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Le Seigneur des Anneaux X Harry Potter
Format A3, feutres fins et feutres à alcool.

Deux univers souvent mis en parallèle, j'espère ne pas avoir à mettre le nom des personnages, ils sont censés être reconnaissable XD

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[Image description: Pencil drawing of Legolas and Gimli from the Lord of the Rings. Legolas is a thin, tan-skinned elf man with light, flowing hair and long, pointed ears. Gimli is a broad-shouldered dwarf man with a massive beard and mustache. Legolas is hugging Gimli with his hand up by Gimli’s face; they are both smiling. By Legolas is the oriented aroace flag; by Gimli is the quoiromantic flag; above both their heads is the queerplatonic flag. End image description.]

February 20, 2020

@arospecfanworksweek day 5: queerplatonic!!

these two are my OG arotp <3 they mean so much to me!!

OH ETA: reference!!!

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You know as a teen… I really disliked Legolas because I apparently had a thing against ‘pretty boys’ or something….

Don’t worry I’ve realised my mistake. ^^ Legolas is one of the best things in Lotr. Him and Gimli as a duo, actually. I love those two. :D

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Can you imagine being flung into the realm of Middle Earth… and catching a common flu. It could be absolutely deadly.

I’m sure that with Lord Elrond’s wonderful gift of healing would come in handy in saving your butt— but still!

It’s been on my mind a lot whenever I read fan fiction about a character from our modern world being in Middle Earth. There are a lot of factors that many (not all) tend to forget or ignore about changing times/locations/worlds. Certain bacteria would be a completely foreign and dangerous invader to the human body when it has not been in contact with it before… wouldn’t these characters become incredibly sick?

Our beloved characters of the story would find you getting so sick very alarming. It’s just a common flu, right? Wrong.

Between Elrond’s medical experience and Gandalf’s wisdom, they would both come to the conclusion that your immune system is built for the wrong environment and thus…. reaffirming your statements of coming from another world are true.

then promptly loading you up with meds so you don’t die lol

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Anon said: Maybe an imagine were the Company reacts to dwarf woman and an elf woman being besties? How much ‘da fuq’ looks is the pair gonna get?


Originally posted by gigolaslotr

Warnings: None

Ship: None

  • The two would be inseparable.
  • When they were noticed, there were obvious questionable glances.
  • Both got weird looks from their own races. How is an Elf friends with a Dwarf?
  • In pubs, they would find ways to cheat at games by pretending to go against each other. Turns out they’d split the prize anyway.
  • No one knew what they were together for. Perhaps a job? Maybe they were being punished. Maybe they only stuck around together so they would always know the other’s move.
  • But no. The ladies were always together just to be together.
  • They would have each other’s back no matter what.
  • The dwarf would often be blunt and quite rude sometimes.
  • The elf would translate that rudeness into something nice her friend meant.
  • “You’ve got a fat ass.”
  • “She thinks your behind is lovely.”
  • Or “Why do you always have so many problems?”
  • “She is asking how she can help with your predicament.”
  • If you thought human girls played with each other’s hair a lot, you clearly haven’t met these two.
  • When I say braids, I mean BRAIDS. Nonstop braiding for hours.
  • They would always have time to kick butt.
  • And to find some trouble to get into.
  • The dwarf would often be the wingwoman for the elf (even if the elf didn’t actually want someone to love at the moment).
  • The fights would be juvenile and entertaining to those around them.
  • Overall, people would think they were the most unlikely of friends.
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