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These pictures were taken over the past week or two, and only one of them shows the studying that I have been doing for my five midterms these past two weeks! I have three midterms to do this week, and I have only completed one of them so far. Today’s midterm is family law. I never thought I would like family law as much as I do. I like how I can apply it to my day to day life, and understand the processes people go through when it comes to getting support, and divorce, or even an annulment. Annulments are weirdly quite interesting to me!

Friday’s midterm, however, is the one that I am worried about the most. Landlord and tenant law. It is probably the most straight-forward of all of the laws that I am taking this semester, but I think that is what is throwing me off. There are no real twists and exceptions like there are in criminal law for example. Hopefully, though that means that the test should be decently easy and understandable!

How is everybody’s week going? Hopefully, it is going well and you are being productive but yet still taking good care of yourselves!  

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