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#kuroko no basket ships

Kuroko: Why do I have to be the bottom all the time

Kise: It’s because Kurokocchi is cute and sweet and innocent! And easily dominated-ssu

Kuroko: ….I don’t agree on that

Midorima: Why are you saying these things all of a sudden Kuroko?

Murasakibara: Maybe Kuro-chin is tired of seeing fics with him being an uke

Aomine: What do you mean Tetsu? You are obviously an uke with your physical appearance and personality plus you’re short.

Kuroko: ….

Kise: Oh no Aominecchi!

Murasakibara: Mine-chin’s digging his own grave

Kuroko: Aomine-kun….you have three seconds to run


Midorima: Rest in peace–nanodayo

Akashi: What is this commotion all about?

Kise: Thank goodness Akashicchi you arrived!

Akashi: What seems to be the problem? Care to explain anyone

Kuroko: It’s because Aomine-kun said that I’m an uke just because I’m short. I’m getting tired on that insult

Akashi: I see. Then go be a seme then. I’ll handle Aomine if he says those things again

Kise: Eh?? But Kurokocchi is so cute when he’s the uke-ssu

Kuroko: *glares at Kise*

Kise: Waaaah don’t kill me Kurokocchi!

Kuroko: I. Refused. To be. The. Uke. I can simply pin Akashi-kun on the wall and start dominating him

Everyone: *shocked*

Akashi: W-What?

Kuroko: Don’t pretend surprised Akashi-kun as if I haven’t done that to you

Akashi: !!!!

Everyone: WHAT THE HELL?!

Akashi: If anyone spill this conversation with other people I’ll advise y'all to sleep with one eye open

Akashi: And d-don’t say that h-here Kuroko! *is blushing like a school girl*

Everyone: Our former captain can be this adorable sometimes

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