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Will: i’m proud to identify as morosexual. i’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. Grelle asked me what’s the spanish word for tortilla yesterday and now i dream of kissing him under the moonlight‬

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Grelle, messaging will: where are you?

Will: catching pokemon

Grelle: it’s 3:50am

Will: sometimes only the good ones come out at night

Grelle: come home n o w

Will: but I want to be the very best

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New Black Butler video on my channel! Check it out, watch, like, subsribe 💕

It has been done for my bf, who loves Black Butler and especially Alois so much. Also I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to make a video on Indila’s song, ‘cause she loves French as well. So here we are 🥰

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Othello: how was the honeymoon?

William: Grelle got drunk and tried to destroy our marriage certificate.

William: he said “good luck trying to return me without this receipt”

William: I love him.

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Ronald: why are grelle and will sitting with their backs to eachother

Othello: they had a fight

Ronald: then why are they holding hands?

Othello: they get sad when they fight.

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Will: what happened to your face??

Grelle: that was makeup!

Grelle: what’s your excuse?

Grelle: nice

Will: did you just nice your own joke?

Grelle: yup. You would too if you could do jokes.

Grelle: nice.

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