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A drabble about "peace" with sebagrell please :3 Hey that rhymed :3 XD

Sure thing! XD

This is set in the You Reap What You Sow AU. Sebastian has recently taken O!Ciel’s soul, and he and Grelle have rented a hotel room to enjoy a few days of privacy together before Grelle reveals their relationship to the dispatch.

The back of his left hand was unblemished ivory—a clean slate. It was morning, and light illuminated the small hotel room that gave them shelter in the aftermath of his master’s last days. Floorboards glowed golden; the white bedsheets were almost blinding. Rays of sunshine also gilded the reaper’s hair that spilled out on the pillow, setting it ablaze. Sebastian brushed aside her bangs and smiled tenderly. Morpheus’s hand softened the face of Lady Death, erasing the painful memories that far too often flickered behind those chartreuse eyes in her waking hours. The demon’s finger traced the freckles scattered across her face like constellations. If he looked long enough, could he read his destiny in those stars like the ancient astrologists? Sebastian shook his head and chuckled at his own fanciful notions. Miss Sutcliff told him love made you do all manner of absurd things. What sort of demon would make his abode on Earth rather than return to his domain in hell after a contract reached its conclusion? For the sake of a grim reaper, no less! A fiery, passionate, inimitably perfect grim reaper…

That hair, flowing through his fingers like reams of silk, or like water. His eyes narrowed to slits as he purred happily, a deep rumble in his chest. Sebastian’s time as the Earl Phantomhive’s butler had come to an end, but his life with Grelle was just beginning. In a few days, they would have to plea his case before the other reapers, which was likely to be an unpleasant task. Few death gods would rejoice that one of their own had chosen a demon for a mate. Grelle shifted and tucked her hands beneath her head, lips quirking upward as she sensed Sebastian’s touch from the depths of a dream. Captivating.

“My charmer,” he whispered. Past violence and strife were behind them now, like dust kicked up by a carriage’s wheels and carried away on the wind. The future was a haze that even a devil’s keen eyes couldn’t pierce. For now, though, they had the silent peace of their little room, and each other. They would build anew from the ashes.

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sebastian michaelis x reader - moonlight


Originally posted by inblueice

you were tired. being the head of the (L/N) family at such a young age was exhausting, and Sebastian knew that. he did everything he could as your butler to make you feel comfortable and safe but the stress caught on quickly. right now you were just about halfway through your enormous stack of paperwork when you heard a knock on the door.

“come in,” you answer sharply, and Sebastian entered the room looking rather disappointed seeing you working. you noticed this, confused as to why your butler looked like that. “what is it, Sebastian? why are you looking at me like that” you asked him, your cold attitude shining through. that last sentence sounding more like a demand than a question.

“milady, do you know what time it is?” he asked, sighing. just as you were about to answer, thinking it was like eight-o-clock or something, he opened his mouth, “it’s midnight. you should go to sleep, milady. besides, you’d work more effectively after a good night’s rest,” he stated calmly. you were suprised by how much quicker time passed than what you thought it did, you didn’t even try to argue back. you knew your butler well enough to know NOT to do that. you were aware that he was almost always right, so you just accepted it.

you put down your pen and stood up, mumbling, “you’re right.” he bowed respectfully as you passed him, your harsh aura exiting the room, leaving him behind to blow out the candles and turn the lights off. by that time you were in your room, already dressed in a night gown. Sebastian usually helps you with this, but this time you weren’t in the mood for him to touch your body. either way you sat quietly on your bed humming your favourite melody, waiting for him to tuck you in - something he has been doing ever since he started as your butler.

“i am entering, milady,” you hear his soft voice but you don’t respond, being too busy humming your song. he enters the room, noticing a familiar sound, “what song is that, if i may ask, milady? i’ve heard you hum it quite a lot,” he inquires as he fluffs your pillow.

