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#lan sizhui

Lan Wangji has to go anywhere without his husband and Wei Wuxian wakes up with like five juniors in bed with him because they all got worried he wouldn’t sleep well without someone else and all of them had the brilliant idea for a sleepover. WWX is okay with it at first but then like three days into their snuggle fest and the juniors have found Something to argue about and now he has to kick them out or risk not sleeping at all. Sizhui is the only good one who’s allowed to stay because he fell asleep at exactly 9 and somehow slept through the arguing. He’s such a good little nugget.

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man but wei wuxian must have been so surreal from the perspective of the wen remnant clan members he saved

like, imagine the sunshot campaign has begun, and your surname is wen but you’re a farmer or a merchant or a servant or an innkeeper, you’re a commoner, and the last thing you want to do is get involved in a war. you suspect or perhaps know that your family is in the wrong - that the wens attacked the other sects first out of arrogance and greed and conceit, so you know that the other sects are right, and maybe you feel sorry for them when you think about the fall of cloud recesses or lotus pier or the numerous other slights against them both major and minor. but at the same time, such things feel far away and abstract, with the initial victims of this conflict being people you’ve never seen before living in places you’ve only heard stories of. you’re scared and you selfishly, fiercely want the wens to win, because even if wen ruohan and his sons hold branch civilian members like you in cruelty in disdain, at least under them you and your family might survive, and continue to eke out a quiet existence away from political eyes.

but three months in, wei wuxian enters the conflict like a ghost rising, and you’re not a cultivator but even you’ve heard of him - powerful, talented, beloved by the Jiang sect that took him in and esteemed across the cultivation world. rumour has it that wen chao tossed him into the burial mounds to die, but he’s here, and he’s pissed and he’s terrifying. you do your best to stay away from the conflict so of course you never see him, but you hear about the things that he does to the wens that he comes across. he leaves behind him a trail of blood and torture. whatever hell he came back from, he’s determined to drag it with him. you stay out of the war but you have some friends and family - wens - that aren’t so lucky, and they die or disappear and what little is left behind of them whispers the name of wei wuxian.

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Wuxian: What are your plans for today?
Jingyi and Jin Ling: We have an idea.
Sizhui: Does it involve arson, theft, vandalism, or overall horrible choices?
Jingyi: [ sits down ]
Jin Ling: Well, I have an Idea.
Ouyang: Does it involve creating a monarchy where you’re king and we’re your servants . . . Again.
Jin Ling: I don’t have an idea.
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Ok so if all the major sects are secretly hiding Eldritch forms then A-yuan has never seen the lans form and when he comes into his wen! Eldritch form he hides it because he's scared he'll be kicked out. So angsty secrets galore😉 just imagine little A-yuan getting his new name and crying bc he doesn't think a monster deserves to be apart of the beautiful Lan clan😭


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❄️ Untamed Winter Fest 2019 ❄️

Day 10 - Glow - 0.9k

Jin Ling woke to what he thought might have been the sound of something rattling the shutters of his inn rooms. He lay there, wondering if he’d imagined the noise, and wondering if he even cared if he hadn’t. He could feel the cold air of the room against his face and determined to snuggle down deeper into his blankets.

Then the noise happened again, and Fairy padded towards the window, whining to draw his attention.

“Fine” he groused, climbing from underneath the tempting warmth of thick winter covers to stand shivering as he pulled on his outer robes and boots.

He threw open the shutters.

And was promptly hit in the face by a projectile made of packed snow.

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Wei Wuxian: The most feral a feral character can get. Would trade anyone but his husband and son for a cookie. Hasn’t slept in five days and doesn’t plan to. Would suck dick to get out of trouble. Will wander off with a shady stranger if they promise him a chili pepper. LWJ is constantly on the lookout for strangers with bad intentions.

Lan Wangji: Pretty fuckin feral tbh. Sugar daddy who will do anything to see husband and son happy. He don’t care he’ll cut a bitch. This is feralxferal representation. Eats like a white person tho. Be careful, he bites.

Lan Sizhui: Not very feral at all. One time he caused A Ruckus and got in trouble for it, and he still feels bad about it to this day. Could pour soup in his lap and he’d apologize. Climbs into his dads’ bed after an icky dream. Just wants cuddles. You know what? That’s pretty feral actually, way too trusting of anyone giving him affection. Keep an eye on that.

Lan Xichen: Can’t cook, can’t clean, absolute pampered princess, way too trusting of strangers, once let a man sell him magic beans because ‘he just looked like such a nice guy tbh’. Not feral, but sort of a dumbass but not a bad bone in his body.

Lan Jingyi: Watch out!!! What for? Just watch out!! Drama queen and feral bitch in one.

Jin Ling: There are multiple people who can identify him by the teeth marks he left in their arms. But also spoiled boy who climbs into uncle’s bed when he’s cranky and lonely and wants a hug. But if you mention it!!! He will cut you!!!! With his teeth!!!!!!!

Jiang Cheng: If Wei Wuxian comes within three feet of him while they’re on any sort of elevated ground, it’s immediate reason for him to push WWX off. WWX learned to swim because it was that or drown. Also he has a whip so like, watch the fuck out.

Jin Zixuan: ‘How much could one dumpling cost? Fifteen gold pieces?’

Jiang Yanli: She’s not quite feral but she’s not spoiled either. But she does love her dumb feral children.

