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#kuroko’s basketball

Super late with all the #knbvdaychallenge2020 posts, but I’ll be back soon to appreciate everyone’s content and post the days I’ve missed!

Thank you to all the amazing people who organised it (@theuglycrybaby and @vanilla-daydreams), and all the super talented people who created content for it! It’s been such a great exp since coming into the fandom so late 😭

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so i rushed watching s3 of kuroko’s basketball to the match of seirin vs. rakuzan to see if tetsuya can go to the zone himself but he doesn’t even tho he loves basketball more than anyone else… It just doesn’t make any sense smh!!!!!

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KnB Valentine’s Day Challenge Day 3

Happy KnB Vday Event Day 3! This was really quick, hope you all like it. Mido is not one I’ve written too much about, but I hope this does him justice. 

Prompts by (and much love to): @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby

Day 3: Flowers/You’re beautiful, you know that? 

Mido x Reader, in which he confesses (…?) 


It’s not often that Midorima catches you off guard. As long as you two have been friends, you’ve become an expert at interpreting the underlying meanings behind his cold actions and stiff words. 

But when you arrive at your desk at school in the morning, you really couldn’t have foreseen the bouquet of red roses sitting on your desk. 

“Morning, Shin,” you greet, your gaze still glued onto the flowers occupying the entirety of your desk. “What’s this…?” 

If you’d asked anyone who had come to school early today, they’d have told you the green-haired boy had been waiting by your desk even before you’d arrived. And unbeknownst to you, although he’d been practicing what to say on Valentine’s in his head for the past week, he finds himself losing resolve at the last second. 

“Your lucky item for the day,” he finally answers, his voice toneless as he adjusts his glasses on his nose bridge. 

Your head whips upward and you squint your eyes at him. This couldn’t be… no way. Unless, it is… 

You shoot a glance to the fellow, friendly neighbourhood Shin-translator, and sure enough, Takao confirms your thoughts and sends you two thumbs up a few desks over. 

Giddiness makes its way up your spine, and a smile emerges on your face before you can stop it. “Shin. My mom was watching Oha Asa this morning. This isn’t my lucky item.” 

And here begins the impasse. The green-haired boy says nothing for a moment, only adjusting the glasses on his face. He looks like he wants to say something more, but you know it’s a struggle for him to do so in a busy classroom of about twenty other people. 

You won’t push him though. Most eyes had turned both your ways as soon as you’d walked into the room, and you value your privacy as much as he does.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the limits a little. 

“Don’t worry, Shin.” You peer up at him through your lashes. “It’s okay, I get it. My lucky item today is a carrot, and I always have one with me,” you say with a honey-sweet smile. 

I like you too, carrot, is what you wish you could say, but if Shin is anything, he’s clever. You have absolute trust that he’ll catch on. 

And sure enough, there it is, the corner of Shin’s mouth twitches. But your smile and the tinge of red warming his ears is too much for him, and he moves to take the flowers from your desk. 

“Ah. My mistake. It’s my lucky item.” 

You grab onto his taped fingers before he can remove them. 

There’s a million things you want to say in this moment to show him how much you love the flowers, love that he went out of his way to get them and put them on your desk so publicly like that, how much you reciprocate and just adore him—but you’re still in class. And under the watchful eyes of twenty or more students. Not to mention, you’re not sure how Shin would ever survive that direct onslaught of emotions. 

Instead, you watch as the sun plays with the hue of his unique hair; from the locks on his head, to the delicate brush fanning his eyes. You tug his hand so that he’s leaning toward you. 

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” You say in a low voice and watch with great amusement as his pretty lashes flutter in astonishment. And he pulls his hand away with pink staining his cheeks. 

“That’s what I was supposed to say to you,” he whispers back, his tone strained. There’s nothing Midorima hates more than losing, and losing out on a personal goal. 

“You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take,” you tease. 

To be fair, you should have at least expected what would happen next. But you don’t. Instead, before you can even release your grip on his hand and straighten from both of you being hunched over your desk, you’re being pulled forward instead. 

And all you can register is a flash of green before firm lips are slanted over yours in a chaste kiss. 

When Shin pulls away, you’re so shocked you don’t even register the low whistle a few desks over and the gasps of nearby bystanders. 

“I never miss,” is all Shin says, his glasses flashing for a split second as he pushes them up his nose. “I also have my lucky item with me all the time, after all.” 

With that, he turns away to take a seat at his desk. 

