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I can’t…

It is 1:15 in the morning… and I just finished Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix…

I don’t know how I can process everything that had happened in the last few shows.

But I am currently in a state where I want to go yell at the creators and everybody for what they did but then I understand why.

Anyway, if anybody would like to chat about it, I’m more that happy to talk about it.

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🌻Punzie picking dandelions!🌻

Next up (in continuation to the line of Tangled kiddos), we have Raps here as a 6 year old!

I decided to design her clothes here as lederhosen colored in her season 2 color palette; mainly to give her a fun and playful appearance as she goes adventuring with her buddies.

Next on the way, I am planning to sketch up: little Lance, Cass, and a baby Varian to complete the Tangled Kiddos bunch for my upcoming mini-comic feat. Auntie Adira, Uncle Hector, & Papa Quirin.


~ red-yellow-blue-crayon 🖍

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It’s little Eugene doing what he does best … his smoulder! 😏

Here is my little take on character designing what Eugene would look like as a 12 year old.

Currently I am working on more designs for the others (Raps, Cass, Lance, and baby Varian) for a comic that will follow the Tangled kiddos on their literally—childish—adventures! Feat. Auntie Adira, Uncle Hector, & Papa Quirin.

Stay tuned to keep a look-out for the others to come! ✍️😊


~ red-yellow-blue-crayon 🖍

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So this is my first challenge that I am hosting. Since I had heard somewhere that Sebby dear likes 80′s music I thought it would be fun to do a 80′s music challenge. It could be written with any character of Sebster’s films but it must contain the lyrics of the song you choose. Here are some suggestions:

Desperate but Not Serious/ Goody Two Shoes/ Strip Adam Ant

I Want Candy/ Do you Want to Hold Me /Bow Wow Wow

Love My Way/ Psychedelic Furs

Lips Like Sugar/ Echo and the Bunnymen

Never Say Never/ A Girl in Trouble/ Romeo Void

Cigarette of a Single Man/ Black Coffee in Bed/ Squeeze

Laid/ James

The Boy with A Thorn in His Side/ The Smiths

Don’t You Want Me/ I’m Only Human/ Human League

Sex (i’m A …) /The Metro / Berlin

Strange Love/ Here in the House /Depeche Mode

I Heard A Rumor/ Venus/ Bananarama

Only You/ Situation/ Yazoo

Beautiful Girl/ Not Enough Time / Inxs

Some Like it Hot/ Bang A Gong/ Power Station

I Get Weak/ Head Over Heels/ Belinda Carlisle/ The Go-go’s

Show Me/ Kid/ The Pretenders

Come Undone/ All She Wants Is/ Duran Duran

Don’t Stop the Dance/ Avalon / Brian Ferry

Head over Heels/ Every Body Wants to Rule the World / Tears for Fears

Something so Strong/ Better Be Home Soon/ Crowded House

These are just off the top of my head. You can choose one song or both. If you wish to submit your own title please let me know. The deadline for this challenge is June 15th. Enjoy! 

(PS I am very new to this. Please forward this to my sisters in thirst and wine in the SS-Horniest-Book-Club as something fun to do on the side? Please reblog.)

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Instructions Not Included

-klance, minor adashi
-9k, general audiences, complete
-modern au, cat owners, texting, mutual pining and a lot of fluff

Keith glanced back toward the front door of his apartment, half hoping the cat’s owner or someone would suddenly bang on the door and give him an explanation. But the door remained silent, and Keith sighed, turning back to the cat. She was now licking her paws, seemingly completely unconcerned with her new environment.

“Don’t suppose you could explain what’s going on.”

The cat looked up at him, her gold eyes studying his, then she dipped her head and coughed up a hairball at Keith’s feet.

Keith wrinkled his nose. “Guess not.”

Keith ends up with an unexpected guest over the holidays.

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Vast and all-consuming, cool but soothing - Shiro remembered this sensation, this presence. It calmed him. It grounded him, and yet it frightened him. 

His eyes shot open; he wretched forward with a loud gasp, inhaling like he had just broken the surface. The starry scape from his favorite dreams and his worst nightmares lay before it. 

No. No…All this time, he’d been stuck in the infinity of Voltron’s quintessence, the Black Lion’s very being. Keith hadn’t reached him. Allura hadn’t saved him. Instead, he dreamt it all, a coping mechanism for his long-lost sanity. 

He was alone. 

Shiro sunk to his knees, head hanging, just for a loud roar to rumble the transparent ground beneath him. He looked up, and the image stole an unconscious but exhilarating smile all the same. He wasn’t alone. He’d never been alone. 