Jin Guangyao: Pretends he’s a good little spoiled pet to lure you into a false sense of security, then poisons you in your sleep. If you almost catch him doing something bad, he quickly finds a way to make sure you think he’s a good boy. Do not feed after midnight.

Nie Huaisang: Literally the second most feral character ever, but sneky, so, convinced people he’s a dumb spoiled rich boy. It helps that he also kinda is that too.

Nie Mingjue: Shockingly not feral?????? Like he ferocious, but calm, unless he sees A-Yao, then he has to resist the urge to murder, because he knows it’ll make ZeWu-Jun cry. Not feral, but big brother instincts out the wazoo.

Lan Qiren: He used to think he wasn’t feral. Then he met Wei Wuxian.

Wen Ning: Not feral tbh. Competent, but not feral. Likes taking care of the feral idiots tho. He likes how stupid they are. It makes him feel smart.

Wen Qing: Tries to play it cool n all that shit, but shockingly feral. ‘I’m not gonna help you- SIKE IVE DECIDED TO SAVE YOUR LIFE’, she’s feral in the opposite direction, she’s all ‘imma be bad!’ And then she does good. WLW icon.

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i wonder, in the eldrich lans au, if the wens are the only one of the great sects to be fully human? or if a-yuan, as the last living descendant of wen mao, inherited all the terrible glory of his clan? something grossly incandescent, looking at him is like staring at the sun... much of lan sizhui's early childhood was spent hidden, with lan wangji and lan xichen bringing him into the depth of the cloud recesses to learn how to regulate- (1/?)

-the heat and light he produces (many disciples, when they go to the back of the mountain and see the blackend patches of earth there, wonder if those are remnants of the wen’s burning of cloud recesses that refused to heal). even when they deem it safe enough to have him be with the other children, he’s still much warmer than anyone else there. (2/2)

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Wei WuXian: How did none of you hear what I just said?

Lan Sizhui: I’m sorry I zoned out.

Lan Jingyi: I got distracted half way through.

Jin Ling: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.

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-Person A giving Person B a tight hug that makes them lose their breath.
Person B being abducted by aliens and falling in love with Person A who’s an alien scientist whose job it is to do research on Person B.

Lightbearer regrets fitting the human (“Ahh, call me Wei Ying!”) with the translator. The words that leave Wei Ying’s mouth are absolutely scandalous. Wei Ying calls Lightbearer “Er-gege”, after learning that Lightbearer has a brother. The inflection on “gege” is absolutely shameless when a “ge” would suffice. Humans, he has observed from his very small sample size, enjoy pushing boundaries.

Wei Ying giggles when Lightbearer enacts his periodic examinations. It is absurd the way the human so easily gives out his trust. Surely, it is only a facade meant to lure in the unwary. Nobody has ever accused Lightbearer of being unwary and so he ignores the burgeoning warmth in his chest as laughter fills the air.

Holding hands


Your hand in mine, cold and dry. This is the first time we have ever held hands but you are not here to appreciate it. Only a small part of you left behind–flesh and bone, I cradle close. The blood has already left your body, cooling into a congealed mess. A lot has left your body because you are only bits and pieces scattered across a home turned battlefield.

Your corpses ripped you apart.

But I hold your hand in mine. You have callouses on your fingers but they were beginning to heal from lack of use. You stopped using your sword. I wonder who has it now. But that–that is an idle thought because I wonder which of the fierce corpses has your heart–which one devoured you.

All I have is your hand.

We are holding hands.


they are all gone into the world of light.


Xian-gege says that if you go deep enough into the Burial Mounds, there is a whole world of light. In that world, there is warmth and enough food for everybody. There are also toys, all for A-Yuan because he is a very good boy. Xian-gege says that when the bad men come, we will all have to go into the light. We must also “a-ban-don all earth-ly desires.”

And so when the bad men come with loud shouts and shiny swords, A-Yuan and his family go deeper into the Burial Mounds. They walk so far that they come right up to the edge of land, such that there is only air, above and below. Xian-gege holds A-Yuan’s hand tightly when the shouting starts coming closer.

Xian-gege says, “We have to jump.”

A-Yuan says, “Why?”

Xian-gege smiles, soft and slow. His eyes are shiny. He must be happy. “It’s the only way we can live in the world of light,” Xian-gege says.

A-Yuan understands.

When it is their turn to jump, A-Yuan closes his eyes and holds Xian-gege’s hand tighter.

Xian-gege squeezes back.

Soon, they will all be gone into the world of light.

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[Anonymous asked:

Lan SiZhui asks Jiang Cheng for Jin Ling’s hand and all Jiang Cheng sees is a Wen. Wens took his home, took his brother’s core, like hell he’ll let them take his nephew. He grabs Lan SiZhui’s forehead ribbon and ties it around his eyes as he rips the clothes from him then fucks the nude and begging Lan SiZhui saying how this is all a Wen is good for, that he should be obedient and subservient and the best damn /servant/ Jin Ling’s ever had, but never his husband.


Oh. Oooooooh. Jiang Cheng and his trauma inflicting trauma on the next generation.

Lan Sizhui would go home in tears and Jin Ling would never speak to his uncle again. Which, of course, makes Lan Sizhui feel worse because HE caused an irreparable rift between Jin Ling and his uncle.]

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