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Mornings. BTS


You were used to finding an empty spot next to you in the morning, so it startled you to see a knocked out Seokjin next to you. He was always cooking breakfast or already on the way to practice, but today he snored shamelessly. It was so weird, how he slept without any movement, but little snores filled the room. He had told you how hard practice was last night, and how exhausted he felt. So his current state wasn’t that shocking, if you thought about it. 

You decided to reward him with an amazing breakfast. Not that you were as talented as he was cooking, but you tried your best. You even googled these egg rolls, he performed so perfectly. 

“Welcome to ugly, but hopefully delicious breakfast sponsered by me,” you greeted Jin, when he entered the dining room with sleepy eyes. He rubbed his eyes, not believing what was presented on the table. 

“Yes, yes, you won’t believe me but those are egg rolls and some sausages,” you pointed at the rather sad plates. You had tried to decorate things with ketchup, but it looked more like a murder scene.

“I’ll eat well,” he said, not able to hide his smile. “You won’t eat?,” he asked when he picked some eggs. 

“No, one of us should be able to drive to the hospital,” you shook your head. You were joking, really, you just had too many bites tasting during cooking. 

“Very promising,” he laughed, but took his first bite. And immediatlely, he tilted his head and arched his brows. “It’s delicious?” 

“Hey, try to hide your shock at least.”

Originally posted by pjmksj


People loved assuming things about Yoongi’s sleeping routine. How much he loved to sleep, whenevere wherever. At first, you thought like that as well. When you woke up around noon, he was asleep. But with working hours, waking up at eight in the morning, he found a wide awake boy. It wasn’t because he was a morning person, but simply because he didn’t sleep until that hour. He had his own routine, you jokingly called him a vampire. He stayed up all night working on new songs. Because the nights were quiet and inspiring. So understandingly, throughout the day he used every opportunity to catch on sleep he missed at night.

At first it was a bit tiring to get to it, but soon you found yourself staying up late too. When he was working, you joined him and read a book, get some work done or talk about your day. You could sleep after work, if you could spend more time with him that way.

Once he confessed, that he felt like improving as he wasn’t alone at night anymore. How your voice soothed and relaxed him. He felt at ease around you, because you didn’t judge him and how he handled his life. You simply nodded and explained how much you loved his very own time-zone.

Originally posted by breadgenie


When Hoseok started to hug you in his sleep, you knew that this morning peace wouldn’t last long. Because once he started to move, it wasn’t long until he woke up. And then he would go to pracitice like he did every single day. His inner clock was working so perfectly, it was shocking every time. Minutes before his clock went off, he yawned and tickled your side. Then he stood up and started his day. People only saw carefree, sunshine Hoseok in him, but he was so weird in the mornings. He was so serious and disciplined with his morning routine. He walked into the bathroom and ended just in time, when you finally opened your eyes as well. 

“The sun is up, pretty one,” he said before walking out of the room. You liked to hear that sentence. He probably referred to the actual sun, but you liked to think about him being up. Your personal sun. 

By the time you dragged yourself into the kitchen, he already set the table up and started eating his toast. Until this point, every morning was the same. You were the only variable thing in his very monotone morning. The time spent by the table was very easy to disturb. Talking about your time from last night, eating super slow or not being able to think of a cute outfit were your favorite options. 

And Hoseok was okay with it. You brought variety into his life, even though you made him nervous sometimes. There was no script or schedule he could follow with you. Very different from the life he lived as an idol, but very welcome.

Originally posted by hobkooks


You jumped awake, when loud music suddenly filled the bedroom. 

“Sorry, sorry! Go back to sleep, please, I’m so sorry!,” you heard Namjoon whisper, while trying to put the headphones back into his laptop. When he had tried to get out of bed, while working on a song, he somehow had tripped and removed the headphones. 

You were wide awake now, there was no way you could go back to sleep again. And also, he didn’t find a way to stop the song yet. He was apologizing to you, his laptop, the bed and everything else at the same time, you almost laughed at his situation. 

It wasn’t even the weirdest way Namjoon had woken you up. Once the bathroom doors had fallen to the floor, when he had tried locking it. Sadly, you were used to and didn’t bother crying over your sleep. 

“I like the song,” you said, reaching over to him and lowering the volume on his laptop. He looked at you with puppy eyes, and thanked you. 

“What would I do without you, my morning sun,” he  said into your hair and started the song again. 

“Probably lose your hearing, I don’t know.”