Once you’ve recovered from being stunned frozen, you realise it’s the closest to a Happy Valentine’s you’ll get from him in this crowded classroom. 

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Went on a hunt through the whole city’s anime shops for these recently. It’s so dead 😭 But I can’t believe I found these, especially Tatsuya 😳

The animal friends keychains were blind gacha, and there were only TWO left of series B (the one Tatsuya’s in). I shot all the shots I could take and got Imayoshi and Mura! Not Tatsuya… but I’m not mad ☺️

PS: every time I found any KnB merch, I’d tear up 😢

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ooh how about some aomine angst,, his gf leaves him or smth and idk how but maybe some fluff at the end?? (I feel like I need a good cry over this boy)

Aomine’s girlfriend overworking in basketball practice {angst}:

Here ya goo, hope it’s angsty enough

Aomine was watching your game with a hidden smile, pride swelling up inside him as he watched you score once again. “ dai-chan,wasn’t that one of your moves?” momoi intervenes, bringing him back to the reality that it wasn’t just him watching you, it wasn’t an exclusive show you were putting up just for his sake. Nonetheless, that didn’t bring down his mood one bit , he nodded back at momoi and she giggled, making him turn briefly to look at her. “ what’s so funny?” He grumbled out, feeling her sway against his side “you look like you’re falling all over again for her” the pink haired manager sang out but was shut down by the buzzer marking the end of the game.

Aomine was smiling softly while watching your teammates huddle around you, celebrating your win. Suddenly feeling a nudge at his side, he looked down to see a grinning momoi, “ well?? What are you waiting for?? Go down there and hug her “. Rolling his eyes and blurting out “don’t tell me what to do” while already walking down to reach you. “ and yet you are doing it anyways!!” Momoi’s voice echoed out followed by swift “shut it satsuki”.

He made his way over to you pulling you out from the group hug and into his arms. You subtly smiled at him, holding onto his forearms while he circled your waist.” So, someone has been studying my moves again.” He smirked down at you making you squeeze his arms in return “ well the former ace of the generation of miracles does make a half decent reference “ you replied back in a teasing tone, earning a spank from him.

That memory flashes in his mind as he watches you groan for what felt like the millionth time. He was watching you from outside the gym after momoi informed him that you asked for the gym key again. He watches you fall time and time again, wincing to himself everytime your body touched the floor..until he couldn’t anymore.

You hear soft footsteps in the gym and feel alarmed, a shiver quickly making its way down your spine and panic setting in, especially noting that It’s five in the morning. You really need to give it a rest “, sighting out of relief when you recognize your boyfriend’s familiar deep voice. You look down, unable to face him “ i’m still not there yet daiki “ you speak softly to him, making his eyebrow twitch. “ and you won’t be if you keep destroying your body like this “ he stomps his foot gaining your attention as you get up to face him “ well what else can i do?? You just keep getting better.. and better every second “. Hearing him sight, stuffing his hands in his jacket “ you don’t have to be like me..” “i do, otherwise i’m not good enough to be with you “ you whimper out the last part, he feels his heart ache with every word.

Silence fills the empty gym as the sun finally starts to rise. Aomine takes a couple steps to stand right before you “ you’re already too much for me y/n..i’m great at basketball because that’s all i have, i’m just a basketball junkie. I never want you to be like me. So for fuck’s sake, stop. Stop coming here at 5 in the damn morning and stop coming back from the public court till 11pm! You know what’s not good enough for me? A corpse, a rag doll, and you’re one slip away from becoming one.” He watches as you sniff, pulling on your sleeves to wipe your eyes. He hates it , he hates what your insecurities have done to you,and all he wants is to save you from yourself.

“Daiki..daiki i’m.. so tired.. “ you admit to him, still in a constant battle with the angry swarm of tears that don’t seem to be stopping . You feel arms snake around your waist, pulling you against a hard chest, fingers reaching up to brush your hair while a chin rests on you.” It’s okay doll, it’s over.. c’mon let me walk you home so you can get some sleep”

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Aomine daiki comforting his s/o:

