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Over a month ago, while waiting for Pokémon Shield, I caught my very first Shiny Eevee during my very fisrt Shiny Hunting (I don’t count my Shiny Hunting in Pokemon Go) in Pokemon Ultra-Sun and evolved it into a beautiful Leafeon. I was way too happy, so I drew this… Thing ? X) Based on the Photo Studio of Alola. ^^

My Leafeon’s name is Zéphyr, and I am so glad I finally caught it ! ^^ Leafeon is my favorite Pokémon of all, followed by the Galar Rapidash and Sylveon.

Anyway, as always everyone, I hope you are okay,

And, as always,

Never forget that YOU are the BEST ! ^^ 💖

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Happy Belated Valentine’s!

It’s the time of the year,

A day of love and affection,

Even though it’s only for today,

I still love you tomorrow,

And also now and forever.

A/N: A belated Valentine’s gift from my boyfriend with our Pokemon. Also click the photo for the full res, kinda looks blurry on the outside!

or maybe Pokesona idk xdd

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The finished version.

After colouring with watercolour pencils the first time, I used a wet brush to go over and smooth it all out. I then shaded and added details with the pencils before scanning into Photoshop to add the background. These are the best pencils I’ve had in years!

The background is an old long exposure photograph of mine, rotated and hue shifted to match.

I’m super proud of this piece and I’m super happy with the way it came out.

It’s now in use as my profile picture for everything I do in relation to my social media and Twitch accounts.

Moresh, the grass loving Dryad, Abatashi, 2020

Media: watercolour pencils and Photoshop

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Sooo, it’s asaw time, and I decided to just make some icons with green Pokémon 😎👊 It doesn’t serve as much contribution to this week, but I wanted to post something, being arospec (lithro specifically) and all I can really do is make icons,,

(free to use w/o credit!)

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Not an anime but an old YouTube series. You ever watch the Leafeon and Glaceon series by Leafclaw02? I remember I used to love those as a kid, probably not now, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Hmm, I don’t think I have! It definitely looks like the genre of videos I would’ve watched when I was younger though, so maybe I have and I just don’t remember :0

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Current WIP of hopefully my new profile picture for Twitch, tumblr, Instagram, twitter… Everything that’s under my brand

I chose my dryad OC, Moresh, I have drawn her before, and hope to draw her more in the future. She’s hugging the best starter boi, bulbasaur, and has a sleepy leafeon on her lap. I chose these two pokemon, clearly because bulb is my favourite and leafeon is a great cute grass pokemon that matched the aesthetic.

Sorry for the bad camera phone quality, I’m going to scan her into the computer tomorrow, and colour the sketch with pencils after. I like having a sketch saved when I can’t be bothered on copying it over.

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We also got the new Afternoon with Eevee and Friends Funko figure revealed. Putting eyebrows on it reminds me of the old Gen1 Eevee plushies tho:


What’s cool is the line will also focus on its Evolutions as well.


The schedule is:

  • February: Eevee
  • March: Vaporeon
  • April: Sylveon
  • May: Glaceon
  • June: Flareon
  • July: Espeon
  • August: Jolteon
  • September: Leafeon
  • October: Umbreon

Edit, some extra images of the figure, plus a better look at the silhouettes of the Eeveelutions:

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DJ al estilo Pokémon


Volviendo al tema (ya le di algo a izzy algo para que se entretuviera y no vuelva a tomar el control de mi Tumblr) aquí presentando a el osito Teddy original… Devon Joseph, también conocido como DJ~!! Y me costó un montón decidir el tipo de ojos…. Gracias a Arceus que esos tipos de ojos sin color blanco en la esclerótica son también comunes en Pokémon :v. También como plus el es un entrenador del tipo “críapokemon” y sus pokémon son los que impulsan a su entrenador a pesar del pequeño tamaño de algunos.

Su equipo Pokémon (para quien no lo sepa) son: buneary, pichu, oddish, leafeon, mankey y sewaddle


Going back to the subject (I already gave Izzy something to keep her entertained and not take control of my Tumblr again) here presenting the original Teddy bear … Devon Joseph, also known as DJ ~ !! And it cost me a lot to decide the type of eyes …. Thanks to Arceus that those types of eyes without white color in the sclera are also common in Pokémon :v. Also, as a bonus, he is a “pokemon breeder” trainer and his Pokémon are what drive his coach despite the size of some.

His Pokémon team (for those who don’t know) are: buneary, pichu, oddish, leafeon, mankey and sewaddle

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