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aomine with a shy s/o? Thanks!

doing hcs to try to get back into it!


  • he’s kind of a sweetheart tbh
  • once he’s sure you’re just shy and not disinterested he’ll be a super cutie
  • he’ll do things like ask to hold your hand
  • n he’ll ask to kiss you
  • aomine is super dumb too he’ll say “fuck” and then be like “sorry i didn’t mean it” bc his dumbass brain relates curse words to shyness to “oh! shouldn’t do that, no sir”
  • as s/o gets more comfortable with him he’ll be more blunt with them in private
  • but in public he always makes sure his s/o is comfortable and will divert attention to himself (he’s good at that bc tetsu) if he has to
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this was my piece for the @knb10thannizine

The Generation of miracles finally meeting again as friends after Seirin’s victory in the winter cup!  It always warms my heart to think that, after all the bad blood among them, they still grew back together as better people…even if it can be awkward at first. 

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Akashi Seijuro KNB is my favorite character,  I love him deeply, and I have always felt very close to his character and his story.

After him, fictional characters that I like, dislike, hate, neutral in KNB fandom.

I like the friendships, rivalries, and brotherhoods among the characters and I’ve always liked them. Only this, nothing else. I’m not going any further.

Romantically and sexually (since in anime and manga I prefer only straight couples) Momoi with Akashi and Riko with Hyuuga.

  •  Midorima Shintaro I LIKE
  • Kise Ryota I LIKE
  •  Nijimura Shuzo  I LIKE
  •  Kagami Taiga I LIKE
  •  ***Aomine Daiki I LIKE (I’m uncertain. For the situation of Momoi NO, because I don’t like it and I’m against it. Without her, my judgment and preference about him is positive).***
  • Atsushi Murasakibara I LIKE
  • ***Kuroko Tetsuya HATE I don’t like and I never liked anything about this character, he makes me the nausea like Furihata and Sakurai, I can’t stand him. The only exception is for the dog.***
  • Hyuuga, Teppei, Izuki shun, Mitobe, Koganei I LIKE
  • ***Furihata HATE (boring, incapable, cowardly) I am allergic to useless and idiots characters like this.***
  • Yukio Kasamatsu I LIKE
  • Moriyama I LIKE
  • Takao Kazunari I LIKE
  • Otsubo, Miyaji, Kimura I LIKE 
  • Imayoshi, Wakamatsu I LIKE
  • ***Ryo Sakurai HATE (it’s the same for Furihata, useless, annoying, idiot)***
  •  Tatsuya Himuro I LIKE
  • Okamura, Fukui Wei Liu NEUTRAL 
  • Shogo Haizaki I LIKE
  • Makoto Hanamiya  I LIKE
  • Mayuzumi, Reo Mibuchi, Kotaro, Nebuya I LIKE
  • Nash Gold Jr. I LIKE
  • Jason Silver I LIKE
  • Riko Aida I LIKE
  • Masako Araki I LIKE
  • ***Momoi Satsuki I LIKE (I just wish she were more serious, less embarrassing in her attitudes and that she was more able to let go of toxic people around her)***
  • ***Alex Garcia I LIKE (the only thing I never liked is the kiss with Riko, even if a joke, I find it very bad, and it doesn’t make me laugh.)
  • ***Ogiwara I DON’T LIKE he’ s annoying, very similar to his friend Kuroko.***
  • Kageratora Aida, Masaaki Nakatani, Katsunori Harasawa, Eijii Shirogane I LIKE
  • Shirogane (Teiko) I LIKE 
  • Nigou I LIKE


  3. TEIKO
  5. KAIJO
  7.  SEIRIN (except for Kuroko and Furihata)
  8.  YOSEN
  9. TOO (except for Ryo Sakurai)
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