  • Absolutely hates seeing you so broken down
  • You usually settle little problem with momoi
  • So when you come to him for comfort, he knows you’ve been pushed way too far
  • And he wants to smack whoever caused you such pain right across the face
  • He’s not really good with words so he just holds you so close or pull you down on his lap
  • Will rubb your back and kiss your head
  • Occasionally will squeeze you into him
  • Will encourage you to cry and let it out
  • “ it’s not good to hold it in too long y/n”
  • Feels absolutely wretched whenever you choke on your sobs
  • Pulls away when you start quieting down to caress your cheeks and wipe away the tears
  • Kisses your forehead and nose
  • “ i got you baby, i got you” while rubbing your arm
  • If you need to talk about it, he’ll listen and nod at you
  • “Stay over y/n” “ daiki i can’t-“ “ i’ll call momoi over , she can call your parents and tell them you fell asleep over at hers. I can’t send you home like y/n.”
  • You eventually agree and he cuddles into you peppering your face and hands with kisses
  • Tries his best not to sleep before you to make sure you don’t just lay there overthinking
  • Will tell you some stories to make you laugh
  • Your (his) favorites usually involve kise being a rookie
  • “ the whole match, he couldn’t catch a single ball that we had to stop passing to him. I was so embarassed for him”
  • Brushes his fingers against your scalp lulling you to sleep
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Hi. Can I ask for another scenario about Kirisaki (each guy separately, as in the previous answer)? The doctor prescribed his girlfriend glasses, and she is worried that because of the glasses will become less attractive to him. Please and forgive me for bothering you.)

Kirisaki Daiichi: their s/o feels insecure about their glasses:


  • He noticed you didn’t see too well and told you to get your eyes checked
  • You knew you had trouble with your eyesight but you were too anxious about wearing glasses
  • You tried on a few pairs previously and you hated it , obscured your face too much, made your eyes look small and it affected your confidence
  • Hanamiya is persistent though so he practically drags you to get glasses
  • He notices the frown on your face as you try on more pairs
  • “ what’s wrong y/n?” “ i hate them makoto” “then try another one” “ no i hate them all “
  • It clicked to him instantly
  • He pulls off the glasses and kisses you softly
  • “Okay how about this then , you can wear lenses and get the least ugly pair for when you’re home and as a precaution.. okay?”
  • You nod at him and he smiles at you before flicking your forehead and helping you pick


  • He was actually good friends with your parents
  • Your mom asked him to accompany you to get glasses and he enthusiastically agreed
  • He managed to distract you in the way with his humour and cheery personality
  • But as soon as you entered the shop he was so distracted with all the frames
  • Was playfully trying them on
  • “ ohoho i look so smart , don’t i-…y/n? Baby what’s wrong”
  • “It’s nothing kazu, let’s just pick any pair and go”
  • “Woah woah bub, you’re gonna be wearing these for a while so let’s take our time and pick something”
  • “ kazu they all look horrible, got me out here looking like chicken little “
  • He couldn’t help but snort but quickly recovered
  • “ try these for me baby okay “ he hands you a pair and you frown at hin but give in
  • “ WOAH” “ WHAT what????” “ YOU LOOK SO SEXY” “ KAZU YOU ASS !!! You scared me !!” “ sorry but for real you look like a hot teacher”
  • You slowly smile at him and he leans in and whispers against your ear “ can’t wait to fuck you in these”


  • You came to school wearing your glasses and he was NOT expecting this sudden change
  • “ what’s with the glasses y/n” “ .. i’m fucking blind kouji”
  • He kept staring at you the whole time and you started getting irritated
  • “ kouji, i know they look ugly, please stop looking at me” “ actually you look cute “
  • Well that made you stop
  • “ cute?” “ adorable even” he smiled at you brushing your hair behind your ear and leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips
  • “ you really think so kouji ?” “ no doubt in my mind , you still look as beautiful as ever … and if someone says otherwise i’ll plant my fist in their as-“ “ okay no.”


  • His eyes squinted as he saw you coming towards him
  • Is that my girlfriend??
  • He saw the pout on your lips as you were walking to him
  • “Awwn what’s wrong babygirl? Who upset you ?” “ these glasses “
  • He chuckles softly and brings you on his lap “ and what about them?”
  • “ they make me look like a damn loser”.
  • “ how can a queen be a loser thought y/n” cue shocked pikachu face from you
  • “Kentarou!! You can’t sugar coat how horrible they look “ “ i’m serious, i like them. You look real hot in them”
  • He softly rocks you on his lap “ are you sure you didn’t figure out my kink and got them to tease me ?” “ kentarou…”


  • He engulfed you in a hug at the school entrance as usual
  • «  hm?? Cute glasses » «  are you teasing hiro? »
  • He shakes his head at you but notices how you’re looking down
  • “ hey love? You know you’re still beautiful right?” “ you’re only saying that cause you love me hiro “
  • “Not really? I feel like i’m falling all over again for you”
  • He smiled at you so softly you melted
  • He leans in to kiss your forehead
  • “ and i’ll make sure to remind you of how beautiful you are every morning” “ you don’t have to hiro” “ i want to”
  • And He follows up with that promise
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Hey, hey~ can we have Hanamiya, Midorima and Murasaibara with fem!s/o who is popular model?

