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#lance mcclain

Warnings: heavy language, upsetting relationship dynamics, references to discrimination, angsty read

Word count: 4.1k

“Kei — sorry, Your Imperial Highness.”

There was a hard edge to your words that caused Keith’s jaw to twitch. He watched with (what he hoped to be) a cool indifference as you greeted him, your nod of address far too shallow for a senior royal. Chandelier light glinted along the Knight’s Bayard pinned to your jacket, the badge a severe reminder as to why you’d even come in the first place.

Not for him.

And he could’ve walked away, could’ve left the interaction at a brief greeting, and let himself be swallowed by the flow of party goers beyond the alcove he’d snatched. But something kept his feet rooted to the polished marble floor — anger, perhaps, since you hadn’t even bothered to call before pissing off to a new life, three states over.

It’d been easy for you, as far as he knew; it hadn’t mattered that you’d be leaving his heart split in two, that whatever final link acting as a tether to your train wreck of a relationship would snap in half. And for good, too, because you’d brushed aside the two am phone calls, the drunken voicemails.

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Keith closed the front door softly, trying not to disturb the two voices inside. He set his bag down and walked down the hall to the living room, peeking around the corner. There was Lance and their daughter- their daughter- sitting on the floor surrounded by toys. Lance had her in his lap, one of her hands wrapped around his finger and the other reaching for a stuffed hippo.

“Oh? is that the one you want?” Lance reached over and brought it closer to her, who let go of his hand and enveloped the hippo into a tight embrace. He brought her closer to him, and blew a raspberry on the side of her face that made her bubble with laughter.

Keith stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame and taking everything in. He knew he always wanted a family, but he never expected it’d be so domestic. Their daughter noticed him before lance did, letting go of her stuffed animal and reaching out for him. Lance turned to face him and smiled so warmly at him, clearly thinking the same. Keith walked over and sat next to them, drawing a hand around Lance and one on their daughters hand.

Yeah, this was his family.

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