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#law school

i had a sick day today 🤒 (period cramps suck), but i’m back to uni tomorrow! i’m also going to be visiting court for my first law school assignment which is a court report due next week. march is slowly creeping up and i’m not prepared for what will be the busiest month thus far!

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100 days of productivity: day 2

Today is going to be a long day. I planned to ‘sleep in’ till 5:30 but my body woke me up at 4:50. So there was no going back to sleep. I just finished my 8-10am lecture on civil procedure.

I’m so happy I meal prepped because damn I just ate the yummiest overnight oats for breakfast. I also made vegan meatballs and pasta for lunch today. And I have a lentil and spinach salad as an extra snack.

I don’t finish class till 6pm today, ah I’m already tired. I have so many readings to do for my honours class tonight!

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I went to a conference for Filipinx law students this weekend for networking and skill-building.

Literally everyone was so damn nice and helpful.

  • The attorney that reviewed my resume turned out to be a friend and colleague of my old boss and coworker at home and we hit it off great and she was so helpful in providing both a general and industry-specific assessment of my resume.
  • The attorney that gave me a mock interview took time out of her lunch plans to stay back a few minutes to really hit home what makes me special as an individual for interviews and it was probably basic for her but it was high-key INSPIRING for me to the point where I had this look on my face and she asked if I was ok. 😂
  • An attorney I met at a panel before was there and I got to talk to her in the lunch line and at the mixer afterward more and she suggested a Filipina lawyer she could connect me with to discuss family law.
  • I met another gaysian attorney doing corporate law with whom I also hit it off really well with and got a business card from. We are now trying to schedule coffee or lunch soon.

All this was AMAZING, but the REAL kicker was the original attorney that was supposed to review my resume. He was also one of the event organizers and was hopping around, and I got reassigned to the nice lawyer who ended up reviewing my resume. Even so, the original lawyer told me to email him to talk later.

It turns out he was like me: another Gay™ Filipino man, who also went to UCSD, started dancing there, continued to dance after moving back to the Bay, and who continues to take classes regularly to this day.

He suggested we get coffee or take a class at the studio near school sometime.

You BET I felt validated AF. 😭😭😭

I emailed him to try and get coffee or lunch sometime.

Even besides all of these amazing lawyers I met and sent thank-you emails to, the event as a whole was very cheesily life-changing. I didn’t grow up knowing any lawyers, and even then my first job at the firm I was at was the first time I saw Asian lawyers, specifically Vietnamese lawyers lolz. Meeting and talking to all these Filipinx lawyers and law students this weekend was such a positive experience. I know it was because I was already doing fine working hard at law school/the industry for what it is, but seeing people like me being successful really hit hard, and it gave me this big rush that I’m still running on now.

I can’t WAIT to haul ass for the rest of my time in school and then beat ass in a successful career. 😍

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100 days of productivity: day 1

Classes start again tomorrow! Already feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much I have going on this semester. To combat this, I am going to be posting a picture of myself working everyday for 100 days to hold myself accountable. My goal for this semester is to really stay on top of my work.

Anyone wanna join me?

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Would you guys be interested in a pen review? I have so many pens and writing utensils that I’d love to share with you guys!

Let me know :)

This semester has been so crazy! I feel like I’m losing my mind just a little bit. I wouldn’t say I’m stressed, but I will say I wasn’t anticipating this much work this semester. My math class especially is kicking my butt. If anyone has study advice for math please slide into my messages or comments and let me know what works for you.


Fun fact: quality time is my love language so when he asks me to bring my chess board over it makes me heart sing…So enjoy this photo of me crushing him in chess🕰

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I knew law school was not a place I could be happy when, in my Torts class, we learned about how, often times, the deciding factor as to whom you should advise your client to sue is whoever has the deepest pockets. In most cases, this is not the tortious party, i.e., the party who directly harmed the client. Justice, then, is determined by potential gain of the harmed party and not the potential guilt of the tortious party.

In respect to the harmed party, who may experience a terrifyingly large financial loss due to the harm, this approach makes some deal of sense. If you are harmed by the behavior of an individual on the property of a multi-billion dollar corporation, who is likelier to be able to restore you to your pre-harm state? Certainly not the individual, who could not possibly come up with the funds to rectify the harm. An attorney may then recommend finding a way to sue the corporation, which can easily provide the necessary compensation. From this perspective, finding the ‘deepest pockets’ seems to offer a sort of justice.

Yet, surely it is the case that justice does not merely entail restoring the injured party to their pre-harm state. In a thorough conception of justice, something also must be said of the tortious party. For it would not be just to allow a wrong-doer, a harmful person, to walk away free and unpunished for their actions. But in the above approach, this is precisely what happens. Has justice, then, been carried out? Can we say justice has been delivered? Although I rarely endeavor to defend corporations, one must ask where their justice is? They are compensating someone to whom they have done no wrong.

When one person harms another, there is injustice. This injustice is an imbalance in the loss and gain of two parties. He who disturbs the natural balance of a just society must, at their own cost, rectify this imbalance. Justice must then be reflexive. That is, it must seek to right a wrongdoing by forcing he who causes the imbalance to right it once again. By misplacing the responsibility of righting the wrong to one who did not create the wrong in the first plaxe, we are merely shifting an imbalance. We have neither achieved balance nor justice. But this may also run the risk of asking the wrongdoer to make right something they are incapable of fixing, e.g. a $50,000 medical bill. So what are we to do? We are stuck in a paradox of justice! By helping the harmed, we harm an innocent; by harming the wrongdoer, we cannot help the harmed. Spare the innocent at the cost of the harmed? Or spare the wrongdoer for the sake of the harmed?

I do not have a way out of this paradox, but it is plain that we must either rethink our conception of justice or the way in which we pursue it. Perhaps the central obstacle to justice is neither our conception of it, nor the way in which we pursue it, however. Perhaps it is the cost of the harm. If a simple wrongdoing, whether intentional or otherwise, did not lead to an exorbitant medical bill, the wrongdoer could afford to remedy their mistake. If a simple accident did not lead to crippling expenses and debt, we could allow justice to take its rightful course.

Maybe the true injustice is the price and the whither and whence of recompense.

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Here’s my desk (yet again). Have my Constitutional Law midterm tomorrow, which is a timed take home exam that actually counts toward our grade. This is a special form of hell that was created just for me. Anyways, because this semester has been so busy, I’m just starting my outline now. Even so, I’m not all that worried. If anything I’m excited to get this out of the way. 

My roomie’s birthday is Saturday, so I gotta plan on celebrating with her all day and maybe (but hopefully not) being a bit hungover on Sunday. In any event it will be fun. 

Also, making chicken piccata for dinner tonight. I’ve been on a piccata bender this week, which I am not upset about. 

Hope everything is going swimmingly for all y’all.


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Hey there Im first year law student, doing my undergrad and now I understand why you law grads are making fun of law school. Just wanted to say this shit aint easy or fun😂🤦🏽‍♀️ but atleast I have your page to humour me
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