Hanamiya,Midorima,Murasakibara dating a popular model:


  • This ass knew about it before even dating you but pretended not to
  • Feels a great sense of pride at dating you
  • Dated you at first for your looks but realized he actually really likes your personality
  • Always shows you off and the fact that HE is dating YOU
  • The media knew about you two dating and he liked it at first but then he started hating the attention
  • Doesn’t mind all the attention you get from both boys and girls because he trusts you
  • Hara was one of your biggest fans and hanamiya always teases him about it
  • Sometimes he feels like he’s not good enough for you which makes him distance himself from you
  • But then he realizes he is hurting you and quickly goes back to you with his familiar teasing smile


  • Been dating you for months and never knew about you modeling
  • I mean yes he could see you are tall and beautiful but he never thought of what could that result in
  • Until his lucky item of the day was a fashion magazine and as he goes to buy one he finds you on the cover
  • Boy was shook
  • Thought he was hallucinating at first , maybe missed you a bit too much
  • Nope it was definitely you and he quickly scheduled a date with you
  • “ how do i not know about this?” “ you never asked?”
  • You lowkey tease him about that because he’s supposed to be calm and calculating, i mean it wasn’t so hard to figure out
  • “ when i’m around you, i feel like my mind can rest” in the most monotone voice you have heard
  • You blush and smile softly and he realized what he just said and gets a bit embarassed
  • Honestly doesn’t matter much to him , you were still you and what you do on your time off is your business


  • Your height was a big factor on him noticing you in the first place
  • He always liked tall girls as he didn’t want to feel too scared for his girlfriend
  • Tatsuya teases him about falling for and actually getting the most popular girl in school and he’s like um what?
  • That’s how he found out you were a model
  • Keeps staring at you
  • “ is there something on my face Atsushi?” “ hm? You’re really beautiful.. i can see why you’re a model”
  • You didn’t know whether to focus on the fact that he called you beautiful or that he knows that you are a model
  • You asked him about his view on that matter and he just shrugged
  • “It doesn’t really change much between us, like when you knew i played basketball “
  • He says that but he actually admires you much more
  • Always checks for your photoshoots and loves comparing your model self vs when you’re arround him
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Of course, anyone and everyone experiences feelings of jealousy. Including Tatsuya.

But I’d like to think that he’s above possessiveness and petty passive aggressiveness. He’s used to fans and the spotlight, and he knows the ins and outs of being independent from that kind of attention. Ultimately, he’d trust you, and know it’s possible to be flattered without being attached.

Because you’d chosen him after all.

So he’d completely be cool with you meeting up with close friends or old friends of your preferred sexual orientation by yourself. But not without making sure you remembered you were with him, of course.


It’s a long time coming when you finally make a time to meet up with your old childhood friend. Several years have passed since you’d last seen each other, and out of respect and excitement, you spend more effort to make sure you look extra presentable for your meetup.

Tatsuya notices.

As you walk down the stairs, gray eyes light up at your descending figure. A smile graces his face when you reach the bottom.

“Hey,” he greets as you come to a stop in front of him.

You smile in return. “Thanks for taking me there today.”

“What else would I be doing?” he asks with a soft curve of his lips.

You both walk to the front door to put on your shoes. You’re wearing nicer shoes than usual, and he halts in place when you hold onto his forearm to keep your balance as you’re putting them on.

You pretend not to notice his eyes on your shoes, and his travelling gaze when you’re done.

“Have you eaten?” he asks, when you both make your way out of the door and toward the station.

It’s always sweet whenever he asks, and some days when you’re absolutely starving, he even has snacks in his bag. You know they’re for Atsushi, but he always manages to have some spare for you.

You shake your head and remind him that you’ll be having lunch with your friend anyway. “Have you?”

“Yeah. Atsushi’s been wanting hamburg steak since last night. We went as soon as the shop opened this morning.”

You laugh. Of course. “Sounds like a great time.”

You feel grey eyes on your face, your hair, your shoulders… and everywhere else. Your legs keep moving forward, but you feel a quick fluttering in your chest that sends heat to your cheeks.

“So,” when he finally speaks, his voice is lower. Smoother. “Who do I have to challenge to a duel for you today?”

