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#lan xichen

Jiang Cheng: If anyone touches me, I’ll destroy them without hesitation.

Wei Wuxian: Zewu-Jun is literally hugging you.

Lan Xichen: *Hugging Jiang Cheng’s waist*

Jiang Cheng: And?

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Is anyone else interested in a fix it AU where Meng Yao is still sneaky and knows how to manipulate Mingjue and Xichen but like???? Not in a bad way??? He doesn’t want to hurt them just have 150% of their attention at all times and also get rid of that horrible master of swords and also spoil Huaisang a little (he thinks he’s a brat, but he’s a pretty crier and wants to teach him his sneaky ways and sometimes they hang out and gossip about boys and stuff) but generally nothing bad really happens Meng Yao is just sneaky and bratty and sorta slutty because sex is a very good distraction tactic and convincing his boyfriends he has zero ambition other than getting rammed into next week is also kinda fun and tbh??? I’m writing it anyways. Bye.

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Even though Lan Xichen was widely regarded as a trusting person, he was never naive.

In fact, he could see many things Yao had done and had no illusions about him. If he ever had considered him as a good-natured boy with a shy smile, he should turn his back on him long ago, right after he heard what happened with Nie cultivators. He should run away as far as possible so as not to get his own hands dirty.

But deep down he believed that the end justifies the means, so he didn’t hesitate to stay by Yao’s side.



Lan Xichen, choć powszechnie uchodził za ufną osobę, nigdy nie należał do naiwnych.

Dostrzegał wiele rzeczy, których dopuścił się Yao, może nawet wyraźniej niż inni. Nie miał złudzeń i nie próbował udawać, że się nie wydarzyły. Gdyby naprawdę kiedykolwiek widział w Yao jedynie dobrodusznego chłopca o nieśmiałym uśmiechu, powinien odwrócić się do niego plecami już dawno temu, może po tym, gdy ten zabił kultywatorów z sekty Nie. Powinien wyprzeć się tej znajomości i odejść jak najdalej, żeby przypadkiem nie ubrudzić i własnych rąk.

Ale w głębi duszy wierzył, że cel uświęca środki i dlatego, milcząc, wiernie trwał przy jego boku.

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Hi, I love your writing. Your story telling style, your characters development and the way you balance humor, angst, family feel and romamce so masterful are a joy to read. Your AUs are like moonshine and stardust to my soul 🌈 ✨🎇💕😍❤️. I can't wait for more of my heart is stone (and still it trembles) and the psychic cop AU. 😊💞 Thank you for sharing your talents with this fandom. P.S. If you're still taking prompts how about #xicheng № 40. Am I your husband or your taxi service? 🤗😘

Woowowow thank you so much :///D <3 <3 I’m working on the next chapter as we speak, work has just been busy again! But hopefully I’ll be able to post it on my coming days off *fingers crossed* THANKS!

Putting this in the psychic!cop!AU :D

Also, prompts are closed now. Work is busy and I need my spare time for other projects. Thanks to everyone who prompted me! It was definitely fun <3

Prompt 40 | “Am I your husband or your taxi service?” | Xicheng

“You’re lucky that my case is stalled,” Jiang Cheng huffed into the phone, already halfway out the door of his precinct. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been able to cut his days with so many weirdly timed “lunches” just to save Lan Huan who could have very much asked his brother for a ride.

“You are my hero,” Lan Huan said, not sorry sounding in the least, and why should he? It had to be the sixth time this had happened already. “I finally got a call from the shop, so my car should be fixed by tomorrow.”

“Right during your day from hell?” Jiang Cheng didn’t need psychic powers to know he was being swindled. He grinned as he ducked into his car. “How inconvenient for you.”

“Do you perhaps know someone willing to come pick me up after rehearsals?” Yup, definitely not sorry.

Jiang Cheng sighed, but it was fond. Two years, and this man still made him melt. Two years after Nie Mingjue’s case had wrapped up and there had been no real reason to see Lan Huan again, yet here they were with matching rings.

“Am I your husband or your taxi service?” he asked, amused, and started the now very familiar drive towards the concert hall.

“Technically you’re not my husband yet, A-Cheng. That’s a month away.”

Very much not the point, either. Jiang Cheng snorted and rolled his eyes. “Yeah? And I’m clearly marrying a gremlin. What have you done with the perfect Lan Huan?”

“Oh, haven’t you heard?” A smile pressed into his mind, so he knew Lan Huan was grinning. Always a wonderful feeling, that. “He met a detective who changed his life forever.”

That was always a wonder, hearing that. He didn’t know he could be a good influence on anyone’s life, outside of his family and job. He smiled back, even though Lan Huan would not be able to sense it. Or perhaps he could. He wasn’t an empath, but he knew Jiang Cheng well enough to guess his moods correctly all the time. He hoped his happiness got through, even with a gruff voice.

“Bad boy I’m guessing? What were you thinking, A-Huan?”

“That I love him and very much can’t wait to see him,” Lan Huan hummed, and a roll of love gleamed though his connection to the man, making his ears go hot, even this far along. “He’s picking me up, you know.”

“What a hero,” Jiang Cheng said, fingers drumming on the steering wheel. He didn’t like driving, but Lan Huan was the best goal to get to. He just hoped traffic cooperated so he could get there soon and kiss this ridiculous man and steal some time for just them. “You should hang onto him. Forever if you can.”

A wide smile crackled in his mind, making a matching one light his own lips. “Oh trust me, Detective, I plan on it.”

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