the test wasn’t that bad so I guess it should be fine. How about you?”

“Well I have a great tutor so I’m sure I did good too,” he replied, winking at you.

A small blush crept up to your face. 

Arghh, why’d he have to be all flirty and cute all the time?

As you were trying to calm yourself, a girl you’ve seen a few times before walked up to you and Kise. Completely ignoring you, she told Kise to come with her as she had “something important” she wanted to discuss with him.

You rolled your eyes. 

Kise looked at you as if asking for permission. You told him it’s fine and to go with her. 

“I’ll wait for you in class,” you said with a forced smile.

It was the same every year. Valentine’s Day just seems to give everyone ten times more confidence. 

It honestly scares you a bit though. Even though Kise kept saying there wasn’t anyone he really liked, you kept worrying that maybe, one day, someone would come and steal his heart. 

What’s even worse is that you were the main reason Kise was so popular.

It had started around middle school when puberty began to change Kise. At the time you were into photography and had also noticed how he had become much more attractive.

Knowing he was a naturally photogenic person and wouldn’t mind helping you out, you asked him to model a few pics for you. You posted them on social media and he immediately became a big hit. He told you he had fun doing it with you so you guys continued. Until of course, a professional agency scouted him. You two have still stayed close friends through it all though.

You’d always find it funny how much of a cliche the situation you were in was. 

Girl meets boy. Girl helps boy become successful model. Boy becomes popular with the ladies. Boy meets another girl and falls for her. Girl is left heartbroken as she’s had feelings for him this entire time.

At this point, you’ve kinda accepted it already. You did want to tell him how you really felt, but you valued your friendship with him way more. So that’s why you just enjoyed whatever time you had with Kise. That in itself was already more than enough to you.You took a seat in the classroom and took out your materials, waiting for Kise.

You tried not to think about what was going on between him and that girl because, despite everything, you still can’t help but get jealous. It’s only natural but it’s a hell of an annoying feeling and you knew it would only get worse if you fixated too much on it. 

Kise finally came to class a second before the bell rang. He held a small heart-shaped box in his hands. You glared at it but tried your best to hide your jealousy. 

Fortunately, Kise didn’t notice anything off and quickly came to sit beside you. 


The rest of the day went by the same as every other Valentine’s. Kise would receive gift after gift and have to deal with all his fangirls and even some fanboys.

Today though, there seemed to be an extra amount of people giving him gifts, which you didn’t think was possible.

Because everyone was always crowding around him, you decided to leave him for now. You felt kinda bad for him but there wasn’t exactly much you could do. Besides, you’d probably make things worse for him by being there. 

When school ended, you waited at the train station for Kise. You remembered he said there wasn’t any basketball practice today and you were hoping the two of you could go home together. You had sent him a text telling him you’d wait for him here. 

After waiting almost an hour though, you just about gave up and was about to board the next train when you heard a voice calling out to you.

“Y/n-chii! Wait!” 

You turned and saw him running up to you. He had a few chocolates, roses, and even a teddy bear in his arms. He came to stop in front of you, panting.

“I’m sorry for making you wait,” he said sounding sincere.

You tried to give him a sympathetic smile. “Well, I’m assuming you were probably cornered by those love-crazed people again so don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault anyway,” you said more bitterly than intended.

Kise fell silent. 

“Y/n? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m just not really having a good day that’s all”

“Oh ok…”

Not knowing what to say you both stayed quiet.

You looked at the sign by the train tracks. There were 3 minutes left until the next train arrived. Kise gestured to an empty bench and the two of you moved to take a seat.

“Y/n,” Kise said softly. “There’s something I want you to know ok?”

You looked at him in slight confusion.

He cleared his throat and continued, “I may get presents and gifts from all those ‘love-crazed people’ as you put it. But none of them matter to me.”

At this, your confusion grew. What’s he trying to say?

“None of them matter, because, well because they’re not you.”

He looked at you, golden eyes shining.

It took you a second to process what he had just said, but when you did, you blushed heavily and quickly looked away.

He laughed, “Don’t be so shy y/n-chi. I thought you already knew anyway.”

“Know what?” you asked trying to feign innocence.

“Know that I like you of course,” he said with a suave smile.

“Oh,” your brain seemed to have short-circuited after hearing his words.

“Umm I like you too…” you mumbled lamely.

He smiled widely at you and you blushed back.

“Well if we both like each other I think it’s only right that I ask,” he said before standing up and extending a hand to you.

“Y/n L/n, will you be my valentine?”

You shyly nodded and took his hand, “Of course.”

The train arrived and he pulled you up, putting an arm around you as the two of you boarded the train. 

Needless to say, what had started off as a bad day ended up being one of the best days you’ve had in quite a long while.

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@shescassiopeia​ I wish you a very merry happy birthday. Even if we’ve only known each other for a few months and I can’t exactly go give you a hug or anything, I’m still giving you a gift. Btw I made these myself in an attempt to be aesthetic  so I really do hope you like them hehe. 

For your desktop…


And for your phone…

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