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I Told You So

People were often curious about why Lance kept a knife by his bed. He always jokingly told them it was to fight any intruders away in the middle of the night.

Honestly though it was just there so he could sharpen his pencils after losing his only sharpener a few months before moving into the colledge dorm.

His roommates expressed their concern whenever they saw him sitting on the edge of his bed striking a pencil into a sharp point over and over again before returning the knife to a mug that lived on his beds low headboard.

He always laughed it off, after all what’s the worse that could happen?

It was just after his final exam for the year that Lance stumbled into his dark room.

He was beyond exhausted having pulled more all nighters then he should have in order to study with whatever sleep he did get plagued with nightmares of failure.

He didn’t even bother taking his shoes off as he flipped down on his bed and closed his eyes to fall asleep.

He streched to get comfortable when the boards in his bed gave out.

This was a problem that happened now and again in their cheep ass dorm, normally all Lance had to do was lift the mattress and put the boards back in position.

However this happened to be the exact moment Lance’s arm was over the knife.

It all happened so fast that Lance lay there just staring up at the cieling in shock.

Then the pain set in.

Life red hot fire was pouring through his arm and dripping onto the bed.

His stomach did a flip when he realised it was blood pouring from his arm and staining his sheets a dark red.

Sluggishly his eyes followed the flow to where one of his knives was lodged sickeningly deep just above his elbow.

In many scary situations a person will act impulsively. However most people don’t have Hunk for a best friend.

So as he stared at the knife that was now firmly lodged within his arm Lance did the only thing he could think of.

And that was message his dorms group chat.

“Hey if anyone’s up can they come to my room? It’s an emergency”

Five minutes went by before anyone saw the message and by then only one person started typing.

“It’s late Lance, whatever’s wrong can wait till morning” Keith replied.

Lance took a deep breath, ok so Keith was home. That’s good Keith can help.

“Please I really need help, I think it’s a matter of life and death.”

There wasn’t a reply this time and Lance felt his bottom lip began to wobble.

Was he just going to leave him here all night?

What was he going to do?!

A harsh knock at his door saved Lance from his oncoming panic attack.

“I swear if you want me to get another spider I’m going to-“ Keith growled as he entered the room and switched the light on.

The scene in front of him made the colour drain from his face.

Lance was lying on his bed crying and covered in blood.

His first thought was that someone had broken in but one look at the knife sticking out of his roommates arm told him everything he needed to know.

“Shit!” He hurried over his hands hovering over Lance like he was scared to touch him.

“I g-guess you guys get to s-say I told you so.” Lance smiled weakly.

Keith shook his head as he grabbed what he hoped was a clean towel and wrapped it around the blade careful not to make the wound worse while applying pressure. “We can save that for later. Right now we need to get you to the hospital so do me a favour and hold your arm above your head while I pull you up.”

Lance nodded as he awkwardly lifted his arm about halfway before letting out a cry of pain.

“I know buddy but your losing blood fast I need you to keep it up.” Keith grunted as he pulled Lance towards him and caught him against his chest.

“Ha… bonding moment” Lance shivered despite the warmth of the room.

Keith frowned at the bloodied towel, it was practically soaked. Lance needed help now.

Acting on instinct Keith scooped Lance up into his arms and took off running.

Thankfully the nearest hospital was only a twenty minute walk away from campus thanks to the schools strong medical department.

Keith ran there in five panting and out of breath as he lay the now unconscious Lance on the counter.

The nurses jumped to action as soon as they saw the knife and the blood.

Keith was gently pushed away so that Lance could be worked on.

In the end he managed to avoid any nerve damage but did need ten stitches and a transfusion.

Keith stayed with him the whole night even after Hunk and Pidge showed up and tried to get him to leave so he could get some rest.

But he refused.

Keith couldn’t stop thinking about how he had nearly turned off his phone to go to sleep and ignore Lance.

That if he had he may have bled to death while he slept right next door.

That thought kept him glued to his seat, holding Lance’s hand and waiting for him to wake up.

Lance’s eyes finally fluttered open around 4am a couple days after the incident.

The first thing he saw was Keith fast asleep with his head on the end of his bed.

Hunk and Pidge were sharing the couch and too were snoring softly.

His bedside table was covered with cards and gifts but a certain red one caught his eye.

It only had one phase written in Keith’s familiar handwriting.

“I told you so.”

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where’s the damn shrug emoji lol

(In the dim gray light of pre-dawn, still dry eyed and unsleeping, Lance finds a brittle kind of solace thinking that – that Kuron likely would have been proud of him.

Would have admired him for this.

Growing up, Lance had always been too much, in class and with friends, at home and in stores, restaurants, on the streets and in the park and – everywhere, really. His dad used to say, “This world isn’t big enough for your exuberance. Why not try and moderate a little, hm? It’ll be easier on you.”