“oh, it’s just (F/S), i remember my mother playing it on the viola,” you answered, laying down. he nods understandingly and pats you gently on your head as he knew you liked this action, and blew out the last candle in your room - wishing you goodnight and closing the door behind him with a gentle smile.

you fell asleep quickly but it didn’t last long - you were twisting and turning, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position but your mind could not relax. you accepted your fate, giving out a loud sigh, and decided to get up and take a walk. you grabbed your silk coat that Alois had gifted you, and put it on your shoulders. you loved walking around the mansion in the middle of the night. it was rather soothing to you; hearing your bare feet hitting the cold stone ground, echoing throughout the halls. the moonshine shone in through the massive victorian-esque windows, lighting up every room that it touched. the tall ceilings and stone structure gave the mansion an ice castle-y feel and you loved it. the melancolic aura your home had mirrored quite the way you were: mysterious, cold, but still trustworthy and kind.

as you were mindlessly strolling around, the night gown (that looked more like a dress) swishing and swooshing around you in a gentle rythm, you found yourself walking down a corridor you knew all too well. you sighed quietly, thinking, if you’re here, you might aswell. you wandered up to the door on the left side and carefully opened it. you didn’t expect anything less than darkness; the shut curtains were trying their best to hold the strong moonlight out, but to no avail - it still found it’s way in. you walked to the foot of the bed, your bare feet cold against the hard floor. you noticed your butler who was actually sleeping for once. or at least it seemed like it.

you let your coat slide down your shoulders, and it fell to the ground with a smooth thud. you didn’t care enough to pick it up so you just let it sit there. with a small smile on your face, you lifted the covers carefully, not wanting to alert the butler. you slowly lowered yourself beside him, pulling the duvet over yourself again. he had a bigger bed than what would’ve been necessary, but you didn’t mind it for this exact occasion.

now, you were laying in Sebastian’s bed, him facing away but so did you. listening to his steady breathing you concluded that the demon had actually fallen asleep, so you decided to close your eyes and try to rest yourself. you almost didn’t notice the shifting and turning as you feel a warm body press up to your own; two big arms snaking themselves around your waist, enveloping you in a loving hug. you looked up, seeing his head right over yours and he slowly opened an eye to take a look at you. you could feel his smirk and before you knew it he connected his lips with yours, in a slow but passionate kiss.

you parted mouths but stayed like that until you fell asleep. you really loved your butler and he sure as hell knew it. but fortunately, it wasn’t one-sided. far from it.

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Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking, and I hope you haven't already answered this somewhere else but I was curious about the translations of Frances first introduction. There is some crossed out text talking about how she has 'superhuman strength' and calling her a 'monster'. How is this written in the Japanese version? Thank you for any information, I love your blog, learning about all these details is fascinating!

Dear sixieandiknowit,

First of all, thank you for your compliments! It means a lot to me (*´ω`*)

The introduction of Frances was quite something, wasn’t it? In the original Japanese version, she is introduced as follows:

  • お噂では女王陛下主催のフェンシング大会で、騎士団長であるミッドフォード侯爵に人間とは思えない強さで勝利したのがきっかけで御結婚されたとか
  • Ouwasa dewa joou heika shusai no Fencing taikai de, kishidanchou dearu Midford koushaku ni ningen to wa omoenai tsuyosa de shouri shita no ga kikkake de gokekkon sareta toka.
  • Rumour has it that during the Fencing tournament hosted by Her Majesty the Queen, [Frances] beat the Marquis of Midford who is the head of the Order of the Garter with a strength that makes you question her human status, and that be the occasion that would later lead to their marriage.

This translation is the best one I can think of to convey the intended meaning. It’s likewise possible to translate this as: “unthinkable for human standards”.

“Monster” or “monstrous strength” is not a bad translation at all. Sebastian cannot lie and I don’t know how much freedom he has in using metaphors. But as this phrase is hearsay, he is free to relay anything that has been said, whether that be true or not. So if the rumour Sebas is reporting indeed referred to Frances as “monster’, then Sebas is free to relay the message as is.

The safest way to understand this panel is to keep in mind that Sebas is merely reporting on what he has heard from an external source. We don’t know what the source is of this rumour, all we know is that Sebas did not come up with this.


  • ご結婚されてからも日々の団連をかかさず、まだ若き日の強さと美しさを保っておられるとんでもない貴婦人なのです
  • Gokekkon sarete kara mo hibi no danren wo kakasazu, mada wakakihi no tsuyosa to utsukushisa wo tamotteorareru tondemonai kifujin nano desu.
  • Even after marriage she has not missed any of her daily trainings; she is an absurd madame who retains both the strength and beauty from her younger days.

Tondemonai (とんでもない) is a word that has many meanings, and it ranges from anything between “unbelievable” to “monstrous”. So feel free to insert any synonym that conveys the sense of “WTF” you feel suits your interpretation of Frances best. (*´▽`*)ノ📚

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gender: neutral?

category: fluff

request: open!