Black was there. Always. 

And then, so were the others. A hand upon his shoulder, another slipping into his grip, and with Lance’s help and Keith’s support, he rose to his feet. Pidge and Hunk flanked him on the opposite side. Surrounding them were the lions. Yellow behind Hunk, Green behind Pidge, Blue behind Lance, Red behind Keith. Shiro indulged in the feeling of Black within him once more, and by the looks of relief also filling Lance and Keith’s expressions, they indulged, too. 

Words were redundant. Once more connected by their paladin bond, Shiro felt the others’ confusion and fear but also their hope.  

The dark landscape of the Black’s starry scape gave way to a bright cloudy sky, and then she was in the middle of their circle. 


Wearing a dress of pure white light, she stared directly into Shiro’s soul. He felt her panic, saw it resounding in her eyes. She reached out to him, and he to her, not unlike when she put her hands on the Black Lion’s head and drew him from its quintessence. 

“I can’t hold them back any longer,” she cried. “I tried. We tried, but they are here. You must stop them, paladins.”

“Where are you?” Shiro demanded, not quite able to reach her fingers, as Lance shrieked, “Allura!”

And then Shiro’s eyes snapped open. He jerked upright in his bed, hands coming up to clasp his clammy face. A nightmare and yet…a dream. He missed Allura every day, thought of her in every other moment, but Allura wasn’t alive. He’d watched her walk off to save the universe, and yet he could feel her warmth and light seeking his soul. 

His phone alarm broke through his loud gasps, the sound of Pidge’s hacking laughter, and he smacked it silent. Throwing off his covers, he headed into the bathroom and missed the twinkling purple star, shining through his bedroom window in the pre-dawn sky. 

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I have just finished playing MCL with my hybrid account on Sweet Crush. It’s a gameplay following a borderline route between Castiel and Nathaniel, each episode I chose to get the illustration of one or the other (or both if there was the possibility).

The goal was to have the date with Nath in episode 10, switch crush to Castiel after the breakup, sleep with him in 11 and see if the game allowed to switch to Castiel’s route.


I expected it of course, but it’s crazy that now I have 70 LoM with Nath and 110 with Castiel and I am still on Nath’s route. I even recorded it, but I’m not going to upload the video, once edited it’s basically half an hour of me insulting Beemoov and the writing.

It would have been so easy to add one line of dialogue saying something like “After our night together I feel closer to Castiel” or something like that, and then have his ending. Basically zero effort on the writers’ part. But no, even one line was too much.

Moral of the story kids, whoever you kiss in 10 stays with you FOREVER, one kiss and you’re not allowed to change your mind.

(unless something else happens in the future, which I doubt)

This, however, opens up an interesting discussion:

Beemoov is afraid of criticism regarding Rayan’s route and has basically reduced his route to a family-friendly comedy OR completely cut him from the game for everyone else. This only because he is our professor (in uni, where we are both adults).

However, they seem to not give a shit about people suddenly finding themselves dating a drug dealer without option of rejecting the situation. And I am not trying to bash on Nath, I am still going to play his route, it’s not a problem for me, I may be annoyed about his choices but I am not disturbed. However, there may very well be people feeling uncomfortable about this. Hell I don’t care, but on a scale of dating your slightly older teacher to dating a drug dealer, the drug dealer seems the more problematic one for me. And I don’t think I’m the only one thinking this.

Anyway, all this long discourse which seems just pointless and whingey, has actually a purpose, and that purpose is:


You gave us a drug dealer

You gave as a murderous demon


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So I got some really good suggestions for Adashi AUs and I fell in love with the amazing @splenderai‘s idea for a street/drag racing au. I’ve already started writing it!

Shiro is a guidance counselor at the high school and is a retired street racer that was known at ‘the Paladin’. He was the best racer they’d seen in a while, but for unknown reasons he gave it up and has decided to settle into a safe life. Maybe too safe. 

Adam is the physics teacher at the high school and is currently the best street racer on Altea Drive. He’s known as ‘Pilot’. He also has a three person crew who helps him with his car. 

Keith is trying to solve the mystery of his parents’ death and finds himself going to Altea Drive for answers. Something Shiro does not like. 

Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are trying to get into competitive programs at Altea Tech but need the money to afford it.

I’ve written about 7k words but I still have more to write so I’m gonna see how much I can get done before I leave for my trip! I haven’t decided when I’ll start posting because I want it to be consistent so I’ll keep y’all updated! I’ll probably tag everything ‘altea drive’

As for the other ideas I was sent they were all really good so I’m definitely going to save them for the future!

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