He told Kuron about that, once, when the castleship was dim with its night cycle. The Black Paladin had woken from strange dreams, not quite nightmares but unsettling enough he’d sent a message to Lance before he’d thought better of it: sorry, nevermind. I’m fine, go back to sleep.

that’s some bullshit, Lance had sent back, still rubbing his eyes and tangled in sheets. go to the kitchen, i’ll be right there.

go HERE to continue reading~

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3/21 Flirt

That Lance likes to flirt with every pretty person in the universe is a well known fact. It‘s kind of a tool of communication for him, since nothing works better to break the ice or to loosen up a tense situation with a flirty line, even if people just laugh about it.

Which most do, since Lance‘s lines are quite ridiculous. He already got rid of most lines that only humans would get and tried to think of more universal things to say, and the more time he spends on them, the funnier they get.

‚You’re so attractive, the gravitational disturbance is causing my galactic center to elongate.‘ is his favorite one currently, because he uses it whenever they touch down on a new planet. It‘s followed by ‚Hey baby, are you made of dark matter? Because you‘re indescribable.‘ and not to forget the cheesiest one, ‚I think you might be a star, because I can‘t stop orbiting around you.‘

Those are only three of the hundreds of different, space-themed pick-up lines Keith heard Lance say in the past hour after they arrived at the banquet of two allied planets. Every single one of them was directed at beautiful aliens that Lance has laid an eye on, even though most of them only laugh at his advanced before moving on to chat or ask questions about Voltron.

It‘s amazing how Lance is able to approach all those people with ease. While he talks and talks about Voltron and his life as a Paladin, he always makes sure to ask the aliens about their planet, and stuff about traditions and things they generally like talking about. Lance gains a lot of information about new species and their customs like this, is usually the first person after Coran who knows what is allowed and what will get frowned upon within the specific races.

Meanwhile, Keith leans against a pillar at the far end of the banquet hall, an untouched drink in his hand and the resting bitch-face omnipresent, hoping that people will simply ignore him. He is bad with social situations, terrible at small talk and can never remember all those dos and don‘ts Coran tries to teach the team before every party.

It‘s probably best if he just stays out of the spotlight, trying to keep his eyes open for his team while everyone else is having fun. He knows that Pidge and Hunk are still talking to the scientists of the planet about the amazing shielding system they have created to cover not only one, but two aligning planets from Galran attacks.

Coran is shadowing Allura and Shiro while they talk with the leaders of both planets about the alliance and the resources they are willing to send towards the rebel colonies. Lance is still in the middle of everything, laughing and talking and dancing with dozen of different, equally beautiful aliens that clearly enjoy his company.

Keith can feel his eyebrows furrow even deeper, and he frowns into his drink while ignoring the biting feelings in his heart. He tries to tell himself that he is not jealous of the attention those aliens get from Lance, that he doesn‘t want to be the one Lance is holding in his arms, that he hates dancing in general and would rather die than hear one of Lance‘s stupid pick-up lines directed at him.

That everything he‘s feeling when he looks at Lance is annoyance.

His heart knows that he‘s lying though.

„What got you in such a bad mood?“

Keith looks up, shocked to see Lance not in the middle of the banquet hall anymore, but standing right in front of him, a drink in his hand, cheeks rosy and his hair a bit ruffled from the previous dancing. He‘s smile at him teasingly, knowing exactly that Keith dislikes these parties and prefers to stay ignored.

Lance tilts his head when Keith doesn‘t answer immediately. Honestly, Keith doesn‘t even know what to say, since Lance knows exactly what‘s going on, being the one who points out Keith‘s inability to have fun at such events whenever he gets the chance to.

Keith huffs silently, raises his drink to his lips to take a few sips, hoping that Lance will just ignore him like the rest of the present people do.

But Lance takes a few steps forward to lean against the pillar as well, his shoulder brushing Keith‘s when he bumps into him playfully, and Keith can‘t help but enjoy the lingering touch for what it‘s worth, even if a couple layers of armor make it impossible to feel anything else but some light pressure.

„Are you alright?“ Lance asks now, his voice carefully quiet with all those people around him. Keith‘s frown seems to keep everyone at least five feet away from them though, so they don‘t have to worry about being heard over the volume of chatter around them.

Keith still won‘t answer, the softness in Lance‘s voice making his heart skip a beat and his thoughts scramble like scared up chicken. Lance bumps into his shoulder again, still looking at Keith but his eyes turn worried now, all the teasing and playfulness gone, which doesn‘t sit right with Keith.

„I‘m okay, Lance,“ Keith says finally, even though his eyes skip right back to the cup in his hands, what practically gives him away. It was Lance as well who pointed out that Keith is not able to maintain any eye-contact when he‘s lying. Lance is just too observant sometimes.