You watch quietly at the night, water dripping down the ceiling. Each drop hitting the bucket from underneath it in a steady beat. You ran your fingers through your lover’s dirty blonde locks. His arms tightly lock around your waist as his face lay on your lap. His gentle breathing toning with the sound of your surroundings, it was so quiet at night compared to earlier this day. But now, here you lay awake looking down at Bardroy’s strong features. Usually, you would be sound asleep after such a long day, but your mind was restless. Playing with his locks, you smiled when he nuzzled his face against your thigh and smile at your warmth and gentle care. How you have fallen in love with this man, was a mystery for many people but you wouldn’t have it any either way. It’s been five months since you met and four since you started dating. But it was fresh in your memory, how he came stumbling inside your father’s bakery.

“Bloody hell Finny you almost made me fall!” A voice loudly exclaims from the front of the shop as well with the sound of things falling to the ground. “Sorry! I didn’t quite see you there Bard, I’m really sorry!” Your headshot up towards the commotion. Your hands cover in flour as you stop working with dough from the new order of fresh bread. You were in the kitchen working, your father had left you in charge of the bakery while he went out to buy some ingredients. You quickly hurry to the front, peeking your head over the counter to see two males crouching down as they pick up a basket full of bagels that have fallen. One being a younger strawberry blonde boy while the other seemed to be an older man around close to your age. Both of them picking the bagel’s in a panic. “Are you two alright?” You quietly spoke as you walked around the counter and stop in front of them. They both stop, being clearly caught as cartoon-like sweat drop appears above their head. “I am terribly sorry ma'am you see what happen here was that my friend accidentally knock me over a-” The male cut himself off mid-sentence as he looked up at you. His expression going from a panic one to a flustered/embarrass one. “I uh wow your Beautiful” he blurts out without missing a beat as if just the sight of you took his breath away. His friend looked taken back and look equal as embarrassed by being caught and his friend’s bold actions. Your face went light pink at these, “I beg your pardon?” You blurt out with heat rising at your face and ears. The male caught on his own words and was about to begin to stutter before getting hit in the back of the head along with the boy. “Ow mister-” “Sebastian!” They both hold into their heads in pain, a tall butler dusting himself up as he stood up straight. “My sincere apologies Madam looks like our clumsy employees made a mess of your shop” he gave you a smile as he bowed slightly at you. “Will pay for the ruin pastries” he added pulling a small bag of coins. You looked at it and blinked several times. Your gaze looking over to the two males standing up while still in pain than to the butler in full-on black.

“It’s okay, keep it!” You waved his hands away, you were still covered in flour. “It was just an accident, after all, I hold no grudge” you gave him an awkward smile as you peek over to the dirty blonde male. He held into the basket of bagels as he scratches his neck. “Uh sorry about that..” he mumbled out as he handed it over to you. “It’s okay really, please don’t feel bad about it. I can always make more” you insisted as you walked over the counter and place it down. “I’m starting to think twice before going out with you two to stores,” a younger boy said as he picks up one of your jelly donuts and bites into it. By a quick glance, you could guess this kid was either a noble or crazy rich by his clothes. He hums slightly while he stares at the pastries. “Sebastian order a set of these along with some cakes” he ordered out as he sat down in a chair and kept eating. You grab a rag as the butler walked over to you once more. “Will order 200 hundred boxes of those, oh also what cakes do you have in stock for making?” Your jaw nearly drops as you hold onto the rag. “….200?…boxes??” You whisper out in disbelief at this, as your soul tried to escape your body. “Is something wrong?” He had a sly smile on your face, the blonde Male let out a cough. Which to his own victory caught your attention. “Huh? Oh no, not at all! I uh where do you want it delivered?” You pull out a piece of paper. You wrote down their information. This sale was going to save you months of bills! You couldn’t wait to tell your father about it. They stayed longer for the order, at the same time to let their young Lord taste test the rest of the goodies in your bakery. You kept stealing small glances of the older male from time to time. Debating with yourself as you grab 3 plates of cheesecake and walked over to the table he sat. Along with a female and younger boy.

“Uh hello, you guys care for a taste of cheesecake? It’s on the house” you quickly blurt out, your face was heating up by him just staring up at you. His sudden joyful smile at your offer send you flying internally. Why did you find it so attractive?? “Oh, that’s fine nice of you!” He said helping you set the plates at the table. You lean forward to place cups of milk to go with it. Your soft scent of cinnamon and sweet engulf his senses, he couldn’t help to take it in as he watches you back away. “It’s nothing really, your Master’s order is so large that I should be the one being grateful” you let out a small laugh. “I’m Bardroy, people mostly call me Bard. This is Finnian and Meyrin” he motion at the servants, who eagerly waved as they devour the sweets you gave them. “Pleasure meeting you all, I’m Y/n” you introduce yourself. He mumbled out your name back to you, the way it sounded lingered in your ears that even him seemed to taste how it sounded in his own lips. “Nice to meet ya Y/n” he gave you a close eyed smile.

