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why doesn’t The Haunting of Hill House have more fanfics? i’m upset. also, I get Klaus is adorable (i love him too, don’t @ me) but can we have some fics not centered solely on Klaus in The Umbrella Academy fandom pls? I think I’ve read all the non-Klaus centered ones now and that did not take long at all.

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When I need a hand to hold
Someone to tell the truth
Would it be okay if I came home to you? ❤️ [x]

sometimes after a rough day, or if one of them is having nightmares, or if klaus’ ghosts just won’t shut up, or if reggie just trained them too intensly (so what i’m saying is - this happens basically every night) diego and klaus sneak into each other’s rooms and they share a bed, that way klaus can sleep like a baby, and diego can stay up feeling… feelings that he can’t really name, when in reality he’s just hopelessly in love ❤️

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Just me having the need to combine Fandoms. These are just my very chaotic thoughts in no order.
Also I might write a fic to this one day…

Note: Even though I don’t mention it for everyone specifically just where it seems to fit because this post will be really long already they all have ADHD and dyslexia because that comes with being a demigod in the Percy Jackson universe.

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LAST UPDATED : November 17


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BONUS : Background Details in The Umbrella Academy

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Five: You know what makes humans different from other animals?
Diego: Feet!
Klaus: No, no, no, come on. Bears have feet.
Five: We're the only species on earth that observes Shark Week.
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After my first time watching TUA, I saw a lot of people complaining about why the siblings don’t believe Klaus can see Ben and I kind of brushed it off. Of course they would believe he COULD see Ben. They just must believe that he isn’t seeing Ben when he says he is. 

However, after my last re-watch, I have some more theories. 

1. The siblings honestly don’t believe Ben is there with Klaus. This is an idea I kind of brushed aside at first. Yeah the siblings all do stupid things, but they are not stupid people. Deep down, they have to know it makes sense for Ben to be there, right? So if they don’t believe Ben is there, there has to be a reason. 

Then I started thinking about all the times Klaus mentions Ben around the siblings. And by all the times, I mean two. He mentions Ben a grand total of twice. That’s it. The first time is saying “If Ben were here, he’d agree with me.” The second time is when he tells the siblings that Ben saved Diego. 

The first time, Klaus is bringing up Ben 100% as leverage. No one bats an eye at this, which makes me think maybe this isn’t Klaus’s first time doing that. Oh, that’s just Klaus, using Ben to get his way. 

Assuming Klaus brings up Ben that way multiple times before the show starts, it would be easy to see why the siblings would think Klaus is doing that again the second time. They’re in a serious situation and Klaus is trying to focus attention back on himself and his own importance. Of course they would be annoyed if they think he’s making it up. 

Furthermore, if Klaus has specifically used Ben as a tool to get his way in the past (and based on his behavior to further his addiction in the beginning of the series, it’s 100% believable that he would use Ben to further that addiction as well), you can see how the siblings could immediately see through that. We see Ben disagreeing with Klaus and calling him out all the time. That’s part of who Ben is. If the siblings know that, and yet Klaus is constantly presenting Ben as being on his side 100% of the time, they would definitely be suspicious. 

2. Vanya says everyone went their separate ways when Ben died. If that happened very quickly, then it’s entirely possible that Klaus’s first time seeing Ben, he was not with his other siblings. Furthermore, if Klaus was that torn apart by Ben’s death, it’s likely he dove even deeper into his addiction. If so, then the first time he talked to his siblings after Ben’s death, he may have either been high off his ass or trying to get more drugs and (again), using Ben as leverage for that. Either way, even if the siblings wanted to believe him, both of those things would sew doubt into the situation. 

Klaus does drugs to block out the dead, right? So if he’s that high, how can he still see Ben? And if he’s using Ben as leverage, well, see point #1. 

When it comes to the drugs issue, look at the way Diego reacts to Klaus talking to Ben in the first episode. For a moment, he absolutely believes Klaus is talking to someone, but he brushes that off pretty quickly. Because Klaus is high, right? It’s probably not the ghosts talking. It’s the drugs. (Which they also know blocks out the ghosts because they bring that up in the very first episode when Klaus says he can’t see their dad)

So, in the end, maybe it’s not that they don’t believe in Klaus’s ability to see ghosts, so much as they don’t believe in Klaus’s ability to stay sober long enough for his powers to work anymore. 

And granted, that’s very sad, but sometimes that’s what happens when people have been struggling with addiction for so long. The people close to them stop believing things can change because they’ve seen so many times that it hasn’t changed. 

That’s why Ben’s so important, as someone who sees Klaus for who he is, not who he projects to other people. He knows how strong Klaus is and he knows the kind of pain that he has had to endure, and he’s going to tell him every day that he can beat this, even if he sees that nothing is changing. Because what else is he going to do for the only family he really has anymore? 

It also makes me suspect that this may have been one of the things that was so special about Dave. At one point, Ben tells Klaus, “I know you’re better than this. Dave knew it too.” Now there are plenty of fics that show Klaus managing to get sober in Vietnam. Based on the fact that we absolutely see him getting drunk in the flashbacks, and the fact that he would constantly be surrounded by angry and frightened dead people in a war zone, and based on how bad his withdrawal was when he got back, I don’t really buy that. What I do buy is the idea that Dave stood by him and believed in him and may have possibly stopped him from sliding as far into his addiction as the circumstances may have prompted him to. It may have been because Dave didn’t have a history of seeing Klaus in his addiction. Or maybe Dave was just that special. Maybe he was one of those uniquely kind and accepting people that looks at you with all your faults and stands by you  anyway. Or maybe he just saw that same spark in Klaus that Dave did, that same ability to be strong and to make it through hell eventually. 

I don’t know, but I’m having a lot of feelings about Klaus today and I just had to throw them out there. 

What do you guys think? 

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