He’s teasing, and the corner of your lips twitches as you slide your gaze up to him. “This?” You gesture to your apparel, playing along. “You think it’s for my friend?”

He’s still smiling as he hums.

You shake your head. “It’s for myself.”

His lips press together as he pretends to consider it. “Reasonable.”

You throw another side glance at him as you decide whether or not to say the next words on your mind.

Whatever. You feel the back of your neck flush as you come to a decision.

“And if it was for anyone else… it’d be you.”

He stops walking, which makes you stop too. “Is it?”

The gleam in his crinkled eyes sends a jolt to your stomach.

“I don’t know. Is it?” You hope your reply is in the same even tone.

Before you know it, he’s close. You feel his breath on your lips before he leans in, and when he pulls away, there’s a sly curve on the same mouth that was just on yours a second before.

It surprises you because he’s never one for PDA, but you register at the back of your mind that he must’ve already confirmed that the street was empty.

“Have fun,” he says, his tone brighter than normal. And just like that, he continues walking. When you don’t move, his fingers weave into yours and pulls you forward with a gentle tug.

Grey eyes glance down at you for a second and the only thing stopping you from sending a light thwack to his shoulder, is the faint tinge of pink on his cheeks.


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Brand New

Kuroko No Basuke Namja Town / Namco Collab Merch ))) 💓

All items are in SGD, mailed via tracked airmail. Mailing is additional.


Pic 1) Prize A Kise Ryouta Neko Can Badge ❌

Pic 2) Prize A Kuroko Tetsuya Rockabye Standee + Postcard Set SGD$20

Pic 3) Prize D 44 mm Kise Ryouta Can Badge ❌

Pic 3) Namco Kise Ryouta 75 mm Can Badge ❌

Pic 4) Silicon Ring (Kise Ryouta / Akashi Seijuuro) SGD$6

Pic 5) Namja Town Tokuten Postcards SGD$4 each

Pic 6) Left Column Neko Postcards SGD$6 each

Pic 6) Right Column Sticker Sets (Akashi SGD$8, Himuro SGD$6)

Tags: kurobas knb Himuro tatsuya Akashi seijuuro Kise ryouta kuroko tetsuya cats

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Can I have some angst (with fluffy ending cuz I wanna cry my heart out) with Aomine and his gf? Maybe she had to go study abroad so they broke up or something. Is it also OK to have it from aomine's perspective? Thanks so much, you're my luck star😘

I FINALLY DID ITTTT!!! Here!!! Thank you for your patience! I definitely know this isnt very great but - plwase forgive me…

“So… when are you leaving?”

Aomine leaned against the doorway, crossing his arms as he gazed at you, watching as you walked around the room. His eyes were a little bloodshot, but hopefully you couldn’t see from this distance.

You glanced up as you pulled your things out from his dresser and closet, putting them in a box and avoiding his eyes. “In a couple of days. The transfer is a pretty hasty process, everybody just wants to get it over with.”

Aomine watched as you kept your head down refusing to look at him. If you did, you would break, and try to repair what you had severed. But both of you knew that couldn’t happen.

“Is there nothing you can do?” Aomine asked, and his voice broke on the last word. He cleared his throat and turned away.

It was quiet, so quiet in the room, and he stared intensely at a stray sock on the floor as his head pulsed. Then, your tiny voice spoke up, and his eyes closed as his shoulders slumped in resignation.

“You know the answer to that, Daiki.”

Aomine bit his lip, then pushed himself off of the doorway and started walking away, rubbing at a puffy eye. “Yeah… yeah I do.”

Next time you saw each other… was at the airport. He stood there, helping you with your things, waiting patiently as you did your thing. Most of your luggage was taken, then, and you stepped out of line, heading towards the security measures, stopping just before them. “Well -” You turned and smiled at him, in that gorgeous way you always look, but everything about it dripped melancholy. “- I guess this is goodbye.”

Aomine stared at you for a long couple moments, gulping, and then he reached over and pulled you into a tight hug, rubbing your back. His eyes began to water, and he pulled back to wipe at them. “Yeah, I guess so.” His tone was soft, weak. His throat felt like it was clogged, and he cleared it before taking a deep breath.

“I love you, (Y/N). I love you so much. And I’m really gonna miss you.” Then he smiled, biting his lip and reaching over to punch your shoulder. “Good luck. And goodbye.”

Then he turned around and - even as his heart felt like it was being ripped from his chest - he walked away. And let the ugly, hot tears fall. Because now, you wouldn’t be there to see it.

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