That’s how it started, you becoming Phantomhives favorite baker and meeting your loud and clumsy Boyfriend, at least from your memories that were your first interaction with the explosive blonde started. Soon after as you went to set out deliveries that the young Lord requested, he always seemed to be the first one to greet you or help out. Or be the first one in your store when his visiting town with his colleagues. Soon after he was looking for every little excuse to get a chance to see or speak to you. Until a month later he had swallowed in all the courage and ask you out in a heat of the moment once he got you alone in the kitchen. His face bright red as you hold into a tray of bread. “Come again?” You blurt out thinking you heard wrong. “I said…
Will ya like to go out with me? You don’t have to say yes! I just uh really like you and like spending time with you and I think your great and I love that you smell like cinnamon buns-” you place a sweet bun above his lips to stop him from talking. A wide smile covering your face “Bard I’ll love too…I would be mad not to say yes” You swore you have never seen that man or any, in fact, be so happy. “That means I can hug you right?”
Bard- yes you can hug me” you cut yourself up, soon enough getting brought into a tight embrace.

After a few months of dating, you learn plenty of each other, things you wouldn’t imagen. How he used to be a soldier and caught in the middle of a war. How Sebastian and the young Lord took him in. How even though his a chef, he’s well not that great. But even though he had open up to you about a lot of things you learn to love every little thing that he had to bring. And he loved you equally as well. How you ramble about customers, to discussions about your family. You would be lying if in the middle of your relationship you two wouldn’t have gotten scold by the butler catching you two be too loving to each other in the kitchen. But pushing that to the side, everyone seemed to adore you and your cakes so you all got along well.

You chuckled at the memory, your sudden movement woke up Bard from underneath you. “Hmm..?” He rubbed his face on your thigh, which just causes another giggle from you. “Hey..cinnamon..why you awake?” He mumbled out sleepily as he slowly sat up. “I couldn’t sleep…” You whisper out, he rubbed his eyes before pulling you into his arms and falling back to bed. “You sure? or was it that I was a position like a knot around your waist?” He slightly joked, you hugged him tightly. His framed could easily hide you, compare to him you weren’t that small but he made you feel like a tiny little rice bun. You let out a small laugh at your own thoughts. “Hm? What are you giggling at?” He raised a brow, “nothing.. it’s just that you make me feel so safe Bard…” You mumble out as you let his warmth overtake you. It was slowly sending you to sleep. He could feel his cheeks heat up, “Oi don’t be flustering me over here” he mumbled out as he hugged you tightly. “I’m glad you do…I promise I’ll keep you safe no matter what happens Y/n.,” he whispers out as he kisses your temples. “I love you Bard”
“I love you too Cinnamon bun”

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Let mom-Rin week commence!

27th jan- bedtime

“Come on now” Meyrin sighed as she lent against the wall out of breath after chasing after her two little girls, Lilith and Genevieve, they were giggling and jumping on the bed “girls, I said it’s bedtime now please” she laughed softly as Lilith playfully jumped into her arms, and cuddled close to her mother’s chest and Genevieve cuddled around her mother’s waist tightly “now go and get your father to help you to brush your teeth while I go and help your little brother” she smiled as they rushed off going to find Sebastian, Meyrin sighed happily to herself before picking up her baby boy and settling him in his cot, kissing his forehead and going to find her husband with their two daughters happily reading them to sleep, she leant against the doorframe with a happy smiled, Sebastian put his finger to his lips with a smile hinting to be quiet as the two girls finally drifted to sleep

With a sigh of relief they let themselves fall on the couch with bags under their eyes but with happy and content grins that showed pride in the little family they made together, Sebastian turned to Meyrin with an eager look “want another one?” He asked with a hopeful smile “maybe, let’s just wait and see hm? Lucians only just turned one” she laughed softly making sebastian laugh with her “ok then, let’s just see what happens yes?” He said in a whisper tucking a strand of hair behind her ear “yes” Meyrin agreed resting her head on his shoulder.

@she-jo @tiredotter331

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