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i say indoor because i have another five outside

Stripes - Loves you always and forever. She is covered in flea shit.
Kwazii - Baby boy. Baby.
Aloe - Chonky girl; won’t take your shit for a second
Umbra - Can’t make more than a squeak; skinny gorl
Cookie - Done with everything and hates everyone but will still want pets and kisses. Best boy, baby.

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Hello! In the gif above is Penelope, a now 5-week old kitten I recently rescued on a rainy day. I’m not planning on keeping her, in fact I already might have someone who would be willing to take her. However, that’s ONLY if I can pay for vaccinations and neutering.

So far, I’ve been able to cover all of the costs of her initial vet visits and meds. She still needs to go back to check that she no longer has Coccidia.

But, as life goes, I seem to have run into a few unexpected bills that I need to cover. Because of this, I’m unable to pay even just for the follow up visit to the vet.

I’m hoping to at least get up to $400-500 in order to finish paying for everything that she needs before she can get to her forever home. If anyone can be so kind as to send me even just $1, I would honestly be forever grateful.

My paypal is

Again any help is welcomed!!

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My sister’s cat has had kittens - they are now 4½ weeks old.

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