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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Jacqueline Novak Gives Seth a Fainting Couch for His Privates

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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Jake Tapper Thinks Trump Learned the Wrong Lesson from His Impeachment

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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Jake Tapper Says Russia Is Succeeding in Sowing Chaos in the 2020 Election

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Late Night with Seth Meyers : President Trump Attacks Parasite for Winning the Oscar for Best Picture

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my ukulele version of “eating alone” from shrek. it’s definitely not perfect, but i love this song and it gives me a weird sense of comfort and sadness

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I don’t think anything is necessarily good or bad. Life isn’t so black and white. People aren’t all good or all bad. People are lessons, teachers, lovers, adversaries, and friends. It is so easy to put people into a box and go on with our lives. Each person you meet has something to teach you and make you feel something, good or bad. Learn and move on. Stop internalizing and taking things personally. Most things people do have nothing to do with you. Now is the time to take back your life and make it worth something to you.

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Ok late noght thought

But like dnd archaeologists

But with pet slime cubes

They cubes would preserve shit so well

And and imagine the archaeologists just casually strolling into town with a huge cube and it having a super cute collar

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(extracted from a late night conversation with my friend)

I’m a big time tsundere

I’m like earth

A cold and lifeless empty space outside

Then very lively and warm and giggly bubbly happy-go-lucky when you talk to me

And then very mysterious, hard to crack and unpredictable when you drill in

And a fucking hot bubbling people-killing uncontrollable mess at core (that is quite valueable and also sustaining life) 😀

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Late Night with Seth Meyers : Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

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