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Today was my birthday!
Also, this is me asking all the time if the person photographing is getting the stuff behind. This results in one decent photo and 10 others of me pointing with my mouth half-open. 
- Are you getting the bridge?! 


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The Year 5&6 team at Remarkables Primary School have been exploring the impact humans have had on Aotearoa over time. The Sea Cleaners Kit was the perfect accompaniment to our learning. It turns out our rubbish collection along the lake front was very timely because as of today, Lake Wakatipu’s water levels are rising due to heavy rainfall - there is only one place all that rubbish would’ve ended up! Phew!

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7Cha from Katikati college ventured out to Shelley Bay, Waihi beach. The amount of rubbish we collected blew us all away! How people can leave so much next to our precious waterways. My students, through the support of your sea cleaners kit, got to take their classroom learning Into the real world. So much learning was done. This has propelled my class into action to see how we can make change in our community in regards to recycling, beach protection, water protection, and minimizing our footprint. I too learnt so much! Thank you!

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Lang Leav, from Sea of Strangers

we never broke up. I am on my second cup of coffee and you’re just waking up. the sun is streaming through the curtains and I go to kiss your back.

we never broke up. you find me on the bathroom floor again after a bad day. you pick me up and we talk it through. you tell me nothing is ever as bad as it seems. not when we have each other.

we never broke up. it is two in the morning and we’re laughing so much, it hurts. we keep telling each other to go to sleep, but neither one of us does. I was so happy—I could have died that night. sometimes I wish I had.

we never broke up. only, we did. as I lie awake wishing, willing you here. dreaming of the day you’re in my arms again, asking me why did we ever break up.

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In korea, a middle school student hacked the electrick board today. It says, “newspaper company electrick board, you’ve just got hacked by a middle school student” Sorry about the English. I just wanted to let you know about this😂

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