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i sent a client a draft today for approval. 20 mins later he calls me I’m like what. I say what do you think. the clock it is ticking. he says well okay so here *reads my language back to me* “ok I like that”. this proceeds for 40 minutes. I say nothing. at the end he’s like “ok, yes this is great”. he has no edits. I’m like ok cool ttyl. this is not a rich guy we have had plenty conversations about billing and how it works. i fully expect to get a call in a week about “you billed me for WHAT” NO honey you billed YOU with your own poor decisions this is not hooked on phonics you do not call me to read aloud at no time did you say Popcorn and pass the baton

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My professor asked us for anonymous feedback today and I politely neglected to mention that he stars in one of my reoccurring nightmares

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Wanting to yell in a legal document like

“but for the defendant being A HUGE GODDAMN DOUCHECANOE none of this nonsense would be happening”

I’ll show you what a butts for when I shove my foot in it grumble grumble

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Late nights mean Company case studies, lecture recording notes, and listening obsessively to the Suits soundtrack because Jessica Pearson is…well, she’s Jessica Pearson. Not pictured: two empty large lattes from Costa, and what was once a plate of green grapes and Parmesan slices…because evidently I’m getting bougie with my study snacks now. 27.2.20

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I want to be employed ugh! I am so frustrated because I want a job and don’t want to be in the stressful position of having to wait til I hear whether I passed the bar in NOVEMBER when I graduate in MAY. So once I take the bar at the end of July I just have to wait and ….not make an income for like 4 months. When bar prep costs at least 4k… 

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One more midterm until Spring Break!!!!!!! Just have to do Contracts tomorrow, which I really like (for now we’ll see how the midterm goes). Honestly, my sales background is really paying off in this class. I feel bad for my classmates because I don’t think any of them did sales before, but I also don’t feel bad for them because that job was panic attack-inducing everyday of the week… and I for sure blacked out a couple times from stress. Whatever. My sanity is a small price to pay for As.

Cheers, y’all!

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hi! im having my first ever job interview tomorrow at a large law firm and im so nervous!! any advices on how to handle the situation/how not to look like you are terrified?

Please let me preface this response by saying my policy has, and will always be: Friends. Dont. Let. Friends. Do. Biglaw

But, in the interest of “you do you bb” here are the highlights from the 

Resume and Job Hunting Masterpost

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💟So I keep forgetting to take pictures of my study place, but that never happens when it comes to pretty sunsets🌅. I didn’t even edit this one that much because it was amazing on its own.💜

💟Today was more of a mental health day because I had a rough weekend, so I watched a few episodes of “That 70’s show”, a few youtube videos and cleaned my house a little.I also studied a bit, but I was a bit of a mess and couldn’t focus that much.

💟I got a blender and started making smoothies, because I always forget to eat fruit and I’m trying to make healthier choices!🍑🍑

💟I wrote in my diary, I did some good old meditation. So, in the end, it was a pretty productive day. 💯

I’m proud of myself.

Keep working hard, guys, but also take care of yourselves!

This is the song I’m obsessed with at the moment…can you tell I’m spending too much time on tik tok?😂😂

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