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So, I’ve finally felt decent enough at drawing people that I attempted to draw my girlfriend. I think I did decently; especially if you zoom in on the details like the eyes and such, but she thinks it doesn’t quite look like her. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyways, I also felt pretty good about this because I mostly got it done in one night, and had tried different drawing techniques on the hair, skin, and eyes, I think it looks better.

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Part 2/4 of the interview that @statped did of me last November. In this one I talk about how I realised that I could use drawing and visuals as a tool for learning.
Do what u love then u will find techniques to handle the things u are not so good at.
#dyslexia #adhd #dyscalculia #learning #statpedspot2019 #statped #madsjohanogaard #lære #skole #school #learn #funn #mentalhealth #awareness #norsk #subtitles #norway #english #child #interview #2019 (ved Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport)

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time continues to move forward with or without us

it can’t be stopped or reversed

what has transpired in a timeline may be in memory or recorded on man-made medium, but it is otherwise gone and cannot be relived

time travel is impossible. our experience of time moving forward is variable, but something that happened now or a thousand light years away still happened at the same time

we can’t unsay or undo, but we can reflect, learn, apologize, forgive, try to be or do better, and let go

living in regret or in fear of moving on will cause us to do less with the little time we have to do anything


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You thought it was just a game, but God’s been trying to tell you the whole time. He’s been trying to help you and give you hints about what you’re supposed to do. It felt like play because learning can be fun. Please do what He asks; He loves you.

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Let’s begin to talk about word-formation processes. I’ll give terms and their definitions and examples: first two from Japanese (so the language that my blog focuses on), the last two from English (in case the definition is vague to you). 

  • derivation- addition of afixes: prefixes (at the beginning of a word), infixes (addition of a morpheme, a smallest meaningful unit of language which cannot exist indepedently, in-between letters in a word), and suffixes (at the end of the word)


真っ~・まっ~・ma~ (emphasis, sth is “very” sth): 真っ暗い・まっくらい・makkurai (pitch-black)

~っぽい・~ppoi (sth/sb does a thing which normally that kind of thing/person doesn’t do/is) 女っぽい・おんなっぽい・onnappoi (”womanish”, usually it has some negative connotations, it could be used when you’re a fan of macho type guys and you see a man wearing clothes typically worn by women)


ex-: girlfriend—> ex-girlfriend (I’ve heard that this prefix has certain negative nuance, so you cannot really say “ex-president”, if, of course, you respect that specific president, how will you refer to Mr. Trump if he loses the election? Ex-president or former president?)

-er: write–> writer

It’s debatable whether “-fucking-” is the example of an infix. Yes, it can be put into a word (usually between a suffix and independent morpheme). On the other hand, is “-fucking-” a independent morpheme? Fucking no.

  • composition- putting two independent morphemes together (these are the smallest meaningul units of language which can exist independently)


筆箱・ふでばこ・fudebako “writing brush case”- 筆 (”brush”) + 箱 (”box”)

控え室・ひかえしつ・hikaeshitsu “waiting room”- 控え(”waiting for one’s turn”) + 室 (”room”)


babysitter: baby + sit (composition) + -er (derivation)

basketball: basket + ball

  • reduplication: repetition of the same indepedent morpheme

Japanese (in Japanese by the means of reduplication a plural form of a noun can be created):

山々・やまやま・yamayama “mountains”

国々・くにぐに・kuniguni “countries”


bye-bye (you can say “bye” alone, right?)




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Minsan kahit wala ka ng oras sa akin lalo na pag na bibusy ka sa school, na halos d mo na ma reply'an messages ko, yung bang makapagsend ka lang ng update mo, ayos na sayo. sa oras na yon mahal, D ko magawang makipagchat sa iba at mag bigay ng oras sa iba habang busy ka. Iniisip ko what if kung ako naman ang busy, okey lang ba sa akin kung makikipag chat ka sa iba. Yung pakikipag best friend ko kay aj , Iniisip ko mahal non, na what if kung ikaw naman yung magkaroon ng bestfriend na babae, magugustuhan ko ba ? sympre hindi, kaya d na ko nakikipagchat pa don mahal. tbh mahal, Simula nung nagkamali ako non, natuto na kong isipin ka sa lahat ng bahay , like “ pano kung ginawa ko to, ano ang mararamdaman mo? ” , “ pano kung ginawa mo rn tong gagawin ko sayo, magugustuhan ko ba ? ” yung ganon mahal , hays. Eto pa kahit D mo mabigay yung atensyon na gusto ko , Kahit hindi mo ko sinusuyo pag galit ako, at hinahayaan mo lang akong matulog na may sama ng loob sayo, kahit napakarami mo ng pagkukulang sa akin, Never ko pong naisip na mag hanap n lang ng ibang lalake na makkapag bigay ng gusto ko sa relasyon natin, Kahit hindi mo ko maintindihan mahal,at kapag sinasabi ko naman sayo nararamdaman ko iniiisip mo kaagad na nakikipag talo ako , Hindi ako nakikipag comfort sa iba, Hindi ako nakikipag chat sa iba at ipaalam sa ibang tao na nag away tao , instead sayo ko pa rn sinasabi kahit binabaliwala mo minsan long messages ko. natutunan ko mahal, na wala namang perpektong boyfriend at maski ako hindi naman ako perpektong girlfriend sayo, wala namang perpektong relasyon, isipin mo a , kung nag hanap ako ng ibang lalake, Alam kong may mabahong ugali yon. May bagay din siyang kulang, ano yon ? back to start na naman ako sa pag aadjust ng ugali niya, mag sisimula na naman akong intindihin yung mga kanegahan niya. Mahal, Sayo na lang. Ikaw na lamang iintindihin ko. Ikaw na lang. Ayoko na mag simula ulit sa uno. Mahal na mahal kita. At kahit nakakatakot na mag mahal ng sobra, ( kase pag nag mahal ka ng sobra , sobrang sakit din ang kapalit non ) mag teTake ako ng risk mahal :( , matalo man ako o manalo sa laban na to, tatanggapin ko, atleast ginawa ko naman best ko, Ginawa ko ang lahat, Binigay ko ang lahat. sana mahal, sapat rin ako para sayo. Mahal na mahal kita ng sobra.

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