„I‘m sure Shiro will let you skip the party if you hate it so much,“ Lance offers, voice still quiet but now laced with a hint of concern. He leans a bit forward to catch Keith‘s eyes, while Keith makes a point in avoiding him even further. Keith can feel his lips form into a wobbly line, his discomfort about the whole situation clearly present on his face.

It‘s just so stupid how Keith can already feel the jealousy vanish as soon as Lance‘s attention is on him, even if it‘s because Keith is being an anti-social dumbass.

„It‘s fine,“ Keith offers now, barely able to hear his own murmur, but with Lance leaning so closes now he‘s sure that he got it.

Lance huffs beside him, and when Keith finally looks up again, he can see an amused smile together with the worried crease of his eyebrows, and the doubt clear in his eyes. „Dude, you really d-“

„I don‘t hate it,“ Keith interrupts, stressing every word with a pointed look. At least he can be honest with that, since the party is not really the issue this time. Sure, he can think of better ways to spend his evening instead of leaning against a pillar and avoiding conversations as much as possible, but it‘s not the worst.

His traitorous heart is, though.

Keith sighs, trying to find an explanation for his awkwardness that is somewhat near the truth. „I- uh…“ he starts, making sure to actually look at Lance while speaking and keeping his face carefully neutral, „I guess I‘m just bored.“

„Oh.“ Lance‘s eyebrows raise a bit and his eyes widen while his lips stay pressed together in a little pout. He seems to think about Keith‘s answer for a second. „Well, I guess you are, since talking and dancing are the only things you can do here, and you hate both.“

„I don’t hate talking to you,“ Keith says before his brain can catch up. He quickly raises the cup to his lips, trying to hide his blush that‘s spreading over his cheeks as soon as he realizes what he just said.

Lance chuckles quietly. „Do you now?“

While Keith sips on his drink, a few aliens gather around them to talk. Keith is, after all, more approachable when Lance is standing next to him, and conversations don‘t bother him much when the focus is on Lance instead of him.

Lance keeps the talk short, answers a few questions and lets the people wander off as soon as they are done. No pick-up line, no flirting, not even accepting the invitation to the next dance, which is unlike him.

„You don‘t have to stick to me, you know,“ Keith says after the aliens are gone, feeling guilty for occupying so much of Lance just because, he is bored‘. „I don‘t want to ruin your evening.“

„I prefer talking to you,“ Lance answers with a smile, open and upfront and so honest that Keith can‘t stop his heart from skipping another beat. If anyone asks, he‘s blaming the blush on the alcohol in his drink, even though he‘s pretty sure that there is nothing in there at all.

„Do you now?“ Keith answers, surprised over the teasing tone in his own voice.

„I do,“ Lance offers with another laugh. „But I would love to dance as well. The music here reminds me a bit of the music at home.“ He lets his eyes wander over the dance floor, the people there moving in pairs in circles that remind Keith of a waltz.

And Keith knows that he will regret the words as soon as they are out, can feel the dread in his stomach about the embarrassment he will find himself in a matter of seconds before he even opens his mouth to speak, but the longing look in Lance‘s eyes makes him feel even worse, and he needs to change that immediately.

„I don‘t hate dancing as well,“ Keith murmurs, his breath catching in his throat as Lance whips his head around, lips parted but already forming to a smile as his hit with the meaning of Keith‘s words.

Lance is grabbing his hand a second later, holding on a bit to tight as he drags Keith across the room with a big smile. Keith is barely able to leave his cup on a floating tray along the way, and a few steps later he is in Lance‘s arms, face to face with his pearly smile and shining eyes.

Keith doesn‘t need to think about the steps, or about the fact that he does not know how to dance the waltz in the first place, because Lance‘s joyous laugh is hypnotizing him as he gets lead over the dance floor with easy. He is goo in Lance‘s arms, doesn‘t realize when the music changes to another song, and then another.

Only when Shiro calls them from the side that it‘s time to return to the castle Keith realizes that they spend the rest of the evening dancing, laughing, and forgetting the time.

„Thanks, Keith,“ Lance says later on, when they part ways to get into their rooms in the castle. His smile is still bright, eyes still sparkling, and Keith is still lest breathless. „You‘re not half as bad as I thought.“

With a wink Lance vanishes into his room, leaving Keith stunned in the hallway, utterly confused at what just happened. Did Lance just flirt with him, while teasing him at the same time?

Keith huffs as he gets into his own room, ignoring the heat in his cheeks and his thumping heart, and especially the thousand questions in his head to try and get some sleep. He is exhausted after all, with all the hours of dancing he has done tonight.

He would gladly do it again.

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