Originally posted by ksjknj


He had changed his hair color back to brown again. Like a puppy inside the white sheets, he looked so peaceful. It was a shame, that his alarm would wake him up soon. You were already awake, you did some yoga before work and waited for Jimin to wake up. 

His peaceful face changed, when he heard the ringing sound and he started hiding his face in the pillows. “Five more minutes,” his muffled voice filled the room. He was acting like a school boy, like he always did.

“Yes, that’s what I’ll tell your fans, who wait hours in the cold for you.” He immediately sat up and glared at you. He looked more like a goblin right now. “You don’t have to be mean first thing in the morning.” But eventually he stood up and walked into the bathroom. Yes, you were mean, but it was the only way to wake him up. You tried many things, just this seemed to work. Really. And he knew it as well.

Minutes later, he joined you in the kitchen and looked more like the puppy from his sleep. “What did my number one fan prepare?,” he asked you and eyed the breakfast table. It wasn’t spectecular, just some toast and some topping. And coffee. 

“Not much, sorry,” you handed him his mug. It had his face on it, from the Run era with orange hair.

“Should I dye them back?” Questioning his current hari color was as usual as drinking coffee to him. You had never met a person that greedy about hair colors.

“What did I tell you, Jimin?”

“Healthy scalp, healthy heart,” he pouted. Still, you didn’t trust him.

Originally posted by jimiyoong


Well, technically Taehyung woke up half an hour ago. But you were pretty sure his soul was still in bed and sleeping. He sat by the table with his eyes closed, head moving in circles. You still hadn’t found a way to make him a morning person, and you tried many things. Nothing every worked. Not even the pancakes you had prepared this morning. 

“Tae! Wake up and eat,” you almost yelled. He murmured soemthing that sounded like thank you, and he tried finding his fork. 

That’s when an idea popped in your head. You quickly grabbed his plate and put dish soap on his pancake. You put the plate back to its place, when he found his fork. He placed his fork right into the soap soaked desert and you anticipated his first bite. 

“You really think I’m dumb easy, don’t you,” he suddenly said and opened his eyes. He was wide awake and laughing at you. Then he took your face in a sudden motion and squeezed your cheeks. You unwillingly opened your mouth, knowing what would follow.

“Eat a lot, love,” he said, forcing the disgusting pancake into your mouth. He didn’t let you go, until he was sure, that the cake touched your tongue. Then he let loose and you pulled yourself out of his grasp.

You ran towards the tap and washed your mouth. It started to bubble.

“YA! KIM TAEHYUNG! That means war.”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


You hated it. You hated waking him up in the morning. It always started with your cute whispers, but ended with yelling at a soundproof Jungkook. He liked to call it a morning exercise. 

The funny thing was, right before you were about to lose your voice, and your mind, he woke up so peacefully, with a smile on his face and dreamy eyes. Your anger would disappear just like that. 

“You have five minutes to get ready,” you told him. 

“That’s more than I had yesterday, am I improving or what,” he said while trying to hug you and kiss your still red face. When you pushed him away, he rubbed his hair into your neck, before running into the bathroom.

At this point, you gave up on making him some fancy breakfast. He never woke up in time to eat in anyways. So you simply put some bananas on nutella bread and waited for him to rush to you.

He still found time to tell you about his plans for the day, like he always did. It motivated him, when you listened to him talk and imagine what his day would look like. He always told you, that he said felt like you were watching him that way. And he tried harder and better that way. 

“You are only ten minutes late, love. I’m almost proud of you.”

Originally posted by hoseoks-angel

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I’m so pissed right now. This german TV station got to interview Blackpink and what they aired was a complete mess. They showed childhood pics that weren’t even of Blackpink, mentioned how Jisoo and Lisa didn’t say a single thing, and asked them uncomfortable questions (“there are a lot of news articles about k-pop idols having depression, what do you think about that?”) while not focusing on their music one little bit. Wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t want to come back to Germany, thanks VOX.

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Birthdays! May 27th - June 2nd!!!

  • Eunseo (Cosmic Girls) ‘98
  • Simyeong (BVNDIT) ‘99
  • Yiyeon (BVNDIT) ‘95
  • Punchnello ‘97
  • Ungjae (IMFACT) ‘98
  • Seunghoon (NOIR) ‘93
  • Yoon Mirae ‘81
  • Changmo ‘94
  • Yeonho (Verivery) ‘00
  • Nagyung (fromis_9) ‘00
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The Chinese branch of NCT is giving us a dance practice. WayV dares you to keep up with them.

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