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(In the sixties)

Dave: So this is from a movie you’ve seen?

Klaus: The version I’m talking about is from a TV show, technically, but yes.

Dave: And… He has green skin, and he’s all wrinkly…

Klaus: Yup.

Dave: …And that’s supposed to be cute?

Klaus: He IS CUTE-

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So everyone probably went this direction with the prompt but uh, I’m gonna pretend this is original ao3 link here! @tehmoonofficial

Summary: Dave and Klaus try to have a date. It does not work out so well. Modern day Dave doesn’t die au

Warnings: quick nsfw joke, but that’s it


Klaus ran.

He sprinted down the open street, losing balance every so often by slipping on the ice. He was too excited to care about his safety. But really, does he ever?

He burst through the door to the apartment he and Dave shared, startling his poor boyfriend awake.

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